Author Vualttrass.

The theory of chaotic inflation allows you to answer questions about what preceded the formation of the universe, avoiding the complexity that exists in the classical “Big Bang” theory - cosmological singularity. The theory of inflation allows for the existence of other worlds, Universes and suggests the existence of intelligent life not only in our Universe.

The author of this article, within the framework of this theory, discusses the emergence of Consciousness, along with the formation of matter, complementing it with ideas, based on the iissiidiological basis - the anthropologically cosmological concept of relationship between the humankind and the surrounding world. Additionally, the Iissiidiological Multiverse principles, the concept of Universal Plasma Differential Radiation (UPDR) are considered in order to illustrate the causes that activate conscious dynamics. The theory of inflation allows for the existence of other worlds, Universes, and suggests the existence of intelligent life all throughout the Multiverse.

1. Introduction

On March 17, 2014, it was announced that primary gravitational perturbations of substance plasma, preceding the Big Bang [1], were detected. In September of the same year, the excitement regarding the detection of gravitational waves subsided significantly, since it turned out that the dispersed galactic dust also detected the polarization of the B-mode. Nevertheless, theorists and experimenters continue to seek confirmation of the intuitively reasonable propositions that:

  1. Our Universe, weighing more than 1050 tons did not originate from “nothing”
  2. The initial density of the Universe was not infinitely large.

And some are even looking for confirmation that:

  1. Physical laws act differently in different areas of the Universe,
  2. and not just in different areas, but in different Universes,
  3. Maybe there are many of them due to the diversity of scalar field oscillations?

The theory of chaotic inflation allows one to talk about these topics and offers seemingly satisfiable solutions, existing within the Big Bang theory, which in turn has logical, coherent and intuitive argument, justifying efforts and attempts of multiple scientists, who is striving for its experimental confirmation.

I value the work, performed by science in theory and practice; however, I also want to highlight few key arguments worth mentioning in that regard. The question regarding the matter was always one of the central points in multiple scientific discussions, theories and experiments, as well as various descriptions and interactions. Nevertheless, we love, suffer, rejoice, ponder, and ask our questions not only due to the work of neurons, hormonal surges and external influences of the material world. In the practice of life, we cannot detract from the role of Consciousness, since this - is what pushes us to learn the material world and the world of relationships, which is far more complex.

Consciousness is such an inconvenient parameter in scientific hypotheses that even the great Descartes and Newton decided to exclude it from their calculations, significantly contributing to the scientific paradigm, thus assisting posterity in understanding the laws of nature. Nevertheless, noting the ever-growing depth of scientific conclusions, we cannot indefinitely displace the phenomenon of human Consciousness from them. I think that someday we will be forced to recognize that the objectivity of scientific data is in some way subjective, being in fact, directly dependent on the parameters of the psycho-emotional states of the experimenters themselves, including some other factors.

Let us try to imagine where to find a place for Consciousness, emotions and thoughts in one of the advanced theories of modernity - the theory of chaotic inflation of the Universe. For this statement, only this theory will not be enough for us, so in addition I will reserve to the ideas, pertaining the origin of Consciousness, derived from the anthropologically cosmological concept, depicted in the Knowledge of “Iissiidiology”.

2. The origination of Consciousness within the framework of the chaotic inflation theory, as well as the iissiidiological standpoint.

2.1. The chaotic inflation theory’s conception.

First, here is brief reference to the chaotic inflation’s theory. It is an extended version of the theory of cosmological inflation, the original model of which was initially formulated by Alexey Starobinsky and supplemented by Alan Gut (Alan H. Guth) and Vyacheslav Mukhanov in the late 1970s. Its modern interpretation (the theory of chaotic inflation) has originated and additionally developed with the help of the reputed Russian-American theoretical physicist and the Harald Trap Friis Professor of Physics at Stanford University - Andrei Linde. For the development of this theory, four scientists have already been awarded several prizes. The theory of chaotic inflation is based on the concepts of chaotic quantum fluctuations (oscillations, waves) of a scalar field (Fig.1, 2)

