Lately the distinction between altruistic and egocentric tendencies in the human behavior became more evident. On one hand, the role of altruism and helping trend in general increases due to the fact that over the past decade the global society saw the increase of the amount of people in need of various types of support - people with disabilities, senior citizens, refugees, immigrants, the unemployed, orphans, homeless, veterans, and so on.

On the other - the capitalist consumeristic relations, comprised of spirit of greed and individual accumulation of wealth at all costs, have led to an increase of individualistic attitudes, strengthening of indifference, arrogance and selfishness, thus reducing the desire to offer help, exhibit compassion and understanding. For instance, according to the recent survey among various social levels of Russian population, about 59% of them believe that helping the needy should be performed by the various governmental bodies and not the people themselves. Thus, the problem of helping behavior is strikingly relevant to our society.

Question: Thanks to knowledge and techniques, we have the opportunity to improve ourselves, to reach fairly harmonious states, when our soul is singing. But then something happens suddenly and it ceases to sing. The reason for this is probably not the fact that these techniques and practices do not work, but that you don’t really use them anymore, or cannot use them, or they stop working for you. Can we say that it is like a sign of Soul, of Spirit, that indicates there is a dead end, that it is necessary to go to the next level? Because such states can last for few months.

Question from the audience: There is such a postulate, that the world is given to us in symbols and signs. By studying these symbols and signs, we begin to build own space, because if you change events then and the space starts to work with you, and you kind of select your own way. Is it, meaning these states, are refocusings to the better? Can it be considered as work on the way of spiritual evolution?

Dear friends! We continue to talk about the qualities typical for the man of the future. About what we need to seek and cultivate in order to get to the most favourable for us scenario. In this article, we will talk about the components of these qualities such as, high-intellectual Altruism and high-sensual Intellect.

The high-frequency manifestation of any individual life creativity, cannot be realized without strong, informative, motivation, a high-sensual spiritual need, and an inexhaustible desire, to constantly bring our own individual contribution to the common good. Which is the main characteristic of Altruism.

Question: - I want to ask about alcohol addiction. If I read iissiidiology and aspired to be better, and then particular states come, when nothing can help it, I betray everyone. And when I come out of these states, I again become as creative as I can. But all that could have been spoiled is spoiled. How is it possible to resist it? What can be done to ensure that next time, when the urge of alcoholic intoxication comes, I do not succumb to it? How is it possible to resist it? What motivations are needed?


“Love is always unconditional caring, sincere interest for the welfare and spiritual development of those we love, the need to share everything that is in us – joy, beautiful thoughts and feelings, information, interests, good mood. Love means always be active in your very best manifestations. Love means
always be ready to help, sincerely respond to the call in case of need, gladly sacrifice the most valuable of what you have, for the sake of someone's spiritual self-improvement and development. However, you cannot just take under yours responsibility a part of someone else's liability, believing that in such a way you allegedly facilitate another person's life, but with it you aggravate and complicate the processes of his spiritual growth, in fact, depriving him of the better opportunities for independent implementation of more qualitative choices.”

Dearest friends, today we are conducting a live video interview with average people on the street. We asked everyone, ‘What does it mean to be a True Human Being?


Dear Friends!

The time runs rapidly and inexorably forward, and yet so many people do not understand the perspectives of their future existence. We want to give you some idea of what kind of knowledge brings iissiiodiology and the role it can play to our future existence. In order to understand all the possibilities and prospects of our existence, we need to understand the mechanisms implementing the principles of life in general. If we cannot understand them, then we will not see any possibility of our future existence, and will remain alone with the age-old questions: ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ ‘What do I live for?’ ‘To die?’

Dear friends, today we will tell you about qualities of the Future Human.

Each of us can become that Future Human, who already travels through deep space and lives not only on our planet, but on other planets as well.

To continue our conscious existence in that Human Future we need to develop certain qualities of the Human with a capital letter.The opportunities that electronic communications and various scientific achievements give us today cannot be in any way compared with the opportunities available in the Future Humanity.

Are we truly immortal? What is awaiting us there – beyond the threshold of “death”?

Such concepts as world diversity, the multiplicity of our individual interpretations, multi-variance of our destinies as well as simultaneousness and instantaneousness of all our individual lives - these key perceptions can facilitate in expanding the knowledge regarding the change of your destiny, becoming more optimistic and successful, determine your existential priorities and, ultimately, find the true meaning of your own Life, which at first glance seems to be an incredibly complicated task...