Here is the amazing story, told by Oris, regarding his meeting with the Pleiadians. So much time has elapsed since its initial publication in the "Contacts on the eve of the 2000s" book series, however, this information remains relevant as ever! After all, the knowledge of Iissiidiology, which Oris has, and still does, transfer from high-frequency dimensional levels of Space-Time over the past 10 years, reflects the True Human Development Path, followed by our distant ancestors. Everything is interconnected and the still “sleeping” team members have to be awaken; therefore, we deem the transgression of this knowledge is very important!

Intelligent beings from the "Alcyone" Star system, which is located in the Pleiades star cluster (from the Greek – “Pleiades” - the seven daughters of Pleione and Atlantis) in the constellation of Taurus, - have physical bodies, which are very similar to ours, perhaps more perfect, or, so to speak , more refined, elegant, graceful and harmonious. Through their light clothing, it could be noticed that their bodies are not only perfectly and proportionally stacked, but also all-muscular, as if poured from within by a mighty force.

This was even more impressive considering the fact that the overwhelming majority of my Pleiadian friends, or as they call themselves - the Gerrians (that name resembles the name of the planet of their primary habitat - Gerra), were much taller than me, - although I myself stand at one meter 85cm (6 feet tall). Almost all of them, with the exception of only some of the residents, whom they called "guests", had a European light skin complexion, slightly more elastic than ours.

The guests were approximately the same height as me, however, the color of their skin varied from yellow-gray and fiery red to dark brown, like those of our African human race. In one of the super-gigantic labs, which tested the processes that preceded the birth, formation and disappearance of Universes, (only on a much smaller scale, of course) I was introduced to some of the guests - very high-level specialists, who has arrived from the Sirius system.
Their Sirius-A Star, which is thousands of times brighter than our Sun, is the primary of the main Stars of this system, performing the functions of the Portal or Gateway, connecting one dimension of Space-Time with another. It has very powerful radiation and the processes taking place on it and within it, largely influence the course of events on Earth as well.

Unfortunately, I could not recall their names, but they all belonged to that Siriusian civilization, whom Earthlings usually called "Gods from the Sirius" during various periods of our history while these beings visited Earth. Basically, they have a much darker skin color than the true Gerrians, but in addition, there are also many and purely external differences between them, justified by the fact that in their genotype there exist certain genes, which belong to non-humanoid intelligent races that, being mammals, look more like Our reptiles or Insects.

It was these genetic roots, which determined the differences, according to which the "guests" could at once be discerned among any number of dear to me Pleiadians-Gerrians. True Gerrians, in appearance, are very similar to Us, Earthlings; in any case, much more than any of the representatives of other cosmic civilizations with whom I had to communicate previously. Of course, I do not mean our internal differences - both purely physical and spiritual - that are imposed by the peculiarities and differences of our surrounding realities. Albeit a very long time ago, they have once gone through the inner sensations in about the same manner, in which we now are just trying to go through, therefore, so many external and internal similarities bring together and unify us.

As Ora, (the guide, who accompanied me on a journey around the planet), has explained, the qualities of the current Pleiadians-Gerrians, pertaining to their high growth and muscularity - were formed due to the existence of multiple generations of this civilization on a planet with much greater gravitational and electromagnetic fields, compared to Gerra. However, their qualities such as good nature, cordiality, as well as their constant spiritual need and willingness at any time to help someone and give their Love, care and warmth of their Soul, or at least to be of use to someone, - not in any way inferior to their external beauty and their mighty, truly "inhuman" power.

Their hyperfine structured emotional bodies have formed so harmoniously only due to their constant focusing on deviation from negativity in any of its manifestations, which potentially could intrude into their Lives. They have proved by their own example to many of the other Pleiades Star cluster civilizations that constant suppression (and / or transmutation) of negative qualities can facilitate any civilization in achievement of the positive process predominance in its evolutionary growth and spiritual development.

This evolutionary development direction significantly differs from our earthly one, which is based on the desire of most people to acquire the inner neutrality (at best!), as one of the constituents of Harmony. However, our problem is that in search of this "middle" we often distant ourselves not only from the obvious negativity, but also from the development in ourselves of emotional positivity. Our pathological tendency to divide everything is the true cause of many of our endless problems. However, let us get back to Gerra.

