“The choices we make dictate the lives we lead. To thine own self be true”

~William Shakespeare, ‘Hamlet’.


The subject of incurable diseases, cancer in particular, is one of the most popular in modern medicine. Oncology, as an independent medical field of research, is developing rapidly. 

The latest diagnostic methods allow identifying the cancer early enough while innovative medications help to treat it timely. Nevertheless, the true cause of cancer remains unclear to this day, causing corresponding mortality rate to rise steadily. In this article, I wish to approach the subject from the very different and unusual perspective. Many cancer articles compare various medication effects, discuss the latest early diagnosis inventions, talk about the ways to care for patients, mention general issues associated with the disease, and analyze variety of arising psychological difficulties during treatment. However, in this paper I deliberately haven’t mentioned the disease itself - its developing, diagnosis, or treatment stages, but instead attempted to uncover far more global world structure in general and the human being in it in particular on the example of supposedly "incurable" disease. Emerging disease - is not just a disease of the body, but also a whole spectrum of arising issues, which we face upon the onset of a disease. The purpose of my work - is to acquaint the reader with a set of latest cosmological concepts, depicted in Iissiidiology through my subjective understanding of it, regarding the problem of "incurable" diseases, cancer in particular. However, before we go any farther, it is necessary to introduce some new notions, which are designed to facilitate the reader in profound understanding of the cancer’s nature and truly effective cure methods.

Many ancient cultures have inherent understanding of the Universe, as the unity of the entire existence. With the advent of Isaac Newton's mechanics and René Descartes in mathematics and philosophy discoveries, we became separated from the unified Universe; instead, it was replaced by a mechanistic model, where the mind exists separately from the body, and the World is divided into “living” and “inanimate” objects. This idea of ​​separation of all has long served as the basis for the Western mentality in general, and medicine in particular. Scientific thought was more concentrated on the matter, while Consciousness became the destiny of philosophy and psychology – science fields with weak evidence base.

By analogy, the human body was seen as a mechanism controlled by the brain with a working heart, and DNA, which coordinates all biological programs. All processes, occurring in the body, were tied to specific organs and systems; however, everything in the Universe, just like within the human body, is much more complicated. According to Iissiidiology, the entire surrounding reality, every single constituent of it, - from various physical fields and elementary particles to Galaxies and multiple Universes - everything is Self-Conscious. Absolutely nothing is “inanimate”. Everything is alive, and everything depends on the quality of our perceptual system, which directly determines WHAT (out of EVERYTHING THERE IS) we are able to experience. For instance, before the discovery of the microscope, we were unaware of tiny organisms, existing in and around us. Therefore, if we do not see something now, it does not mean that it does not exist; simply the time for that knowledge did not come yet. The same goes for perceptions regarding the Universe. Is it one Universe or are there many of them? The science still unable to answer that question. However, lately philosophers and even physicists started to talk about multiple Universes, something Iissiidiology long ago defined as MULTIVERSE.

Currently, the existence of multiple universes still cannot be proved by utilizing only empirical cognition method, including latest technology and an existing scientific perception model. However, if we utilize intuitive – iissiidiological - method of cognition in addition to the empirical one, we may capture the profound essence of unknown subjects or concepts, subsequently turning them into a holistic comprehension. This method is based on improving the mental-sensory perception quality, which in turn will tremendously facilitate towards far more accurate interpretation of the Universe’s Laws and Principles. Science does not stand still, and with the emergence of cosmological theory in the late twentieth century as well as the introduction of the term "multiverse", world plurality, which has its own set of interaction constants, different from our particles, atoms, planets and stars, interacting with one another by creating their own "space and time".

Iissiidiology minutely explains how each World, reflected in space-time, has its energy and information linkages between various forms of self-consciousness (humans, animals, plants, minerals, atoms and elementary particles). Because of our subjective perception capability limitations at this stage of evolution, we cannot separate one world from another, vegetating in a powerful illusion that the surrounding environment – is a static and objectively existing reality.

Everything I am trying to explain here is quite difficult to understand; moreover – within the framework of a given article it is impossible to provide substantial comprehensive information. It can, however, be obtained from “IissiidiologyFundamentals" and “Fundamentals Commentaries” multivolume edition by Oris, which is currently being translated from Russian. However, probably the best way to imagine what the multi-variance development is, one can simply imagine a film projector. All possible development scenarios exist in the Universe primordially; I compare them to a film footage, while an infinite amount of development paths of our lives can be compared with a film itself. Thus, we shift within our own consciousness along that imaginary film by means of our own interest - our desires, thoughts and aspirations.

It is important to understand that the above-mentioned process occurs spheroidally simultaneously-instantaneously and not linearly, as we are accustomed to think.

