The process of evolution and the harmonious development of every individual in particular as well as the entire humanity as a whole, is impossible without alteration of obsolete stereotypes and their replacement with more universal perceptions regarding the nature of the humankind and the Universe, based on the wisdom of past and future generations. 

                            “What is in the air and requires time can simultaneously occur among hundreds of minds without any means of importation.”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).


People have always been curious to know where different thoughts, ideas and insights, sometimes very similar and identical, come from. Where this information originates? Moreover, why do people that are similar to each other, share similar traits, habits and mannerisms? I will attempt to convey this information herein. Unfortunately, this article contains only a tiny fraction of all possible information, offered by Iissiidiology, based on which it is written.

Iissiidiology - is the foundation for a variety of scientific fields of study in the nearest future; in it, inlaid the powerful mechanisms of evolutionary development of humankind, which contribute to the formation of wisdom, positivism and confidence in the future. Iissiidiology - is a new spiritually cosmological knowledge, based on an intuitive method of cognition through the analysis of own psyche-emotional states, manifested in the multidimensional structure of own Self-Consciousness. Thus, I propose people with inquisitive minds to delve into this knowledge, profoundly depicting the core essence of the Universe and the humankind, in order to shatter their obsolete stereotypes and replace them with perceptions that are more versatile.

The humankind and the Universe

Human evolution in its realization of unity with this world

Ancient Greeks have asserted - "Microcosm is akin to a macrocosm". The human being indeed structurally resembles the Universe in miniature.

The Universe that we daily experience by means of our vision, through the telescopes, our senses of smell, taste, touch and hearing, has an infinite multitude of dimensional levels. Modern science confirms the multidimensionality and infinity of the Universe all throughout. The world’s manifestation goes far beyond physical forms, limited only by the physics of solid matter. So far, Newton's physics has been replaced by the Einstein theory of relativity, followed by the modern scientific interpretations of holographic model of the Universe, coupled with the human being’s quantum nature.

From the iissiidiological standpoint, everything in the Universe is structured by a variety of various-quality self-conscious elements (Forms of Self-Consciousness). Some of these elements are perceived as force fields, well known to science: electromagnetic, gravitational, strong and weak nuclear interactions. These self-conscious elements are defined in Iissiidiology as Conscious Fields, the dynamics of which is still located beyond of our systems of perception. These conscious fields are inherently ambivalent: in some cases, they manifested as elementary particles, while in the others – as wave energy, which has no restrictions and can interact with different forms. All thoughts and emotions that are reflected in the consciousness of every existential Form, are also formed by waves and are manifested and organized by means of specific intangible elementary particles (fermions), as well as the carriers of their energy-informational interactions – bosons. Elementary particles are combined into larger communities - the atoms, while the atoms in turn form various molecules, of which the unlimited diversity of life forms consists, such as microorganisms, DNA, humans, animals, plants, and so on. Therefore, all that energy-informational interrelation represents not only the exchange of information itself – it is rather a continuous transmission of electromagnetic impulses from cell to cell, from organism to organism, from consciousness to consciousness.

All of us – are the part of the same Universe, where we have our own unique place and purpose, which we implement accordingly. All of us represent the part of a same Unified Whole, similar to being various cells within the same body. At the same time, each of us represents their own small Universe with its own laws, and their own perceptions regarding the inner, as well as the outer worlds per se. The sages of all times assert that the Universe – is a single organism, a single oneness. Some people blindly believe it, some do not, some wish it was true, while some just know it for sure. All objects in the universe interact and complement one another, being that the organizational degree of this global system becomes even higher, when eventually the entire universe can be described as a perfectly organized, clearly defined, and highly organized structure.

At the heart of the Universal existence lay the informational processes, while the rapid growth of incoming information is the key to the human consciousness evolution, aimed at the developing of the intellectual constituent for the cognition of spiritual truths. Each Form of Self-Consciousness conveys its own vision of a unified world to all other Forms, refracting own thoughts and perceptions through the multi-dimensional levels of its own consciousness. These perceptions are at times diametrically opposite, however they all share a common denominator - everyone strives to cognize themselves and their unity with the surrounding world. Life on Earth appeared as a single organism, and continues to exist as a single organism, and is managed by the system of self-regulation, implemented on the energy-information level. Everyone is waiting for ready-to-implement solutions, forgetting that the prerequisite for unity is a painstaking and profound inner work, the essence of which is known to humankind for a long time: it is the desire to understand the world, explore its laws and behave in accordance with these laws.

