Dearest Friends,

Perhaps, like many others, who had navigated to this webpage, you are not completely satisfied with your outside world in general and your individual life in particular. Unbelievably, quite often, even we “have it all” we are still missing “that something”. Someone craves for an incredible financial wealth and extremely successful career. Someone else is dreaming about “simple but deep Love” with some, yet unknown significant other, “twin flame”, “allied soul”. Many people are out there searching for information as to how to provide more security and stability for their precious family and children, they wish to make them happier.

Somebody is trying to rectify once broken relationship with his or her friends or relatives. For someone else constant acquisition of additional “intellectual” information in various fields of knowledge becomes the sole purpose in life, while others take relentless attempts to experience every chance for their creative self-expression. Here we see someone, who thinks that the most important thing in life – is an individual spiritual growth, and he devotes his entire time and efforts to Enlightment. There – a person, who lives in hard unfavorable conditions, is trying to figure out what to do next and how to avoid such unfortunate occurrence in the future.

Suddenly we notice someone, who is, suffering from severe and incurable disease, but ready to jump at any sensible information to catch at a straw in order to recover. As we glance the other way, we can see a wealthy men, having “everything”, who owns number of properties, companies, yachts and villas, but who nevertheless, for unknown reasons suffers from the severe depressive states, unsuccessfully trying any means possible to get rid of them. There also a show biz “star”, famous and fortunate, surrounded by a crowd of appreciative fans, who are ready to do anything for him, but unfortunately this “star” is heavily involved with hard drugs or remaining for many years in alcohol dependence, not knowing how to break away from that vicious circle. There are youngsters, who have completely lost faith in currently installed economic, political, social, moral and ethical relations in the world. Some of them, having “lost their faith in humanity”, are also on drugs or alcohol, trying to depart “the awful reality”. 

Others, who are stronger, more determined and desperate, come out and take part in various radical civil right movements. The go to "occupy" Wall Street! That is because they believe that it is possible to reform our current reality and build a new one reality - better and equitable one, by means of aggression and brute force. Apparently, at this point, they do not yet know how to do it, but they are willing to sacrifice a lot for the sake of this newly created, fair and happy World. Nevertheless, they are actively looking for ways to achieve this noble objective. They are looking for a new IDEA, capable of revolutionizing currently existing World Order and inspiring millions of people, who care about the fate of the entire population of our planet Earth. 

Thus, this website was created for all such people. Perhaps everyone, who visits our site, will find answers to deep inside questions, which every one of us undoubtedly has. Everybody is looking for something! Often it is something subtle, located deep down inside our consciousness. When asked, "What is it?”, we are only able to take a deep breath… we strive to answer. We feel “it”, and we assume that we evidently know “it”, however, we cannot exhale… because we have no words to describe “it”. We frantically begin waving our arms, outlining some intricate shapes, and then stumble upon the conclusion that "it" has no explicable form… We even shake our head, blink, move our lips, nose and tongue, but then still realize that "it" has no color, no smell and no taste… So, how can we express this “something”? How can we grasp the inner meaning of ‘it”? How can we actually change the World around us for the better? 

We think that many people are aware of the fact that changing the world and the quality of life requires the changing of self. However, that in turn requires views alteration in regards to the own self, as well as the surrounding Word. In this respect, we would like to introduce to you the newest cosmological Knowledge, IISSIIDIOLOGY, providing unique, non-traditional, RADICALLY different from accepted today set of views. Iissiidiology provides its own unusual point of view practically towards ANY vital question we might have regarding ANY subject. If you believe this statement is too bold and definitive, please ask "ordinary questions" directly from this site, or through our group on Facebook, we will try providing you the "non-ordinary answers", and then you can decide as to how unusual these answers are. In fact, the primary objective of our project is to show how “Iissiidiology changes life” in a way YOU want”!

Although we plan to provide these answers with the help of iissiidiological Information, we nevertheless encourage EVERYONE to express their individual point of view regarding a particular issue, and perhaps, create exciting, worldwide discussions about various topics. Especially we would appreciate if professionals, working in various fields of humanities and psychological science, could express their respected opinions and take active part in our open discussions. We encourage everyone to share his or her opinion, experience and understanding! Let’s help visitors of the webpage to take their own decisions in life based on arguments they can find here which appear most convincing for them!