We continue to consider the paradox of the inconsistency of life with the Iissiidiological principle “Everything primordially exists simultaneously and instantaneously”. Let us discuss all this in more detail.

The life of all people is carried out at different levels of simultaneous manifestation of Self-Consciousness. The mechanism of our immortality is ensured by the fact that our Self-Consciousness simultaneously and equally interacting with the spatio-temporal Continuum through the multitude of its different types of Forms, mentioned by me in the first part of this article (our different physical bodies). Powerful and massive changes during rotational quantum Shifts are primarily related to biological organisms whose molecular compounds are weakly viable. Another thing is the Forms of Self-Consciousness of atoms, fermions and bosons, which structure the molecules of our cells and other substances. They determine our immortality, because they themselves are virtually immortal.

In the world around us, upon the implementation of rotational quantum shifts, the process of splitting of the atomic nuclei (that is, the transformation of Matter into Energy) of any chemical substances does not occur due to the lack of the necessary baric and thermal conditions. This happens, for example, inside the stars, upon a nuclear explosion, in the cores of various planets, and so on.

Here I want to emphasize once again that every single cell of your organism is not just some complicated structure of intermolecular bonds, but an integral biological being with its own individual intellectually sensuous abilities and functionalities. These abilities are formed by ensembles of hundreds of millions of cells, create their own - cellular - analogues of “social networks“, ”interpersonal relations”, public, and specialized “organizations”, “centers of interest”, and more. Inside such enclaves, the entire Life takes place, exchange of Information, as well as the process of continuous decision-making.

Every cell is a whole organism, an individual, living and working according to the laws, peculiar to its own type of Collective Consciousness (Collective Consciousness of the specific internal physical organ). Self-consciousness of the cell, similar to ours, is also structured by atomic, fermion and photonic Levels. Consequently, the evolution of each cell, just like our evolution, can go through the stages of successive refocusings into atomic, fermion and photonic Forms of Self-Consciousness. By this, I want to say that different types of Consciousness can evolve through Forms common for them all. When the body dies, the atoms of your DNA begin to emit radio waves, broadcasting wave interconnections into the DNA of our other, live, individual Interpretations.

When the biological body decomposes after death, the atomic Forms of Self-Consciousness are not destroyed, and their active connection with Self-Consciousness does not cease - only the cellular level disintegrates. However, Information, accumulated by all molecular Self-Consciousness cell Forms, is part of the molecular memory level of the same cellular structures of our next Individual Interpretation’s organism. How did this Information come about?

Because the bosons, fermions, atoms and molecules that organize your photon, atomic and molecular bodies are constantly in a state of quantum entanglement* (when each of these Forms of Self-Consciousness always has a specific Information regarding the set of all other systems), then it can be asserted that each of our above listed parallel physiological Forms simultaneously and continuously constantly realizes itself throughout the multitude of our Individual Interpretations, manifested by means of perpetually "branching" Worlds at 1 x 10-22-24 of a second.

in fact, if at the molecular level of your personal Self-Consciousness manifestation, the DNA molecule reliably "knows" everything that is happening in the nearest scenarios of your parallel development, at the atomic level the atoms of the same exact metals and non-metals that structure all the physical Worlds of yours simultaneous manifestations in different physical bodies, possess the entire palette of Information of every single one of your Individual Interpretations and retain the established interrelations even after you refocus into one of the "parallel" Worlds.

By means of individual vibration, each atom remembers and "records" in its own "memory cell" the smallest and tiniest features of all your psyche-mental states in the non-time Continuum, all of your thoughts and emotions, including even the most insignificant perceptions. This information does not disappear anywhere, but becomes the basis for our conscious creativity at the stage of bio-plasma development, as well as active utilization by our Self-Consciousness of our entire biological existence Experience, "recorded" in atomic realization Forms.

This global system of all possible individual versions of you and the versions of all other people, animals, plants and microorganisms is held in a stable state of the energy-information balance due to the presence of the photon level of Self-Consciousness. This Level provides the interconnections between all physical Forms of Self-Consciousness, simultaneously existing throughout multitude of Stars and Planets of 3rd -4th -dimensional Multiverse.

