Part I. Introduction. Statement of Intention.

Мost people have wondered for years how to effectively direct their own life, destiny, to end up in such circumstances that they consider favorable and as such, what they decide is necessary for them. We will be discussing the so called materialization of desires.

The given article only reflects the author’s subjective point of view on this subject. Also it is not some practical manual, many of which exist today, but only describes some particularities of this process, mainly from Iissiidiology conceptions point of view, which in turn are reflected in this article only through the perspective of author’s subjective understanding. Perhaps for many who will decide to finish this article, questions like this may periodically arise during the reading process “Does the author really fanatically believe that Iissiidiology, is the only knowledge that exists today that can answer any questions and is the “panacea for all ills?’. Not taking into account any form of bigotry, I still have strong, although of course very subjective reasons to answer this question definitely “Yes!!!”


A huge amount of information can be found today on the subject of materialization of desires, which describes in detail the methodology of this process from different angles, beginning from purely psychological training, to various esoteric and philosophical literature, as by authors that are considered “classics” of philosophy and esoteric, like Hermes, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Francis Bacon, Friedrich Nietzsche, Helena Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, and many contemporary authors. The life of millions of people was changed for the better thanks to books of Louise Hay, Joseph Murphy, Joe Vitale, Deepak Chopra. Famous Osho (book “The book of secrets. Materialisation of thoughts”), Byrne Ronda (book “Secret” and the film), Vadim Zeland (cycle of “Transserfing”), the technique of psychological training Simoron (Burlan-to) have all also made a great contribution to the development of personal and collective self-improvement. Since my childhood this subject was of interest to me, and on intuitive level, I even attempted to form my own, even if elementary, understanding as to how to get what I wanted, and preferably sooner rather than later. In addition, during 15 years of my international commerce business, I had to apply in practice my own knowledge since my childhood conceptions, with appearance of specific literature on this subject, and the methods that were described in these books.


To ensure such conditions of life that I considered essential at the time, I also used, sorry, a number of psychological methods of direct manipulations with people’s consciousness, the people that I had dealt with, aimed at achieving my own interests and the interests of the company which I co-owned at that time. Nevertheless I had a huge number of questions, answers to which I was not able to get from any of materialization systems. So one of the reasons why I got interested in Iissiidiology, I think was the desire to find answers to these questions, in a way that would satisfy me at least in some degree. Then I just intuitively felt, that Iissiidiology conceptions on this subject, and as I found out later, also on practically all other subjects, fundamentally differ from all those that I possessed at the time, including the ones that I accumulated by reading psychological, philosophical and esoteric literature!


I think that my following (of course subjective) statement will easily be understood by people for who it is clearly not enough to simply accept information as “truth” from external sources for successful application of it in their life, before using it such people also want to understand why and how everything takes place.
Yes, no doubt, that all today’s systems, that describe the methods of materialization, are useful for many, but unfortunately not even one of them explains from different angles the mechanism of materialization itself, and exactly because of that it cannot provide any clear answers to various questions. For example: Why more do I more often realize “the worst” fears, when I wish for the “better” changes in my own life? Why materialization takes a very long time, or even does not happen at all, despite the fact that all main steps of a method were followed? What exactly do I need to do in my situation in order to get what I want? Why during the materialization of “positive” goal I get into “negative” personal circumstances, although I do not experience any negative feelings or fear? Why it is quite easy to materialize some life circumstances, but very difficult or even impossible to materialize some other ones? Why are some people successful in using methods of materialization, and they get what they want, even not having an extensive knowledge in this area, but for others, who possess this knowledge, this process is unproductive?


It should also be noted that modern science, which only recognizes an empirical way of knowledge, practically does not have any conceptions on the discussed subject, or these conceptions are still much undeveloped, and ignore the many-word, multi-dimensional, simultaneous-in-one-moment structure of the universe, that is accepted in Iissiidiology, and which will be discussed below. Attempts that were made, and are being made, to find an explanation for the process of thought materialization consistently meet steady resistance and misunderstanding from official science. For example the “Theory of radiant energy of Ether” by N. Tesla, numerous studies of so called Noosphere, torsion fields, all these today are considered to be pseudoscience.
Iissiidiology not just deepens the understanding of “traditional” materialization methods, which are described in earlier mentioned literature, but also in detail examines its mechanisms from various angles, beginning with sensual-mental, and ending with levels of elementary particles, bosons and gluons, which of course allows you to approach this process in a much more conscious state, and to obtain much more successful results, than in the case of using other systems that in one or other way tell about these methods. Practically all these systems state that: “We do not know what is taking place, why it takes place, and how. The main thing is that it works! Take it and use it!”. And, of course, for many this is sufficient. For those ones who desire to obtain a deeper understanding into the essence of this process, and to find out “What? Why? And How?”, Iissiidiology logically and thoroughly answers all these questions.


