ANNOUNCEMENT: The seventeenth part of the “Returning to our Pleiadian Home” is dedicated to the topic of coexistence in bioplasma reality of several of our Interpretations. How can dozens of Orises exist in one world? What do these personal Interpretations experience when they meet, and how is this even possible?

This article was adapted according to iissiidiological terminology.

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One of the recent answers describes your meetings with your other Interpretations. Is this true that such opportunities for direct contact "with oneself" and coexistence constitute the manifestation features of more universal continuums? How and why different interpretations at some point begin to realize themselves in one continuum and exist "side by side"?

Let us begin with your first question. In order to understand this question, we will have to delve into the iissiidiological perceptions regarding the molecular and atomic Forms of Self-Consciousness and understand how they correspond to the levels of personal Self-Consciousness and the collective Subconscious.

At the core of the human Forms manifestation mechanism in different development scenarios lies the presence in our consciousness of such properties as multi-dimensionality, interpenetrability and resonance. Provided for these properties, we are harmoniously "embedded" into the overall picture of the Multiverse by means of our bodies (biological and the two of our "subtle" ones – lutalnyy and hristalnyy).

However, in our continuum types, we are not in a position to either track down or anyhow detect the practical consequences of possessing of these properties. We can not experience neither the continuous rotational quantum "shifts" that are instantly updating ourselves, as well as the details of our surrounding reality; nor the instances of our constant refocusings in parallel scenarios, each of which is carried out through the act of revitalization (conditional "death"). In fact, we utilize a maximum of 5% of the information dynamics, of which we are a part.

The lowest level of our personal Self-Consciousness is ensured by the cumulative consciousness vector of all the molecules of our biological organism. That process subjectively binds the phenomenon of Our infinite Existence to the particular Form of our manifestation at every instant of time. The highest level of self-perception for biological forms is due to the presence of the quantum “entanglement" effect at the atomic level of all of our biological Forms throughout the various Worlds of the Multiverse.

As soon as we cease to really identify with our physical body, the molecular Level of our Self-Consciousness turns off. Then we "switch" to the atomic level and from the general quantum "entanglement" of atoms on the "bio-screen" of our epiphysis, the most synchronous to our current state of mind images are unpacked, which simultaneously belong to our other Interpretations (existing in parallel Worlds). However, since electrons are of multilevel nature – high vibrational and low vibrational, the Information, obtained at the atomic level by the neurons of the cerebral cortex can be of higher- and lower quality.

The shorter the photon waves, constituting the neuron atoms (including the genome) of specialized micro zones in the ventrolateral and dorsolateral regions of the prefrontal cortex of each of the cerebral hemispheres, the freer and more actively the high-quality Information from the parallel scenarios of your universal infinite Existence can be demonstrated on the bio display of your epiphysis within your Self-Consciousness.

It is important to understand that each atom unites all your Interpretations into a kind of essentially holistic, bioplasma collective Model, Construction, or a Conglomerate. At that, each atom has its own memory and its own realization possibilities (for example, manipulating Space-Time as well as gravity). This atomic, and not a molecular level of our self-perception, is, in fact, the "lower" Level of the collective Subconscious of our bioplasma Forms.

Each of these bioplasma Forms represents "itself" not as an individual person, as we can imagine, but as some unifying Form of an exorbitant collective amount of various human beings. It simultaneously realizes itself in different existential conditions (scenarios) of every biological human being and is remotely connected with them psychologically by common interests, notions, world outlook, type of character and even similar brain neural networks schema.

Mutational differences in the genomes of such biological individuals have insignificant differences, and in the process of merging ("collapsing" into the single bioplasma Form) of their individual Self-Consciousness from several Space-Time fluxes, united by a general scenario of inversion ray radiation, are shifted into the averaged for them all type of biological or bioplasma Form. Note that the displacement can occur not in the bioplasma, but in the biological Form, but still, it will be a qualitatively higher one.

At the same time, different situations can arise in the process of our high-frequency resonant "collapse". Depending on the realized interests ratio (spiritual and selfish) our terrestrial biological personal Interpretations can "merge" with different bioplasma Forms. This is due to the influence of various epigenetic factors (social, climatic, ecological, cultural, physiological, mental, etc.). Therefore, the interests inherent in each of the bioplasma Forms (with which we merge by means of our self-consciousness) can vary considerably.

Based on the availability of this qualitative difference in the interests, the principle of resonant manifestation of the entire set of our bioplasma Forms is implemented throughout various scenarios (Worlds). In some scenarios, groups of your bioplasma Forms can meet and interact with each other in the implementation of some common for them all, direction of existential creativity, while in other scenarios they establish groups of mutual opposition.

I want to emphasize here (for the positive perception formation) that such conflict situations are especially often used by our higher-quality bioplasma Forms in order to perform the most global and profound evolution (development) tasks at the transitional stage from bioplasma to the plasma Forms. In such cases, your personal Interpretations can come across one another in the exact same scenario, simultaneously acting as the initiators of some Idea or a project and their irreconcilable opponents, political rivals, parents or children, husbands and wives, tyrants and victims, as well as the leaders of the warring countries, and so on.

The fact that I have "met" in the bioplasma reality with my other Interpretations is not surprising for us “there”, but is perceived quite normally! Moreover, the more universal possibilities of bioplasma space-time continuums and the ability of bioplasma Forms to the “equalctism” (co-identification) and “funklappia” (mind reading) make their perception of relations with other people completely different from what we are accustomed to, based on our current low-frequency attachments and contrivances.