Fig.2. Inflation and quantum fluctuations

Upon the oscillation of a scalar field, having reached a certain significant [1] amplitude (Fig. 3), the waves "froze" and then stretched in space to sizes, matching, for example, our Universe (Fig. 4). A period of exponential increase in the amplitude of primary gravitational waves, equal to 10-35 seconds, is considered the duration of cosmological inflation. On the "peaks" of waves before the "freezing”, there was a powerful jump in the energy of the oscillating field, and on one of the waves came something called the Big Bang. The heterogeneity of the gravitational field led to the accumulation of energy at the peaks of gravitational waves; the subsequent fate of one of the waves and its monstrous value energy, is described by the standard model. Let me remind you that the Big Bang is so far only a capacious metaphor, which is most conveniently suitable for experimental confirmation of the hot and super-dense states of the nascent Universe. What the Big Bang symbolizes - is the birth of matter and radiation in the theory of inflation, it is accompanied by “stretching”, “swelling” of one of the primary gravitational waves after inflation, after the wave “freezes” (Figure 1). According to the recent scientific news, there was a discovery of one of the characteristics of the primary gravitational perturbations, B-mode, which is an indirect confirmation of their existence [3].

Fig.3. Stretching gravitational waves

Fig.4. Stretching gravitational waves to the size of the Universe

2.2. Multi-world and anthropic principle.

Cosmological inflation theory has an interesting characteristic — randomness, which is attractive for finding in it the reasons for the emergence of Consciousness. The scalar field, like an ocean, was replete with gravitational waves, chaotically appearing everywhere, and the tallest, highest waves have created something new in space – the matter! The oscillating scalar field had arbitrarily multiple areas where waves of different amplitudes appeared, and physical laws known to us were initiated at the peaks of individual waves (Fig. 1). However, the interesting thing is that at different peaks, the laws were also manifested in different ways, or they were completely different! Therefore, it is evident that the same laws, working in some other way, gave rise to combinations of elementary particles, fields, radiations that are different from those we know. Does our Universe have its half-sisters?

Andrei Linde suggested an answer: Universes are many.

Are there any people there too? Do they also think, love, quarrel, reconcile and ask strange questions? It may seem that these questions are superfluous, since the objective of this work is to consider the causality of Consciousness in the Universe we inhabit. What do we care about other Universes, even if they exist?

The presence of Consciousness in a Multiverse, or only in our Universe, is not so important, because the main attempt now is to touch the sources of consciousness in the material world, regardless of the actual quantity of various Universes. At the same time, firstly, we still cannot avoid the reviewing of the multi-world interpretation, if only because it is one of the key elements of the theory of chaotic inflation. Secondly, because from the end of the 1970s, physics began to offer answers to questions regarding the presence of intelligent life in parallel worlds, and not everyone considered multi-world and the presence of different intelligent life forms in it an empty fantasy. Finally, these answers influenced my thoughts and conclusions about the nature of Consciousness, all of which will be laid out below.

Here are the few excerpts from Andrei Linde's statements regarding many-worlds interpretation, made during his lecture on June 10, 2007 at Moscow’s LPI [2]:

“It turned out that inflationary cosmology makes it possible to create many different types of Universes. Then in one of them, the electrons may be heavier, and the electromagnetic coupling constant may be harder as a result <...> So, it turns out, it is possible to discuss the question of which Universe we live in: we live in the particular Universe where we can exist, while there are at least 101000 types of various Universes in existence, in one of which we have the appropriate type of electrons, as well as an appropriate type of protons, correlating with our existence accordingly”.

