An orthodox psychology recognizes such term as “personality orientation”, which is used to characterize an individual. We, on the other hand, introduce a more profound conception – the development direction.  This term describes the development path, leading to the most harmonious future realities, minutely depicted by Oris in IISSIIDIOLOGY. This fundamental Knowledge helps us, the readers, to cultivate certain vital principles and internal states of our Self-Consciousness, leading into the particular development vector, chosen from myriads of other development directions of the Human Collective Consciousness, where the evolution rate of our civilization is the highest. 

Therefore, the structure of the Universe as a whole and the human Self-Consciousness in particular, including all of their internal and external relationships, are profoundly outlaid by the author, so that everyone could navigate through the processes, occurring in their lives, effectively and consciously choosing those wonderful existential scenarios already created for our self-knowledge. IISSIIDIOLOGY offers the system of values, aimed at the cultivation of certain qualities, which determine the individual shift into future scenarios with developed technological and social infrastructure, where multitude of newly discovered physical and social laws allow the construction of the most safe and harmonious global True Human society.

In these development scenarios, where harmonious perceptions regarding the surrounding reality are fully active, the entire humankind has an endless, renewable energy supply of enormous capacity; there we utilize ultra-fast gravity flyer vehicles and heavy-duty materials, we have nanotechnologies, capable of a quick and efficient regeneration of any organs and systems of the human body. Additionally there exist such stupendous scientific achievements as virtually unlimited life prolongation techniques and genetic engineering form modification. On top of that, human brain activity is increased thousands and millions of times by expansion of  neural brain connections, enabling the process capability of truly exorbitant volumes of Information; moreover – provided for our ability to communicate with other civilizations by means of telepathic Information blocks, massive interplanetary and interstellar travel becomes an everyday reality for everyone! All this, as well as many-many more of other incredible and remarkable opportunities become possible once highly Intellectual and highly Altruistic relations between all people and their surrounding Reality gains predominance.

This level of development is easily achievable, as described in Oris books, only when manifestations of aggression, survival obsession, egoism and all kinds of negativity between people are completely annihilated; when, on the contrary, highly Intellectual activity, coupled with higher sensibility (Altruism and unconditional Love), will firmly unite all people on the planet.


IISSIIDIOLOGY exhaustively discloses multiple mechanisms, aimed at the development of highly sensuous Intellect along with highly intellectual Altruism, synthesis of which in our own Consciousness leads directly to the above-described scenarios. Such development Direction for the entire human civilization Oris defines as the True Human – harmoniously combining high quality interpersonal relationship between all people, most of whom master the high quality iissiidiological Knowledge to a considerable degree.

Potentially we have all the tools necessary in order to change our outdated inharmonious Perceptions regarding various Forms of Self-Consciousness, as well as the world and ourselves in general. This requires you to make the appropriate choices, i.e. produce a sequence of actions, destined to overcome the inertia of our thinking. It is important to arouse our vigilance towards established inharmonious habits (such as currently installed social and moral programs), manifested in the form of specific emotions, reactions and behavior.

Any of our choices, which are based on the manifestation of the two primary True Human principles – Highly sensuous intellect and highly intellectual Altruism -, will have the most harmonious consequences, even if during the processes some internal conflicts and Perceptual inconsistencies between various people’s understanding behavior will occur. Gradual transformation of any adverse reactions, arising from such conflicts of various types of Perceptions, promote intellectual and altruistic Honesty, Openness, unconditional Responsibility and sincere Initiative.

Applying a certain methodology of “positive motivational chain of projections” that activate transformation and transmutation mechanisms of our own outdated notions regarding other people and ourselves, we create a positive mindset that allows greater mutual understanding between people and all other forms of Life. It also insures greater unity and possible conflict harmonization, which are generated by the superficial understanding of the ongoing events, fixation on customary beliefs and protective mental reactions that shield our wounded ambition and “individuality”, selfish in its nature. In this case, these Perceptions will convert swiftly, since True Human refocusing – is a powerfully dynamics Synthesis process, designed to transform Self-Consciousness Configuration in the True Human development direction.

The conscious quality development, leading to the "two dominant synthesis", as defined in IISSIIDIOLOGY, including “Will-Intellect” and “Love-Wisdom” – (True Human synthesis schema, offered by the author from the standpoint of iissiidiological conception), implies of close monitoring of own state of Consciousness, choosing positive motivational chains for each situation intuitively, while relying on two complementary True Human principles - Highly-sensuous Intellect (intuitive cause-and-effect relationships as well as an interdependence of structural elements of the internal and external worlds understanding) and Highly-intellectual Altruism (voluntary commitment, empathy, wise and joyful satisfaction from the positive states of Self-Consciousness of others).

Oris – the author of IISSIIDIOLOGY book series -, by virtue of his specific psychic abilities to "see" the World in its multi-variance, chose the True Human development Direction as the most harmonious and beneficial to the entire humankind.