If we recall the history of humanity (at least the history version we know from school), we can see how difficult it was to live during slavery and feudal system. In fact, during these times people were primarily surviving and not thinking about any intellectual and altruistic self-development. Although, of course, some examples of such intellectual and altruistic manifestations took place, however it did not concern the global tendency. Gradually, this trend has changed, and now we live in a society where more often than not the personal development of a human being becomes the object of increased attention.


Dear readers!


This is a digest written by Iissiidiology reader, who is participating in weekly meetings with Iissiidiology Author.


These weekly meetings are designed for active readers, who follow new unpublished information, to ask their questions, and therefore to add to the process of improving the material before its publishing. At the moment these active readers are reading through Iissiidiology Volume 5, which covers biology, brain, hormones, neurons, DNA, role of viruses in human Self-Consciousness evolution, the influence of our thoughts on our DNA structure, how non-human tendencies in a person affect the genome structure, how can genome of one person through torsion fields affect the genome of another person, the influence of short-term and long-term stress on our health, the role of enteric nervous system in person’s Self-Consciousness and in the formation of our memory, the role of various parts of cerebral cortex  and brain in the formation of our emotions, how regulatory genes connect us with more qualitative levels of our self-consciousness and higher dimensions, explanation of placebo and nocebo effects, and much more.

Moreover, the very conditions of existence of our Planetary Entity currently contribute to the development of us as True Humans. During the November 24th’s colloquium Oris told us that the humankind enters scenarios, where our planet is exposed to cosmic radiation, facilitating the lluuvvumicheskiy (True Human) type of development. These cosmic rays come from our Star Entity (the Sun), as well as from other galactic centers. That high-frequency radiation initiates certain regions within our DNA, which are associated with lluuvvumicheskiy characteristics. However these emissions are perceived differently, as different people can resonate to them in a different manner – more or less. It depends on the activity in their DNA of corresponding genes as well as the general interest for the development in lluuvvumicheskiy type. In this connection, such category of people as indigo children, whose aura prevails with indigo (high-frequency) colors can be distinguished. Oris explained why these people in our society have been noted for this unusual phenomenon.  This is because so-called indigo children have mostly developed ventromedial zone of the brain, and sometimes even partially dorsolateral and actinolateral zones of the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which indicates the activity of the respective genes, greatly responsible for the True Human development. That explains the indigo glowing in their ЛЛАА-ГРУАА[LLAA-GRUA] (Cosmic Code, simplified explanation of the phenomenon, known as the human “aura” – translator’s example). Through this activity in their brain and the DNA, they considerably resonate to space radiation, which contributes to the lluuvvumicheskiy development. However, that does not mean that low frequency level activity is absent in their configurations. Indeed such manifestations exist, causing at times powerful internal conflicts. At that, they can fall victims to the argllaamunniy (low-frequency) levels, which is usually expressed through corresponding low-frequency responses and actions.

However, they easily perceive higher-frequency radiation, which is still not inherent to all people. Therefore on the Internet you can find some of their very ampliativnye (high quality) statements, concerning the changes within the global society as they do have strong aspiration into lluuvvumicheskiy development trends. In other words, the very appearance of Indigo children in our society simply indicates that humanity has entered into a zone of favorable development scenarios. At the same time, I wouldn’t say that these people are unique and should be perceived as some type of exception. Anyone in their DNA may have active genes, responsible for lluuvvumicheskiy characteristics, as well as the corresponding parts of the brain. However, those genes are easily activated in their DNA, even considering the presently insignificant volumes of radiation exposure. Indeed, presently the space radiation, facilitating the development of us as True Humans, is not yet strong enough for our entire society to commence the rapid development in lluuvvumicheskiy direction. Oris said that these emissions are very fickle and are variable in terms of their consistency and duration. Moreover, our very Planetary Entity (Earth) also somehow interacts with them, thus refracting them to some extent. In general, many factors influence that radiation, but some of their ampliativny (high quality) essence affects us nevertheless. If you think about it, each of us will be able to track some influence of that radiation as the appearance of higher-frequency thoughts and emotions, as well as intellectual and altruistic tendencies. In the future, these trends will intensify because the genes, responsible for lluuvvumicheskiy signs will activate progressively. This means that such areas of the brain as ventromedial, dorsolateral and actinolateral zones of the prefrontal cortex will gradually suppress the activity of our lower-frequency manifestations. We assumed that our future development will be linked with the study of not only our material world, but also something, which we currently define as virtuality. Virtuality - is the reality, invisible to us by means of our conventional visual senses, but at the same time perceivable on the so-called subtle level. There is something, which we could define as an inner bio-screen, where the sceneries from other realities can emerge, and which are not manifested in our everyday outside reality. Such phenomenon can presently be noticed and witnessed as a rule, in altered states of consciousness, such as meditation.

