ANNOUNCEMENT: In the eighteenth part of the “Returning to our Pleiadian Home” series Oris talks about the principles of interaction between the various Pleiadian civilizations. The notions of usual for us, country borders, visas and passports, are completely absent in their minds. So how their communications are organized? Answers to these questions are provided in this article.

This article was adapted according to iissiidiological terminology.


If I have refocused into some of the Pleiadian bioplasma civilizations, whether through tairrlidation (photon reformatting), or during an IRR, will I have to remain only there, or will other civilizations of this manifestation level be accessible to me?

You have formed an extremely primitive Idea of what a "cosmic civilization" is. In our Galaxy in different types of space-time continuums, by which we limit the range of "physical" appearance, simultaneously manifested an innumerable quantity of civilizations of various development levels. Although in reference to them, it is meaningless to apply the concept "development" because they all represent different forms of a single Life: human and nonhuman, vegetative and mineral, atomic and molecular.

Each form of Life refers to its own type of consciousness and the corresponding Collective Cosmic Mind, which unites the entire multiplicity of similar Forms of Self-Consciousness by means of a common development denominator. However, their vectors are multidirectional and they can not be directly linearly compared. As they say, “one man's meat is another man's poison”; and even more so when we attempt to discuss the differences in the organization of consciousness, for example, plants and animals.

We are able to evaluate the evolutionary development levels of other forms of Life (including other human civilizations) only by subjective comparison with the ideas that we have formed about our own civilization. When you look around, you will see natural phenomena and some wave effects, as well as animals, plants, etc, however, at the same time, I can detect and see many forms of Self-Consciousness existing or floating around us, such as:

  • Spheroidal and oblong-shaped, of various colors and sizes,
  • Colored rays of different height, vertically and slowly moving along the earth's surface,
  • Serpentine and teardrop Forms of life, floating in the air,
  • Huge swarms of sparks,
  • Dwarf analogues of humanoid creatures,

and other activity that can not be described and compared. Each of these Forms of Self-Consciousness represents some kind of cosmic civilization of a certain realizational type, the development degree of which we simply can not determine, since we do not understand the principles, underlying their Synthesis schema.

Many beings that we are used to perceive as primitive, in their reality types are fantastically more developed and perfect than we are. However, their Forms of Self-Consciousness and Collective Cosmic Intelligence are realized according to completely different principles and laws, aimed at solving their own evolutionary tasks. Besides somehow perceived by us, "dense-plasma" civilizations (the Forms of Self-Consciousness, which we at least can somehow imagine), there is an exorbitant number of civilizations encompassing with their consciousness entire ranges of sub-overtones (trillions of various continuums!) or Universal Plan-Overtones (myriads of continuums).

We, as well as our bioplasma Forms of Self-Consciousness belong to an extended class of molecular civilizations, which, in accordance with various characteristic combinations, can be classified into infinite number interpenetrating types, kinds, and subspecies. In their entirety, they form a conditional molecular level of consciousness. This is all that we see (and most of it we just can not see) around us, including all physical galaxies and Universes. I define it as the conditional level because in a multitude of other, non-human and incompatible with our biological human type of perception, variations of galaxies and Universes, molecules have a different structure and are aggregated according different laws into completely different Forms of Self-Consciousness.

The molecular level civilizations provide all possible synthesis relationships between various life Forms. Multiple complexes of macromolecules of DNA, RNA, as well as proteins that structure all nuclear genomes of biological Forms of Self-Consciousness (animals, plants, microorganisms, etc.), including crystal lattices of non-biological Self-awareness Forms play the primary providing mechanism for the implementation of all possible molecular conglomerations (for example, protein-nucleic). The latter include metal, ionic, molecular, macromolecular or atomic; there are hundreds of thousands of structural types of various crystal lattices. The entire surrounding Reality (earth, water, air, metals, nonmetals, and much more) structurally represents a variety of combinations and various sets of crystal lattices.

Molecular civilizations are conglomerated into various states of substances and bodies (as, for example, our biological and bioplasma forms) to solve the inherent evolutionary Objectives. At a higher level, through their joint efforts, they form diverse in their feature combinations, formations of Collective Cosmic Intellects - the “atranklars” of multiple civilizations. Their simultaneous psycho-mental activity in a certain area of Space-Time forms a characteristic type of molecular dynamics - the molecular type of Self-Consciousness.