Among various development scenarios our configurations (in Iissiidiology - is a unique, non-repeating combination or specific sets of relationships in various degrees of activity of all possible physiological, mental-sensory characteristics at a given moment) are interlinked with each other through common perceptions. The entire palette of myriads of development scenarios are parallel and simultaneously transform into each other. Within our consciousness, at every instant of our lives, we have a very large number of scenarios, where all possible experience and reactions of our personal interpretations are contained.

Since there are infinite scenario variations exist, and our personal interpretation exists in each frame of every scenario there is, that means that we have an exorbitant amount of choices to make at every single instant of our infinite existence. Simultaneously we exist throughout myriads of realities as children, adolescents and elderly individuals. At that, the individual development scenarios range from the most favorable to the most tragic circumstances. All that is very important to understand so that people realize that they simultaneously live not a single, but an infinite amount of lives, and individual circumstances of all of these lives solely depend on the quality of choices we make.

Human Being – who is he?

Who are we? Why is it so important to comprehend this in light of reviewing the emergence of terminal diseases? Primarily because all bodies of all living organisms contain the same chemical components (oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, etc.), that exist in all, as we define them - inanimate objects. In the tradition of Western medicine, the human being represents a number of isolated organs and systems, where the primary cognition method is the human body itself. Whereas the Eastern medicine, conversely, focuses almost entirely on a human’s soul as the primary cognition method. Such diametrically opposite approaches indicate that neither the global society in general, nor medicine in particular, have any sensible holistic concept of what a human being is. New scientific discoveries in physics, chemistry, biology and some other fields of study, have clearly shown that the separate study approach, within the framework of each separate branch of science, does not lead to a holistically meaningful cognition and comprehension of what a human being, the surrounding world, and the entire Universe, are.

That became the starting point for the emergence of interdisciplinary and even transdisciplinary fields of study. The Swiss psychologist and philosopher - Jean Piaget, known for the creation of "genetic epistemology" and cognitive development theory:

“After the stage of interdisciplinary research - he wrote in 1970, we should expect more global stage - transdisciplinary, which is not limited to interdisciplinary relationships, but which will apply these relationships throughout the global system without strict boundaries between disciplines”.

Currently, there exist a number of sciences, such as cognitive sciences, philosophical anthropology, psychoneuroimmunology, psycho-oncology and others, which attempt to connect many different fields of study into a unified holistic knowledge. I would like to introduce the opinions of some scientists, expressed by them in regards to possible solutions to pressing issues facing humanity, as new perceptions in connection to trends that will be strengthened, and take on particular importance as the scientists’ ability of thinking nonlinearly and holistically.

“Transdisciplinarity means stimulating synergies between disciplines and global integration of knowledge. It is in line with the current practice of knowledge transformation, constructive solution search and involving scientists into real-world problems solving process. Transdisciplinarity implies that the analysis experts involved in research, general scientists, social practice leaders, as well as political leaders, unite their efforts to solve the entire spectrum of existing issues on the global scale. However, this practical orientation of transdisciplinary research should be based upon its fundamental nature, holistic reality vision and attempt to grasp reality in its universal patterns. Transdisciplinarity involves a creative approach to problem solving, as well as rationality of open and creative mind”.

Indeed, I see our collective future in global unification, finding common mutually beneficial concepts and in the nexus between various fields of knowledge, when an object or a phenomenon (human being or an Earth, for instance) is studied from many perspectives by at least several scientific disciplines simultaneously. Therefore, an individual should not be viewed separately from the whole, but rather in close conjunction with the world and the entire Universe. In order to understand how Iissiidiology explains the nature of what a human being is, I wish to clarify that the humanity is not a "crown of Creation" as many people currently believe, and, like all living beings, as well as what we subjectively perceive as “inanimate objects”, represents only a tiny fraction of an exorbitant variety of Self-Consciousness Forms. Everything in the Universe is interrelated and to some extent is being a part of another. In addition, it is often quite difficult to see this relationship.

Proto-Form and development direction perceptions

To proceed further, I must say that Iissiidiology utilizes specific Space Code - identifiers (codes) for those concepts and perceptions, which have no analogies in any areas of human knowledge today. The introduction of these codes by the Iissiidiology’s author become essential for maximum reflection of the internal sense of various phenomena, process or relationship. The arising form-images, specifically structured by thoughts and emotions, will capture the essence of the surrounding reality for people in the nearest future than any presently existing subjective notions. For instance, GOOLGAMAA-A (ГООЛГАМАА-А) - is the collective space intellect of all forms of self-consciousness, which are represented by proto-forms (i.e., plants, animals, minerals, human beings, as well as other forms of self-consciousness not yet known to us, which in turn, represented by various molecule, atom, and other elementary particle proto-forms). All existing biological and mineral forms of self-consciousness are connected together by means of something physicists define as elementary particles.

