It is widely known that each one of us has their own opinion regarding everything. There is even a saying: “The quantity of people defines the quantity of various opinions”. In other words each one of us lives within “their own” subjective (“personal”) World. Why do you think that is? Why every creation (not only a human being) is absolutely unique? Iissiidiology provides quite interesting explanations to these questions. 

In order to comprehend the difference between every object manifested throughout our materiality, it is essential to understand the essence of all – the essence of absolutely EVERYTHING, which is not only limited to our reality and what we can anyhow perceive, but of EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS. Imagine that there is an infinite multitude of informational fragments in existence, each of which possesses absolutely unique properties, peculiar only to that particular fragment.

Primordially all of them remain in a total harmony and balance with one another, however, once the specific impulse is being applied towards them within the initial informational “Environment”, the inner attributes of these informational fragments instantly enter into variable interrelationships among themselves, when various resonant and dissonant interactions occur at the same time. In fact, it is safe to assert that the entire Universe consists of nothing but these multi-level (multidimensional) projections of the initial Informational fragment combinations. It is also worth mentioning that there aren’t any absolutely identical fragments combinations exist, as they differ between each other at least slightly, down to a single quantum sometimes, while others differ tremendously.

As a result, certain objects of which we would have a very remote and vague idea, can be manifested on the level of something the scientist define as “the matter”, while of most of these objects we wouldn’t know anything at all. However it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist; it’s just that everything we can perceive, to some extent is compatible with our own ideas and notions. It’s like when we need to closely examine certain bacteria or microorganisms, we have to at least utilize the microscope. And if we are to think about the ways animals, minerals or plants perceive the surrounding reality, the difference between our and their perceptions become vividly evident. Usually it is difficult for us to comprehend the domesticated animals; the understanding of plants in that respect becomes a nearly impossible task, while finding a mutual ground with minerals is still a complete mystery. Why is that? Iissiidiology provides the detailed response to that question.

The primary reason for that is the presence of various inner interrelationships between the diverse Informational fragments; that Information in fact, IS an essence and initial cause of EVERYTHING. This is difficult process to imagine, however once you immerse deep enough, you will see that this is actually so. Many esoteric teachings assert that our world is an illusion, however usually they don’t explain why that is. We believe that an extensive research of Iissiidiology’s newest cosmological Perceptions will provide the detailed answer to that question as well.

It will become evident that any events, actions and psychic conditions of various “individuals” (whether it is an isolated group of people or the entire human society in general) aren’t real, but represent certain energy-informational reflections (“mirrors”). At that, any of our “individual” conclusions, evaluation criteria and Perceptions (moral, spiritual, material or religious) regarding the quality of any surrounding reality’s events, processes or occurrences can be neither objective, nor impartial in any way, for they can only be subjective (biased), while simply reflective the qualitative state of our own Self-Consciousness.

This is true regarding absolutely every field of academic knowledge, scientific experiment, teaching and theory. In this respect we see our primary collective objective as a constant elevation of our own perception mechanism quality, since only then we will be able to find a common ground on the global international scale while removing all currently existing discords and reaching the state of complete resonance with EVERYTHING. However, most of us remain in content with our still-existing subjective perception and don’t even realize that. At the same time it isn’t hard to prove the subjectivism effect.

Let us use the same microscope example we’ve mentioned above, where you can choose various observation modes by simply rotating a zooming knob. While doing that it is possible to observe the exact same object on either larger or smaller scale. As a result the imagery can appear either more sparse (muddy), or the more concentrated (clear). Thus, the examined object remains the same, while its perception varies depending on the microscope’s settings (that can be compared with our Perception systems). And this remains true in respect to everything surrounding us. We can perceive something in a certain way today, but tomorrow, after our Perception regarding this object or notion changes, we might treat or relate to the exact same object or notion entirely different. Moreover, whether we want that or not, but our Perception system alters regardless with time. If you wish to find out the details of why is that so, simply get acquainted with Iissiidiology, which contains the newest cosmological conceptions regarding the origin of our Universe.