ANNOUNCEMENT: In the given part of the "Returning to our Pleiadian Home” Oris talks about one of the Ayfaars, which is being built by a group of earthlings-iissiidiologists on the Pleiadian planetary satellite "Ayfaar-AL-118". Do you want to virtually visit this City of Light and Knowledge? Do you want to know why the Pleiadian civilizations provide us with such a unique opportunity? Then please read on!

This article was adapted according to iissiidiological terminology.

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Will the Ayfaars* on the satellites be built for those who come from Earth and are not familiar with the analogue of iissiidiological Knowledge?

Will these Ayfaars be analogues of Kampadvolar, in which newcomers are being adapted, or will they be cities with very different but more narrowly specialized orientations?

A trip to the Pleiadian Ayfaar.

On the Pleiades, the Ayfaars are also called Ayfaars, though with individual prefixes. There are already constructed Rellkss-Ayfaar - the first, Plarss-Ayfaar – the emerald, Yuuiss-Ayfaar - turquoise, Sorbss-Ayfaar – shining; there are cheerful, joyful, intelligent, resting and some more!

Meditation on your question began with the fact that we, the Organizational Council of one of more than 2.5 thousand creative groups, involved in the creation of the Ayfaars, stand on a huge site about 400-500 meters in diameter (it’s real size is difficult to determine visually), which is covered with some kind of material, similar to the blue glass.

We are a team of 40-50 individuals, of which I recognize some of the current Ayfaarians. In addition, there are three tall Pleiadians and one Andromedan. He took out a small round case from the “siptuum-longer” (a holograph-forming device based on a photonic computer – “dekuraris”). With the help of this device, we found ourselves in the middle of a gargantuan central square, filled with indigo-colored transparent coating. Multicolored, chaotically moving lights shimmered sparkling and fading below. Along the perimeter of the square, there are many tall trees of different colors - from emerald and golden to blue and silver.

Carefully planted the same multi-colored flowering shrubs. Separately grow giant, not less than 12-15 meters tall and 6-8 meters in diameter, very bright, bluish-white-blue-violet flowers. There are 10-12 of such bright, eye-catching spots along the circumference. Behind the trees and bushes, round outlines of white and mirror facades of houses with golden, blue-silver and blue-gold domes of various heights and sizes can be seen. On one side of the square, closer to the perimeter, a huge, (about 30-50 meters high) rock, overgrown with different vegetation, slightly protrudes. From its top first descends, and then cascades down, a large waterfall. Below it, there is a small lake with floating animals, similar to a cross between a squirrel and a peacock with a loose multicolored tail. A still water of a lake disappearing somewhere deep into the city.

Along the perimeter - twelve, about 60-80 meters high, hexagonal pillars of malachite color with something spherical on tops. In the middle of the square, there is a giant round golden-mirror smooth structure with a diameter of perhaps 150-200 meters, around which at a distance of 30-40 meters there is a multi-row amphitheater with transparent chairs. It occupies almost half of the entire territory and rises up by about 20-25 meters. From the outside, it is lined with something ideally mirror-like and smooth, soft to the touch.

Interested in the purpose of this, I received the answer that all these pillars constitute a single device - the “requisfronk villkri” or “flakglaass” (plasma) peripheral falhat-malson** emitter. Its essence is that when you sit down in a half-reclining armchair of an amphitheater, you can begin the individual travel, as in a star craft, across all the Universes of a given range of dimensionality. Although there is a limit - it is possible to actively travel in a radius of no more than 200,000 “kkuyigsaass” (about 80 parsecs, which is approximately 2460 trillion kilometers) in all directions or in general - about 5x1015 kilometers, meaning five quadrillion kilometers!

You can land on any planet, satellite, asteroid or even a star, leave your star-simulator and explore fauna, flora (if any), swim underwater, watch underwater life, walk through mountains and forests, or fly from place to place, everything is absolutely safe. This is reminiscent of manipulating with your brad-form (an indestructible analog of the physical body), which provides virtually unlimited cosmic travel possibility. This truly stupendous cosmic adventure computer system enjoys great popularity among the entire population.

Not far from the amphitheater in the circumference, there are convenient blue benches, which can be individually customized to a half-reclining position. It turns out that the mirror lining of the screen is part of a holographic video emitter - a “kamparies”, which can individually demonstrate all sorts of cognitive, historical, romantic, cultural or scientific topics. In one place of the cladding there is a window, you stretch out your palm to it and from there come out the very narrow glasses that you wear, sit down on the bench and with your thumb go through the menu that appeared before you on a transparent screen.