Every thought and emotion, every birth and death, everything that surfaces in our mind - is our eternal and infinite life, manifested in various cosmic laws and principles, representing our infinitely profound creativity. Life on Earth is full of troubles, various difficulties and challenges, and we must overcome all these obstacles, relentlessly building more qualitative realities of our existence, while filling them with all the best that we have.

However, that requires constant efforts, while grasping the greatest values, discovered by the humankind, participating in the free spiritual exchange and facilitating to the unification of the entire global human community. The history of the human society within the scale of our planet represents a close boundary of material and spiritual cultures as a factor of human activity and its social experience. Any event or existential phenomenon pertains not only to just people, but also to the entire Planet.

It took humankind more than two million years of evolution so that first glimpses of the animalistic mind turned into the first signs of human consciousness. Finally, within the last three hundred years, there was a sharp leap in the development of our civilization, and now we strive towards the collective development of Cosmic Human Consciousness.

The informational unity of the humankind

So, how exactly is the humankind united?

There are certain axiomatic perceptions in Iissiidiology, postulating the notions of primordiality, simultaneousness and instantaneousness as the origin of All-There-Is, including, but not limited to the Universes, Galaxies, Stars, and so on.

This understanding logically implies that there is a primordially programmed holographic energy-informational, multi-layered structure - Energy-Plasma with a universal property of infinite self-propagation of information, (a quantum-wave dynamics for our material existence). All beings of the Universe have access to this Information, according to which they form their own views of themselves and the surrounding reality. This is the entire universe’s collective intellect material experience, which is the primary energy-informational creative basis for all Forms of Consciousness, including human beings.

Iissiidiology defines this information space as the ODS - OLLAKT-DRUOTMM System, which represents a number of conscious elements or conscious-fields (see above) which Form-Creators (conglomerates of elementary particles) of our biological organisms, utilize in their creative activity. Information space of the ODS - is a constituent of the entire electromagnetic field-consciousness (sub-elementary and elementary particles) of our Planet, therefore all human realms of existence are intertwined with its geographical areas: continents, countries, existential conditions, traditions; they are also connected to the change of day and night, movements of various planets , stars, Sun, Moon, and so on. The Consciousness of every human being has an individual information space of ODS, reflecting comprehensive information about various states of self-consciousness, by means of which we realize and perceive the surrounding environment strictly individually. Various forms of self-consciousness and the entire diversity of human life take an active part in everything that surrounds us and form the entire universe by their means of perception. Our human surrounding environment state depends on the quality of our individual perceptions and thoughts, which in the ODS have many different meanings. Decryption occurs in the specifics of the phenomenon or event. Each of these perceptions should first be located within the information space of your consciousness, then while projecting this information into the surrounding reality, you should begin refocusing (shift of interest) to those worlds, where your subjective perceptions can be manifested through your focus dynamics.

Every form of self-consciousness in its development utilizes the information, inherent to both – superior, as well as inferior levels of the Universe, meaning that any focus configuration (set of various interests) of any form of self-consciousness primordially possesses all the necessary programs and commands it needs. Therefore, by means of the inner changes at levels of thoughts, emotions and actions, the person makes the appropriate changes in the frequency and the configuration of Planetary conscious-field energy-informational interactions, with which the biological form-creators of our bodies resonantly correlate, all of which immediately shifts them into more qualitative conditions, corresponding to these qualitative inner changes.

Therefore, the higher the quality of the collective human consciousness, the higher the intellectual and emotional quality level of human behavioral patterns and choices of all the people of our Planet. The most cruel and selfish choices, as well as the most altruistic, spiritual decisions, taken to the detriment of self, but for the well-being of others – all that exists together, influencing the quality of the global human community. All of these common states are reflected not only throughout all the worlds of the Universe, but also in a quality of individual informational space (ODS), emerging within it.

