While trying to make the perception of the immense world around me more versatile and information saturated, I have spent many years searching for additional theories and conceptions, reflecting more profound Universal essence, coupled with the “humankind” role comprehension, which would allow for a more qualitative and diverse interaction with the Whole. Finally, the informational profoundness I was searching for has been found within the IISSIIDIOLOGY. 

IISSIIDIOLOGY – is the Knowledge, integrating within itself a wide spectrum of views and explanations made as a result of the highest levels of modern human scientific and spiritual achievements; it also stimulates the truly intuitive cognition and perception of everything. Since I couldn’t explain to myself the number of objectively existing phenomena with the assistance of currently dominating scientifically-materialistic conceptions while my own intuition has produced multiple speculations regarding the cause-consequence chain of events around me, I was forced to resort to the untraditional approach methodologies and empirical cognition means.

After going through enormous amount of corresponding literature in search for the supportive evidence of my intuitive insights, I have finally located the interaction description of the human’s “internal” and “external” Worlds, expressed in profoundly thought-out and precisely articulated terms. For me this Information has become the primary means of constant elevation of my mental and emotional existential awareness levels, assisting in qualitative articulation expression of various mental constructs, assumptions and conclusions. Thus I now can independently develop more qualitative existential principles than these I was guided by before my acquaintance with this newest spiritually-cosmological conception.

I believe that the conventional scientific point of view regarding the origin of everything that exists throughout the Universe requires major reconstruction and reconsideration, since they are basically obsolete and don’t reflect all the aspects and features of our surrounding reality. Einstein once said: “Our Perceptions of physical reality can never be finite and because of that we should always be ready to change them accordingly”. IISSIIDIOLOGY elaborates on the need for acquisition of such human life principles as Benevolence, Kindness, Selfless Service, Altruism and Unconditional Love besides providing extensive and profound academic comprehension regarding the elementary particle interaction, nature of energy, time “structure”, spatial “dimensional” characteristics, “manifestation” frequency, DNA molecule, physiology, psychology, more authentic – energy-informational “human” nature, as well as many other issues in multiple other fields of knowledge.

To some it may remind the installation of many religious trends that advocate the observance of these principles in the relations between "people”. However, the considerable difference here is that IISSIIDIOLOGY doesn’t portray these principles as supernatural and by default pleasing to some mysterious “God”, but profoundly elaborates them as natural constituents of our own specific Self-Consciousness Levels, identification with which provides a direct opportunity for our conscious existential implementation entirely independently and constructively. The resonance mechanisms between our “internal” feelings and “external” events are minutely described there; it is also justified why these conditions are important for our Self-Consciousness evolution and how they should “properly” be correlated with a True Human development path on an intellectual level. The information regarding a combination of highly-mental sensitivity with altruistic intellectuality seemed quite logical and convincing for me, as it explains how to master full individual responsibility for your own Life, emotions and creativity, while directing the self-development activity towards these harmonious conditions, which for me are still being a dream as well as an internal spiritual beacon. The above-mentioned conditions are described in IISSIIDIOLOGY in utmost detail as part of our psyche controlling mechanism as well as the surrounding reality high-quality interaction, viewed from the position of holographic multidimensionality. 

According to IISSIIDIOLOGY, there are multiple “scenarios” of our development, from the entire amount of which we are always able to choose only one at each particular instant, so resonantly we constantly “attract” only these Realities, which identically correlate to our own reaction and condition quality. Such choice system doesn’t allow us to assert with certainty the true quality of our deeds, or to state with 100% accuracy – whether this choice is definitely good, or this one is definitely bad; or whether something is definitely from “God”, while something else definitely comes from “evil”…this is because we choose only from what is primordially created by OURSELVES, existing and implementing on more qualitative Levels of our own Self-Consciousness. And since that “Creation” is simultaneously-instantaneous, it is essential to elevate the quality of your focus dynamics in order to acquire more and more Information regarding our internal Self. Our multidimensional and multi-qualitative Self-Consciousness structure contains all possible Experience gathering “programs”, and only our awareness in terms of Universe Law application and utilization can determine our moral values in following the specific sensuousness and knowledge principles, which are close to our values as True Human Beings. Only then, when we completely comprehend the true meaning of ongoing events around us, can we change or improve something. Any surrounding reality occurrence is being experienced by us primarily because of the “individual” Experience and “collected” Information – the two primary objections of our lives. That is essential in order for us to form the specific opinion in relation to any existential events and determine all the necessary qualitative course of action so that we could alter it in a Direction we desire.

