"EVERYTHING ALREADY EXISTS!" - claims Iissiidiology. It provides detailed information regarding the functioning mechanisms of the Universal simultaneousness and single-momentness, depicted in this article.

QUESTION to Oris: One of the primary Iissiidiological principles asserts that "Throughout the Universe Everything already exists simultaneously". Assuming this is so, I was wondering how can anyone evolve in any particular development direction, knowing that they already exist there? If this principle is, indeed, correct, then, according to logic, it must be concluded that no type of evolutionary evolvement can exist !! Additionally, there also can not exist any “subsequent development”, since we are talking about a single moment. Accordingly, even the question of the meaning or meaninglessness of anything is inappropriate, because "Everything already exists!" Then what is the meaning of our aspiration for something?

Such question can only be asked by someone, who only superficially acquainted with Iissiidiology. However since there are many of such people, who blindly "shy away" from multiple sources of various Information, and not finding their answers, I will try to answer your question in more extensive detail. If you at least superficially attempted a slightly more profound research of the most elementary foundations of this Knowledge, you would understand that absolutely all variations of the entire diversity of all possible choices you have ever made, down to Thoughts, words and gestures, emotions and desires, already exist in the multidimensional regimes of the Universe, and are simultaneously manifested in each of these regimes in strict accordance from the Causes that generate them, and in the deepest connection with the infinite variety of resonant consequences, which follow each of these choices.

Provided for the obvious weakness of your level of comprehension, I will try to minimize the number of Iissiidiological terms and will not go into details and the Essence of such Over-Universal Processes as merkavgnatsiya (the Universe formation process), konsummatizatsiya (the evolution of the Universe) and konfektizatsiya (the completion of Evolution and the transition to a new phase), which are the cause of your manifestation in a physical human Form. I will only indicate that absolutely everything that you see around you is only the most external, subjectively arranged by your biological perception system, "order of Existence”. Your perception system has formed the most superficial and primitive Idea regarding your “self-being” and your surrounding “reality”.

The spectral frequencies of your Self-Consciousness vibration determine not only the quality of your embodied state, but also the characteristic features of the Form in which you manifest in the material world - your DNA configuration. Your brain also represents vibrations, which are coded into a picture of the seemingly "real" world according to the principle of maximal resonation. At the same time, currently our brain can only “see” an extremely narrow range of the electromagnetic spectrum, equaling to no more than tiny 0.005% of the known to us Energy Matter! Everything inside and around you vibrates at its level, constantly forming narrowly-specific types of various "Realities".

Your organism, like all other solid objects, is structured by an infinite set of resonant (specifically interacting by some aspects) oscillating particles - tissues formed from cell ensembles - coherent (synchronous, orchestrated) combinations of molecules, atoms, fermions and bosons, which on their own Levels of Self-Consciousness organize this seeming "emptiness", arrange interconnections in different unison groups and create an effect (impression) of "density" in your Self-Consciousness. In fact, your body, like any material object, represents sort of a "slow-motion", "concentrated", or specifically "compressed" state of Energy. This state is stabilized in the given Space-Time conditions in the way of a Form, accessible to our Perception system.

In reality, the causes of manifestation of all material Forms of Self-Consciousness are the sources of higher- or lower-frequency vibrations (presently unperceivable for us), radiated by objects of various types and kinds of non-material (from our standpoint) Worlds. Hence, the one you see in the mirror is not the true You, but only the molecular part of the most complex and multidimensional Mechanism of universal and simultaneous manifestation at different Levels of the eternal Existence of various cognitive interests of your own Self-Consciousness. Some of these interests can be satisfied only at the molecular manifestation level (instincts, reflexes, biological needs), some - on the atomic (thoughts, emotions), some - on the photon (thought and sense-images), and some on the plasma levels - (thought-Ideas, thought-images, thought-forms), and so on.

