1.     Conventional scientific Universe formation theory weaknesses

Look at the sky above – aren’t you amazed at how many cosmic entities you can see there at once? But the most amazing fact is – we can still see only an unimaginably small fraction of their mysterious diversity! Let us talk about a great mechanism of the surrounding reality and our place within it. Concentrate on your thoughts: when well-established and long-proven means fail unexpectedly, we should know how to rely on something we always have – our own reasoning and intuition. I suppose that truly wise people are led by precisely these two synthesis principles in their scientific approach. This article has an objective of reflecting an individual point of view towards the origin of everything there is, based upon mental and intuitive insights. The only thing I wish to remain outside of my article is dogmatism. Let us look impartially at the conventional scientific research status concerning the issue of Universe origin. 

It is widely known that each one of us has their own opinion regarding everything. There is even a saying: “The quantity of people defines the quantity of various opinions”. In other words each one of us lives within “their own” subjective (“personal”) World. Why do you think that is? Why every creation (not only a human being) is absolutely unique? Iissiidiology provides quite interesting explanations to these questions. 

Humanity has always expressed genuine and ambiguous interest in medicine. Questions such as how, who, what why, and where were fundamental for “people” throughout the whole human history. As the new medical discoveries were made, the immense necessity of our biological Forms research became quite obvious. This research of certain parts of “human” organism, as well as the body as a whole had to be carried out with regard to many qualitatively different points of view concerning various orthodox biological Form development conceptions. 

Many of us at some point during their lives ask themselves the following (and somewhat rhetorical) questions:  “How can I live better? Why my wishes aren’t always come true? Why do I desire anything in the first place? What are the purpose and the meaning of my Life? Was I born only to “die” sometime later?” Such questions usually continuously arise within our Self-Consciousness once they “commenced” initially, since each one of them has many sub-questions within. And so quite often our Life seems to us as an infinite succession of unanswered questions…


Mysteries of Time Phenomenon revealed


Time is one of the greatest mysteries of humanity, although literally everything in our world exists within the borders of its influence. Time is a fundamentally important element in science, but in spite of many new discoveries, research and observations, the nature of Time still remains unclear and habitually utilized as a given per se. It is believed that the appearance of Time actually coincides with birth of the Universe and that Time is being of some kind of an auxiliary fourth dimension, an extra parameter in the Cartesian - three-dimensional - system of coordinates. Time is such a subtle and an elusive subject for study, that it hardly can be defined as material. However, one thing can be stated with certainty – the very nature of Time has everything to do with changes, hence, once we comprehend the nature of changes, we will undoubtedly understand the nature of Time.

Principles provided naturally develop from Information regarding described Iissiidiology Laws of the Universe as well as existence of humankind as an integral element, existing in symbiotic relationship with that Universe and being its multi-holographic expression Form. Any interaction with another "human being", - is in fact a mere collaboration with "yourself"; it is also an ability to identify internal conflicts between certain groups of Form-Creators within your own Self-Consciousness Configuration for their subsequent conscious transformation in order to harmonize their relations through choices, based on the motivational chains, contributing to the refocusing in a True Human development Direction. 

During the last century, many highly-educated individuals expressed their opinion regarding a new Knowledge soon to arrive, which would ultimately unify the main principles of science and religion to create a certain, close and enduring symbiosis, and finally eliminate the increasing antagonism between spiritual and materialistic methods of human cognition. This new Information trend is not only intended to link together and correlate the majority of various fields of knowledge that study the surrounding reality, but also to provide the multi-level explanation of various natural phenomena in general, and human life in particular, thus solving the currently unsolved scientific and social issues. A little time has passed, and now such a universal Knowledge is available to the humanity. It is called IISSIIDIOLOGY. It is based on the newest cosmological conceptions regarding the origination and existence of the entire universal structure (Energy-Plasma), as well as individual self-conscious elements in it (field structures, or Conscious-Fields) that constitute every existing thing, including all of us, the worlds of our manifestation, and the entire objective reality perceptible to us. 

There are many fearsome issues exist within modern global society, which are being constantly fueled and sustained by mass media, and which more often than not lead many people to panic. One of these issues is related to the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO). To reduce the public stir, produced by this topic, we would like to explain and clarify many incomprehensible points of this matter, utilizing the latest medical and iissiidiological knowledge. So, what is actually a GMO? A GMO is a genetically modified organism, whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. The difference between the methods of genetic modification, genetic selection and random mutation process is purposeful change of genotype by connecting the genes of different organisms to obtain the required properties. Upon breeding the gene transfer between closely related organisms takes place, as exemplified by different breeds of dogs or cats, for instance. So, what the GMO is required for? 

I want to share with you my thoughts about immortality.
I believe that we will always perceive ourselves alive, because our consciousness will exist forever!
Many people think that our brain is our consciousness, but this is not correct. The brain has been very well studied to date, and scientists have come to a conclusion that it is the same body organ as any other body organ.

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