Anyone, who is at least somehow involved with physics, knows what a Higgs boson is. It is a hypothetical elementary particle, discovered by the British scientist Peter Higgs of the University of Edinburgh in 1964. Initially it was just the boson particle - the last missing element of a Standard model (the most simplified and comprehensible theory of the Universal structure).

According to this theory, as a result of the so-called “Big Bang”, our Universe commenced to cool down, thus causing a certain energy field to form. The boson is being a quantum fraction of that field, owning to which, particles can acquire a “rest mass”. Thus, everything we see around us is a result of Higgs bosons, saturating and structuring the given field. 

Do not be surprised to see purely scientific (quantum mechanics to be exact) information on this site! IISSIIDIOLOGY is a newest cosmological set of Perceptions regarding the humankind and the Universe, and as such, it provides a wide range of answers to certain questions and topics, which even the leading scientists at times, have trouble substantially and comprehensively elaborating. Most of these topics are being relayed more profoundly and approached from a whole different prospective, drastically differing from views, which traditionally prevail within the global scientific community; mainly it is being performed, taking into account not only the qualitative informational difference between any given dynamics of surrounding reality manifestations, but also many types of various interrelations between the photons and elementary particles, including the force interactivity between the space objects…

Since the Higgs boson is a stupendously important particle, widely discussed in the scientific world (and not only), we have decided to draw an analogy of what is being said about it with the way it is presented like in the IISSIIDIOLOGY. Firstly, let us restate that initially the particle of discussion was discovered purely theoretically, and until recently it was completely impossible to physically detect it, since it’s an extremely short-existing element; its manifestation takes approximately one/quintillionth part of a single second! Up until July of 2012 its presence and existence were considered purely theoretical farfetched artificiality, but at the same time, in volume 14 of the “Immortality is available to anyone” book series (IISSIIDIOLOGY), published back in 2011, the author was talking about the Higgs Field and Higgs boson’s existence with an undoubted confidence. Moreover, he has also provided the precise detailed description of both - the Higgs field (called УПДУЙКК (UPDUYKK) – Field), as well as the Higgs boson (called karma-kloft) respectively.

As of the orthodox science, the discovery of particle, possessing all necessary characteristics of Higgs boson, was announced officially only on July 4th of 2012, meaning that the scientists are to this day still in doubts regarding the discovered particle’s authenticity. In order to detect this particle, the Large Hadron Collider was made. Hadron Collider is a device, accelerating and colliding elementary particles (proton beams), which circulate bi-directionally almost at the speed of light inside a 27 kilometer tube. As a result of their collisions the Higgs boson was finally detected. By the end of June of 2012 two scientist groups have determined an instantaneous manifestation of a particle, whose mass was nearly 125 GeV (Giga-electron-volt), which corresponds to the Higgs boson parameters.

In any case, the discovery was made, following which Her Majesty - the Queen Elizabeth II has awarded Peter Higgs the Medal of Honor, while other prominent British physicist Stephen Hawking has expressed an opinion that a Nobel Prize should be awarded accordingly for such an ingenious scientific prediction!

This theory was not corroborated scientifically for nearly 50 years, and finally, something is being done in this respect. Hence, the scientists, working with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) are actively continuing the research in this field of study in their attempt to prove, that the discovered particle is, indeed a Higgs boson, since without this significant piece of scientific evidence the physics Standard Model will simply cease to exist. It is worth mentioning, that even without a consideration for Higgs boson, this scientific model isn’t complete, since it doesn’t account for gravity effect.

2013 update: a quote from the official website of Nobel Prize awards:

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 was awarded jointly to François Englert and Peter W. Higgs "for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider".

The IISSIIDIOLOGY, however, talks about the fact, that the Field, vesting the rest mass to particles, is structuring not the whole Universe, but only its specific part (certain wave range), where we manifest as Forms (the IISSIIDIOLOGY interprets this range as 3-4 dimensional diapason). It also talks about the presence of an infinite quantity of other dimensional diapasons, bearing their own fields, particles and attributes, which tremendously differ from these we are accustomed to.

The high-frequency karma-klofts (the Higgs bosons) are high-energy particles, directly involved in all materialization processes within every local manifestation condition, while the karma-kloft force interaction condition, defined by us as “the matter” (or “the substance”), is being manifested through other energy carriers – the electromagnetic field’s fermions and bosons.

All of this is also known to the scientists, since the physics Standard Model depicts the fermions as the tiniest matter “blocks”, while bosons are described as the interactivity carriers between fermions. However, at the same time, the scientific community is still very slow and inert in their surrounding Reality cognition strives! If only the scientists could trust their own Intuition as well as the theoretical discoveries more, and doubt less than they currently do, the global development and improvement of our Life would leap stupendously.

In this respect the Knowledge of the IISSIIDOLOGY, consisting of the multitude of new conceptions regarding the functional structure of the Universe and the human race, would provide an indispensable fundamental assistance. Indeed that Knowledge is currently purely theoretical (since it represents the results of an intuitive cognition), however the Experience shows quite clearly, that sooner or later these types of intuitive cognition turn out to be true. It is simply just a matter of time. Mr. Higgs was waiting for nearly 50 years before witnessing the appearance and manifestation of the predicted particle, so we only hope that the scientific community will finally learn from their previous misleads and mistakes and would be more audacious and bold in their experimental advancement.

So while the scientists perform their own research, we offer you to conduct yours by investigating the detailed information regarding the Universal structure, described in the IISSIIDIOLOGY. At this point many “people” expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the author, who has provided answers to their most troubling questions and issues, since this polyhedral high-frequency Information entrains not only with its originality – it also helps “people” to find the true cause of all occurring events of the surrounding Reality and their “individual” Self-Consciousness; it also greatly contributes to the process of deep Self- and the most profound Meaning of Life Search.