All “inanimate” forms as well as all living forms are created by form-creators ("form-producing Self-Consciousness formations"). When we talk about living form or object, consisting of cells, we are not talking about form-creators, but rather bio-creators because bio-creators are involved in all biological form implementation and manifestation processes on Earth. Someone, whom we define as a human being, actually represents a part of collective cosmic intellect GOOLGAMAA-A (ГООЛГАМАА-А) and has the Code LLUU-VVU (ЛЛУУ-ВВУ). LLUU-VVU is one of proto-forms existing in the Universe equally with other proto-forms such as animals, plants, minerals and others. Under given existential conditions, the humanity has the leading development advantage, since it is the dominant form of Self-Consciousness, well psycho-mentally organized and which has all possible, particularly human, self-development capabilities. To understand such an important concept as the development direction, an analogy with the construction firm is necessary. Imagine a construction firm that implements various types of construction – houses, bridges, stadiums and so on. Each particular specialist team undertakes a certain job project – bridge or a building for instance. Similarly, the development direction is like a certain chosen job project for a particular group of specialists. All Self-Consciousness Form types (like animals, minerals, plants, microorganisms and more) self-develop along with their chosen development schema. We, the people, advance in a True Human type (LLUU-VVU) of development direction. Why are we developing in this direction? Because our current phenotype (all currently manifested human forms) is a part of LLUU-VVU development schema. LLUU-VVU development direction has a wide realization range.

The most harmonious and propelling towards the advanced evolution in that particular direction, is the predominant presence of two distinctive characteristics: highly sensuous Intellect, coupled with highly Intellectual Altruism in everyday choice making and psychic reactions of any particular individual. Why is that important? Because the certain development scenarios and existential circumstances of our lives directly depend on the quality and activity degree of the mentioned characteristics.

Apart from the human development, there are plenty of other equally valuable development directions. Human being – is the LLUU-VVU form of self-consciousness, which is formed by various proto-form development directions, which in turn are structured by various physical body elementary particles, atoms and molecules form-creators. People and everything that surrounds them (animals, plants, minerals), have a lot in common on the atom and elementary particle levels: they all consist of electrons and nucleons and are composed of almost the same chemical constituents. Therefore, by deviating from the path of human LLUU-VVU development, it is possible to refocus (re-project – gradually change the manifestation form), into other proto-forms, by acquiring their features. These symptoms first appear unnoticed, but if there is a major shift towards the development of certain proto-form, it becomes noticeable through various types of diseases and similar destructive changes in life. Individually, we never refocus within only LLUU-VVU interpretations along any single development direction. Instead, it occurs in multi-polarized fashion, by means of infinite multi-dispersion and perpetual developing throughout the infinite amount of proto-form development directions. That means that there is an infinite multitude of various development scenarios, where we make different choices. In certain scenarios, our choices are of lesser quality due to the insufficient amount of experience, while in other scenarios our choices are much more advanced, because in there we individually are much more experienced and wise.

The notion of refocusing and death

Iissiidiology utilizes the notion “refocusing” (re-projection), which implies the resonant tune to the specific Self-Consciousness configuration, allowing the possibility of manifesting in specific circumstances. The configuration of each form of self-consciousness has a set of unique qualities, resonantly inscribed within the corresponding world. As I have indicated above, there is infinite number of various worlds, as well as personal interpretation of each individual. All this - is a lengthy introduction to such unexplored notion as death. Even that word alone scares many of us. It is mysterious and is usually associated with fear, lost hopes, pain and despair.

For our current perception systems, the death is subjective. Once it occurs, we no longer can come in any form of contact with someone we have known. However, our future perception systems will allow detecting multi-polarization – the fact of individual refocusing along various development scenarios, where no death has occurred.

This is similar to the experiment in physics, when the scientists observe the annihilation of a particular elementary particle – the fact of its transition from one level of energy-informational relationship over to the other, as if it has “died”. However, as I am sure you have guessed, the elementary particle itself, which is already being a part of completely different energy-informational interrelation level, “does not know” that in some other development scenarios it is considered as “dead”, it simply continues its perpetual refocusing process farther. Thus, when we talk about death, we also consider life as an infinite continuation of our Self-Consciousness, as well as the termination of the biological configuration’s existence cycle, which no longer is able to function.

Since we often go through a huge amount of destructive conditions, such as stress, accidents, illnesses, or any other misfortunate existential circumstances, resulting in powerful physiological changes of bio-creators, our configuration changes as well. Arising in the body, biological processes lead to the impossibility of existence in the previous form, initiating the self-consciousness re-projection into the next resonantly ideal biological form. However, other people, remaining in the previous scenario, observe the “dead body” – the result of self-consciousness refocusing. The body has ceased to function, but self-consciousness continues with its infinite existence in a different configuration, permanently departing the body, which is now a corpse. Is it not very similar to an elementary particle experiment?