Each of these vibrational Levels has its own type of your Self-Consciousness manifestation Form. Depending on the cognitive Interest manifested at each Level, your Form can be very strongly - both genotypically and phenotypically - different from your other Forms of Self-Consciousness. You (as the possessor of the individual Self-Consciousness) are represented throughout the entire multidimensionality of the Universe through the mechanism of bundling of several types of vibrational Levels (say, prequantum, molecular, atomic, photon and supernumerary) into a single realization form that fulfills for Your Self-consciousness the role of the "Self-Cognition device". In this case, we identify this biological Form variant as the "human being".

The illusory nature of your perceptions regarding "yourself" is that your current biological system of perception is very limited in its functionality (due to a shortage of energy resources of the brain) and is able to perceive only a small part of what you really represent in this World only in visual and tactile fashion. You simultaneously exist on the multiplicity of various Levels of your creative manifestation: molecular, atomic, fermion, boson, and others. However, you can only observe the medium-wavelength (optical) molecular part of the total (prequantum, quantum and supra-quantum) range of Your biological manifestation, reflected in your personal Self-Consciousness in the form of a functional set of your physical (molecular) body’s various tissue ensembles.

Each function of this body is provided by the unison (synchronous) state of your nuclear genome with the atomic and photon ensembles, which, in turn, are conditioned by the peculiarities of other types of YOUR bodies: pre-quantum: loolgss1 (1-2 dimensions) and doolls1 (2-3 dimensions) on one hand, and supra-quantum: flaks1 (4-5 dimensionality) and wuolds1 (5-6 dimensionality) on the other.

All other types of your higher-quality bodies are built and manifested by the same principle. Just because you are not able to verify their existence, they do not disappear, but continue to multitudinously-simultaneously appear as various groups of somewhat similar personalities throughout the entire multitude of the most diverse modes of Space-Time.

How are they formed? Quite simple! Consider for example our 3rd -4th dimensional range. Subordinate to the Rotational Principle2, the total Energy Quantum of 3-4-dimensional Multiverse of the Higgs field, at regular intervals (approximately every 1 x 10-22-24 per second) initiates an internal qualitative "shift" of a certain volume of Energy Information throughout all areas of Space-Time. This "shift" is commensurable with the Planck constant (h = 6.66 × 10-34 J/s). An innumerable set of Worlds is formed as a result of this succession of rotational Shifts3, which at first only slightly differing from one other, becoming increasingly different, when the qualitative difference of their contents becomes evidently more noticeable and vivid. At the same time, within the 1 x 10-22-24 of the second, each Form of Self-Consciousness also changes slightly. Thus, in such a short time space, the quantum Multiverse literally "stratifies" into an innumerable set of Twin Universes with very similar contents due to such quantum rotation.

Upon your conception, the fertilized zygote immediately fell under the principles of same rotation process and began manifesting itself in a myriad of its new variants throughout a multitude of Worlds, generating in each of them the individual development rotation Cycles of countless number of your personal Interpretations. With the passage of time, the increasing difference in the epigenetic influences on the development of the embryo becomes more and more obvious, and hence the qualitative differences between the variants of the initial and subsequent quantum stratifications become more and more obvious and significant.

At that, during the process of rotational quantum shift, the qualitative parameters of Time, peculiar to the multitude of various Worlds also differ significantly! Thus, at the time of your birth, some versions of "yourself" are born with a difference of a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days, while in some Worlds that difference can constitute weeks, months and even hundreds of thousands and even millions of years! How such tremendous difference can occur? Quite realistically, really! People can not yet understand the nature and properties of Time, because the entire scientific Paradigm is wrong, as it is based on the wrong assumptions and perceptions.

In reality, the true basis of the Existence of Everything is based on Resonation (vibrational correspondences of energy-information interactions). This concept entirely contradicts of what is meant by "resonance" in physics. The Time’s plasticity properties are primarily influenced by the degree of their vibrational correspondence to any particular World (including the Form of Self-Consciousness) to the vibrational parameters of certain Levels of the Collective Cosmic Mind of Humanity, to which a precise focus “point” in Space-Time clearly corresponds.

