If you have already began studying the Iissiidiology, you most likely have noticed that the language, in which it is written, is quite complicated, with unusually constructed sentences, multiple quoted words, non-standard use of punctuation, abundance of capitals and abbreviations, as well as absolutely new and unknown expressions. Preceding your questions, we decided to explain the nature of it all.

First of all, let’s talk about the author’s writing style. It is such, mainly because the Iissiidiology is an absolutely new Knowledge for all Earth’s inhabitants, the successful mastering of which isn’t possible without the harmonious intellectual and intuitive comprehensive approach. While reading such sentence (often as large as the whole paragraph), which has multiple verbal expressions and retaining complex Imagery within your Self-Consciousness, it is necessary to apply certain degree of effort in order to understand the meaning of the multidimensional Information, reflected in it. This is precisely what the author desires – the reader’s escape from the primitive logic with subsequent initiation of profound Intuition as well as the highly-sensuous Intellect, considering the strong interest in subject, of cause. As a result of such cognition approach, the reading of iissiidiological content becomes sort of a meditation. You can even feel yourself in being in a whole different World, where usual materialistic consumerism and superficial daily cares are completely absent; the World, where mantras or spells, assumed to bring piece and harmony, aren’t required. If the reading is deeply profound and not superficial, such meditative condition automatically establishes per se.


At the same time it doesn’t mean that the reader is barricaded from the surrounding reality – in fact, it’s quite the opposite! He or she acquires an in-depth understanding of it, along with answers to the following questions: “Why, despite all the existing religious beliefs, moral standards and various scientific achievements, “people” are still expressing evident signs of egoism, fear and aggression? And why the Life is the way it is?” Isn’t it logical, that if a modern “human being” fully masters the art of conscious managing of his or her thoughts and senses, they will not waste any Time and Energy on trying to condemn, criticize and hate, especially considered the fact that modern Life demands constant quick and qualitative decision-making. And this is precisely the Path towards that unconditional Love, which “humankind” has desired and dreamed of for so long!


However, let us come back to the discussion topic. For instance, within the text you might see the particular word in quotes, and then the same exact word without the quotes, like the word “people” (or “humankind”). There is certain meaning depicted here. In the first case the author talks about the humankind, bearing sort of an incomplete degree of humanity and quality, which it has yet to acquire, while in the second (without the quotes) the author talks about us, as true humans we are soon to become. But such words as the “person”, “personal”, “individual” are always taken in quotes; because the Iissiidiology thoroughly explains that a single “individual” (as seen in the mirror) in reality doesn’t exist. What does exist is an infinite amount of various “individuals” (Entities), who are fully self-sufficient on Levels of their own Self-Consciousness manifestation. In addition, the terms in quotation marks include the familiar to all composition frameworks, but which have completely different meaning attached to them. This is because Iissiidiology pertains to the higher-dimensional Universe Levels, and the only way it can be “deciphered” onto “our” lower-dimensional Levels, is by utilizing the notions, existing “here”, in this Reality.


For instance, the notion “spheroidality” reflects not only the association with a certain sphere, but rather “constructive Form dynamics, simultaneously self-propagating throughout the infinite diversity of multi-dimensional directions”. Such description can be actually compared to some sphere-like structure only to slightest degree; hence the quotation marks. They are also frequently used for the entire sentences and phrase separation and isolation in order to emphasize the integrity and indivisibility of certain phenomena. Such approach is typical for all iissiidiological books. Although, if these notions are utilized quite frequently and factually don’t call for any other association besides the one, adopted within this Knowledge (or in case of similarity between the iissiidiological and the usual meaning), they aren’t taken into quotations just like all entirely new words (svilgs, hvasslon, slloogrentnost, and more), which you will not be able to find anywhere else, since this is that unique Information, which is transmitted into our Worlds by Oris from the depths of the Universe.


The same goes for the Sound Cosmic Codes, where the newest and profound Meaning is incased. These Codes represent the peculiar key mechanism from the global Universal informational database, where any vital and valuable Information can be obtained by means of profound Code meditation (people’s Cosmic Tone Names are also similarly coded). The quality of their vibrations corresponds to these universal Form-Images every cosmic civilization can understand, which will soon enable the close integration of “humankind” with our cosmic Brothers in Mind.


The words, defining Cosmic Codes are all comprised from capital letters. The technique of capitalizing words entirely in order to infuse more significant sense or implication in them is widely known (for instance, Immortality, Altruism), and it is especially “honored” in Iissiidiology, which itself has originated from a Cosmic Code – IISSIIDII, meaning the energy-informational Human Integral Cosmic Body Center. The utilization of multiple capitalized words in all Oris’s books, bearing newly acquired high-frequency meaning, is fully justified: the Knowledge, contained herein, is designed to help us to become true Humans – the highly-qualitative Cosmic Creators. It would be very presumptuous to expect that our "current" narrowly focused language capabilities will be able to cover the entire spectrum of cosmic scale in the transmission and adaption of Universal Knowledge of such magnitude as Iissiidiology! By the way, the word “current” is usually taken into quotations because the author is teaching us to think globally and non-trivially, implying that the Time as we know it, appearing to be linear (from past to the future) only for our limited Perception systems.


The cosmological conception, presented in the IISSIIDIOLOGY is indented to overcome these limits; however, this is a complex task, requiring complex means of its implementation. For instance, what would the specific Self-Consciousness system, representing the simultaneousness of “electromagnetic dispolyarnosti” and “gravitational diskretnosti” be defined as? This is purely rhetorical question because the Perception of this formation (along with its Cosmic Code respectively) exists only in Iissiidiology: it’s covered under OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-System, title – ODS.


This is yet another iissiidiological Information statement peculiarity – multiple uses of abbreviations, such as (USF - Universal Self-Consciousness Focus, SAF - Steadfast Attention Focus, CAF - Creative Activity Focus, and many more). In addition to that there are exclamation marks (in the middle of a sentence or in in brackets), hyphens in such words, as, for instance, “THE-Love-Wisdom” (the definition of particular Pure Cosmic Quality – PCQ), letter duplicates (especially in the Cosmic Codes abbreviations), as well as the bold text in the middle of any sentence, all of which provide general Perception regarding various language attributes, used by the author of Iissiidiology.
Further study of this unique Knowledge will undoubtedly bring you new discoveries even in the linguistics field, transforming the simple acquaintance with IISSIIDIOLOGY to fascinating journey through the expanses of your own Self-Consciousness!