We build our molecular world based on Information, which we are co-decoded and supplied in the form of ready-made thought-emotions the molecules of DNA, RNA and cerebral cortex neuron proteins. Nevertheless, the specificity of the perception systems of our current biological Forms of Self-Consciousness is oriented, primarily, to the realization of Information coming from lowest-vibrating atoms. Therefore, we materialize the surrounding reality with very deformed and semantically perverted imageries, receiving false and almost entirely misshapen picture of our "present".

Molecular civilizations of a low-vibration type have very limited interrelationships with other substances and bodies, although they are also capable of exhibiting the property of "molecular entanglement" among themselves. For example, the same nucleotide sequences - genes - simultaneously manifested in bodies of different forms of Life (plant and animal creatures), are able to maintain a distant relationships with each other, influencing the degree of expressiveness.

Provided for the low level of molecular vibrations, containing false and unreliable Information, it is very difficult for us to come to harmony and mutual understanding, as well as to overcome the tendency of chaos, fragmentation, destructiveness and egoism in our Self-Consciousness. Therefore, practically all biological human civilizations are at a low development level, inclined to intolerance and aggressive tendencies, violence and exploitation, inequality and injustice, simplicity and primitivism. Here dominate the interests and selfish ambitions of the cunning minority, which skillfully manipulates all others, at times, even to the detriment of their own interests, similarly to the current global geopolitics leadership of the US Corporation (not to be confused with the country, named the United States, - translator’s example).

The high vibrational frequency in the molecular structures of our bioplasma Forms excludes the possibility of influencing their perceptions from low- and even mid-vibration photons, because they are simply absent there. Bioplasma Forms molecular civilizations receive their Information from gamma-quants (high-vibration photons). As a result, it is much less deformed in meaning, which allows our bioplasma Form analogs to create qualitatively completely different molecular Levels of Self-Consciousness, and through them - their worldview and the surrounding reality.

Bioplasma bodies can only conditionally be defined as biological. That is how they are comprised:

  • High-molecular compounds based on carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen constitute only 7-16% of the total composition of their bodies;
  • Water - 70-84%;
  • The remaining 9-14% are high-molecular inorganic compounds of 32 obligatory chemical elements (mainly silicon, zinc and magnesium).

Despite the great external resemblance to our Forms, their internal anatomy, organs and systems, especially the brain architecture and the central nervous system as a whole, are very different from ours, which is associated with a very strong radiation background compared to ours.

Developed bioplasma civilizations, to a much lesser degree than we are, are identified with the molecular Levels of their Self-Consciousness. They do not identify themselves with a specific body or a specific individual because their perception systems allow them to easily connect to the Collective Consciousness of high-vibration atoms that simultaneously structure the atomic consciousness of all their bioplasma counterparts. When we deliberately switch to the Levels of our collective Subconsciousness, we begin to realize in ourselves an atomic "entanglement" that includes all of our biological and partially bioplasma Interpretations.

Thus, provided for such peculiarities of the functioning of their Self-Consciousness, all cosmic civilizations of the bioplasma Developmental Level interact with each other according to completely different principles, laws and concepts than are inherent to all high- and medium-developed biological civilizations (sometimes stationed on several planets or satellites) and our civilization in particular (although it has not yet reached the state of a middle-developed one neither technologically nor even morally).

Therefore, the entry into any of these civilizations is fully open and free, with no bans, opening of visas, paperwork or any other bureaucracy. It only depends on your will and the available technical and physical capabilities. For example, multiple planets have climatic and ecological habitat conditions that may simply not suit you. Possessing the abilities for equalstism (identification) and funklappia (mind reading), you should not worry about the issue of miscommunication. In addition, you always possess a “pyropeppilld” - device that instantly translates the words and speech of any civilization (all the terrestrial ones, including individual tribes of Australian or African natives of different historical epochs!) into klaadullins (holographic forms) or figurative pictures (telepathemes).