At the heart of our evolutional vibrational pattern, at different periods (including embryonic development) lies the configuration of our genome. The primary concept of this process is as follows: the more the vibrational picture of the nuclear genome coincides with the standard parameters of the Human Synthesis Schema (ALL-Love + ALL-Will), the higher quality existential conditions will be peculiar to any particular Form of Self-Consciousness. The key role here is played by heredity, which determines the expression character of the interaction between the genes in the first few minutes after the fertilization of the ovum.

Suppose, with high activity in its DNA of Pleiadian nucleotide sequences, embryogenesis itself will go completely differently than under any other dominant conditions, when a normal human child will be born in 5.7 months, initially possessing various paranormal abilities, as well as increased capabilities of intellectual-sensual development. While still in the womb, his individual Self-Consciousness will consistently "shift" towards birth scenarios in more developed civilizations, where the quality of rotational quantum shifts is very different from ours.

In addition, the more the dominance and recessivity pattern of Human traits will be manifested in genome, the stronger the time difference between various individual interpretations will become. The fact is that the more intensive the manifested Human combinations of features within configuration of the nuclear genome of the embryo is, the greater the "distance" between the compared personal Interpretations and the Worlds of their simultaneous manifestation.

At the time of birth, such a child will resonantly be attracted to the certain Collective Consciousness of humankind (covering a period of several years), the manifestation time of which is vibrationally separated by hundreds or thousands of years from our focus “point”. Thus, in each version of each of the infinite amount of Worlds, only one such individual will be born, whose genome mostly resonates only with that particular type of vibration. With age, the difference in existential time with respect to all other personal Interpretations will grow rapidly (as if scattering throughout various Worlds): in less qualitative Worlds it is less evident, however, the more developed human Collective Consciousness, part of which you will subjectively cognize (in relation to your “now”) will be, the more dramatic this difference will become.

Development Scenarios of "the same" individual Forms of Self-Consciences can differ by hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of years - both in the direction of the conditional "past", as well as the direction of the conditional "future"! Here, in addition to heredity, an important role is also played by epigenetic factors of planetary and cosmic scales: catastrophes, radiations, flights to other planets, and so on.

Hence, dates of your birth will all be different throughout different versions of various Worlds. In addition, in some cases you will be named Michael, in others - Yury or Slavik, somewhere else - Angela, Veronica, Galya or Irma, Cornelia, Henrietta, and so on. Why the female names? Because in some of the intrauterine quantum stratifications, between 10 and 15 weeks, the genetic mutation can cause “a-will-be-boy” to become “a-will-be girl”. Alternatively, somewhere during pregnancy your mother will move to live in another country ... while somewhere else there will be miscarriages or various other genetic pathologies or mutations.

Thus, as if “overnight”, "inside" the Energy quantum, myriads of Worlds with your mandatory presence in them, are initiated, but only in some of them your individual interpretations are very similar to each other (in terms of their phenotype, character, etc.), while in some - noticeably differ, both internally and externally. On top of that, in some favorable circumstances, the civilization that has spawned you and your parents, begins to develop rapidly (or more moderately), while in some other instances the conditions for development deteriorate sharply (or moderately), which also affects the possibilities for your development.

1 loolgss - 1-2 dimensionality,
  doolls - 2-3 dimensionality,
  quantum – 3-4 dimensionality,
  flaks - 4-5 dimensionality,
  wuolds - 5-6 dimensionality. These are materiality types throughout various ranges of the Multiverse. We currently exist in the 3rd -4th -dimensional range, which is stipulated by quantum laws. Other types of materiality have a fundamentally different nature of Energy and Space-Time, which is of non-quantum nature. More information on this topic is available here: http://ii.ayfaar.org (Interactive Iissiidiology).

2 Rotational Principle - an integral principle of existence of the Universe, which provides continuous dynamics of synthesis changes of its Self-Consciousness at every point of Space-Time. Provided for this Principle we are able to observe the dynamics of Life.

3 Rotational Shift - an elementary change in Self-Consciousness (occurring under the influence of the Rotational Principle), which leads to the shifting of Self-Consciousness Focus into the next individual World.


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