Firstly we will briefly describe Iissiidiology conceptions about the nature of materialization process, since these are radically different from the ones, which are used by other systems today. On these principles will also depend the understanding of further described mechanisms.


One of the main axiomatic conceptions in Iissiidiology is the many-world interpretation of the creation (the existence of unlimited number of “parallel” universes, and also their simultaneous and in-one-moment manifestation). Such interpretation is already used quite widely in modern physics, which explains the recent rapid development of such disciplines as quantum physics, theory of strings, m-theory, and so on. However what does it mean in connection with our topic, and with such individuals, who wants to obtain the necessities?
There existed, exists and will exist an unlimited number of versions of our “past” and “future”. You can try to imagine the unlimited number of already written various life scenarios of each person (as if a hero of a play, film, etc.), moreover which take into account all life situations, unexpected fate twists, even tiniest mental reactions. We only “select” such versions of scenarios which are of most interest to us, with the help of special mechanisms of our Self-Consciousness which are called in Iissiidiology the Focus of Close Attention and Focus of Creative Activity.


We will note that Iissiidiology considers Self-Consciousness of any individual to be complex multilevel structure, gives detailed and unique information about the classification of levels of our Self-Consciousness and not only scrupulously analyses interrelations between these levels, but also reveals secrets of interaction between Self-Consciousness and biological organs, brain, DNA, greatly deepening, and on may questions completely re-examining such knowledge, which have today’s modern psychology, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, medicine, biology. Iissiidiology represents a completely new view on Self-Consciousness in contrast to all existing religions, deeply explaining the essence of this question, which forms ordered logical systems from all the attempts to describe Self-Consciousness made during the last thousands of years, as by eastern so and by western systems of philosophical and esoteric knowledge, for example such as germetizm, the servitude, theosophy, anthrophosophy, and dzen-Buddhism ...

According to Iissiidiology, any mental reaction, thought, feeling is the result of activity of strictly defined levels of Self-Consciousness (mental centres of Self-Consciousness of an individual). The presence of many of our personal interpretations (physical forms) in many parallel realities, worlds (scenarios), allows the Focus of our multilevel Self-Consciousness to occupy in every moment such form, creative energy potential of which corresponds with such active levels of Self-Consciousness, realizations of which are more attractive to our current interests. This takes place according to the resonance principle¸ known in physics as the state of resonance, when occurs the concurrence of vibration frequency of one phenomenon with vibration frequency of another.

When vibration frequency generated by particular levels of our Self-Consciousness, specifies interest towards particular types of activities and particular mental experiences, starts to concur with vibration frequency of our form that is present in “parallel world”, we immediately "coincide" with this form and realize ourselves in a different world or, what is called, refocus to that different world into our own form that lives there. This form, in turn, possesses particular energy creative potential, with strictly particular Self-Consciousness configuration (unique combination of active Self-Consciousness levels). And this process occurs every moment, continuously and eternally, that is, by the way, and the principle of Immortality, in detail described in Iissiidiology books, where the concepts of “life” and “death” are presented from a completely different angle than current traditional ideas about them.

However the revolutionary character of Iissidiology views on materialization is in the fact that it is actually not we who “materialize” our desires and circumstances in own life by own directed physical and mental actions, as many knowledge systems think, including quantum physics (the famous thesis of Hugh Everett about the many-world interpretation of quantum mechanics, which gave a huge push towards the revision of traditional science conceptions). But on the contrary, our desires and psycho-mental states “materialize” us in such versions of scenarios, where these desires and states have the ability to be realized, where all this exists a long time ago and takes place. Only such conceptions about the principle of materialization, are in detail presented in Iissiidiology books, and are capable of at least explaining the well-known phrase that is used by vast number of people: ”Thought is material!”.


Let’s examine now the process of materialization from the point of view of the mentioned above mechanism, and we will try to answer such questions on this subject, which none of the existing today knowledge systems could not answer.


Thus, any personal interpretation (configuration of Self-Consciousness) possesses specific energy-informational potential, with active, in every moment, specific sensual-mental centres (levels of Self-Consciousness), which and generate all thoughts, desires, reactions, interests, and also motivations for any our actions. On the basis of the mechanism mentioned above, for a very short time occurs intuitive entrance into resonance on some levels of Self-Consciousness of two of our personal interpretations: the one in which we focus at the moment when thought originates, and the other one which already possesses such what we even do not plan yet to obtain, indeed the desire itself is formed a little bit later.