I did not explain the principles of Sloogrentnost (Holography), Duvuyllerrtnost (similarity), Resonance and Diffusgentnost (interpenetration), which determine the existence of the principle of Simultannost (simultaneity) of everything in the Universe, but what I have described is a consequence of the influence of these principles onto any Form of Self-Consciousness. This is enough to understand that all possible variants of the infinite existence of the Universe are already available and, with the proper quality of life choices, can be accessible to every person.

This requires aspirations that are formed in our Self-Consciousness from the subtle levels of matter of the Forms - the emanations of thoughts and emotions of sensory experiences. Possessing a realization potential, our aspirations towards something interact with the surrounding reality, receiving from its objects additional Energy-Information, gradually "materializing" into its content – they direct our Self-Consciousness into specific development scenarios, which maximally resonate with their inherent Essence. Our Self-Consciousness, realizing our Interests through all possible Forms, represents both the creative and destructive Factors of the Universe. Our Self-Consciousness – is that something, which is able to control and adjust Life at will.

The entire Essence of our eternal Existence - is the comprehension and cognition of the Levels of our Self-Consciousness: first the collective Unconscious, then the personal Self-Consciousness, the collective Subconscious, Over-conscious, Supra-conscious, Proto- Consciousness. The surrounding world represents the embodiment of your own subjective perceptions in relation to it. This is an intermediate result of the realization by our personal Self-Consciousness of our current Interests. As soon as you become a curious Observer, the current state of the surrounding Reality noticeably adjusts towards your individual Perceptions and changes according to your ideas. Therefore, it can be rightfully asserted that everything manifested begins within you, at the DNA level of your perception, not somewhere outside and absolutely can’t exist separately from you.

Thus, absolutely everything, to which you possibly could aspire in your life already exists and is "packed" accordingly to vibrational features in the form of various development scenarios. In every single one of these scenarios, there already exists your Individual Interpretation, manifested as a result of the rotational quantum shift. Having formed in your Self-Consciousness a clear and stable idea of where, how, with whom and when you would like to live, concentrating on the Essence of your aspiration and ignoring what you do not want, you can gain control over the results of all your continuous refocusings, becoming the Lord of your own Destiny.

The essence of this materialization effect is the manifestation of the Principles of Vibration and Resonance of Everything-There-Is, based on the existence of the Principles of Simultannost (simultaneity), Duvuyllerrtnost (similarity), and Slloogrentnost (holography). Each Form of Self-Consciousness has its own focal Beginning - the Universal Focus of Self-Consciousness. That is the essence of the materialization mechanism.

The Universal Focus of Self-Consciousness (UFS) unites all Focuses of Undivided Attention of all individual Self-Consciousness Forms of all your Interpretations, simultaneously manifested in a variety of scenarios, including those that you aspire to. It is the UFS that helps you to understand what other scenarios (other than the current one) are also available. By investing a sufficient amount of psychic Energy into the Idea of scenario you desire to refocus to, you reduce the "distance" between your current one, and the desired scenario of your other Interpretation.

This can be compared to searching for a radio station signal. Having set a task of creating the right thought-emotional image, you scan the entire radio waves range, choosing only the desired frequency that corresponds to your Interest. In the same way you can achieve your Objectives - by generating complex modulated signals, your brain introduces the dynamics of Consciousness into a state of maximum resonance with the energy field of the specific desired subjective Reality. However, this requires a certain resource of psychic Energy.

Who or what organizes all this activity? These are your nuclear genome Creators, which act not only through various Forms of Self-Consciousness, but also at the level of electromagnetic and sound fields. These fields surround the chromosomes and are organized into a certain holographic receiving and transmitting structure that function as an antenna for perceiving the "outside" Information (control programs) necessary for the development of the entire organism.

Since your DNA is similar to liquid crystals, with the help of this "antenna" it is able to perceive and generate both electromagnetic radiation and acoustic waves. That means that with a sufficiently high degree of concentration and stability on any particular aspiration, you can reprogram your DNA with the help of persuasive and calm words, thoughts and harmonious sound combinations to the mode of refocusing (changing the scenario), issuing audible commands (intention statements) and necessary guidelines regarding the description of what you intend to become and where you intend to live.

* Wikipedia: Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon, in which the quantum states of two or more objects are interdependent. Such interdependence persists, even if these objects are distanced out throughout space beyond any known interaction limits.

Translator: Arbbaykllua: [email protected]


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