In this article you know how are the names of the stellar crafts, crew members and Space Sound Code (Tone) Names originate.

How are the names of the stellar crafts, crewmembers and Space Sound Code (Tone) Names originate.

QUESTION: The name of the space ship, with the crew of which you periodically communicate sound purely earthly - "SIRIUS-A". Is this a "translation" of its name into Russian or is it an actual earthly word used? Is the team of the gravity flyer consist of former Earthlings? Does it also participate in the evacuation of Earthlings, or its team has other tasks on Earth?

No, the names of starships are not written anywhere on the starships themselves (only on the walls inside there are separate symbols, signs or emblems), but I have subjectively perceived them as numbers and words during my telepathic contacts with representatives of these crews. For instance, the starship "B101001 Sirius-A", belonging to Siriusian civilization; the commander of the crew - Albellik, with 780 crewmembers on board, all of whom represent various Races. Or, the starship "Ramaks-01SL Sirius-B", belonging to the Pleiadian civilization; the commander of the crew - Makkearland, with over 1200 mixed race crew members. These civilizations cooperate very closely with one another and belong to the same formation.

In the late 90s, while my telepathic contacts with them have lasted, I hardly saw any background scenery. Our last meeting took place in an oval room of purely white color, illuminated by an unknown warm light, with six soft and comfortable chairs located along the walls, slightly curved inwards. Ramasanta’s tairrlidation (photon reformatting) took place in a slightly larger circular room, to which the four of us (along the way we met the engineer-biologist, doctor Aalan) walked along a long wide corridor with transparent walls and a rounded ceiling.

In the rooms we passed by, other crew members were working near various holographic devices and displays. “Some of your current friends, - Ayfaarians, are working in these rooms,” Albellik unexpectedly told me telepathically. I looked around, but I did not see, throughout any of the 15-20 crewmembers, anyone I knew; and I was a bit confused to continue asking more detailed questions... Actually, I remembered: I wanted to ask about it on the way back, but after tairrlidation, I simply forgot. I remembered only now, when I began to answer this question.

By the way, I already forgot about the question itself! So, most likely, such concepts as the names of something, including even the names, actions, and phenomena that we do not understand so far - all this is automatically decoded at the level of our collective Subconscious. There is already Information available (Form-Image), which we face as our future bio-plasma Forms, belonging to civilizations of various levels of development. As I have already indicated, our “individual” Self-Consciousness potentially forms from some part of our “inferior” bio-plasma Interpretations. In the state of Deep Meditation, this part of the bio-plasma Forms resonantly responds to the activity of my Interest and spontaneously translates into my epiphysis the meaning or sound of certain Form-Images that I encounter, while in a more developed civilization.

This assumption confirms that the initial “lists” of the Sound Space (starseed) Names floated before my “inner sight” not in the form of letters or words, but in the form of voluminous and seemingly luminous from the inside, combinations of multi-colored hieroglyphs and geometric figures, which in my Subconscious were somehow transformed into a word and were “hanging” in my Imagination (on the “Bio-screen” of the epiphysis) until I finished writing its last letter. If, sometimes, I have mistakenly recorded the Name wrong, then the particular Name did not disappear from my sight (with my eyes closed) until I corrected the error. Only after this, the luminous Elements of another Tone Name would have “sailed in” my inner vision.

Moreover, these Names were already adapted to our - Russian - type of spelling and pronunciation, and I was always clearly aware of their Meaning. For example: the name of Firoksanta means, "Illuminating the Mind", the Name Astaavusonna - "In the Heart Taking" ... Thus, during the last several years I have “decoded” over 300 Starseed Names. Sometimes the Name was awaiting its owner for many years, however, all these Names were finally individually “appointed”.

The list of more than 150,000 single, double and triple Tone Names has spontaneously appeared in my computer, as a continuous series of letters, during our visit to Thailand, when the fiercest thunderstorm I have ever seen, was raging through the night, while the Moon was surrounded by a giant double rainbow halo (circles). About a dozen of my Ayfaarian friends have also witnessed the manifestation of this electronic phenomenon.

I remember that my computer froze for a long time and barely managed to cope with such a long, never interrupted stream of letters! In order to separate all letters into meaningful Starseed Names from this one continuous “word”, I had to enter into an altered state of Self-Consciousness and successively divide this continuous series of letters into separate letter combinations, using the mouse cursor. Here is the video, where I talk about it:

(this video is still not translated into English, so if you have any questions regarding it, please email me at [email protected] for more information – translator’s note).

Most of the already unpacked Names can be pronounced by us normally, many of them even sound very melodic, although audibly and visually unusual, while some seem unadapted for our perception, but I do not change them. So far, about 15000 Starseed Names have been deciphered, but since then (2011) no more than 200 of them have found their owners... This clearly demonstrates the extremely low intellectual and spiritual quality of our current development scenarios (in some of the parallel scenarios this 150000 Name list has already been exhausted!).

Coming back to our discussion, these bioplasma civilizations have absolutely no need for writing. For millions of years, they have had the ability for different types of telepathic communication: Thought reading (fuunklappiya), telepathic communication (delirkopsiya), as well as communication with the help of individual Form-Images (klaadullins). When I first experienced these abilities myself (in Deep Meditation, of course!), I was overwhelmed by the incredible delight that everyone understands me perfectly, and I deeply and thoroughly perceive the thoughts and particular states of any of the people around me and even partially unknown to me animals, birds and waterfowl species.

Indeed, words are not capable of transmitting even a hundredth part of what you can understand during telepathic communication. If they want to transfer some global projects or concepts to others, with the help of a miniature chest-warn holographic-quantum computer (siptuum) in a matter of seconds, on an area of about 10 square meters, they can create the entire holographic city, on the streets of which you can walk for as long as you want, sightseeing the details of its architecture, go inside buildings and rooms located in them, and even communicate with individual residents reflecting the Self-consciousness of the creator of this hologram.

As for the question, whether some of these crew members are being the “former” earthlings. This is difficult to determine, because some of the Pleiadian phenotypes are very similar to very tall Earthlings (belonging to different Earth races or mixed, such as blue-eyed and white-skinned members of the “negroid” race with wheat and brown hair, Europeans or Asians with resinous skin and black or white) hair, while many humans at the genetic level having transformed into a Pleiadian phenotype. Logically, starting from about 30 million years ago, all of them - partially (phenotypically and genotypically) - are descendants of earthlings, as well as representatives of other Versions of ГРЭИЙСЛИИСС [GREIYSLIISS]*, where similar genetic experiments were also successfully carried out (or currently continue!). In fact, they do not divide themselves into Pleiadians and anyone else, deeper than us understanding the Universal Principle of Unity of All.


* GREIYSLIISS - The Collective Planetary Essence (known to us as the “Earth”) part of the Collective Intelligence of the Star Essence of [AIILLIISS] (“The Sun”). Various "individual" Interpretations of GREIYSLIISS can be perceived by modern astronomers as different planets, somewhat similar, and in some ways different from Earth.


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