Mankind enters the zone of more favorable development scenarios

Author of Iissiidiology replied that the realities we consider as virtual, are actually manifested somewhere. Although that virtuality in there is clearly not the same as it seems to us because our system of Perception imposes various distortions onto the perceivable phenomenon. Something we perceive as limited, in fact has absolutely no boundaries. But in the future, our Perception systems will be farther developed, which will affect the expansion of our cognition opportunities. At first, such abilities may manifest temporarily, subsequently becoming permanent.  Oris has stressed out that what we can already perceive now, is a reflection of a huge number of factors that we are not capable of registering yet. In particular, this is true in regards to the fact that we have the so-called “subtle” bodies – lutalny body and hristalny body, without which, we, as a Form of Self-Consciousness, could not even be manifested. Nevertheless, many people still do not believe in the existence of some subtle substances, and it is virtually impossible to convince them, regardless of arguments used. Therefore Oris often highlights the importance of individual meditation. This will not only lead to a better understanding of Iissiidiology, but will additionally facilitate the detection of subtle realities, thus revealing their true existence. During a deep Meditation it is possible not only to witness the Form-Imageries of noovremennoy (outside of the time parameters) "Continuums" - NVK, but also the part of perception systems of our own other simplisparentivny forms. This also applies to Form-Creators of hristalny body that can turn pieces of information in the images, belonging to other type of Focus Dynamics. This Focus Dynamics can belong to any form of consciousness - even fermions or bosons, which are also part of ourselves. Indeed it is very hard to imagine that these particles are also constituents of our forms, and currently we are not able to consider them to be the vital part of our forms due to the primitiveness of our perception mechanisms. In part that reflects through our certitude when we associate ourselves with a particular form, which has arms, legs, head and torso; bosons and fermions do not have that, and that fact prevents us to identify with them. However, in reality bosons – are extremely versatile beings, which are able to realize themselves throughout the multitude of various forms of Self-Consciousness. This is similar to the situation, when we can be aware of our various forms of Consciousness, for example, while sitting on a chair, experiencing joy, as well as the desire to eat, while perceiving the space surrounding us, all at the same time. It is the same for bosons, who considers it absolutely natural when perceiving themselves in multiple forms of Consciousness simultaneously.

Mankind enters the zone of more favorable development scenarios

Then we talked about the zones of our brain, contributing to the perception of virtuality, the activity of which would enable people to actually see such “virtual” reality. The 6th volume of Iissiidiology Fundamentals postulates that it is the left side of the brain, which is predominantly responsible for the virtuality manipulation. Having read this, you probably have a question – how can that be, since it is known that it is in fact the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for the creative thinking!


To that Oris have explained that it is not wise to approach the subject of brain activity so univocally. The brain activity includes not only the specific isolated area, but an exorbitant network of variable interconnected domains, acting in accord. Indeed, periodically there is activity of only a certain specific area, acting as a primary activity domain. If we talk about virtuality manipulation, it will be appropriately to assert that it is the left hemisphere, which is primarily responsible for this type of activity, with temporal cortex in particular. But that does not mean that the right hemisphere of the brain takes no participation in the process of virtual realities perception. The right hemisphere of the brain is predominantly oriented towards space-time interlinks, however, without such extensiveness, which is inherent to the left one. The right hemisphere has parts responsible for virtual space-time image integration into a certain locality, which is then transmitted for the subsequent processing into the appropriate areas of the left hemisphere.  

So why some people can at least somehow perceive virtual reality while others cannot? This has to do with the activity of certain brain areas, as well as the stabilization of the Focus dynamics in various vibrational conditions. Different areas of the brain are tuned to different vibrations, meaning they transmit through themselves variety of information. Oris has reminded us what he implies under the term “vibration”. This notion should not be perceived linearly, but rather as spherocity, within which there is an unlimited amount of other spherocity types, each of which transmits its own kind of information.

Depending on the stimulus received within the given spherocity, the specific portion of the total slloogrent spherocity, which has previously always been associated with this signal, is activated. It is in these conditions the given spherocity wave range is suppressed by other signals, while other signals correspond to their own areas of spherocity, and so on, regarding all possible types of the qualitative state of information, which is bound to the certain area of NVK. Associatively the spheroidality can be compared to the large matryoshka doll, consisting of the multitude of smaller matryoshka dolls, incased in it. Additionally we ourselves can be compared with these matryoshka dolls, because we exist in various forms of "personal" Interpretations and Form-Types, and not only as “mikstum” Forms (our biological type), which we are accustomed to associate with. There are realities, which are completely inexplicable and incomprehensible to us. I would say that these could be compared with the larger Matryoshka dolls, consisting of a multitude of smaller ones, which in this example represent our entire individual experience. Extending this example, we can assert that these Matryoshka dolls do not perceive themselves as the multitude of separated little matryoshka dolls, but they actually know that provided for their experience they can perceive themselves as certain global Entities.

Coming back to us, we are like smaller matryoshka dolls, which are not yet capable of detecting that they are in fact the parts of larger matryoshka dolls. However, our manifestation in the form of separate “personalities” – is an illusion, worth departing from, and that requires many things we already possess: knowledge, meditative techniques and even Cosmic radiation, facilitating to our development. As soon as we utilize all that on a grand scale, we will be able to discover the entire grandiose scenery, named the Multiverse!

Mankind enters the zone of more favorable development scenarios