“Quantum fluctuations during inflation can break the Universe into many parts containing different scalar fields. The universe becomes like a collection of many universes, consisting various laws of physics. ” [4]

The anthropic principle and its variants are associated with the theories of the multiverse: the strong, weak and anthropic participation principle [5]. According to the weak anthropic principle, in those areas of the Universe, where the values of the fundamental constants are identical to the already known values, the appearance of our type of life is possible. According to the strong anthropic principle - the universe must have the conditions for the emergence of life. The Anthropic Participation Principle (APP) states, that (quote):

“Observers are necessary to bring the Universe into being”
(John Archibald Wheeler).

This is what can be said about the existence of a multitude of universes and the possibility of observing them according to the theory of chaotic inflation. The theory contains an idea of different ratios of fundamental constants of different sizes, respectively, and, of various types of fields and particles, generated on their basis [6]. In quantum mechanics, a superposition of an elementary particle and a wave function, describing its equally possible quantum states, are mentioned [7]. The superstring theory also has more than 101000 vacuum states that can be realized in different parts of the Universe [8].

Obviously, we can observe those phenomena that fall into the spectrum of either the system of human perception, or the sensitivity of measuring instruments (created, again, not without the participation of the human perception system). The weak anthropic principle indicates that even if there are other areas of space with other physical laws, they are likely to remain invisible to us, and Dr. Linde explains the impossibility of observing other universes for the same reason: since our existence in the world with other fundamental constants is considered impossible, so is applied to their observation. It turns out that we can hypothetically observe life only in those worlds, in which living conditions are suitable for us. If such observations are available to us, they can only be made in areas of space, where the masses of the proton, electron, gravitational constant and other fundamental constants, are identical to what we have calculated and measured.

It turns out that measurements and descriptions cover a very small amount of space – roughly, 4-5% of its total volume; the remaining 74% is occupied by dark energy, and 22% - by dark matter. This suggests that if we know very little about our world, even less can be known about other worlds; nevertheless, it does not mean they do not exist.

Andrei Linde explains within the framework of his theory the validity of the weak and strong anthropic principle, explaining that it is possible for the universe to be inhabited by us, on a par with other universes, whose laws of nature are unsuitable for our existence. [6] Reflecting on the possibility of the existence of Consciousness (not only human) in many worlds, in searching for information about its origins, I gave preference to the information of Iissiidiology in general, and its anthropologic-cosmological relationship conception in particular. At the same time, I was interested in the works of Brian Randolph Greene, H. Everett, M. Talbot, V. Heisenberg, F. Capra and looked for satisfactory answers there, or prerequisites for them. At this stage, it is precisely the ideas of Iissiidiology that help me to formulate my view on the origin of consciousness, as well as on other natural scientific topics. In particular, its ideas are largely related to the theory of chaotic inflation, with which I began this article.

IISSIIDIOLOGY contains interdepending descriptions, linking the state of the surrounding world and the psycho-emotional state of an Observer. A. Linde claims that the universe without an observer seems to be dead and non-evolving, since its wave function depends on the time on the observer’s clock. The universe can only be described from someone’s subjective point of view. Based on this assertion, the author of Iissiidiology proposes categories of description of the same “objective” reality through subjective perception: form-systems, space-time Continuums, Conversuums, Universes, subjective realities - these terms describe the same “picture” before the eyes of the Observer, but serve to illustrate the dependence of this worldview properties (or “picture”) on the various parameters of the observer’s self-consciousness [18]. In addition to this categorization, there is a classification of form systems (the same universes) in Multiverse, which is also built on the subjectivism of the observer of the current form system. Thus, the anthropic principle postulates the correlation of the observer and the universe, while Iissiidiology answers the question of the functioning of this correlation occur, and the conclusions that can we drawn from it. [13, Chapter 8; 14]. IISSIIDIOLOGY “intensifies” the strong anthropic principle, defining each material object as the “observer”, and offering characteristics of the surrounding reality, based on the object's self-consciousness parameter! Objective reality can be described in detail purely subjectively.

The anthropic principle is extended to the universal self-consciousness principle, describing the world not only in the subjectivism of the human mind, but also any other, including the subjectivity of self-consciousness of those forms of self-consciousness, that seem inanimate to us.