Choose a topic of interest, "click" on the circle that appears and find yourself inside a hologram with an absolute sense of invisible presence. If you want, you can take part in some important events, become a participant in someone's history, live in the animal world, swim in the depths of the ocean, taste a lot of exquisite dishes (without saturation). I like the most distant historical events that show the way of life, culture and achievements of the Race of the Koolkksmuulls (civilization of Space Builders), as well as the topics about the work of the УЛГРУУ [ULGRUU]-Builders ***.

In addition, during the viewing your hologram does not interfere with or bother anyone else because it is projected not outwardly, but on the bio-screen of your epiphysis. Some role in this device is played by material from which the lining of the amphitheater is made.

From the square further on our group moved along various wide avenues. Prospects were stacked with a transparent material with highlights of various colors, along the prospects tall trees stood in rows. There were a lot of flowers and flowering bushes, as well as inserts from rocks with waterfalls and lakes, colorful gushing streamers, available for swimming, and transitions to the underground part of the city. In the underground part are located various institutions, firms, organizations of culture and science, - everything that is not related to the upbringing of children and domestic life.

Under the ground is a multitude of swift and silent vacuum elevators. There are the same wide streets with trees and flowers, waterfalls and lakes, among which there are many round- and ellipse-shaped buildings in 100 or more levels. This entire seemingly endless space, with an area of perhaps hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, is under one giant, evenly glowing dome.

Between the sphere and the surface of the planet smoothly and absolutely noiselessly scurry back and forth silvery aircraft of different sizes and shapes: spherical, in the form of a hemisphere, flat plate or cigarette, teardrop-shaped and others. In the lower levels people fly on platforms of different sizes. The larger ones are called “varkunsins”; those that are smaller are called “varks”, as well as individual anti-gravity platforms – “dekurlaxes”. There is no reckless driving going on like on Earth; everyone smiles to each other as old acquaintances or friends, and you can see that they are doing it sincerely.

Shopping stores and other retail outlets are nowhere to be seen! It comes as of no surprise as individual complexes of various superlexicators (replicators) of food and beverages, clothes and footwear, small-scale and household and many others are located literally everywhere. If you need some larger item, you could order it through the “effstillor valli” - something resembling our Skype, except it is holographic, and you will receive the requested product in about 15-20 minutes delivered to your home. You do not have to pay anything anywhere, all you need – is your ННААССММ [NNAASSMM] - an individual spectrogram of consciousness (this is one of the requirements of the 28 Provisions of Humanitarian Freedom, which are compulsory for execution in more than 856 highly developed civilizations).

If you want something out of the ordinary that exists only in some other distant civilization, and is not even free, perhaps in this case you will be denied delivery. However, if you are an extremely valuable specialist in some area of Knowledge, they will send out a gravity flyer and deliver whatever you want, regardless of the cost. At the same time, anything else you might wish for, and even much more, is readily available to you in any civilization upon arrival on any planet.

There are no living premises in the underground part of the planet. The houses of all the inhabitants are at the top, among beautiful nature and breathtaking representatives of flora and fauna, who are not afraid of anyone, while some of whom can even talk. There are located all the children's institutions (“pierrlings”, “resollssums”, “porrumins”, etc.), professionally engaged in the upbringing and purposeful development of innate abilities in children, commencing from their embryonic state (special maternal diets, physio procedures, etc.).

Here children live for as long as they want, but up to a certain age, (it is impossible to adapt our notions of age due to the considerable difference in chronology, but in appearance - at about 13-14 years old). They fly home to their parents, also of their own free will. They communicate with parents as true adults, without baby talk and bibs. Surprisingly wise children! All-knowing and forgiving from the very infancy! In addition, of course, the abilities developed from infancy play their vital role. By the time they leave porrumins (the highest limit of children's education), they already know where and what they will be doing, what they will dedicate their Life to. Many continue to study in the “saitusyerra” (similar to our university) in their chosen direction. They do not have to pass any examinations, only telepathic "interview", maybe even remotely.

The houses are very different, in both shape and size. If, say, you live alone or as a couple, then you choose 5-6-room houses with spacious foyers. There is no kitchen; however, there is a room with superlexicators (replicators). If you need a workshop or a large and bright hall for creative pursuits or sports, a swimming pool, or a playground, it is always welcomed and reproduced very quickly (not built, but replicated) by special “steybles”.

If you have a family, then you can order an entire complex with separate apartments. Although their concept of the family is very blurry and is not interpreted radically as we do on Earth: a family can include anyone - friends, like-minded people, the creative team, etc. They have no idea what an ID is, just as they are not aware that things could be accounted for, reported or guarded. They do not know the signs of an official bureaucracy that have destroyed many human civilizations. They do not have the inferior-vibrational entities in their minds (ungs and ssvoons), so they do not need any of this.