At each refocusing, the previous configuration is qualitatively different from the next by a single quantum shift. Quantum shift - is the minimal qualitative offset, implemented within our perception system, structuring a single conditional quantum of energy-information. Iissiidiology defines the very notion of quantum as a minimal energy potential available to our perception, which contains the entire information regarding the entire macrocosm. It farther argues that the entire macrocosm consists of only a single infinite quantum of energy-information, and that every form of self-awareness while simply resonating by its perception system with a certain part of this quantum, creates certain perceptions regarding anything through its own form of self-consciousness. Therefore, both – less qualitative, as well as qualitative quantum part that is of more or less informational intensive density bearing corresponding interrelations, - are located within the same group of Space-Time Continuums (STC’s). STC – is a structure of Space-Time, conditionally created in order to show in detail certain types of energy-informational relationships, in reality occurring simultaneously. Depending on what qualities we produce at each quantum shift, we either refocus into the STC’s, which is closer to the human development direction or closer to some of proto-form development directions where animalistic or vegetative reactions are a norm. Hence, the more we saturate each quantum shift, occurring within our self-consciousness with negative (less informationally-intensive) manifestations, such as resentment, envy, hatred, jealousy, fear or nervousness, all of which are not peculiar to highly sensuous Intellect and highly Intellectual Altruism, we refocus in scenarios, where our forms are actively (but completely unnoticeably for us!) refocus in various proto-form development directions.

However, when we remain in altruistic inspirations and intellectual relationships (i.e. more informationally intensive), for extensive periods of time, these "quantum shifts" refocus us in more favorable scenarios of human development trends.

Finally, when we have defined a minimal set of conceptions and terms, it will be much easier to see and understand the stupendous innovations, introduced by Iissiidiology in the cancer addressing issue. So, what a modern medicine says in this regard?

Modern medicine cancer overview

According to WHO (World Health Organization) in 2012 and an updated version of the world's database GLOBOCAN 2012, cancer mortality and morbidity rate, increases. According to Dr. David Foreman of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the next 10 years will see an increase of this indicator. He said - "The trend for the next 10 years is not comforting. According to forecasts, by 2025 the death rate from the effects of cancer will increase from current 8 million to 11.5 million cases per year. The number of newly diagnosed cases of cancer will exceed 19.1 million. That is the sad statistics”. Dissociation of medical institutions around the world and the lack of reliable statistical information significantly underestimates the actual numbers, but even the existing data vividly demonstrates that cancer acquires epidemic proportions worldwide. According to the Committee on Cancer Prevention of WHO, the disease arises from the interaction between genetic factors and three categories of external agents, including:

1. Physical carcinogens, such as ultraviolet and ionizing radiation;

2. Chemical carcinogens such as asbestos, tobacco smoke components, aflatoxines (food contaminant) and arsenic (a drinking water contaminant);

3. Biological carcinogens, such as infections caused by certain viruses, bacteria or parasites.

The basis of the tumor appearance and its reproduction in the body (due to external carcinogens or genetic disorders), is a tumor cell, which is able to transmit its acquired properties throughout an infinite number of generations. Tumor cells are considered as genetically mutated, when the tumor growth begins with a one single cell. However, the cells’ perpetual division and division of its newly arising cells – is the primary means of tumor growth’s expansion. Migration and proliferation of tumor cells into other organs and tissues, results in the formation of metastases.

What happens in the body, and why any particular individual’s immune system “suddenly” fails, missing, for some understudied reasons, the "defective" cancer cell, capable of uninterrupted proliferation and uncontrolled growth. Most likely, from a medical point of view, a compromised immune system is crucial to the subsequent development of the tumor, since the onset of cell abnormality is inevitable, and it all farther depends on how smoothly and efficiently these abnormalities can be recognized and promptly corrected.

Yes, the immune system plays a crucial role in the body, but in reality, cause of the tumor origination lays much deeper than that. There are many theories, hypotheses and experiments, partially proving the development of tumors in some patients, but failing to explain its expansion in others. Why do some patients exhibit the signs of the so-called spontaneous remission, while others do not? Unfortunately, the modern medicine can not answer this, and many other vital questions with complete confidence as of yet. Therefore, all the efforts of medical institutions, medical academies, universities, laboratories as well as pharmaceutical companies, are aimed at finding harmful factors, genetic mutations, and the most effective methods in addressing and curing of these causes. If we continue considering a human being as only an isolated and simply a visually manifested biological entity, without deep understanding of the Universe structure and the role, played by the humankind in the Universe, all this research will be grossly extended, insuring that incurable disease true cause remains an absolute mystery.

