ANNOUNCEMENT: What happens to the Earthlings and, in particular, to the Ayfaarians after the evacuation by the starships? What their life is like? Why do the earthlings who study Iissiidiology receive a special treatment? Is it possible to meet with your "double"? In the given part of the “return to our Pleiadian Home” article series Oris provides answers to these questions. Additionally you will learn that the roots of Iissiidiology go back tens of millions of years into the Pleiadian civilizations development history!

This article was adapted according to iissiidiological terminology.


You previously indicated that those Earthlings who thoroughly studied Iissiidiology and cultivated the Ayfaarian lifestyle, upon arrival at the Pleiades or Sirius, are treated somehow in a special way. Could you please elaborate more on this?

Yes, it is true. In any case, out of five Deep Meditations I have conducted regarding the subject of evacuation of earthlings by special starships-reponers, the new Earth aliens are always treated with special attention and alertness. From the very beginning I noticed for myself that all the Ayfaarians, as well as members of regional Ayfaar groups from other Russian cities (and even from other countries) after passing through special scanners (donomer and darappellator) are respectfully offered to pass to a platform that floats through the air to a separate room.

I became interested and decided to figure out what is the reason behind it. Here I will retreat a bit and draw your attention to the fact that the starships arrive in Kampadvolar, a satellite of the planet [ЮУЙ-ИЙЛЛССМ] YUY-IYLLSSM - constantly and in huge numbers: you can see how they are flying under a transparent dome, landing on dozens of giant round accumulators. They are flying in for days, which, by the way, on the planet YUY-IYLLSSM (translated roughly as "turquoise Dream") from the АЛЛГС-СИЙЯ [ALLGS-SIYYA] system of the photon belt of Alcyone Star, last for 33 hours. The Pleione Star belt planetary systems КОЛЛ-РАККСТ [KOLL-RAKKST] and ООРДЛ-ИЙИ-РЛИ [OORDL-YIY-RLI], where evacuations of earthlings by gravity flyers are also implemented, have different chronological time parameters, such as osmy, fukrums and ismilutas.

Thus, on two separate occasions it happened that under different circumstances I came across my other "self" (different Stereo- Form of the same Stereo-Type), who arrived from various parallel Worlds. In the first case, I was the first to spot my “other self", standing on a transparent platform (but wearing different clothes) passing by and, without restraining, loudly called - "Oris!" - after which he also looked at me, smiled and waved his hand, however, our platforms were flying in opposite directions. At the second time, I have met another Oris in the City of Light on my way from my home to “Ullt-tau-tuu” (something similar to the displayed computer science, pertaining to the cultures of different civilizations learning program).

It turned out that we "exfoliated" at some point shortly after our graduation, when I took an absentee ballot and went to work in Yalta, while he, after his business contract in the city of Sumy has ended, went to Moscow, got a job as a laboratory assistant in Timiryazev Academy, ultimately becoming a head of the department of winemaking. Eventually he became a medium contact with several Pleiadian civilizations, wrote several books about their culture and worldview, and then suddenly somehow woke up on a gravity flyer together with several hundred of his followers who, imagine!, lived in different Moscow districts and they also did not remember how they got to the star craft reponer and how went through the photon reformatting - tairrlidation.

We looked like monogamous twin brothers, except for some mimic features and a few wrinkles. He had to fly to the Medical Center for a genetic rejuvenation and general harmonization session, after which we agreed to meet again.

At the same time, I could not meet the other two of my Stereo-Forms, although I saw each of them separately, while floating over different rooms. That looks spectacular! Among the thousands of people sitting in four gigantic amphitheaters, my attention was focused on them, differently dressed, but looking identically similar to me ... I experienced a powerful intuitive sense of kinship, spiritual affinity with each of them. I thought that I would cross paths with them somewhere, but so far, during my Deep Meditation sessions, I have not found such occasions.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that after the star flyer photon reformatting procedure, the eye glasses become absolutely useless (I still do not know where my glasses disappeared to, although I had them on before the evacuation), because the vision acquires fantastic abilities to zoom in on the object at large distances and inspect it to the smallest detail! Soon the ability to fully identify with the psychic state of the interlocutor or any other creature appears, even at a great distance! About a week later, the first signs of the ability to read other people's thoughts manifest and for some reason I was not surprised of it at all.

