What is the "Star Memory"? Where is it located and how does it work? How to restore access to this space information? The article answers these questions in detail.

How to combine such concepts as "Stellar Memory" and its relation to the current development scenario of certain individual Interpretation in relation to the existential conditions on Earth?

There is no specific type of such relationship exists. Our personal Interpretations are simultaneously "scattered" across the entire array of human Worlds, Temporal Fluxes and all possible countries of each of the Worlds (the Multiverse principle). Although the genes of eight different civilizations embedded in our DNA did not mix with one another (as they represent different parts of the DNA sequence), however, the factor of "inherited DNA" has no direct relationship to the specifics of our manifestation in the current scenario. That means that in the multidimensionality of the Space-Time on Earth, "Pleiadian", "Siriusian" or "Andromedan" development scenarios do not exist as such.

QUESTION: How can we activate and stabilize our "Stellar Memory"?

"Stellar Memory" ... This phrase has a much deeper meaning and a much more complex information structure than you can currently imagine. As usual, the entire matter rests on the paradoxes of Time and the geometric features of Space, understanding of which is not yet available to our present systems of perception, whose biological Creators (and along them – all of us, as “the People”) perceive as reality certain, partially controlled by them, hallucinations, which in turn were formed throughout our entire evolution with the purpose of increasing our ability to biological survival.

Everything we currently perceive as "the surrounding reality" – is nothing more than an illusion, a hallucination, an entourage that accompanies our significant thoughts and emotions. Only one thing is definitely real in the full sense of this notion – it is our Self-Consciousness, which constantly "introduces" us to certain points of this global self-deception (Life), to which these Thoughts and Emotions maximally correspond in their true Essence. Your self-perception always refocuses you only into these circumstances, scenarios, capacity or hypostasis, where you can see yourself to be existing naturally, without autosuggestion.

If this is an imaginary of yourself as someone, who has fulfilled his or her mission on Earth and is about to "return to your Stellar Home (Pleiades), where you can feel truly happy again", then THAT will all be arranged in your Life, because the only and primary programmer of your life – is you. Deep Meditation - is, for the time being, the only promising opportunity for us to experience that amazing Illusion, that global and all-encompassing Universal Game, into which the Time has "drawn" us, by forming the conditional multidimensional "separation" of the Space, which otherwise is universal for all Forms.

High stars in the night sky have always attracted the attention of people who, even being very happy on this Planet, intuitively aspired to the boundless starry spaces, unable to logically explain this irrepressible desire. Years pass into centuries, millennia, but the desire to fly away from Earth in search of what we really could consider our native Stellar Home, remains. Earthlings always remind me of Romani nomads, who, while not knowing of what they are looking for, nevertheless know for sure that they have lost something. Even when they get into various cosmic civilization, they do not settle down, and continue searching for something of "their own", in parallel longing for the Earth, as well as other previously inhabited planets...

Some vague, subtle sensations of something indescribably enthusiastic, echoes of some amazingly beautiful experiences in rare moments of spiritual Joy visit us today, however, their deep Essence remains for us an eternal Mystery, which we are trying to solve with the assistance of Iissiidiology and Deep Meditations.

QUESTION: Why did we need to forget our "Stellar Memory", only to resurrect it later?

We did not "forget" it because we have never actually possessed it in the first place. Stellar Memory – are the spontaneous projections of mental and psychic creativity of those of Us (our Bio-plasma Interpretations) who, having avoided the time loops that we fell into due to the series of wrong choices, are now developing in completely different conditions (Bio-plasma Worlds). Since in our and their genomes there are many very important jointly functioning parts, certain, generated by them, Conscious Fields, or the simplest conventional mental images, synchronize with the dynamics of our consciousness, ultimately kind of becoming our own imagery and perceptions.

However, even the simplest of Their perceptions have a very high vibrational potential and can not be reflected in our common with them, self-awareness, if we have inactive or insufficiently qualitative (in order to successfully decipher their messages) neural networks between the lateral and medial zones of our brain’s prefrontal cortex!

How can we remember anything, if in our current brain we do not have many necessary "constituents" that trigger the functions of the high-vibration Energy-Information decoding mechanism? Those who managed to activate the necessary brain structures with their stably positive psycho-mental vital creativity, spontaneously, albeit vaguely, perceive many of the nuances of their parallel existence throughout various Stellar Worlds (their Bio-plasma Interpretations), in comparison with which all our current achievements simply fade away, seem insignificant, especially in terms of the organization of social, economic and political relationships, creative self-realization, etc.

Then comes apathy, despondency, the state of uselessness and absurdity of this entire existence. However, most importantly, many of us experience the sense of injustice: why am I still here, in this imperfect and primitive world, while my other "individual Interpretations" enjoy their Lives "there"? Let us "remember" how it happened and see if there are ways out of this.

Without going into the complex details of our past, we should mark as the "reference point" the date of approximately 2 million years ago, when we began to evolve in our current form in the physical Globe of this planetary Essence – (Earth)(translator’s note). The resonant principle of the manifestation of all Forms of Self-Consciousness throughout the Universe has distributed the innumerable set of biological personal Interpretations (every one of the genetically edited and modified human Form-Types) to the most diverse conditions of ecological and climatic existence, where they began to multiply, survive and build interpersonal and social relations on the basis of that potential Experience, which was laid in the programs of their altered genomes.