The true nature of any disease in iissiidiological point of view

I wish to introduce the quote from one of Oris’s works, which has helped me in many difficult situations, and which, as I sincerely hope, will help the reader as well. Oris wrote: "The one and only cause of all your failures and misfortunes in life has nothing to do with anyone or anything else, but solely with you - your ignorance or selfishness, your inferior reasoning and primitive emotions". According to the iissiidiological conception, any emerged disease is not an accident, but a distinctive sign of active refocusing process of a given individual into some of the proto-form development scenarios. All of our diverse thoughts, feelings, emotions and perceptions regarding the outside world, are the specific waveforms, operating within a specific range of frequency and vibration. Our most rough manifestations, such as resentment, hatred, envy, jealousy, greed and others, are capable of condensing through any substance elementary particle’s dynamics within the molecular structures and substantially alter the biological state of our organism on a DNA level, because the entire bio-creators activity occurs at the psychosomatic level. Once any non-positive thoughts are activated within an individual self-consciousness, this is a signal for an immediate formation of specific proteins and hormones. Overabundant activity of these hormones leads to disruption of the body's bio-creator activity, along with departure from a human development trends, ultimately resulting in a powerful dissonance within the body.

As a result, those bio-creators, who were previously responsible for balance and harmony within the body, delegate their functions over to the proto-form bio-creators, which have instead intensified. All that disruption and deviation away from the human development trend leads to the fact that body’s bio-creators can no longer distinguish the healthy, human development direction cells from other already mutated cells, which are considered to be of a different proto-form development direction. Because of excessive activity of proto-form bio-creators, the process of localization in a certain part of the body occurs, which subsequently results in an onset of a cancer or a benign tumor.

"Cancer, like any incurable disease - is an ultimate form of crystallization of all kinds of mental negativisms, ranging from seemingly innocuous domestic dramas and the usual family quarrels, all the way to the burning desire of vendetta (bloody retaliation), murderous hatred and the lingering resentment. Possible in such cases "mortal" outcome during an extended illness - is just an extreme measure of evolutionary impact of any Lesson of Life to the most imperfect Configurations, that simply do not match the higher frequency "rotation Cycles" of more qualitative World Form-Systems, in the direction of which there is a steady trend of gradual refocusing from "current" Configurations into the "next", even more qualitative. Consequently, all lesser qualitative Configurations must remain in "their", inherent to them, lesser qualitative Worlds. We can observe this principle’s implementation at any moment of someone's "Death" in our "individual worlds".

Iissiidiology approaches the conception of "disease" from the entirely different angle than the traditional and even untraditional medicine, thus applying drastically different treatment methodology, which has the unique meaning. Treatment is divided into two perspectives: the first one implies the refocusing process of the patient while and the second – the refocusing process of the physician himself. In the given groups of STC’s the treatment usually includes the use of various medications (chemotherapy), surgery, radiotherapy, gene therapy along with psychological impact, leading the physician to various scenarios of the patient’s "cure factor", and from the patient’s perspective, where he or she experiences variable outcome scenarios.

Can a disease have its positiveness?

Absolutely. You see – any disease, especially extended and severe, usually brings the patient nothing more than numerous instances of mental and physical suffering. However, at the same time, it provides an opportunity to address the vital issues more profoundly than before. It also allows emotional liberation from the previously agitated desires and grievances as well as substantial life reevaluation opportunity. It often leads people towards much deeper comprehension of things they were never able to understand previously, or did not have time to simply stop and think. Instances of pain, experienced by many patients – is a necessary addition to the acquired experience. That painful experience is important not only for the patient himself, nurturing that individual’s volitional aspects, but also for the people around him or her.

Why small children are effected by cancer?

When adults become diagnosed with cancer, we understand that accumulation of stress, genetic mutations and bad ecology could lead to such consequences.

However, when small children become cancer’s targets, what could be the real cause for that? Of cause, there are many cancer onset causes, but I am talking about the one of many. While children do not have their own views or opinions in life, in their choices they can only rely on certain reactions and perceptions offered to them by their parents and relatives. As such, children become peculiar hostages of specific perceptions, offered to them by adults. Thus, until a child acquires his or her own experience, they are constantly forced to remain in powerful dependence on the qualitative state of someone's views and interests. The child’s own opinion is rarely taken into account, because it is considered incompetent for the reason of not being based on an individual practical experience. Therefore, the child withdraws and locks out from the outside world, trying to protect their own inner reality from the “invading” adults. In doing so, adults often condemn their children to the fate of the innocent victims of their (adult’s) ignorant perceptions and ambitious choices. This often continues before either cancer or any other illness occurs with the child, at times even resulting in a child’s death. The children are at no fault here because all circumstances of their individual lives, while not being a result of their conscious choice, structure originally programmed conditions of their specific development scenarios, which were chosen for them by either their parents, or any other people, who happened to be responsible for these scenarios. Now recall how often many adults simply force young children to do something they do not want… Whether the child had other opinions regarding any particular situation, and if only he or she had a real opportunity to refuse to do what he considers wrong or unnecessary, perhaps many of the tragic incidents in their life could be avoided.

