Iissiidiology minutely and in great detail describes the cause of many phenomena, as a result of the activity of Consciousness, self-experiencing Itself throughout the Universe in the entire infiniteness of “its own” Interpretations.

"Individual" Immortality - is one of the primary subjects, being discussed by iissiidiology. In the current Space-Time continuums at this point, all "people" are afraid of "Death", every single one of them! Moreover, this fear is active inside us only because no one knows for sure what awaits us “there”, beyond the “threshold of Death”. This uncertainty scares and terrifies, oppresses and paralyzes, forcing us to clench to life virtually at all costs in order to delay its "inevitable end” for as long as possible.

The ongoing crisis in science and technology we observe today is considered an integral part of marginal level of the development of our civilization. Last century’s futuristic ideas and actually implemented achievements as well as modern concepts of the future are analyzed herein. Analysis of the latter identifies weaknesses of certain projects, therefore a new concept, implying an infusion of modern society with unprecedented set of conceptions – Iissiidiology, is introduced and elaborated.

For a long time, in the information space of mankind, there were sayings like: “thought is material”, “as you think, so you will live”, “What you are afraid of will happen to you" and similar sayings. They reflect different aspects of the same process or phenomenon – thought-creativity. With thought-creativity, many draw the deliberate and purposeful attraction into their lives with some specific events, people, things, and so on. There exist many techniques and methods (visualization, mental experience, maps and albums of wishes, etc.), with which we consciously, by using thoughts and feelings, model the desired end result. After some time and depending on the stability and intensity of our efforts; there is a chance to obtain what we want. As a rule, when more mental energy is invested into our desires, the more likely that our desires will come true. 

Factors of biological inheritance and education in the human formation process often sparked violent controversy, especially regarding issues, pertaining to the formation of complex features of humanism. The science has conclusively proved that these factors are inextricably linked: the hereditary features can only be implemented under the influence of the external environment, while the influence of environmental factors is always limited to individual hereditary features. It looks like some kind of vicious circle, but is it actually so? How much are these two factors actually interdependent? Is it possible to influence the biological inheritance? If so, how? These and many other questions arise due to the collision of these scientific approaches. 

The fact that we exist in the World, where wars, hostility, conflicts, violence, lack of understanding, poverty, famine and fear of death are still being our daily reality, speaks for itself – up until now none of the currently existing sources of knowledge has come up with anyhow logically well-grounded conception, which would consider the intellectually-scientific and the moral points of view of the modern human society in relation to its own vital issues.

There are a great number of scenarios, or variables of your future manifestation, and it is you who decides in which of these, already existing variants, you will perceive yourself.

Iissiidiology describes future scenarios that are based on the newest, cosmological concepts of the universe, and of the human being. These concepts give full details of creative and highly-spiritual processes for developing a new human society. Based on harmonious and humanistic relationships.

Why is it important to forgive? Emotional wounds and stress, inflicted by various insults, take a long and painful healing. However, it is in our power to forever part with them. We often spend our emotional strength for anger and hatred, resentment and envy. At the same time, you could live happily, joyfully and healthy - when you know how to forgive. Forgiveness - is a spiritual cleansing.

If you ask someone of their existential objectives, plans and values, it will become evident that predominantly these ideas are material in nature and primarily associated to cyclic consumption. This is the biggest pitfall of the modern society! People whirl throughout this consumeristic bustle without paying any attention to their inner feelings and inclinations, without asking few simple questions - is that what makes me happy? Is that what brings me joy? Is that what offers the most creative self-gratification in my life?

This article attempts to review the issue of moral values and human self-development during an era of materialistic consumption. It is offered that a transcendent objective be set, which implies the existence of certain values and principles, the scope of which goes far beyond any egocentric interest, as a mechanism, capable of overcoming the mental and emotional stress, caused by the realities of modern society, implementing the creative human necessities.

A man is never fully satisfied with his life. There is always something that he lacks to be fully happy, and it is his dream and fantasy. Each one of us – is an individuality, and our dreams – are unique. They inspire us, move us forward, and give us energy. But some people can turn their dreams into reality quickly and easily, while others - remain dreams for lifetime. Some of ourdreams have more chance to be realised, while others seem to be absurd fantasies. Why is this happening? And what is the sacred meaning of this mysterious dream coming tru phenomenon? A lot of information on this topic can be found in different sources. But I suggest we look at it from an unusual angle.