My own spontaneous emotions (delight, surprise), when I suddenly encountered my other versions (Interpretations), are explained by the fact that in the state of Deep Meditation I myself, as the Self-Consciousness of the atomic Level, kind of “peeked through” the perception system of my bioplasma Interpretation at everything that happens to it, while remaining a high-quality part of my own current personal self-awareness. Without this, I simply could not describe everything "seen" by me in Deep Meditation, in easy-to-understand terms.

The only thing that helps me during the process of direct connection with my various bioplasma Forms, existing not only in different parallel scenarios, but also throughout different Pleiadian and Siriusian civilizations, is the adaptation and reproduction in Russian language of a set of concepts and names of various objects (for example, the Sound Space Codes), which are used by the Pleiadians in their “dellirkopsis” (telepathic) communication. Their reflection in writing simply does not exist and each “klaadullin” (a particular thought-image) is perceived as a whole - instantaneously and integrally, without interpretation, exactly as it is experienced by the interlocutor.

The Pleiadians do not have their own written language, since they have been communicating for millions of years with the help of the klaadullin translation (due to a very large epiphysis), which has liberated them for millennia from any need to fix something in writing. Everything is fixed, duplicated and demonstrated only with the help of virtually undestroyable quantum-falhat holograms. Each of such holograms has a specifically affixed individual code, which no hacker can change, except for the creator of the hologram. Some types of writing, reminiscent of the combination of numbers with Chinese hieroglyphics and Arabic letters, are found in biological Pleiadian and other "underdeveloped" civilizations that have not reached the bioplasma Self-Consciousness Development Level.

Due to equalctism (identification) and funklappia (mind reading), they can easily read the speech of the one with whom they communicate and during communication are able to respond in the native language of the conversation partner. Outside the conversation, they do not know a single terrestrial or extraterrestrial language, except for the officially accepted by all civilizations УЛГРУУ [ULGRUU] – “Sylglumummon” (similar to the “common method of communication"), as well as the less common АССВААТ [ASSVAAT] – “Xillnills” and АРГЛААМ [ARGLAAM]-“Mollustra”.

Answering to the second part of your question, I can state that after inversion-ray refocusing – an IRR (quantum transition during a solar flare) or tairrlidation (on a star flyer), all kinds of psychic energy, vibrationally below the permissible bioplasma Form levels, are annihilated from your Self-Consciousness. Your high-frequency part of Consciousness, developed during the process of revitalization (postmortem refocusing) automatically "collapses" (merges) with one of the personal Interpretations of parallel realities, the set of interests of which is most synchronized with the given highly vibrational part of yourself. The key factor here is the synchronous vibration of the prefrontal cortex neuron’s nuclear genome, where all our interests are formed.

In any event, after the reduction of the two lower-frequency IISSIIDI-Center Channels, we begin to recognize ourselves as more qualitative "individuals" without having a faintest idea of the fact of the transition (meaning that we retain our new Form’s memory – the translator’s remark). Such continuous "re-identification" occurs with all of us constantly and always. Voluntary tairrlidation (photon reformatting) is an exception to the rule, but it is neither a violation of the postulates of Humanitarian Freedom, nor the Cosmic Laws or their Principles.

Tairrlidation is necessary for people to be able to withstand the transition along a hyperspace tunnel at approximately 100 times the speed of light, as no biological organism is capable of undergoing through such overloads. Moreover, you simply would not have been admitted anywhere on Pleiades upon arrival with active low-vibration IISSIIDI-channels. Tairrlidation is considered the most humane and effective way of evolution (after a purposeful genetic correction, which is widely used throughout the Pleiades for millions of years).

However, tairrlidation is used only in emergency cases, completely guaranteeing the achievement of the expected result while the IRR has multiple secondary (for us) effects. Its character depends on the "volume" of the high-quality part of your consciousness, remaining after countless acts of revitalization (post-mortem refocusings, caused by powerful solar flares). Without the presence of spiritual interest in the form of iissiidiological Knowledge, which clearly sets and stabilizes the future development vector of your consciousness, you can shift to many destructive scenarios of a past or the future, where you are surrounded by various substandard circumstances.

Those of you, who knowingly or subconsciously do not want to go through the tairrlidation procedure, have formed in their Self-Consciousness a narrowly specific thought-form of fear of it (or any other act of manipulation with your Form). This fear will not allow the evacuation or levitation Ray program to engage that particular individual. By the way, such detailed information about what can happen to each of you in the future, contributes to the advance adoption of either "yes" or "no" decision, or with some stipulations, such as yes, but depending on the type of evacuating civilization, or yes, but only together with children, or no, not before I reach a certain age, and so on.

In each of the scenarios, the number of our Interpretations is limited, since when a certain degree of synchronization of their minds (for example, according to some common interests) is reached, the less developed Interpretation is revitalized and "collapsed" (merges, unites) by the resonating part of its Self-Consciousness with the more developed one. Non-synchronized Levels of Self-Consciousness of the "deceased" "collapse" with identical Levels of another Interpretation. Thus, in each scenario there remain only strongly differing among themselves, both in terms of interests and externally, bioplasma Interpretations. The qualitative part of your personal Self-Consciousness will "merge" with one of them.

In the overwhelming majority of cases of IRR acts, individual memory is not retained only because the person was unable to activate during his or her Life the dynamics of the 11th to 12th Channels of the first pair of IISSIIDI Centers to the degree of activity that corresponds to the experience and perceptions of bioplasma Forms. This means that in their personal memory there are no established connections with high-vibration thought-images. Simply put, such a person lived more with material interests, experiences, ideas, emotions and desires, which were formed by 1-9 Channels of the first pair of Iissiidi-Centers, which are annihilated during the act of an IRR. In this sense, there is simply no alternative to iissiidiological thought-emotion-images.


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