Reasons behind “bad” and “good” people acquiring incurable diseases

When an incurable disease affects an "evil" person, it usually is not surprising. However, when a “good”, warmhearted individual is diagnosed with cancer… Why is that? The great number of obviously primitive, ignorant and grossly egocentric people, whose choices and reactions are far from bearing any True Human characteristics (as I am sure you remember that they include highly intellectual Altruism and highly sensuous Intellect), so often have excellent health and financial stability. Meanwhile, living next to them, are warm, altruistic and intellectually developed people often get ill and literally eke out their existence. You may ask – is it a gross injustice or a mandatory and natural self-consciousness improvement and development dynamic process?

Resonantly, within the current STC’s, which are structured by lower-frequency behavioral displays such as aggression, envy, resentment and others, these, who exhibit stable lower-frequency qualities, inherent for this particular group of STC’s (in terms of survival, social amenities and creative implementation), will always feel better and more secure than those, who steadily exhibit the qualities of higher Intellect and Altruism.

This is because their individual characteristics and these of the majority of other people, forming a human community of this group of STC’s, have substantial degree of qualitative incompatibility between one another. So what happens when an all-around gentle, knowledgeable, intelligent and highly spiritual (not necessarily religious!) person acquires an incurable disease and dies? There are few possible reasons for this.

1. The assessment of this individual’s qualities by other people is conducted superficially, and perhaps, his kindness adjoins to lesser positive manifestation - petulance, for instance.

2. This individual has "outgrown" the world in which he resides in terms of his self-consciousness quality, and he needs to "move on" into a different world, more appropriate to his creative potential.

Thus, any disease – is a dissonance between an individual’s qualities and qualities of the surrounding human society. Therefore, it can be asserted that the given individual’s configuration, by virtue of non-compliance, ceases its existence in this group of STC’s, passes through the illusion of death, and manifests in the group of STC’s, ideally correlating with it in terms of frequency.

The disease surmount techniques

In order to change the situation in a biological body, the radical change of all biochemical processes is imperative. It includes strong confidence in the recovery, positive energy approach in order to block all the ongoing negative processes, such as primitive survival desires, corresponding thoughts and emotions, as well as leaving the certain group of scenarios, where the patient has an incurable disease. In reality, the radical shift towards new type of reasoning, feeling and making different type of choices, is a very difficult task; however, stabilization on these new levels of perception – is the objective of an utmost complex nature. Situation can drastically change when a person is faced with an ultimate choice - to live or to die. At this point, everything, which was important for a patient previously, becomes irrelevant. It becomes obvious that there is nothing left to lose, and that the quality of previous choices, experienced relationships and desires have resulted in the crystallization of tumor energy within the affected organ. Deep comprehension of that leads to a wise solution – a patient must fully forgive and let go of all their previous grievances and sincerely harmonize the relationships with all possible ill-wishers and enemies within own self-consciousness.

The recovery trend begins with a simple faith in own curing power as well as the possibility of a change. However, the subsequent process requires profound stabilization in purely positive emotions. If this does not occur, the disease most likely will return, because the reasons behind the onset of the disease were not deeply understood and new existential notions have not yet become the very nature of the patient’s life.

What can actually help changing the quality of self-perceptions as well as the perceptions regarding the surrounding reality? For starters, the complete acceptance of all existential circumstances of life as opportunities for quality improvement, an understanding that any occurring circumstance is totally objective and represents a new self-cognition and experience gathering opportunity. This type of approach results in radical shift of the quality of self-consciousness, when drastic and unusual life changes begin to occur. The usual question, which arises when someone is diagnosed with cancer is – what is next? Immediately, multitude of subsequent behavioral tendencies open up. The most popular one is – to succumb to the fear of cancer and death, and commence the lengthy treatment process, meticulously following all the recommendations of various doctors while not even attempting to change the quality of self-consciousness in general, and reasoning patterns in particular. This approach can actually lead to the cure; however, no one can guarantee that the possible remaining problems on deep, subconscious levels will not emerge in the future. They can manifest in case of accidents and onset of other curable or even incurable diseases.

