Author Oris, regarding reasons for depression, excerpt from the audio answer, 2011

- If the person in these Continuums is supposedly not interested in life, then the degree also increases ...

- Yes, the person is refocusing where he or she approaches different points of inter-quality Synthesis and where there are better opportunities for an individual creative manifestation. It is just that is hard for you to compare it, because you do not see and feel anything that is around you (on more subtle levels). At the same time, it is much easier for me to compare these things, because there is a multitude of various scenarios, where I can see your manifestations in various states of mind with various life circumstances. All your depressive states are tied to the fact that you are no longer interested in manifesting here - for different reasons - and you gradually refocus to where some new shade of meaning appears in your existence, and then these depressions disappear. Appear some new emotions, like “Oh, wow! ... ", - and this means that you have already died many, many times in these Configurations and refocused into some new scenarios, where you acquire additional desire to manifest, create, and experience new Synthesis in new Self-Consciousness Configurations.

- isn’t that true that looping in depressive states brings a person into scenarios, where he or she has fewer opportunities?

- Fewer opportunities?

- Yes, considering that this person is obsessed with the fact, that he does not have them.

- Don’t forget about multi-polarization; it all depends on what opportunities you are focused on at the times of depression. Different degrees of either Altruism or selfishness are reflected through a depression state, that is, different time loops structure this state of depression. Tendencies that are more selfish manifest themselves when you motivate your uncomfortable state by saying that you do not have certain things, or have met certain people, for instance, when someone is asserting that they have not yet met their “second half”, with whom they could experience certain levels of realization. However, there are other Depression Levels, which arise because you cannot find the sphere of your maximal altruistic self-expression, format of service for yourself.

- More qualitative one?

- Yes. Once you find it, you will refocus to scenarios, where the desired creativity desires will manifest. For instance, you begin a very insignificant activity, offering very limited satisfaction, and suddenly realize that you found a wide variety of various areas of self-expression and interest. The reason you started to be active in this particular area was, most likely, very mediocre – you simply could not find anything else of interest. For instance, you were offered to participate in the movie production process, and accepted it, even though back then it seemed insignificant and boring. However, possibly only a few years later you can realize that you are actively involved in creation and post-production on a grand scale. That principle applies to everything in life, when people begin with something very primitive and boring, but which later turns to be their primary meaning of life.

- It appears that previously I did not understand that the depression could be of different types, and thought that it only leads to degradation; I was usually looping only within my own negativities and selfishness.

When we go through various states of depression, we can determine the usefulness of many of them, but only if we possess certain knowledge and understanding of what a depression is.

Author Oris, regarding reasons for depression, excerpt from the audio answer, 2011

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