After the desire had arisen, other levels are connected which offer various motivations for the reasons of either the need to personally experience what we wished for, or to define it as uninteresting to us at this time and to return to the realization of it at a later stage, or to reject this desire all together. It is necessary to note that motivations for levels of Self-Consciousness, that call to the direct realization of such or other desires by an individual, are always dictated by the lack of necessary experience in individual for the synthesis of exactly these levels (the experience of all own psycho-mental reactions in various life scenarios, connected with the realization of such levels, which offer such motivation, i.e. full examination of yourself in each of them).

We will not dwell here on the reasonings in relation to the quality of motivations that urge us to wish for some or other things, and then to undertake certain actions to achieve the desired (if a motivation is “good” or “bad”, “kind” or “evil”, “altruistic” or “egoistic”). Firstly, it is a completely different and very vast topic, for which there is practically the entire material of Iissiidiology, explaining various directions of individual evolutionary development and in detail describing such direction of Self-Consciousness development (lluuvvumic), which is followed by Iissiidiology. Secondly, the fact that motivations can be absolutely dual in relation to each other during the materialization of one and the same event, in no way influences neither the materialization process itself, nor the result. This means that the mechanism itself, according to which the materialization takes place, is absolutely neutral, and in no way depends on neither the quality of motives or motivations of the one who wants to achieve the realization of own desires, nor on the quality of the very methods of achieving it. I think it is no secret that there is a huge number of people who have extremely selfish motivations, and sometimes even act clearly aggressive towards other people, have great success easily and quickly can materialize what they want. However, very frequently, such “bright” life success can be followed by extremely hard, nearly unbearable inner psycho-mental states or even physical sufferings and diseases. Therefore, obtained with different quality of motivations, seemingly the same result, can correspond with manifestation of completely different personal interpretations, and absolutely different according to quality scenarios of development. Why and how it happens we will be discussing in greater detail in subsequent parts of this work.


But here, the necessary motivation for the realization of particular desire is found, and the first stage in all our process is the setting of intention (formalization of desire, affirmation, creation of particular mental image, task, and statement of goal). The setting of intention itself is the result of interaction between two inseparably interconnected components: thought and feeling, or more correctly their synthesis. Thought in no way can become “viable” even at the first stage without its appropriate sensual filling, in the same way as any feeling must be formalized with the help of mental activity. Very often, exactly because of the imbalance of these two components, only at the stage of intention setting, the number of expectations collapse without even having begun to realize.


This occurs mainly because of the lack of either sensual or mental component in the intention itself, therefore the intention becomes completely incorrect for the type of reality where individual realizes themselves. To be more exact, this intention is incorrect for those individual’s conceptions about itself and about all that surrounds it at present time, and therefore the probability of obtaining the successful result is originally very low. By incorrect intention I mean such that is based not on real today’s abilities, possibilities, and achievements of this individual, but on ephemeral, illusory, virtual, completely devised images of itself, which not only lack any objective foundation, but even prerequisites for the expectation of the fact that realization will take place by some “magic” way or “by itself”, without any necessity to undertake any efforts. For the sake of fairness it is necessary to note that in principle “incorrect goals” do not exist, and theoretically any intention can be materialized, since the thought about it arose in our Self-Consciousness, meaning that exists our personal interpretation, which already possesses it or is present in such circumstances that we have thought about. All we need is to realize ourselves as this personality by some means (to refocus into it).


Everything depends only on the fact that I have enough energy in the form of a powerful expression of a feeling. Taking into account the fact that with incorrect goal statement, the desired personal interpretation can very differ from our today’s configuration, according to the set of active levels of Self-Consciousness, each of which bears its own conceptions about the surrounding reality, then to practically accomplish such refocusing is quite complicated. But however, if the desire is so great, it is possible to so radically change own conceptions about yourself, and the surround world, that our goal will no longer be incorrect, and maybe realistically attainable. Further we will examine in detail the methods that allow the conversion of “incorrect” goals into “correct” ones, however jumping forward we will briefly note, that in order to do so, it is necessary to break down the whole process into few stages, each of which has its own intermediate goal (intermediate intention).


For example, in science, exactly in such way are realized all great rotary evolutionary discoveries, which have radically changed the course of science development. Firstly, a scientist intuitively “catches”, from its other personal interpretation, the clearly “incorrect”, for his current personality, an idea that completely contradicts the current state of affairs, laws, the “common sense” about the ability and inability of realization of this idea in this reality, even if it is in conflict with its own understanding of phenomenon.