The hair color of those of Gerra’s inhabitants, with whom I had a chance to communicate during my astral travel, varied from yellow-wheat or almost white to light-haired, while some had the hair color of even the chestnut shades. But from the very first moments of our acquaintance, I was literally struck by their very expressive eyes, which, with closer and closer examination, not only differed from the human eyes in the shape, size and color of the iris, but, as I found out a little later, also by their unique abilities to reflect and refract the rays of Light. None of the physical and even astral human forms has anything that could so much emphasize our divine origin. Even the most beautiful human eyes, in comparison with their eyes, would seem simply fish-like and inexpressive. Yes, we are still far from the degree of their perfection! And they say that We are created in their image and likeness ... Yes, we are, however, at the same time, We are simply faint ghosts compared to them!

Noticing the gloom that seized me on this occasion, my guide Ora (the young girl accompanying me throughout the planet) absolutely charmingly smiled and, waving her hand, immediately materialized in space a phantom of one of the Pleiadians, who friendlily smiled at me and, with a right hand to his heart, greeted me. This Pleiadianian, who appeared literally out of nowhere, immediately seemed very close and very familiar to me. Perhaps I already telepathically communicated with him on the Ray of Contact…

I did not even have time to think about it, as Ora telepathically texted me that this beautiful Being, whom I admire so much, is the very ORIS I have never seen before, but who is constantly not only beside me, but also in me, because, materializing on the astro-physical level of the Earth, it was he, ORIS, who spiritualized the Matter of these Earthly Plans with his Mind-Knowing, gave me Life and created me as an Earthling individual.

I stood dumbfounded by this unexpected meeting and did not even have time to fade away, as the Pleiadian Oris, coming very close to me for greeting, hugged me by the shoulders and then again merged within me. My confused and silly appearance seemed from the outside, probably, as very amusing sight, because Ora immediately began to laugh cheerfully and slightly jump in place, clapping her delicate, graceful hands, just like sometimes our earthly girls do – openly and joyfully laughing and jumping.

In my opinion, no one, even the representatives of the Higher Spiritual Entities, has such cheerful, joyfully provocative, life-loving and spiritual qualities, which favorably differ from all my wonderful Ray of Contact friends, as my "new" friends-Gerrians. "You and him, in fact, are one whole, - finally, having rested with laughter, she telepathized me. - Similarly, Oris represents an inseparable part of Our civilization.

Regardless of the individual location of our incarnation and the areas of our Universe we inspire with our presence, we are always connected by invisible threads with Our Spiritual Motherland, with Our House, which always helps us to survive, even under in the most difficult circumstances. Wherever We "die", disembodied from the Matter of physical Plans We have created, We always return here, to our native Pleiadian Home *, where everyone knows each other, everyone loves each other and always eagerly awaits the return of each of Our Brothers or Sisters. From now on - this is also your Motherland and your Home, where you will always strive, because you are one of Us!".

Ora, continuing to smile charmingly, put her hand on my heart, and I immediately felt such all-embracing Love for everything that surrounded me, which I have never experienced before. Many, many things from hundreds and thousands of incarnations of Oris instantly swept through my deep memory and I literally physically and instantly experienced with my entire Being, the profound integrity and indissolubility with the World, where as I thought, I have just set my foot for the first time, but which, as it turned out, I already knew so well.
They, that is, this civilization, are subject to the same Universal Laws of Cosmos as We are, and the material Forms of Spiritual expression in the rough

Matter of the Physical Plan are very similar to each other. However, the very measurements and parameters of their densest Plan, as well as the vibrational frequency of their "physical" Matter, and hence its properties, turned out to be completely different from the ones on Earth. Besides, their entire existence in terms of intensity or creative activity primarily occurs not on the third, like us, but on the fourth and fifth levels of density of Matter, which also have a much larger number of temporal ordinates than the same levels of terrestrial Space.

Our flora and fauna, but purely in general terms, are also very similar, if we do not take into account that every one of their animals, as well as each plant have a much greater degree of certain "reasonableness" and self-expression in comparison with what we have on Earth. A few tens of millennia ago, this civilization even had its own colony on Earth. I even remembered that the greeting in their telepathic language sounds like "Ealeado”. It occurred to me that perhaps the Greek “Эллада” (Ελλάδα – the way the native Greeks call their country) or "Hellas" (in Latin) means the same thing - "hello!". The names of those with whom I personally telepathically communicated during the trip sounded like this: Ora, Aalan, Adoniesis, Gohara, Vudok.

Their Evolution, which began billions of years prior to ours and was developing in completely different space-time conditions, unlike the Evolution of the Earth’s humankind, suffering from the spiritual convulsions and numerous cataclysms, implemented much faster, and the primary source of their spiritual and intellectual advancement was the relentless Will to victory over degenerate and destructive forces, as well as the awareness of the necessity of exaltation over all weaknesses caused by the forced loss of the internal equilibrium. Their conception of Freedom, unlike our perverted and selfish earthly understanding of it, is completely devoid of negativity, and that state of balanced bliss and harmony in which they all abide is strengthened by their deep inner peace, harmony and the firm certainty, which is communicated to them by boundless assurance of the fact, that, THE WAY THEY SUPPORT AND SERVE THE HIGHER, THE HIGHER IS SERVING THEM just as well.