You also need to have a hologram of the space-time section of your destination along with vibrational (frequency) parameters attached to it literally for each object. Such a hologram exists in the quantum siptuum (holograph-forming device) of each gravity-flyer. It is constantly updated due to the continuous powerful space dynamics - something disappears, while something new, appears. Moreover, it is possible that your Self-Consciousness has a vibration that is not desirable or acceptable by the civilization you plan to visit (for example, destructive, low-quality thought patterns).

In this case, upon arrival you will be asked to go through tairrlidation (photon reformatting) implying that if you refuse, you will be kindly denied entry with reference to one of the 28 Provisions of Humanitarian Freedom, which states that each “pinussinxto” (the formation of intelligent beings, civilization) must provide its representatives (inhabitants) full Freedom from any causes that entail undesirable constructive or social deformations. That means that many destructive manifestations, inherent to us they perceive – quite rightfully! - as infectious viruses. These obsessive Conscious-Fields can be ciphered under some kind of neutral mental state, for example, impartiality, and gradually pierce the vibrational channels of communication with their destructive civilization. Therefore, everyone should periodically check his or her consciousness: if there is the slightest hint of “foreign introduction", a blue light comes on in the place of the brain that is responsible for this function.

Thus, all Pleiadian civilizations are intermixed among themselves and with many other civilizations (mostly human or humanoid, but there are others as well). As I understand it, they have no special characteristics for associating anyone with a particular civilization. Most likely this division resulted from the fact that during direct or telepathic contacts with Earthmen, looking at our star maps, and, not seeing their coordinates there, named a word marked on our map somewhere nearby in the linear vicinity of our known constellation (for example, the Pleiades). Similarly, it is very difficult for me to make a comparative analysis between what I learn in the state of Deep Meditation and what I come across after exiting from it, which forces me to somehow link these inconsistencies or explain them.

Take, for example, theirs and our ideas regarding the atomic Forms of Self-Consciousness. For them, these Forms represent cosmic beings with equal rights, bearing their specific features and capabilities that are used in the structures of a multitude of diverse Collective Cosmic Intellects as a communication and unifying mechanism. For them to reach the atomic or quantum Level of their Self-Consciousness, means to temporarily co-unite (identify with, but not to "merge") with the consciousness of the carrier of the required Information, that is, simply temporarily become an atom or a photon.

For us, on the other hand, these Forms constitute some incomprehensible “elementary particles” or abstract waves that have no clear definition or a reason of existing in our bodies. Therefore, the representatives of highly developed civilizations can quite adequately assert that They are – the Atoms, having in mind that Their system of perception functions at certain manifestation levels of decoding and adaptation of Information, which we interpret as atoms, fermions and bosons. At the same time, our limited imagination does not even try to squeeze the Cosmic Essence into a tiny atom or, especially, the gamma-quantum, therefore, we simply refuse to believe that this is a normal, habitual state of Self-Consciousness for our bioplasma Forms.

The same applies to our categorical rejection of microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, viruses, etc.) as highly developed (in their vector of consciousness development) cosmic civilizations that cognize in this particular way the realization possibilities of the Multiverse. Our stable stereotype regarding the allegedly only possible humanoid mode of reasonableness manifestation puts our "scientists" on the same level as primitive aborigines, deriving a fire with the rotation of a wand, while the entire civilized world obtains energy through much more advanced means. Such perceptions strongly inhibit our technological progress and our intellectual development.

In fact, the viruses (Space Code ФФАЙЙФТТ [FFAYYFTT]) and bacteria (Space Code ЙЙЮУ-ВУЙ [YYYU-VUY]) are represented in our types of materiality as, on one hand, - highly developed Space civilizations that do not have definitive Forms (from our subjective standpoint), and on the other – as not very developed, but actively using the features of other biological Forms for their evolution. In their realities, they, like our bioplasma Forms, are capable of identifying themselves with both – the atoms (Space Code АИЙКВООФ [AYIVVOOF]), and fermions (Space Code ПИИКЛ-СС-ОО [PIICL-SS-OO]), quite consciously entering the levels of their Self-Consciousness and using their Forms of Self-Consciousness to communicate among themselves at any cosmic distances.


* Ayfaar - The Sound Space Code of the Highest Collegiate Cosmic Intellect of the Universe.


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