Possible future scenarios – advanced and unfortunate perspectives of a person’s life.

It is good when we are concerned not only with our personal future, but also with the future of our planet and the entire human community. Interest in future predictions may not be idle at all - it is important for us to imagine what the actions of today will lead us to. If we are aware of the possibilities of the future, we can influence our present day and consciously approach the desired objectives, whether in personal life or on a scale of the entire planet!

This article provides a brief overview of the future prospects, which the author of Iissiidiology, Oris, studied while in the state of Deep Meditation. This future may be both oppressive and favorable for people. It may even go beyond the limits of planetary existence, and the beauty of this situation is - all these probabilities are a matter of our choice, and not some “accidental occurrence”. Let us talk about the most obvious scenarios of the future of the Earth, which the author of Iissiidiology and not only he, could see.

Harmonious intellectually altruistic society.

People in such a society develop in a balanced way both in the intellectual and in the sensuous spheres of life. There is no longer a need for military, law enforcement and financial systems, as we know them now (especially because the primary objective for law enforcement system – is to protect the wealth of the financial one).

When alternative sources of energy are developed, and the matter itself becomes malleable for the synthesis of new substances and objects, access to resources becomes very simple and easily accessible to all. When it is no longer possible to speculate on resources for the sake of pricing competition, military dominance and accumulation of power, the need for trading and fighting for resources dissipates; therefore, the political, financial and management authorities as we know them today, are simply redevelop.

How will this be possible for people with the current state of mentality? It can become possible upon sustainable development in own Self-Consciousness of high sensuality and intellectuality, when people become are less and less dependent on rough instinctive and aggressive impulses. In some scenarios, people themselves gradually become more conscious, and in some - they have a developmental catalyst - Inversion Ray Refocusing (IRR). What does it mean?

Inversion Ray Refocusing - transformation of the human psyche and biology due to the penetration of the solar wind plasma through the Earth’s magnetic field. The consequences are a global restructuring of the planet’s ionosphere and magnetosphere, natural processes, as well as the human biology.

Inversion-beam refocusings allow you to become aware of yourself in a new terrestrial civilization, which successfully masters other planets and contacts extraterrestrial civilizations. Inversion Ray Refocusing allow you to become aware of yourself in a new earthly civilization, which successfully masters (not conquers!) other planets and contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations. We will talk about mastering other planets a bit later, but for now, we will continue to look at the future, where the human community has become harmonious - intellectually altruistic.

Because of this refocusing, people quickly get rid of the unconscious part of the psyche - coarse, aggressive, instinctive motives and actions. Accordingly, their brain architecture and hormonal system are being rebuilt as well. Release of stress hormones and activity of brain lobes, responsible for biological survival, drops to zero. It is remarkable that a person is aware of himself as a representative of a new, improved Human Race - a bioplasma Form, which carries certain modifications of cerebral micro zones and hormonal system, as well as considerably different, bioplasma DNA structure.

For bioplasma People, kind and reasonable, intellectually altruistic attitude towards each other and the world, is natural. Positive thoughts and emotions that are currently available to us only occasionally constitute the usual basis of the psyche of all bioplasma People. This future scenario, just like any other, is quite possible. Modern humanity has the tendency of intellectual and sensuous development and the desire to live in peace and harmony.

Therefore, one day, when 30-40% of the world's population will develop the best human qualities in themselves, all people will be able to realize themselves in a world where dreams of such a future - are an everyday reality. In fact, there will be a gradual refocusing of human consciousness into one of the worlds of the future, due to the multiword principle.

Can the future of the Earth be only so rosy? Far from it. It was illustrated above that people will be able to acquire a highly developed bioplasma form, if 30-40% of the human population will become mentally prepared for this. If the current world order prevails on the planet (world order of predominant animalistic survival), then eventually people will find themselves in the future, which will be even more conducive to aggressive survival.

The choice of the future depends on the activity of certain levels of self-Consciousness as well as sub-personalities within the psyche and in the person’s choices, which will be active over time and in particular, during the Inversion Ray refocusing (IRR). In other words, a person will choose his or her future depending on values that were developed during life: love or hate, rationality or foolishness, ignorance or inquisitiveness, joy or depression, aggression or acceptance, intolerance or understanding.

It was mentioned above what kind of future awaits us with the conscious development of sensuousness and intellectuality in the balance. However, there is probably another future, the most obvious perspective of which may be embodied in a technocratic, selfish, rationalistic society.

Technocratic society

Such a scenario may become a reality if the intellectual progress of developed countries continues to rush forward rapidly, while the emotional development stagnates. It is easy to imagine, if we assume that the race for efficiency in the systems of finance, military defense, education, medicine, etc. will only increase the financial and social division between people.

As a result, the growing difference in people's social status and welfare will create even greater tension in society. One day we will get a technocratic human community, if we do not raise the status and importance of emotions of unity, compassion, global social responsibility and awareness, along with production.

The gap between the social strata will be so obvious that people will get the same slave-owning regime that took place in ancient times, except only the new regime will pretend to be cultural, exquisite and elegant. In some development scenarios, the world order will become extremely technocratic if artificial intelligence begins to enslave the human race.

Similar versions of the future are reflected in the novel by E. Zamyatin “We” and in the movies “Terminator”, “The Matrix”, “I, the Robot”. The consequences of the destructive influence of technical progress without the development of morality are shown in the movies “Equilibrium”, “Time”, “the Road”, and the “Wall-E” cartoon.

These are two likely prospects for the future of the Earth - a highly developed society of Intellect and Altruism or a technocratic community. Of course, different variations of these scenarios possible as well, especially if we assume that the current world is developing without a third world war or global natural catastrophes. We will not dwell on the disastrous consequences of such scenarios, as they are much clearer modeled in disaster movies.

Let us return to the possibilities of realizing oneself in a completely different body after inversion-ray refocusing. You can find yourself to be the bioplasma human, or, possibly, the inhabitant of a different planet! As a result, people’s consciousness can link with alien forms, belonging to more or less aggressive or benevolent civilizations, many of which are very similar to current people.

The “destination” of the subsequent existence also depends on the same resonant principle – the “receiving” civilization and the base planet of inhabitance are determined according to the self-development achievements at the time of refocusing, as well as inner values that a person has nourished at the appropriate levels of self-consciousness.

Highly developed, intellectually altruistic civilizations are represented in other spatial-temporal dimensions on the triple star of Sirius, Alcyone, Pleione, Taygeta, Maia, Atlas, Merope, Celaeno, Sterope (in the Pleiades constellation), Procyon (Canis Minor constellation) and others. Technocratic civilizations are represented on the stars Alferaz (Andromeda constellation), Elektra (Pleiades constellation), in the Cassiopeia constellation, and others.

We ourselves choose the civilizations and places of habitat to a greater or lesser degree. In our consciousness, there is a variety of motives - from roughly instinctive to highly moral. They create a “crossroads”, where we have to make a choice, which motivations, sub-personalities and levels of consciousness we prefer to dominate in our daily lives. Iissiidiology provides in-depth information, related to the True Human development direction, which can lead our self-Consciousness into a harmonious favorable future and the realities of the True Cosmic Human existence. If you are interested in the prospects of favorable human development, we invite you to find more information here: Returning to our Pleiadian Home. Part 1 (simplified version)

Author Vualttrass.

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