2.3. Iissiidiological interpretation of processes preceding the emergence of materiality and consciousness.

Iissiidiology is ever developing and interdisciplinary knowledge. The series “Iissiidiology Fundamentals”, describing the principles and laws of the Universal order consist of several volumes, skillfully and minutely outlined by its author - Oris. In addition to the Iissiidiology Fundamentals, there exist several “Commentaries to Fundamentals” edition series; all books contain information, obtained by the author by comparing the conventional scientific works with his own perennial practice of Deep Meditations.

Science once ousted the factor of consciousness beyond theory and experiment, and for now, attempts to find a place for it, for example, in quantum mechanics, look quite fragmented. Therefore, I consider it necessary to highlight the topics the interweaving of consciousness, theory and experiment, utilizing knowledge systems, both scientific, allowing the presence of consciousness, and pseudo-scientific, which up until now have primarily concentrated on studying the nature and properties of consciousness.

Iissiidiology and the theory of chaotic inflation have similar positions, which I will set forth here in my understanding of it.

Further, on, I will briefly present my description of the basic principles and processes, which, according to Iissiidiology, predate the emergence of material structures.

  1. The Integral Super-Universal Impulse-Potential (ISUI), in its vast array of initiations, has created more fragmented Impulse-Potentials and substances, as well as the initial quintessence for the multitudes of various types of Universes. One of the many ISUI initiations is embodied in the state of Information as well as two Impulse-Potentials, which stimulate Information towards the formation of matter and consciousness - the prerequisites for the formation of the type of the Universe, which in turn has happened to be the tiniest part of the worlds that we are able to observe.
  2. Each unit of Information is always further exposed to the effects of Irrkogliktivnyy and Eglleroliftivnyy Impulse-Potentials (IIP and EIP). Because of the impact of the IIP, the information fragments experience a violation of the original harmonious interconnections, in turn causing the creation of dissonant part of Information, being the primary and the only reason for the formation of Energy. Energy in its totality represents truly unimaginable values, as it is enough for the birth of Universes of an exorbitant variety of development options on each of the multitudes of dimensional levels of Space-Time. [11, pp.3.0865, 3.0866]
  3. Portions of dissonance, Energy or tensions are embodied in the consciousness of each form of mind, as well as in the structure of the form for the manifestation of consciousness. Therefore, in Iissiidiology, the most frequently used concept is “the Form of Self-Consciousness”, as an inextricably connecting any material form with its “spiritualizing” essence, - Self-Consciousness. The prefix "self" means the immortal state of self-determination of oneself as a certain being, an entity, regardless of its complexity.
  4. If the IIP can be considered as the stimulant of the emergence of tensions and various forms and types of self-consciousness, the initiator of diverse evolutionary development programs is considered to be eglleroliftivnyy Impulse-Potential, the EIP. While the IIP initiates the formation of portions of Energy in the form of tensions, simultaneously "generating" various types of materiality, the EIP’s purpose is aimed at the evolution of this materiality together with its correlating type of consciousness towards the balanced state of Information, that is, the restructuring of the interrelations between informational fragments from sporadic to balance.
  5. In human life, this process is reflected as the acquisition of experience, understanding, acceptance and developing a positive attitude towards the surrounding world, since it is the latter that reflects only those tensions that are subject to transformation for effective evolutionary development.

Differentiation of Information and the formation of energy structures (more precisely, energy-information structures) is distributed throughout one-dimensional, ten-dimensional ... million-dimensional (and so on), worlds and universes, including dimensionality universes with different scenarios and evolutionary possibilities at each level. The two Impulse-Potentials always remain active in teamwork: at every moment, there are some dissatisfactions, internal conflicts or tensions, activated by the IIP, in turn generating an Interest, certain psycho-mental activity, as well as the willpower (intention, leading to particular choice sequence), aimed to resolve the tension imbalance, activated by EIP.

