From this article you will learn about the unique ways of acquiring Experience by our bioplasmic Interpretations, as well as about the ways of disseminating issi-idiological Knowledge in different human civilizations.

Please elaborate of the development process of our bioplasma Forms. Does Iissiidiology or similar Knowledge exist in these worlds?

The individual experience of each of the bioplasma interpretations (our very highly developed forms, manifested throughout various terrestrial and Pleiadian bioplasma worlds) consists of creativity (existential Experience) of an exorbitant, but still limited group of its biological interpretations that simultaneously inhabit the Earth and other civilizations. The limitations of the group from which bioplasma Interpretations derive their experience leads to the situation, when the significant part of the Experience (energy-informational interrelationships) necessary for the completion of the process of evolution from the 3rd -4th dimensional range and transition into fully-featured Plasma Forms of 4th -5th dimensional range, is missing in the Self-Consciousness of every bioplasma individual.

This missing Experience is gradually replenished by our bioplasma Interpretations through the universal ability to enter the catatonic state of Consciousness (similar to our meditation process), namely: through parallel experiences (when the Experience is gained during the simultaneous “scanning” of hundreds and thousands of similar scenarios) and an impartial, comprehensive analysis of interpersonal and social karma cause-and-effect relations, existing between each of the biological interpretations and other Forms of Consciousness (animals, humans, and so on). Thus, our bioplasma Interpretations acquire additional life Experience, the awareness and transformation of which into increasingly higher vibration Levels of Self-Consciousness leads to the completion of the evolution process within the 3rd -4th dimensional range.

I dare to assure you that this is a very long process that is simultaneously and continuously carried out by countless civilizations of our bioplasma Interpretations for tens and hundreds of millions of years (depending on the individual properties of Space-Time). Moreover, the primary part of our creative efforts falls on maintaining the True Human development Vector while compensating for the powerful and obsessive influence on Our psycho-emotional states of various Thought-Images, generated by representatives of other civilizations, which are compatible with our Synthesis Schema (the functioning principle of our Consciousness). Hence, until all the missing experience of existence in 3rd -4th -dimensional Worlds is gained, the Self-Consciousness of our bioplasma Interpretations will not be able to leave this dimensional range and shift into higher-vibrational Worlds. This lengthy evolutionary process is strictly monitored by Our Plasma Creators-curators.

With regard to the prospects of propagation of "live" (that is, constantly updated, but not changing in its deepest Essence) Iissiidiological Knowledge in the Collective Consciousness of People, existing in bioplasma Worlds I can state that In some human civilizations, this Knowledge serves as a theoretical basis for the emergence of completely new fields of study, scientific disciplines and areas of intellectual and psychological creativity, which in their essence radically differ from the current ones. This Knowledge has retained its current name – Iissiidiology, in terms of its manifestation throughout multiple terrestrial, strictly human (according to certain implementation principles), bioplasma civilizations (both less advanced, and the ones that have reached the highest levels of development).

At the same time, it was supplemented with an ineffable amount of empirical experience, laboratory research, as well as the emergence of more detailed facts and information, infused not only by me, but also by many people (mostly among the current and “future” Ayfaarians), who mastered the methods of Deep Meditation on Sound Space Codes I have already provided. However, in our multifaceted developmental history of hundreds of millions of years, there are also highly developed biological and bioplasma civilizations, where similar in its meaning, the Knowledge, voiced and recorded by single researchers, has a different name. Those who are interested in details can try to meditate on the following codes: АИЙЛРРИЙСС [AIYLRRISS], АЙСДАСААРМ [AYSDASAARM], КЛАЙФЛАДААР [KLAYFLADAAR].

There are also many more or less adequate and provocative interpretations of Iissiidiology written by me, which, despite the abundance of notions regarding Love and Intellect, nevertheless, deftly focus the attention and Interests of the reader primarily on other, non-human development directions. briefly answering the question, it can be summarized that the current version of the Iissiidiological knowledge offered to you (along with the Ayfaar Songs inherently attached to it!), upon proper application of it in your everyday existential creativity, provides a steady and consistent refocusing of your Self-Consciousness into the most inherent for Earth, Human (both biological and bioplasma) Worlds, warning of possible deviations in the direction of the spontaneous shift of your focus into the lower quality development scenarios.

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Original text is adapted by:
Slaaigragula - [email protected]
Ulllarg - [email protected]

Translated by Arbbaykllua – [email protected]