Moreover, these aspects of their Life also rely on two (out of 28) Postulates of Humanitarian Freedom:

  1. The right to dispose of their own Life at their own discretion, as one wishes, and the lack of the right to manipulate someone's Life and
  2. The right on unconditional confidence in you from others and the right to your unconditional confidence in the entire surrounding reality (something similar to our "presumption of innocence").

Construction and Ayfaars designation on the Pleiades.

Thus, I come closer to answering your question. The experience of building Light Cities on other planets already exists among the Pleiadians. Although they were not really Ayfaars, but communities, specializing in certain global directions of existential creativity, - mikansorbises (Cities of Light) of the following specializations:

     • Biological: crop, livestock, poultry, fish breeding (all residents are keen on the idea of expanding populations of flora and fauna due to supplies from different planets);

    Social, such as Ayfaars, but without a single Idea, simply based on some common Interests;

    Production - everyone who likes to rationalize and produce something there are gathered here, etc.

There the Ayfaars are built for the development and improvement of the inhabitants themselves. This is stipulated by yet another provision of Humanitarian Freedom - the right to self-development and self-improvement. In our case, civilization provides all conditions for the realization of various types of social and professional creativity. We, who is here on Earth, existing in different scenarios, became a devoted follower of IISSIIDIOLOGY (the teaching of АAЛЛММААЛЛАА [AALLMMAALLAA], in various ways deeply assert in this Knowledge, becoming professional carriers of it, who advises even the members of the УЛГРУУ [ULGRUU] *** concerning the undertaking of vital decisions.

Those who wish to change the places of habitat, temporarily or permanently can leave our Ayfaar satellite, the dimensions of which are the two sizes of the Moon and a mass of 4.6 times larger. Previously, it was called “Tkshellks” ("dear"), but now it has the name Ayfaar-AL-118. These, who remain, simply continue building. Firstly, the underground part of Ayfaar is reproduced: the superlexicators (replicators) in accordance with the utilities embedded in them begin the remote control of hordes of special processing (annihilation) devices for the required volume of soil, strengthening the entire contour, by means of sphering and light bundling of space. Then, according to the programs developed by us, they begin to equip, construct buildings, roads, and communications.

Subsequently they begin to tighten the entire complex (like a spider web) with a heavy-duty nano-screen that instantly freezes and becomes stronger than diamond. It is filled with soil and the entire upper part of Ayfaar is then built, which together in a special mental way consistently formed by about 20 million Ayfaarians. That is how it is performed: all the participants of this architectural project, who are possibly living at different places, are divided into groups of 1 to 2 thousand people. Each group receives a device (such as a synchronizer), gathers in the designated place of residence at certain time and enter into a meditative state of mind.

All groups from the Center are broadcasted the “klaardullin” (a formed Image of something, a specific telepatheme about something) of some particular section of the future Ayfaar. Meditators agree with some details regarding the proposed object, and their brains are synchronized to this part. The more people do not like it, the more it will grow dim and grow in scale in the perception of meditators, and everyone begins to imagine how he would like it to look. The more of the synchronous coincidences, the sharper the form becomes, until it is fixed in the final version. This means that 80% of the participants reacted positively to any given final variation. The same procedure goes for all objects.

Thus, each Ayfaar turns out to be unique and satisfies not less than 80% of its future inhabitants. However, even before that, before the creation of the project, a special council determines the key direction of the functioning and creativity of each future City of Light: sensual, constructive, rational, pertaining to various scientific fields or super abilities, sociological, spiritual, etc. 118 basic Directions have been preliminarily identified for the creation of 144,000 Ayfaars. Drafts of future underground facilities, industries, laboratories and research centers are considered by these 118 basic directions, the final determination of which is offered to the council.

In this respect, the Planet Ayfaar-AL-118 does not resemble any other planet. All earthlings from different scenarios who studied different versions of the lluuvvumicheskiy (True Human) Knowledge are, if desired, brought here to personally participate in this grandiose project. Thus the Pleiadians want to intensify the translation of the oldest sacred Teaching ААЛЛММААЛЛАА [AALLLMMAALLAA] in different conditions of 3rd- 4th dimensional levels. Each carrier of this Knowledge is the translator of his version of it into the Collective Consciousness throughout different human civilizations. Here on Earth this Teaching has resonated with the vibrations of the Russian language, although it is much less widespread than some other languages. Hence, the primary concept here is – it is not at all about the scale of the language, but of something else!
What could that be? ☺


* Ayfaar - in this context means "City of Light". Initially, "AYFAAR" is - the Sound Space Code of the Higher Collegiate Cosmic Intellect of the Universe.
** falhats and malsons are the elementary particles of the 4th -5th -dimensional range of Space-Time.
*** УЛГРУУ [ULGRUU] – Sound Space Code of the Higher Mind of the Milky Way Galaxy.

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