There are multitudes of space-time structures, responsible for the formation of various types of Universes and the implementation of Cosmic Laws, however, at this point we will consider one of them - Universal Plasma Differential Radiation (UPDR) - the medium for the manifestation of consciousness and materiality throughout Universes of all levels of dimensionality. I believe that in its properties lie the mechanisms for the incarnation of both - matter and consciousness in worlds of our human manifestation, as well as the mystery of their origination, which the theory of chaotic inflation attempts to reveal.

2.4. Universal Plasma-Differential Radiation (UPDR)

UPDR - is the result of the simultaneous manifestation of the IIP and the EIP, the natural reaction of the balanced state of Information to the disturbance of its harmony (balanced interrelations of all its fragments), initiated by the Irrkogliktivnyy Impulse-Potential. UPDR consists of

  • The resonant part of the Information (cliché / matrix, regarding the “primordial harmonious state of events”, and a guideline for the evolution of each form of self-consciousness) +
  • The dissonant part of the Information (Energy) +
  • Time and Space (created by Energy), as depicted in the context of Iissiidiology =

Dissonant differentiation (transgression) of Information onto all possible forms of self-consciousness [10, p.1.0922] – is the primary function of the UPDR. I consider the UPDR as one of the main sources of consciousness in Multiverse and find the concept of chaotic inflation partially correlating to the ideas of iissiidiological conception. Let us define its role in the process of formation of Universal structures, inhabited by humans.

Volume two of Iissiidiological “Fundamentals" talks about the UPDR being the root cause of all possible gravitational interactions for Universes of 3rd -4th dimensional range [15] and the fact that it is reflected in the increased gravitational field strength. In accordance with this information, I would compare the UPDR with the oscillating scalar field, generating gravitational bursts. Further, on the peaks of some waves, universes were formed, whose laws of nature are suitable for our life, matter was born and radiation was subsequently released. The cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) of the Universe of 3rd -4th range of dimensionality (presently inhabited by us) retained the imprint of an UPDR’s transgression, which is also mentioned in Iissiidiology. [10, p.1.0936]

It is precisely the background radiation, so weak, that it fills the volumes of the Universe much more densely than other elementary particles. Secondly, it has a very weak anisotropy, which is not surprising if this radiation is an echo of the original UPDR. The nature of the latter is so universal and comprehensive that our devices are practically insensitive to its manifestations. Experimentally, we have not yet approached the registration of the original properties of UPDR, but the evidence of its activity — matter and consciousness — can be observed everywhere. How does this universal environment participate in our everyday life, and how does it relate to consciousness? The addendum components of the UPDR were stated just above, and their essence makes it possible to maintain the life of the Universe at any time, not only at inception stage, as well as to support the activity of any form of self-consciousness, based on the currently ongoing tensions and inconsistencies.

Andrei Linde, during his lecture at Lebedev’s Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) expresses the idea that the scalar field fluctuates forever, and to this day new gravitational waves swell to the size of the Universes and give birth to some kind of life, including this very moments. Well, the UPDR, like a scalar field, does not cease its dynamics for a moment and always provides us with opportunities for life creativity. So how do we utilize these opportunities?

Recall that form and matter, as structural Energy, - is the dissonant part of Information (energy carrier for Information), and that life dynamics is aimed at balancing and harmonizing tensors that are concentrated in the self-awareness of different forms of matter. Thus, I will explain with my own example as the components of the UPDR are involved in the harmonization of tensions.

As for the current tensors of my consciousness, there is a multitude of them, ranging from unconscious instincts, to barely perceptible intuitive messages from the subconscious.

However, if we consider the most obvious ones that I realize, then these tensions consist of dissatisfaction with the incompleteness of this article and in the desire to have a hot cup of tea. At the same time I make some efforts to harmonize these tensors and achieve the desired by typing this text, simultaneously reaching for a cup of hot tea. For the realization of these needs (as well as the instinctual and others) around me exists a Space (air, room with furniture, computer, electricity for boiling water, etc.), satisfactory for the realization of the said interests and tensors. I also have a subjective experience of time, as well as personal emotions regarding the speed of harmonization of these of my tensors (in very, very simplistic terms). My livelihood is now formed, provided for the activity of the UPDR, which brought together a multitude of various information fragments; in order for such particular me to implement these precise activities in these precise conditions.

