Oris – the author of IISSIIDIOLOGY book series, provided for his special psychic abilities of "sensing" the Universe multi-variance, offers the humanity the way to its most harmonious Future! For this purpose he created the multivolume book edition under the general title "IISSIIDIOLOGY", helping us, readers, to cultivate certain vital principles and internal states of Consciousness, leading into a specific Direction, chosen from various development vectors of Mankind’s Collective Consciousness, which assures the fastest possible evolution for our civilization. To that end Oris presents certain system of values,designed for nurturing of specific qualities in every human being, all of which can determine our mass refocusing into such future, where basic necessity technologies are considerably advanced, and where all necessary physical and social laws, aimed for advanced and harmonious human social and material lifestyle, satisfactory to all people on the planet, are long established. 

While trying to make the perception of the immense world around me more versatile and information saturated, I have spent many years searching for additional theories and conceptions, reflecting more profound Universal essence, coupled with the “humankind” role comprehension, which would allow for a more qualitative and diverse interaction with the Whole. Finally, the informational profoundness I was searching for has been found within the IISSIIDIOLOGY. 

Dearest Friends,

In this article we will point out the reasons, which most likely will lead to a decrease in the population of the Earth, and elaborate in more detail the peculiarities regarding possible pandemic scenarios and how we can avoid them. There is great number of objective reasons for unexpectedly rapid advance of possible pandemic scenarios in the near future. 

“What would you like to do in your Life” – asked me my parents when I was a kid. And my answers have changed many times since. Upon the high school graduation I even took the special test, designed to figure out the professional field I might be mostly inclined to, which has shown that this ought to be the government service. Obviously it didn’t match my actual desires at the moment, so I skipped it. When it came to the choice of the future occupation, my preferences were all chaotic, and I literally had no clue as to what should I focus my attention upon in order to figure all this out. 

She was standing on top of one of the Swiss Alp mountain peaks, enthusiastically-joyful, excited and overflowed with an amazing impression from their serene beauty and grandeur. The colorful play of sunshine over the deep blue sky horizon was extending its warmth and Life to everything. The thunderous silence of amazingly bright snowy peaks sang the Love song of a Creator... Her thoughts have floated far and away into the sky! And only feeling of compassion towards other “people”, who weren’t able to experience such divine spiritual grace at this very moment, forcedher to glancedown at theskivillage, where the humans, buildings and cars were visible as peculiar small dots, and where the Life went on as usual. 

Factually, the Immortality is not only the essence of our infinite life, but a given, unavoidable and inevitable fact of our existence, if, of cause, we are provided with substantiated and sufficient amount of Information of certain quality. Such highly qualitative Information is actually available through the book series, called “Immortality is available to anyone”; in fact you can get a better understanding of why exactly the humans are completely immortal not only in the spiritual, but also in the physical aspect of it.  

Dearest friends!

We would like to talk to you about the notion of Immortality. We deem this an important subject because all “people” today are afraid of “Death”, literally every single one! Moreover, this fear is active inside us only because no one knows for sure what awaits us “there”, beyond the “threshold of Death”. This uncertainty scares and terrifies, oppresses and paralyzes, forcing us to clench to life virtually at all costs in order to delay its "inevitable end” for as long as possible.

Then finally, the new knowledge – Iissiidiology emerges, which clearly, reasonably and supportively elaborates the opportunity of immortal existence, and that Immortality is being an inherent attribute of our lives; the only thing we have to do is to recognize, understand and deeply accept this notion, considerably new to most of us. 

Let us talk about the origination of everything and about its correlation with our instantaneously simultaneous Existence. If later on you will talk to people, not knowing anything about Iissiidiology, who has the predominantly traditional point of view regarding the Universe and human structure, you can generally relay this information to them the same way I am conveying it over to you. What primordially exists – truly, objectively exists – is only something we define as “Information”. What is Information and how it is related to “human” and all other Forms of Collective Self-Consciousness? What I am about to tell you, isn’t what it appears to be in reality, but at least this general Perception will be much more veracious, than everything you have imagined to yourself in this regard so far.

Anyone, who is at least somehow involved with physics, knows what a Higgs boson is. It is a hypothetical elementary particle, discovered by the British scientist Peter Higgs of the University of Edinburgh in 1964. Initially it was just the boson particle - the last missing element of a Standard model (the most simplified and comprehensible theory of the Universal structure).

According to this theory, as a result of the so-called “Big Bang”, our Universe commenced to cool down, thus causing a certain energy field to form. The boson is being a quantum fraction of that field, owning to which, particles can acquire a “rest mass”. Thus, everything we see around us is a result of Higgs bosons, saturating and structuring the given field. 

An orthodox psychology recognizes such term as “personality orientation”, which is used to characterize an individual. We, on the other hand, introduce a more profound conception – the development direction.  This term describes the development path, leading to the most harmonious future realities, minutely depicted by Oris in IISSIIDIOLOGY. This fundamental Knowledge helps us, the readers, to cultivate certain vital principles and internal states of our Self-Consciousness, leading into the particular development vector, chosen from myriads of other development directions of the Human Collective Consciousness, where the evolution rate of our civilization is the highest.