This is what the radiant Goara, accompanying me on this particular astral journey, have telepathically communicated in this regard: "We are merged with the Almighty Will of the Creator, who, being the distributor of Love and life-giving Light, is also the balancing dynamism of all the instincts that various dimensions suggest on the experimental Plans of Existence (such as on the current version of the Earth – translator’s example). Our science, like our Wisdom, is the fruit of our Will and the aspiration to possess the Knowledge and Mysteries of the Primordial Elements that form the basis of both Creations, and also prevailing over the corresponding anti-generative Forces of the Cosmos and over all dynamisms that structure the numerous aggregate levels of atomic and sub-atomic vibration frequencies, which are used by the so-called by Earthlings - Archangel, Cherubim, Seraphim and Thrones".

They help us not only because they are Our forefathers and great-descendants at the same time, but also because they live and act according to the Law of Love towards another. You should not think that they have already solved all their problems and now only enjoy the perfection achieved. They probably have not less, but even more problems than Us, however they solve them absolutely differently, strictly adhering to the Seven Universal Laws of the Cosmos and avoiding open conflicts with other, more violent and aggressive civilizations, which also exist on Pleiades”.

After communication with them, I realized that in the surrounding Cosmos there exist some red-haired races or civilizations that are characterized by extreme aggressiveness and recalcitrant and rampant manners. The experience that they acquire is based on constant conflicts, eternal disagreement with all and a constant desire to prove to everyone and everything their rightness and exclusive knowledge of Truth. From the “3-D” (in reality it could be much more than 3 – translator’s example) "living" pictures that I was shown, I concluded that that type of red Pleiadians is not as tall and more grotesque and if I may say so - much more “lethargic” than any of my friends-giants, however, they are nevertheless full of ambition and self-conceit.

While informing me about herself, Goara also telepathized that, at the time, part of the Consciousness of this irrepressible and passionate race, was embodied in Earthly terrestrial bodies, thereby giving rise to the red-haired human hybrid, which differs from other people of the Earth with its characteristic assertiveness, ardor and irrepressibility, capable of bringing these people literally to insanity, if the obstacles on their way become insurmountable.

Additionally, the beautiful Goara introduced me to several other types of civilizations that arrived from other constellations, in particular from the Lyra constellation, currently inhabiting some planetary systems of the Pleiades, and who look very much like earthly birds and cats, however, whose intellectual development levels differ tremendously in comparison with us, earthlings. Next to them, we would look like small children in the presence of adults.

If the birdlike humanoids are distinguished by extreme restraint, coldness and dispassion, the humanoid-cats are more tender and sensual by nature, although the characters in both of them are far from angelic. Goara noted that the only reason she has showed all this to me is to let people of Earth know through my stories and books that, just like on Earth, the Pleiadians, who come in contact with Earthlings, are all different and should not be treated as one solid race, because the frequency range that distinguishes them according to the signs of spirituality, reasonableness and peace-lovingness, both in relation to themselves and to other cosmic civilizations, can be exorbitant.

Of course, our spiritual Teachers could help us solve all our problems on a much larger scale; however, according to the Cosmic Laws they have no right to forcefully interfere with the natural development and maturation of the Consciousness of various versions of Earthly humanity, developing within the Material Creation Planes. We, the Earthlings, must ourselves find the right solutions and ways out of deadlock situations, into which we constantly drive ourselves, not wanting to admit that the driving force of evolution is not so much the Reason as Love, or rather, their balanced combination.

Therefore, their civilization is limited only to invisible assistance, the essence of which is that the crews of their spacecraft make great efforts to constantly bring into balance the ratio of Forces, which we, humans, destroy on the increasingly larger scale with purely barbarous attitude.

People, with whom they maintain constant telepathic contact, have been specially incarnated on Earth from the Pleiades to create direct energy-informational channels of Consciousness, connecting their civilizations with the Earth’s humankind. When the time comes for active inclusion in the specific activity, many of these people somehow learn about their extraterrestrial origin, others only suspect it and, nevertheless, feel positively motivated through the realization of their belonging to a highly spiritual civilization; therefore, they joyfully adjoin those who are clearly aware of their extraterrestrial origin, forming together various contact groups and selflessly helping each other. No other goal is capable of rallying people together so closely, who up to that moment did not know each other, except their mutual awareness of common belonging to one highly spiritual civilization.


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