"EVERYTHING ALREADY EXISTS!" - claims Iissiidiology. It provides detailed information regarding the functioning mechanisms of the Universal simultaneousness and single-momentness, depicted in this article.

Here is the amazing story, told by Oris, regarding his meeting with the Pleiadians. So much time has elapsed since its initial publication in the "Contacts on the eve of the 2000s" book series, however, this information remains relevant as ever! After all, the knowledge of Iissiidiology, which Oris has, and still does, transfer from high-frequency dimensional levels of Space-Time over the past 10 years, reflects the True Human Development Path, followed by our distant ancestors. Everything is interconnected and the still “sleeping” team members have to be awaken; therefore, we deem the transgression of this knowledge is very important!

In this article you know how are the names of the stellar crafts, crew members and Space Sound Code (Tone) Names originate.

What is the "Star Memory"? Where is it located and how does it work? How to restore access to this space information? The article answers these questions in detail.

Results of the Pleiadian genetic experiment

In this article, answering the question regarding the purpose of the genetic experiment conducted on our planet, the author minutely covers various topics, including the origin of humankind and the human development direction; he also talks about various levels of consciousness, and the difference between them. You will also learn the importance of adhering to certain types of behavioral patterns, especially your thoughts and emotions, pertaining to the development of intelligence and altruism. Additionally there will be an information, concerning the representatives of two non-human civilizations, which are often "populated" to the energy-informational structures of people.

In the 20-th part the author tells about the potential ability of people to fly.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Today Oris supplemented his previous answer (No. 18) with information regarding the scale of the cosmic genetic experiment and the description of Pleiadian, Andromedan and Siriusian civilizations, where Earthlings find shelter after the "quantum transition".

ANNOUNCEMENT: In the eighteenth part of the “Returning to our Pleiadian Home” series Oris talks about the principles of interaction between the various Pleiadian civilizations. The notions of usual for us, country borders, visas and passports, are completely absent in their minds. So how their communications are organized? Answers to these questions are provided in this article.

This article was adapted according to iissiidiological terminology.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The seventeenth part of the “Returning to our Pleiadian Home” is dedicated to the topic of coexistence in bioplasma reality of several of our Interpretations. How can dozens of Orises exist in one world? What do these personal Interpretations experience when they meet, and how is this even possible?

ANNOUNCEMENT: In the given part of the "Returning to our Pleiadian Home” Oris talks about one of the Ayfaars, which is being built by a group of earthlings-iissiidiologists on the Pleiadian planetary satellite "Ayfaar-AL-118". Do you want to virtually visit this City of Light and Knowledge? Do you want to know why the Pleiadian civilizations provide us with such a unique opportunity? Then please read on!