In those civilizations, considering the more universal properties of space-time dimensionality (from 3.5 to 4.25), Earthlings, simultaneously living in different development scenarios, are assembled together in the Kampadvolar Center. You can keep your Earth names according to your desire. The Pleiadians have no concept of identity, except for ННААССММ [NNAASSMM] - an individual spectrogram of consciousness that is easily read from your photon frame by special miniature devices. However, most often people prefer to adapt the obtained Sound Space Codes and use them as their identifier, instead of the old earthly name.

As you would prefer to call yourself, so will everyone perceive you, regardless of the letters of your individual photon configuration, like yours truly, who preferred to retain the Sound Space Code - Oris. In bioplasma civilizations, there can be multiple variations of your individual Interpretations, who outwardly can appear identical to you, or, perhaps not very much so, however, according to their individual spectrogram and their creativity, they will all be different. They can meet with one another, communicate and help in achieving of various tasks and projects.

The fact is that during tairrlidation (photon reformatting upon moving to the Pleiades), the low-frequency constituents of individual self-awareness in each of them is "cut off", while the parts of the photonic structure that each of them has ultimately identified with, turned out to be very diverse in terms of their genomic activity. Thus, one way or another, all biological Interpretations, having passed into the bioplasma Form, become different people, with their own character, tastes, preferences, memories and other individualized attributes.

Having passed through the two special photon scanners (the donomer and the darappellator, which determine your complete spectrogram), our group (more than 400-450 people, from which I could identify only half) was sent to a separate room, to which we have flown through the air on the two platforms for about 20 minutes. There we were transferred under the care of the three typical Pleiadians and four assistants, one of whom was clearly an Earthman. We settled down in one of the lower parts of the amphitheater, while they gathered in the center near the stage equipment. A representative of the Pleiadian (it was a young female) told us the following.

In a very historically remote version of their "now" (as I have understood, several tens of millions of Earth years “ago”), through the representatives of the very developed race of Koolkksmuulls (the so-called "Cosmic Builders") an extremely important sacral Knowledge of the Synchronous Oneness of absolutely everything in the Multiverse - ААЛЛММААЛЛАА [AАLLMMAALLAA], was given to one of the Pleiadian civilizations. This knowledge was taught to all the Pleiadians, and soon thereafter, their race became part of АССВААТ [ASSVAAT] (the Highest Intellect of our Galactic Sector) and became one of the most advanced civilizations of the УЛГРУУ [ULGRUU] (the Highest Cosmic Mind of the Milky Way Galaxy).

Since then this Knowledge has become obligatory for them, as all scientific works, achievements and successes are built on it; it underlies the formation and cultivation in the Collective Consciousness of the Pleiadian races of absolutely all relationships with themselves and the surrounding Worlds. This Knowledge, in one form or another, but essentially holistically the same albeit some insignificant nuances, is used by many highly developed civilizations and serves as the primary mechanism for the evolution of any Self-Consciousness Form into its more qualitative states (I have omitted some examples and historical facts that were provided).

All of you, - she continued to telepathize, - possess a certain variable number of unique “alttabsors” in your photon frame (the thinnest network of matter) - complex, highly vibrational interconnections that permeate almost all realizational levels of Self-Consciousness of each of you. The very nature of the quantum structure of your alttabsors, - the very sequence in which they are formed and then transformed into unique neural networks, as well as the very composition of these networks is all very similar to the psychomental formations that exist only in the genome of the flying Pleiadians from the planet ЛЛУ-ВВУ-ЙЮЛ-ТТ [LLU-VVU-YUL-TT] of Alcyone Star system.

