Factually, the Immortality is not only the essence of our infinite life, but a given, unavoidable and inevitable fact of our existence, if, of cause, we are provided with substantiated and sufficient amount of Information of certain quality. Such highly qualitative Information is actually available through the book series, called “Immortality is available to anyone”; in fact you can get a better understanding of why exactly the humans are completely immortal not only in the spiritual, but also in the physical aspect of it.  

We are certain that the question of the postmortem life (also referred to as “Life after death”) is so vital, that virtually every human being at some point of their lives has given it a lot of thought. It is of no surprise, since everyone assumes that eventually their Life will come to an end, and the question: - “After I die, what is next?” remains with no suitable and comprehensive answer…This situation certainly instigates only one reaction – the fear of total obscurity, emptiness, oblivion and non-existence.

Yes, some religions are trying to uncover the mystery, related to the “death” phenomena, for instance, Buddhism in South-East Asia teaches about the reincarnation, which, with the presence of corresponding belief, at least liberates “people” of such fear as well as makes them think and, perhaps, reconsider the quality of their lifestyle, since according to this religion, such consideration is directly connected to the “afterlife”, as well as the notion of “consequent incarnation”.

Basically every religion and various esoterical teachings talk about the Soul’s immortality. However, this notion is so ephemeral that for the most “people” it is still nearly impossible to imagine that the Soul continues its Life thereafter without a body, which again provokes more fear.

Finally we present a fundamental Knowledge, which talks about the fact of the infinite, eternal human immortality! And this infinite existence is possible not in some uncertain bodiless fashion, but in a Form, very similar to these, which all of us possess now. Sounds incredible?! Well, upon a superficial glance – it is. However, once you get to the bottom of this conception, you will see no mystery or magic to it at all; it is profoundly natural, logical and offers tremendously deep insight!

One of the most important messages, relayed in the author’s “Immortality is available to anyone” book series, is that our World (surrounding Reality) is not the only one “out there”. There are infinite amount of various Realities, where the infinite amount of our “individual” Interpretations exist just like we exist in this Reality. These variable realities differ from one another by the quality of Life circumstances, and only the quality of choices we make actually determines the qualitative level of a Reality, of which we become a part of at any given moment of our lives.

Indeed, in this conception everything is based upon the fact of simultaneous-instantaneous existence of the infinite amount of variable Realities throughout the Universe. This phenomenon is actually a scientifically proven fact. The only thing, still remaining inexplicable, is the question of how all these realities are connected to each other and to our Interpretations, existing within each one of them, as well as why our choices directly influence the quality of our future existence throughout multiple Universal Realities. The positive news is that these (and many other) questions are thoroughly and minutely explained in IISSIIDIOLOGY.

Of cause, if you do not really need an immortality and eternity, if you are ready and willing to experience illness and aging, then in this case the infinite Life would not be of interest to you at all. However, if you have many grandiose and wide-ranging creative plans for your Life, then you can continue reading on and find out how you can totally avoid even thinking about such unwanted and illusory occurrences, such as “death”, aging and illness. Remember, that there absolutely no temporal limits exist for a truly creative Mind!

Frankly, weather you want it or not, you are still fully immortal, and it only makes sense to learn how to take advantage of this process at your will, instead of simply drifting along the river of Life as most of us do! We propose for you to become a True Creator of your own Life, where the “Immortality is available to anyone” book series will provide a tremendous and indispensable assistance! If you have a positive interest in this but do not know where to begin, we suggest you explore this opportunity and then see for yourself!