Because we cannot detect the relationships that lead to the development of certain events, we are not able to interlink everything together as well. However, there are scenario development trends that correspond to radical changes in the self-perception, where the possibilities of recovery are unlimited. It all mainly depends on the person’s own aspiration and understanding of the mechanisms, capable of making the process of cure refocusing more conscious.

Thus, it is surely possible to change the development scenario trend that led to the disease by means of radical alteration of own interests, thoughts, feelings, emotions and choices. As I have indicated previously, the many-worlds nature of the Universe has an unimaginable amount of existential scenarios. Quite obviously, there are many of them, where the same individual, who has cancer in “our” realities, “there” is leading a disease-free Life. Because absolutely any possible scenario already exists throughout the Universe, the steady aspiration towards scenarios, where the same individual has no cancer, can be sufficient in terms of complete recovery. Again - the most difficult part of the cure process is a steady stabilization within the new set of perceptions, concerning self and the surrounding world as it should become a state of being, a certain state of self-consciousness and profound worldview trend, not the transient artificiality.

Speaking about patient’s self-consciousness changes, I am not calling for abandoning the use of available medical treatments. Actually, profound disease origination awareness, coupled with sincere faith and aspiration towards recovery together with the application of conventional medications, can lead to the most favorable recovery scenarios.

Miraculous cancer recoveries, why do they occur?
Studying the available materials on cancer, I found useful tips that are given to the patients; as you can see, these tips have a lot in common with what I have stated previously, for example:

"The most important thing - to eliminate the cause that led to cancer. Deterioration is not the only possible progression trend of the disease. To recover, you must change your lifestyle, be consistent and patient. Neither a single doctor nor any single medicine can replace this bailout approach. "

"Self-confidence, ability to make independent decisions is essential in surmounting of any crisis. If you are diagnosed with a disease, try not to lose composure and always find positiveness in in everyday small things. Maintain the unwavering confidence in the recovery. Remember - the spiritual state predominates over the physical one”.

“All recovered patients exhibited considerable transition within their own self-consciousness as well as revaluation of their spiritual and existential values. Circumstances, where patients find themselves in, break otherwise fixated consciousness, resulting in a miracle”

What is that miracle? Why certain patients are exhibiting the so-called “miraculous recoveries”, otherwise known as spontaneous remissions, while others do not? The modern medical science, including representatives of untraditional medicine, cannot explain the true nature of such occurrence, and therefore they emphasize that patients should not hope for a coincidental success: patients are advised to take full course of cancer treatment first, and only then start believing in a sudden miraculous outcome. However, many factors underlying the phenomenon of "miraculous recovery" are unique to every survivor: these people have unique destiny and unique biological systems, often reacting differently to the same exact treatment. The miraculous recovery revelations, told by all these people regarding their suddenly manifested luck, are often surprising to say the least, because quite often, by that time patients usually remain on such progressive stage of cancer, where neither the conventional nor untraditional medicine are capable of helping them. That is what makes a special impression.

The information regarding the "miracle recoveries" come from all over the world, for example from the following experts: Dr. Herbert Kappauf – German’s Nurnberg oncologist psychotherapist and "spontaneous remission" phenomenon researcher, Dr. Hiroshi Oda - Japanese cancer researcher, Louise Hay – famous American motivational author, and others. Dr. Hiroshi Oda, who described 101 cases of "spontaneous remission", talked in detail with twelve survivors, whose “magical” recoveries remain a mystery to this day.

He has asked them about what have they felt before the recovery, and what, in their opinion, contributed to their "miraculous healing". Possible sources, where according to Dr. Hiroshi Oda, patients could gather strength, included their personal qualities, such as overall positiveness, confidence, optimism, as well as support of other people and trust in the proposed therapy. Courage had permanently remained with these patients. They were ready to overcome any obstacle encountered in their way - even a toughest barrier, erected by an ailment, which literally became a death trap for thousands of others.

Dr. Herbert Kappauf in his popular book "Wonders are possible” provides examples of miraculous cures for various diseases. One of them includes a documentary about Ms. Barbara of (44) ... After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she simply refused amputation. Then, to everyone’s surprise, she had drastically changed her life. She had quit her job and devoted her life to herself by taking hourly walks in the woods and other activities. Meanwhile the tumor continued to grow, but the woman, as if in some kind of hypnosis, believed that it would soon go away. Finally, three years later, a clot in her chest, was in fact, gone”.

There is another story, depicting a miracle in reality, experienced by Frenchman Jeanne Pierre Bel (51) in 1987, one of those rare pilgrims in Lourdes, who, surprisingly to all physicians, healed from illness independently. By that time, he was suffering from multiple sclerosis for 15 years - the disease, which affected the famous cosmologist Stephen Hawking. Bel, following the last hope of survival, went to Lourdes in his wheelchair. Previously he dreamed about such trip for years, and now, full of happiness, he was enjoying the mass. He had experienced relief, pacification and “freedom” as he later recalled. “At first, I was healed in my heart, and then my body commenced to recover... I have not yet experienced an ability to move, however, I knew I had already healed”. 

