In this interesting brief video you will hear Oris' explanations about what Karma really is.

This information was obtained by the author through deep meditation. It is not only fascinating in terms of cognition, but also important for our subsequent existence. It minutely describes the following: stages of our evolution and possible diverse development; the possibilities of transition into different worlds and continuums.

Original text to the song "Altruistic Life"

Never mind that sometimes you are at odds with Destiny -
Do not be afraid to start over your Life again!
Never mind that not many people understand you,
This is also a lot!

Congratulations to the first AYFAAR - AIILLIISS - with its 11th year of existence
For the AIILLIISS Birthday! From the LIIYLLFLIISS group, with Love!

14th of March, 2015.

Dear AIILLIISS, now you are the standard for all other IIAIDCs, some of which have already made their first steps.

So many people have invested and continue to invest in you all the best they could share. After all, we are aware that it is not so easy to be the standard - you need to evolve constantly, improve, and we do it with You, creating more and more favorable conditions for the Life and Creation. “ to unload extra weight from their Souls …".

Volunteering in this program provides every participant with a unique opportunity to deepen their iissiidiological perceptions by visiting a location, where Oris predominantly conducts his work and iissiidiology undergoes its initial trial run.
Ayfaar – is the only place on Earth, where iissiidiology is studied meticulously and systematically, serving as a foundation for the development of True Human intelligence.

Question:  Did you have moments in life when you felt that you were lacking the Power of Spirit? What did you do? [from real Life]

February 23 at AYFAAR -at the Center for Spiritual and Intellectual Development -we celebrate the “POWER OF SPIRIT AND ALTRUISTIC MIND ASPIRATION” holiday.
We decided to ask around: what do people imply under these terms?