In the same way, conditions for their evolution are created for all forms of self-consciousness, and we exist together along with them and in them, because our diversity provides perfect opportunities for mutual cognition and intercommunication.

Thus, simultaneously there is a countless multitude of various Universes, where the countless number of various forms of self-consciousness continuously refocus (by means of their focus of self-awareness), driven by the process of annihilation of tensors as well as acquisition of yet not received experience. This entire choice multitude is supported for our refocusing process by Universal Plasma Differential Radiation. Of course, besides it, there are many other principles and mechanisms, but now the emphasis is made on this universal environment.

As to the other types of worlds and universes, they are still inaccessible for or comprehension. I say "still", because no one knows where his evolutionary trends will him or her. We cannot see them physically; however, their trace is present in our worlds.

According to Iissiidiology, relict radiation is the “autograph” of only some part of the UPDR, which carries information about other, uninhabited by us, parallel Universes. The other part is considered “dark matter” and energy, and they contain information about other forms of implementation of the UPDR [10, п.1.0936], meaning that they are a “message” or a “letter” from worlds unknown to us, which we cannot decipher yet.

Notably, there are many more relic photons than baryonic matter [16], which can be interpreted as follows: there are a great many worlds and Universes that are available for our research - their material “prints” are contained in relic photons. Try to multiply all your past moments (Universes) up until the current moment, including all the moments of your future, by at least the estimated number of choice options in all of them, and you will roughly realize the amount of relic photons [3] that is required in order to display information, contained in all these Universes. Now try to imagine how many times the number of universes with other laws of nature and fundamental constants exceeds the number of 3rd -4th dimensional universes, considering that the dark matter and energy, according to approximate calculations, occupy 95% of the volume of the entire Cosmos. Information from these worlds that are completely incomprehensible to us so far reflects in our Universes that part of the UPDR, which we define as dark matter and energy.

3. Conclusions

Iissiidiology and the theory of chaotic inflation have, in addition to similar provisions listed in section 2.3, different views on the evolution of the Universe. The primary difference lies in the fact that, from the position of Iissiidiology, cosmological inflation, like any process, occurs only in some Universes out of all their infinite diversity. There are also many worlds, energy-informational processes in which are beyond our imagination, but which are either the worlds of our “past” or “future”. The self-consciousness scenario of its refocusing from one world into another exists within self-consciousness itself, and, without the dynamics of its focus, it is impossible to trace the “past-present-future” sequence succession, because objectively it does not exist. From this follows the second essential difference: Iissiidiology talks about the subjectivity of Universes, worlds and the evolution due to them, whereas the theory of chaotic inflation describes the inflation scenario as the root cause, common to all its elements.

The subjectivity of evolution, according to Iissiidiology, can be shown in general terms as follows. The world focused by your self-consciousness currently, contains such a set of facts and knowledge about them that it allows for the existence in the past of such events as: two World Wars, Renaissance, the reign of Ivan the Terrible ... primitive communities ... red-hot surface of the Earth ... Big Bang ... primary gravitational fluctuations. In Iissiidiology, as the primary concept, any evolution scenario is considered from the point of view of the parameters of self-consciousness at any particular moment, which would suggest what kind of “past” (in different versions) determined these parameters in time, as well as what kind of “future” (also in its diversity) can evolve for the current configuration of self-awareness. Therefore, cosmological inflation scenarios will correspond to the “past” only in some of its variants. The author of Iissiidiology thus repeatedly draws the reader’s attention to the fact that the classification of worlds and universes, as well as description of their parameters, is conducted from the point of view of the human development path and human perception subjectivism. Universes, time, past and future of the cosmos and the surrounding forms of self-consciousness would have been described in a completely different way if Iissiidiology had been “written” and formulated by the inhuman form of mind.