In addition, your intuitive and persistent desire to understand and assimilate this the most difficult for Research, Knowledge ААЛЛММААЛЛАА [AАLLMMAALLAA] (in terrestrial continuums - Iissiidiology) indicates that in your genomes the stable group of nucleotide sequences of a purely Pleiadian character has already been formed and consolidated for creative realization, meaning that this is an established fact of synchronization of the gene material of the Pleiadian pairs, which makes all of you extremely valuable to the rest of us, the Pleiadians.

What you were doing on Earth, constantly being in the conditions of global pressure onto the Self-Consciousness from various negative entities, while not only preserving but also intensively cultivating the available aspects of Human Qualities (Intellect and Altruism) - all this will provide our scientists with priceless material for analysis and conclusions. Moreover (she opened a large hologram of some chart), we keep a record of where and when (from which scenarios and the chronological dates) people were evacuated to compare various factors of external influence on the intensity of the formation of human traits.

Hence, dearest friends, we have a lot of work ahead of us! Then she became vividly enthusiastic, talking a lot about the merits of the Oris’s “plaapsies” (as she called my biological Interpretations) in this experiment, lasting many time cycles (that has confused me quite a bit since I could not interrupt her!), after which everyone looked at me as they see me for the first time… additionally she has highlighted that during the last several sklabbitors (analogue of our earthly year, but several times longer) this is the five hundred and fifty-sixth flight with earthling followers of the ААЛЛММААЛЛАА [AALLMMAALLAA] analogs (in our continuums - Iissiidiology) from different scenarios.

I began to wonder how many such people come from different Worlds, to which she immediately telepathized: "There are groups of up to 500 people, and there are 10-12 and 35-40 thousand. Three flights were of 124, 180 and 325 thousand. Currently, the number of arriving people with such a unique configuration from different scenarios constitutes to be more than 18.5 million, and they continue to arrive almost daily. I asked her telepathically - "what is it connected with?” - to which she immediately replied - "This process can be compared with harvesting of a sower, as the Earth’s saying goes – “one must reap as one has sown”.

Someone from the audience telepathized her: "what will happen to us next?"

- Now you will undergo a small medical examination, when all primary and subsequent results of your health will be recorded in your individual “siptuum” (a holographic quantum computer), which you will always carry with you (she showed a small beautiful amethyst locket on the chain). Then you will be transported to your apartments, and shown everything that is unclear. Several months will be required for adaptation in the Center during which you will be examined, devoid of unnecessary elements from your genome, you will also undergo rejuvenation, revitalization and will be generally cultivated, making your dense body in harmony with your plasma components.

You will be extensively trained, so that you are no different from the rest of the inhabitants and could choose your most favorable type of activity. To do this, you have everything - your desire and diligence, while on our part - the best specialists care, comfort, various activities, and so on. By the way, some of them, just like you, arrived from the Earth no more than a year ago and decided to stay at the Kampadvolar Center - this is one of the eight satellites [ЮУЙ-ИЙЛЛССМ] YUY-IYLLSSM - the seventeenth planet in the orbit of the Allgssiya Star of the photon belt of the Alcyone Star.

All satellites are inhabited, and two of the four planetoids have utility and economic zones. After completing the quarantine, and learning all that you need to know and be able to do, you, along with all the other followers of ААЛЛММААЛЛАА [AАLLMMAALLAA], who for some reason do not want to live in “mikansorbises” (Cities of Light) of [ЮУЙ-ИЙЛЛССМ] YUY-IYLLSSM, will be transported to one of the satellites, where all the ascended Earthlings will come together, united by one Idea of finally realizing their primary Dream and jointly build 144 thousand Ayfaars. For this, many of you will have to master completely new professions, although the very building will be performed by special superlexicators, while your task will be imagining of how, what and where anything should be constructed, plus compiling special programs for these robots.


At that point, she stood up, letting us know that the "conversation" is over. By the way, its content in my memory has formed so minutely because the manipulation of Self-Consciousness was not reduced to the perception of individual words of the sentence, but to the overall coverage (awareness, understanding) of the entire thought-form at once in connection with what was said before it and will be announced after (sort of the moment of intuitive foresight of the order of realization of the given sequence). All this could be perceived as my idle fiction, if this was not the truth.

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