It might seem that the topic of “individual” Immortality, discussed by the author, is somehow related to religious beliefs, however, it isn’t true at all. Eschatological concepts (such as the Life after “Death”) are inherent to many religiously-mythological systems throughout the “human” history. Most ancient Indo-European nations were convinced that a historical development is cyclical (for instance, “the Wheel of Life” in realms of Samsara, etc.) and only ancient Germans believed that sooner or later the “death of Gods” will occur. The Mayan calendar has information regarding the cessation of many notable astronomical periods (such as “26000 year” cycles, and more); although in general their understanding of history of the “Universe” was of cyclical nature as well. The most detailed eschatological views were developed by Abrahamic religions, narrating about an Apocalypse and the “Last Judgment” (the last biblical book "Revelation" of St. John the Evangelist, Book of prophet Daniel and some of the Apocrypha, for example, "The Revelation of Peter"). In addition to the world eschatology - the cosmos history and purpose teaching (as well as their cessation) it is worth mentioning that religion is depicting the individual eschatology, which considers the “future life of an individual human soul” as the only existing matter (one of the earliest examples of individual eschatology is the Egyptian and Tibetan “Book of the Dead”).

The author of IISSIIDIOLOGY, on the other hand, doesn’t share these representations, fairly considering them nothing but sheer myths.  He talks about Immortality from intellectual point of view as the endless continuation of Life and a result of the fact, that it is completely impossible for a Self-Consciousness to remain outside of any of its manifestation Forms even for a single instant. According to this Knowledge, the same way the Universe represents the aggregation of an infinite amount of multi-qualitative Realities, “human being”, as its integral part, being an energy-informational structure, is holographically diverse, meaning that a “human form” exists throughout an infinite multitude of various Worlds, structuring multiple universal spatial-temporal Continuums.

Therefore, as soon as someone “leaves” his or her body (which by everyone else is perceived as “Death” and the cessation of existential manifestation), at the very next instant continues to realize him- or herself within their “next” biological manifestation Form, structuring one of the “parallel” Realities. The difference between our “previous” and the “next” manifestation Forms is so insignificant, that we aren’t able to anyhow register, experience or perceive the fact of us “switching” into the “next” Form from the one we have “just left” (the phenomena of “Death”). Hence, none of us is ever capable of perceiving themselves as being “Dead”.

An additional iissiidiological worldview conception, which at first glance might also seem as having something to do with religion, is Ayfaar song singing (lyrics to which were also written by the author of IISSIIDIOLOGY) as a sensuousness condition improving technique, greatly contributing to the quality of reading material comprehension. Such intuitive Perception development and higher Self-Consciousness Level initiation mechanisms employ all possible spiritual collective Form-Images, such as God, Christ, Soul, Divine Love and many others. Unfortunately, because various sectarian teachings use them for their own egocentric purposes, many people are now associating these Form-Images not with something spiritually uplifting and elevated, but rather with fear and prohibition. Therefore, at this point the IISSIIDIOLOGY author is forced to utilize these same Form-Images to create certain spiritual conditions.

I think that the sincere human belief in certain spiritual values is one thing, where religiousness – is a completely different thing. For me the metaphors Oris utilizes in his songs, which highlight the Divinity, for instance, don’t actually carry any religious quality, but are rather being conditionally sensual, representing cultural synthesis of higher moral values and don’t imply the possibility of acquiring “grace of God” or “Rapture” (the “rise to heaven”) in return for worshiping of some mysterious supernatural forces. These Form-Images inspire and enhance my Self-Consciousness, activating the Levels of higher sensuousness, allowing the fully integral and Devoted Loving relation to the whole surrounding reality, embracing each “following” World of my manifestation as my “own” Creation, where conditional “God” represents precisely this type of Love and this type of Acceptance. I suppose that such relation to Life together with higher Knowledge gradually provides Wisdom and full comprehension of cause-and-effect relationships and laws, which consist of the basic Universal principles.

Finally I would like to share my opinion regarding the fact that Oris books help formulate the necessary motivations for profound and conscious work with own egoism, ambition, arrogance, irritability, envy, jealousy, hypocrisy, and many other negative qualities, providing absolutely new Perceptions regarding True Love, unaffected by the harshly-emotional possessiveness manifestations as well as “individualistic” attachments. The Universal organization, described in detail in the IISSIIDIOLOGY helps to acquire new worldview in relation to many psychological complexes and issues, including such basic ones as fear of “Death” and sexuality, which are both related to the self-preservation and reproduction instincts. Provided for that Information, various fears and anxiety, subconsciously influencing my Life, gradually transform into more profound comprehension of the essential interconnections between people and various Universal events, enabling the refreshed worldview regarding the surrounding Reality, as well as the newly opening opportunities.

Author – Uylluiylliiss