In the 20-th part the author tells about the potential ability of people to fly.

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QUESTION: One of the previous articles describes the features of our neural networks from the Pleiadians standpoint: " The very nature of the quantum structure of your alttabsors, - the very sequence in which they are formed and then transformed into unique neural networks, as well as the very composition of these networks is all very similar to the psychomental formations that exist only in the genome of the flying Pleiadians from the planet ЛЛУ-ВВУ-ЙЮЛ-ТТ [LLU-VVU-YUL-TT] of Alcyone Star system." What unites them and us, as well as what are the peculiarities of our and their perceptions and their Synthesis Schemas? Interest in this issue also arises because some of us in our meditations see images of their other interpretations that can fly. In addition, sometimes there are dreams, in which we have the levitation capabilities.

Unfortunately, this particular Information turned out to be inaccessible to me yet (I am sure it is only temporarily). The only thing that I know about them is that “lluvvuyultts” can fly without wings while “nalluyulvvulmms” have various types of wings of different sizes and density - from leathery and folded like in bats, to transparent and membranous, like in dragonflies and butterflies. Despite the existence of the Sound Space Code, I could not enter into their reality with the help of the Deep Meditation. Perhaps this is due to the lack of any of my Interpretations in these civilizations; therefore, even in the atomic levels of my self-consciousness nothing is marked in this regard.

But I have watched multiple scenarios, where I teach Ayfaarians to fly (many of them are also present in this scenario), or at first some of them suddenly develops this ability (in different individuals at different scenarios), and then all Ayfaarians begin experiencing this phenomenon (but only for Ayfaar!), which unequivocally lead to tremendous problems with the public, scientists, the media, the local population, etc. Moreover, this seems such an easy and natural ability for all of us that I still wonder why we all are not flying yet.

After all, you just need to either concentrate on the solar plexus and experience a desire to fly up, or slightly run forward and, having swam in the air low over the ground, climb up and hover as high as you want, fully controlling the flight mode - from a very fast, much faster than a passenger airplane (I checked this by flying at night near an airplane, which was approaching Simferopol airport), or slowly and smoothly float over trees, houses and the sea, or hover vertically above any particular place. By the way, even strong wind and a storm do not affect the speed of ascend or levitation. However, when it is cold, you have to dress warm (I do not remember the winter "flying" scenarios).

Even after 2-3 hours of flight, you would get very hungry. You can fly at very long distances (with one of the Ayfaar groups at night we have reached the Swan Islands, which is near the village of Razdolnoye in the north of the Crimea, in 30 minutes, carrying with us the complete tourist gear - tents, sleeping bags, provision, and so on), the same trip on an automobile requires 3 hours – translator’s example. I also took two people by the waist and easily soared up with them, flew down to the sea and "roared" with them along the shore of the Black sea to Yalta and back. Moreover, I did not hold them tightly to my body and almost did not feel their weight, and that is considering the fact that they held themselves horizontally, like me, without sagging to the ground, as it should have been according to the law of attraction.

In some scenarios, all Ayfaarians were easy to learn and began flying, while in others this was achieved by only some. Analyzing all these "flying" scenarios, I noticed that their common denominator – is the link of all the Ayfaars to the same geographical place (where it is currently located), differing only in the small details of the buildings on the territory of the Ayfaar itself (for example, there is no water reservoir next to the rock near fireplace, but several rows of benches and everything is allocated to a common song meditation ground; also, instead of the current fountain - just a larger sized pool, and so on).

In Ayfaar versions, located on the Ai-Petri plateau, as in versions with other territories (including other countries), such scenarios never appeared. As for the stages of the writing of Iissiidiology, in different scenarios it is at different stages even at the time of writing the first volume of the "Good News" (the initial version of Iissiidiology – translator’s remark). From which I concluded that not the degree of Iissiidiological understanding matters, but some other conditions that favor the expression of certain genome areas, which kind of "accidentally" (since even at Kampadvolar Center this information is unknown) remained in the genome samples during the experiment, in some of the Pleiadians.

Almost in all scenarios, the flying training takes place on the road that descends to the river near the parking lot: it is necessary to run a few steps towards the river, slightly bending the body forward with the arms widely opened, and, concentrating on take-off, try to fly over it. Some mastered this quickly, while others, having repeatedly plunged into the water, gave up.

I have searched the internet in this regard, and that is what I found:

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