Since the purpose of this article was to introduce a certain information from Iissiidiology into the theory of chaotic inflation, I will cite my own answers to the questions of Andrei Linda, the popularizer of this theory.

Question 1: Where were the laws of physics formulated at a time preceding the creation of the Universe (provided there was such a time)?

Answer: The prototypes of these laws were the more global universal laws, particular cases of which are the laws of nature that we study. These cosmic laws for our type of the universe - are the result of the interaction of two Impulse-Potentials: Eglleroliftivnyy and Irrkogliktivnyy, activating the vital activity and evolution of various forms of self-consciousness. As for the birth of our habitable universes, the carrier of the properties and principles of organization of matter and consciousness, arising from these cosmic laws, was UPDR (Universal Plasma Differential Radiation), comparable to the scalar field.

Question 2: Which of these universes is “ours”? Are we sure that this – is, in fact, the primary one?

Answer: I am not sure. In the iissiidiological interpretation of Multiverse, the Universes are replaced constantly, at every moment, in the dynamics of the refocusing of self-awareness from a form, belonging to one Universe to a form of a slightly different Universe. The first can be considered any Universe to the "current one". However, if we are to consider the origin of the Universes in general, the “original” one can be considered the Universe, inhabited by forms of self-consciousness, each of which is, so to speak, remains at the top of its evolution - the Universe of the highest dimensionality level - the 36th (in the dimensional classification, the Universes inhabited by us, are considered to belong to the 3rd -4th space-time range). Such is the cosmic perfectionism, where it is incredibly “far” for us to achieve the “perfection” of the 36th dimension. According to Iissiidiology, it is possible to consider the origins of all, the over-universe ranges of energetic matter, dimensional range of which is way above 36. These structures are mentioned in the Iissiidiology Fundamentals [11, p.3.1104, 3.1150, 3.1224].

I have set forth my ideas about consciousness and materiality based on iissiidiological conception, which not only assigns consciousness some place in nature, but also considers consciousness and parameters characterizing its tensor as causal for the embodiment of variable materiality around us. The Multiverse principle in the context of Iissiidiology postulates constant change of Universes, while the changing mechanism being the focus of self-consciousness, directing it to any particular Universe, where the self-consciousness’s tension annihilation chances are maximal. As a basis connecting the laws of nature and self-conscious dynamics, the Universal Plasma Differential Radiation (UPDR) is proposed, the conceptions of which, in my opinion, can complement the theory of chaotic inflation, assisting in the comprehension of the following:

  1. Why some worlds and Universes exist, but remain outside our observation;
  2. The phenomena of energy-information "prints" of other worlds, which are concentrated in dark matter and energy;
  3. The phenomena of our potential ability to isolate from the UPDR of only those elementary particles and fields, the detection of which is calculated by the perception of experimental scientists, while those that are “hidden” in dark matter, under certain conditions, can also become available to our scientists.

I am grateful to the authors of the theory of inflation and the author of Iissiidiology for the bold attempts to reunite in science hitherto incompatible concepts, such intuitive and trivial, but at the same time such contradictory in theory and concrete measurement and calculation - consciousness and matter. I wish them creative success and popularization of their ideas!

Author Vualttrass - [email protected]

Translator: Arbbaykllua - [email protected]

[1] – I in no way correlate any single Universe with any certain number or quantitative volume of photons.

[2] – Russian Academy of Science’s Lebedev Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

[3] – In many respects, the arguments regarding the events, preceding the “Big Bang” still remain hypothetical to this day. Accordingly, no one has yet been able to measure the amplitude of gravitational waves and determine which characteristics in particular, if any, in addition to amplitude, led to the birth of the Universe. In my opinion, assumptions that the largest waves have generated the Universe, for the most part, remain purely theoretical rhetoric, combined with some questionable mathematical calculations (author’s note).