If he, after all, decides to check his hypothesis and starts to convince himself that it may be possible, he – through research and experiments – will in fact gradually change all his own perceptions about the subject, and after this will realize himself in such scenario of own life where this idea, which seemed as “crazy” to him before, not to mention others, suddenly became a reality! Further I will revisit this example when discussing in detail the main component for any materialization process, to be more exact the confidence in successful result, and also the action that needs to be done in order to obtain this confidence.
The most important phase of this process and an integral part of objective setting stage, is formotization of intention (giving it a certain form) with the help of words. A lot of literature (mentioned above) in our reality talks about the importance of correct translation of intention into words, I will only emphasize the features of this stage for the understanding of what is actually taking place from the point of view of many-world interpretation, and also multi-level nature of Self-Consciousness accepted in Iissiidiology.


Words – are sound vibrations, manifested as a result of synthesis of two components (thought + feeling), sometimes called "formalized thought-objects", and in fact they already have material nature, because they are produced with the help of material objects, or biological organs of a human. Science since long ago measures through devices the physical parameters of sound, and for long time studies its influence as “alive” organisms, so and on “not alive” objects. In 18th century the well-known scientist and inventor Ernst Khladni experimented with flour and sand, scattering it onto plates and observing intricate patterns, which appeared as a result of influence of sound onto these plates. This experiment became a starting point for many new discoveries, for example such as discoveries by Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto.

Emoto began to experiment in contrast with not heavy particles as flour, but with water molecules – they much faster shape virtuoso forms under the influence of sound. Letting out particular words in front of a test tube with water, letting the water “listen” to the music of various styles and directions, the researcher would immediately freeze the water, by this fixing the molecular bonds in rigid ice crystals. Experiments have revealed very interesting regularities. Vibrations created by nice words, words about nature, create nice ice crystals, proportional, symmetrical intricate figures. But vibrations created by plain words, words that reflected negative emotions, created formless “snowflakes”, ice crystals deprived of any structure and geometry.

Iissiidiology also considers the words to be a powerful materialization mechanism, in particular at the stage of intention setting, and explains it as follows. Each word expresses interests of particular levels of our Self-Consciousness as components of our other personal interpretation, which is present in different reality. Consequently, a word automatically transfers our focus of Self-Consciousness into this reality. So the well known phrase: “Watch your words!” has a direct meaning. However, we will note again, that words, on a greater scale, are consequences (material result) of manifestation of the cause (vibrations of “non-material” substances of thoughts and emotions), therefore it would be a mistake to think that materialization will not occur, if these substances will not be formalized with the help of words.


Materialisation will occur in any event, the only question is time, which will be required for our manifestation in different scenario. And, since the words have the same wave nature, as and all the material that surrounds us, they simply considerably accelerate the whole process. Iissiidiology considers words to be consequence of psycho-mental processes in Self-Consciousness, which are the deep reason for their manifestation in the way of sound vibrations, and not only offers in its books to become familiar with these interrelations. Person during the visit of one of our International Informational Centres of Intellectually-Altruistic Development can also experience the unique practical method, developed based on Iissiidiology knowledge, for radical release from negative behavioural reactions, which lead to undesirable life circumstances through earlier described materialization mechanism.

Let’s go back to the discussion of intention setting, we will give a simple example which will explain the importance of formulizing our own goal as precisely as possible, after determining what exactly we want to obtain as a result. In many cases it proves extremely difficult to do.

Let’s compare the materialization process with the process of tuning to the desired channel in an analogue radio receiver. By turning the revolving knob, we are looking for such position of inductance coil, in which the vibration of its windings coincides with the frequency of coded electromagnetic signal sent by transmitter located very far away from the receiver. With the appearance of full resonance we can hear, for example, the music that we want. Similarly in the same way we gradually “tune” the vibrations of own personality, being more precise own wave configuration, to the vibrations of other own configuration, which exists in such reality, where the materialization of desired has already occurred (from where the coded signal is broadcasted, similar to a transmitter).


Suppose we switch on the radio receiver and start quickly turning the revolving knob, i.e. the Focus of our Self-Consciousness (more precisely the Focus of Close Attention) is looking for a manifestation possibility. We can hear the background noise of radio waves, constantly interrupted by the flow of other, still entirely indistinguishable sounds (our various personal interpretations from parallel realities send us signals offering materialization of interests). Suddenly from all this cacophony of sounds something unexpectedly draws our attention, and we stop turning the tuning knob, as we are already intending to catch a particular station (the desire is conceived, and then the intention to realize the desire). After that we by slowly turn the knob gradually tune to the station (this function is equivalent to materialization stage, called “action”, which will be examined in detail below).
But at the beginning, after we turn on the radio and start quickly turning the frequency controller, it is difficult to highlight something that may attract us, from the complete flow of unknown sounds, isn’t it? Only intuition can help. The same applies to the setting of intention. In many cases the most complexity is in the fact that we just “don’t know” what we really want, because the connection with other personal interpretation from different reality is very weak, i.e. there is very little common active levels of Self-Consciousness, and hence our conceptions differ so much, that we are unable to at least vaguely formulate our real goal. Or we can imagine only separate, very small part of an overall picture and circumstances, in which our form in different scenario is present.