If we analyze various accounts of people, cured from cancer, we can notice that many patients, who were diagnosed with an "incurable" disease, exhibit a reassessment of their life and the desire to live longer. Cancer was aptly dubbed "the disease of sadness". The disease of a biological body – is only a tiny fraction of the destructive process. Its concealed part – is a disease of something we define as “the soul”. Therefore, the most important part of treatment is still the inner treatment of soul. Yes, patients can use various kinds of medications or undergo treatment by healers, but all that is nothing more than purely superficial external methodologies. That is because the inner peculiarities of our psyche are unique to all of us. Either this is a religious communion, or kind and altruistic behavior, not previously displayed by a particular individual, or something else, radically changing the people’s entire life.

Iissiidiology asserts that at the heart of healing process is a refocusing in those scenarios, where the patient copes with the disease. This is not a miracle at all, but rather logical and natural mechanism, which anyone can master. Therefore, important knowledge, provided by Iissiidiology regarding multiverse, diversity, choice-making options, multi-polarization, refocusing mechanisms, illusion of death and much more, in my opinion, is extremely vital as a practical application of information, capable of improving the lives of everyone.

Medicine has long been known that among the true causes of many diseases are stress, anxiety, inner tension and unresolved conflicts. As it turns out, our psyche plays much larger role in the healing process than was previously believed.

Medical science is constantly improving; so many adjacent scientific fields were developed in recent years, which provide the platform of interdisciplinary communication, and search for a holistic scientific view towards the nature of humanity. One of these scientific development trends is called psychoneuroimmunology. Its followers analyze the relationship between the body, soul and the body's defensive mechanisms, as well as the interaction of our nervous, hormonal and immune systems. In the 1990s, a new trend, called psycho-oncology has been initiated at the intersection of psychology, psychotherapy, oncology and ethics, where an extensive research contribution was infused by Dr. Jimmie C. Holland, MD. Psycho-oncology explores psychological factors impact onto the emergence and the course of the disease. Its primary objections are - cancer patient’s psychological characteristics study, disease reaction peculiarities and corresponding behavior patterns research. 


I would like to remind everyone, who will read this article, that everything is possible. If you, your loved ones or relatives were diagnosed with any, supposedly “incurable” disease, do not fall in despair! Instead, extend the scope of your perception, and then you will realize that the one and only true creator of your life - is you! Moreover, the only means of becoming not just a creator, but conscious creator of own life – is an acquisition of a higher-frequency Knowledge, which provides an extended comprehension of the human nature, the surrounding reality and the Universe. Conscious creator understands that only he or she is responsible for everything that happens to them; they can consciously change their thoughts, emotions, quality of choices and, therefore, - the circumstances of their lives.

Only then, something people call a miracle can occur! For "Miracle – it simply various degrees of comprehension”, as the wisest once said. I would like to conclude my work with a quote from the Volume 13 of “Immortality is available to everyone” book series by Oris.

Why that particular quote? Probably because it reflects the quintessence of everything, I have indicated above, a peculiar summary of what I wanted to express:

“If you can deeply understand the process of changing of any of the myriads of your simultaneously experienced "personalities" (or “individual interpretations”) to any other one of them, then many vital factors will become clear and you will easily achieve what you have planned. If you will not be able to, it is also ok, since everything will occur without your conscious intervention. You will simply continue your life as usual, experiencing yourself in the familiar fashion and existing in the same familiar circumstances. However, you will miss the real opportunity to significantly adjust or even fundamentally change your Destiny, by means of hyper-refocusing into the most attractive and advanced development directions of your Life. Only you, by means of accelerated psychic and mental efforts, are able to carry out such a qualitative "quantum leap" towards your cherished Dream.

Steadily improving and continuously elevating the quality of your reasoning, sensing and existential aspiration, at any given Time, out of all the opportunities provided, you will always inevitably choose only those options, that can refocus you into the much more advanced human Form Configurations belonging to a more harmonious Realities, in the development scenarios of which, such pathological disorders in your body are simply not initially programmed. The only effective and sensible means of curing cancer, AIDS or any other "incurable" disease is not medications, but a radical reconstruction of self-consciousness and sustainable improving of choice-making quality as well as harmonization of your "personal" Life and relationships with absolutely everyone, who is at least somehow related to it. Unfortunately, most patients simply have no time left for the implementation of this complex psycho-spiritual process.” - Oris

By Kseyllirgmiya ( PhD in Medicine)

Translated from Russian by Nikolay Gopenko