Some of the most successful results of this global genetic engineering experiment, from its very beginning and periodically thereafter, migrated to the conditions for the existence on the planets of other stellar systems, which we call "Pleiades", "Sirius" and "Andromeda Nebula". All these were highly developed biological civilizations - the distant ancestors of the current bioplasma ones.

Having gotten into them, our genome was subjected to some more correction and editing, mainly for the annihilation of the dominant influence of the animalistic principle.

In these favorable conditions, our Interpretations began to develop rather swiftly; other representatives were added to them, which were the result of successful experiments in other conditions (various analogs of our Earth, representing “individual” Interpretations of GREIISLIISS *). Some of them are similar to us more than others. During the two million years at various levels of Multiverse manifestation, these Forms of Self-Consciousness have built hundreds of thousands of medium- and highly developed human civilizations, many of which - in various ways have transferred into bioplasma analogues.

Part of human civilizations have developed on Earth, forming countless Worlds with their psyche (in different dimensions), subsequently expending their development into an outer near and far space. Many of them continue to live and evolve in their earthly collective realities, while even greater number of people died from various planetary cataclysms of both - endogenous and exogenous nature. Our own “inner Universe”, represented through the lutalnyy and christalnyy bodies (christalnyy - is the highest analog of the physical body, while lutalnyy – its inferior analog), depending on the synchronization of our Self-Consciousness Focus dynamics, actively interacts with the corresponding parts of the “outer Universe”, sending to our Perception the psycho-mental incentives, received from its inhabitants, the high-quality part of which I attribute to the notion of "Stellar Memory". At the same time, it is not our actual memory! This is not what we have accumulated in the individual information space of Self-Consciousness in the course of our current life.

Those whom we will become in a year or a million years, despite the dividing us parsecs, are located invisibly very close to us! We are divided only by the vibration difference of our Self-Consciousness. Moreover, the more our genomes are synchronized with one another vibrationally, the deeper and clearer the other side of your Life opens up, manifested somewhere nearby, side by side, while physically or in Time it may seem to be incredibly far, in another space civilization.

QUESTION: Are all events in our life can be considered as an attempt to reactivate or somehow “return” our “Stellar Memory”?

The knowledge of your parallel existence somewhere else, as individuals in other space civilizations, will become more clearly revealed in your Consciousness as consistent and intensive activation in certain parts of your genome of those Programs that were initiated during the genetic engineering project.

The expression of these genes can be independently triggered by two factors:

  • Upon increasing of vibration parameters of your individual Self-Consciousness to the certain Level, primordially encoded in their Program;
  • Upon achievement of planetary space vibration up to the primordially planned frequency.

Then you will remember everything that concerns your own origin and existence Paradigm, including the information regarding all your “ups” and “downs”. Hence, there are only two paths of possible development at this point:

  1. Tirelessly improve the quality of your consciousness.
  2. Wait until the zero hour.

In the first case, the greatest effect is to study of Iissiidiological Knowledge, which by its Nature is an analogue of the Cosmological Knowledge ААЛЛММААЛЛАА [AALLMMAALLAA] (contributes to the effective development of space civilizations). In addition, it is wise to listen and attentively and quietly sing Ayfaarian Songs, especially since there are already more than a thousand of them, and it is difficult to imagine them to become boring. You can also get involved in reading channeling materials, watch positive movies about contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations (such as the movie “Abyss”, “Avatar”, “Space Odyssey”, “2010: The Year We Make Contact”, and possibly more from this list).

QUESTION: once we resurrect our Stellar Memory, will this be a “return to our Stellar Home”?

No, but it will be your basis for the formation of a powerful spiritual Interest in finding out the exact coordinates of the point of your arrival into a particular version of a beautiful future. Everything that you are now intuitively capturing spontaneously, vaguely and uncertainly, will be much more specific and diverse, becoming a reliable source of Information that you will fully trust and actively use in shaping your thoughts regarding of what your future may be.

The exact Understanding of what you want, to which particular variant of your future you aspire to, will be the beginning of the process of your conscious and purposeful refocusing ** and choices only in the direction of creative realizations that you could cognize, emotionally experience and love. You will know what to do, why and how you should behave in order to get closer to your Objective.

That is, you will be able to program yourself towards a particular version of your own evolution more specifically and unambiguously. You will clearly see the aspects, to which you should pay more attention, devote energy and spiritual aspiration in order to shorten the wait, dividing you from any of your specific individual Interpretation or the bioplasma Form you have chosen as the “future yourself”. As for the question of “returning to our Stellar Home”, it can be implemented during any of the acts of revitalization (posthumous transition of Self-consciousness into a new development scenario).

* ГРЭИЙСЛИИСС [GREIISLIISS] - The Collective Planetary Essence (known to us as "Earth"), part of the АИИЛЛИИСС [AIILLIISS] Star Essence Collective Intelligence ("The Sun"). Various "personal" Interpretations of GREIISLIISS can be perceived by modern astronomers as different planets, somewhat similar, and in some ways different from the current Earth.

** Refocusing - change of self-awareness scenario.


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