Let’s examine the first part of this statement using the following example. Perhaps, many who have accepted the axiom of simultaneous and in-one-moment existence of unlimited number of own personal interpretations in parallel universes, would be interested to find out as to how it is possible to realize yourself (materialize) in a personality form that lives in the past, say in the 15th century? After all, on the basis of axiom, this is theoretically impossible. Is achieving it realistic?


The fact of the matter is that conceptions about itself and the surrounding world, are so much different between people living in 15th and 21st centuries, that the necessary materialization condition, namely full resonance according the levels of Self-Consciousness of personal interpretations is practically impossible. Judge for yourself. It is very difficult for us to imagine, for example, what has guided the inquisitor, when he took the decision of sending millions of people through incredible pain and punishment, without experiencing any doubts about the correctness and holiness of this decision. After all, he had his own conceptions about morality, ethics, good and evil, which he thought were completely normal, which for the vast majority of modern people today appear to be not just incomprehensible, but also extremely wild.

There is even no need to discuss the complexity of understanding people living in 15th century, and dip into comparing our conceptions, as in modern world conceptions on various subjects between different people greatly vary, which constantly gives rise to conflicts, sometimes even leading to tragic consequences, ranging from family squabbles to serious national and international problems. The consequence of this lack of understanding of each other, is the activation in many people’s Self-Consciousness of the most aggressive, spiteful, vindictive, bloodthirsty, and hateful instincts, and as a result millions of people are being slaughtered in wars and terrorist acts.

Yes, many people are already aiming for unity, tolerance, cooperation, philanthropy, charity, mutual aid, but without answers to the following questions it is very difficult for them to change anything. What are the root causes for such acts as aggression, violence, and hatred? What is necessary to do in order to stop or prevent the further escalation of these? Why people do not understand each other? How it is possible to reconcile, what seems to be completely antagonistic points of view and conceptions? Iissiidiology has exhaustive answers to these questions.

So, in one instance when attempting the intention setting we simply do not have any idea of the “future us”, and therefore any rapid materialization is out of the question. In a different instance, where the problem with the setting of clear goals is to do with only very superficial, partial seizure by Self-Consciousness Focus the scenario group, where such what we want to get already exists in our life, there is a very high probability that we will start to realize ourselves in such life circumstances that we would interpret as “unfavorable”, or “bad”. For this reason, in most cases, especially related with obtainment of material goods, it is necessary to be ready to overcome particular “difficulties”, or, at least, to know about it. Difficulties with setting of spiritual goals are absolutely natural, it is extremely hard to imagine yourself possessing many inner qualities and abilities, which do not dominate and are not typical for people of current reality.


In this case, Iissiidiology can provide an invaluable help, materials of which are filled with detailed descriptions of such qualities and conceptions, and above all, the fundamental spiritual principles (High-Intellectual Altruism, High-Sensual Intellect and Immunitant Responsibility, which leads to specific state of Humanitarian Freedom), which, if practiced in reality in any life situations, together with the statement of any intentions for subsequent materialization, such path of self-development can be found, following which within a relatively short time you will appear in reality, where rules completely different System of Human Values with completely different moral-ethical principles and laws.

The meaning of well known expression: “Change yourself and the world will change around you”, takes on the completely new, deeper than before the appearance of Iissiidiology, meaning. After all, the meaning of “change yourself” from now on is understood differently: change your own conceptions in line with the reality where you would like to realize yourself.


First part of this work is dedicated to the description of some particularities of the initial stage of materialization of desires – statement of intention from Iissiidiology conception’s point of view. Later on I will illustrate, with examples, different life situations relating to this stage, and also will examine, using the same examples, the difficulties described earlier. After that will follow the description of subsequent stages of materialization process from Iissiidiology’s point of view.

If you have any questions on the subject of materialisation of desires, you want to share a real life situation that happened or is currently happening, and wish to examine it from Iissiidiology conception’s point of view, in this complicated but very interesting process, please write to [email protected] and let's gain an understanding the situation together!

By Kraullarrd
Translation from Russian  by Astiyraalls