Qualitative development of any civilization in Space is determined by not only the level of information used, but also its capabilities to accumulate and exploit the different types of Universal energy. Hence comes the understanding that All - is One, and that the entire palette of various worlds throughout the infiniteness of the Universe, is created by a single energy. The only difference is the wavelength, which is directly related to the frequency of the energy-flux. Every phenomenon or event that occurs in our life is a manifestation of active interaction of various electromagnetic conscious- fields of certain frequency and the unique development direction of specific qualities.

All the ideas and perceptions that everyone incases in the concept of "the surrounding reality" are very subjective and depend on how in our focus dynamics (set of interests) the energy-informational interrelations between the DNA and the brain’s Form Creators (bio-creators) are organized. Bio-creators of the DNA and brain cell structures, respond in the unique fashion to a qualitative changes of thoughts and perceptions in our focus dynamics. Throughout our life, all these changes are reflected in psyche-mental and biological aspects of our existence. Consequently, our implemented Perceptions (thoughts, emotions and desires) cause responses not only from ourselves and the surrounding reality, but also from the quantum information carriers - fermions, boson and molecular forms of self-awareness, such as elementary particles, atoms, molecules, various material objects and so on. Therefore, each person in the dynamics of own consciousness creates and produces quality of his or her own life, consistently passing through all the stages of the qualitative improvement of own manifestation form - from sub-elementary and elementary particles to totally unimaginable quality level forms of consciousness.

The humankind – is a large single genetic family

Every one of us is inherent to the higher spiritual nature, which should be developed in order to cognize our nature and the world around us. However, every one of us is also connected with the other – animalistic, physical nature. Flows of spiritual cosmic energy is closely linked to the informational space of human consciousness and its development programs, which are located in the human DNA. Biological evolution, as well as the individual development of every human being is associated with changes in the DNA, while the difference in the DNA between various people is stipulated by the number of developed chromosomes. Our modern human community is at such level of its development, which corresponds to the 46 chromosomes - the DNA molecule carriers, by means of which every one of us acquires a certain number of perceptions from their parents, and through which we are then pass our individual experiences to our own children. Meaning that chromosomes represent the genetic material, transmitting the information to the cells of the human body and are informationally connected to the epiphysis in the brain.

This genetic code defines the common characteristics, as well as the unique signs, that distinguish one person from another. From iissiidiological standpoint, the DNA molecule represents a continuous wave dynamics of many different electromagnetic conscious field manifestations, interacting with both - the information space of human consciousness and its biological organism. Qualitative characteristics and the intensity of these conscious-fields are constantly changing under the impact of the surrounding environment, as well as and under the influence of internal biological, chemical and psyche-mental states. These energy-informational flows contain all the information, inherent not only for humans, but also for other forms of life. Namely conscious-fields themselves, rather than cell nucleus or form-creators, serve the role of carriers of hereditary and other vital information regarding the development of life on Earth. Genetic information, obtained by us from our parents and their ancestors, is embedded in the DNA structure, determining our predisposition to hereditary diseases and phenotype. Genes that comprise up the DNA - are information files that link various universes together by means of energy-information, where all the existing information regarding the basics of life and the origins of various forms of consciousness, is encoded.

Gene form-creators (conscious-fields of various elementary particles) represent in our focus dynamics the unconscious levels of our consciousness, where unrealized interests, peculiar to animals, are encoded. They are simply the performers of more versatile Perceptions (Codes), embedded within levels of more advanced Forms of Self-Consciousness – something we define as the Collective Unconscious. Each gene continuously emits photons, transmitting absolutely consistent information regarding the entire DNA molecule, and the given individual as a whole, into the information space of ODS. There is a very deep and interdependent relationship between the quality of the photons, emitted by our DNA, and the activity of our Self-Consciousness, where the most important factor is – the quality of our psyche-mental state of Self-Consciousness. Human DNA - is the Self-Consciousness cell of the Universe.

Something people define as "the mind" or "the soul" is not represented by the molecular structures, such as religious icons, natural phenomena or biological organism, because both - “the soul” (our subconscious), and “the mind” (individual consciousness) – are in fact, dispersed throughout the entire unified multidimensional Universe. If you compare the DNA of various people, it becomes evident, that the difference between them is comprised of only 0.1%, meaning that each one thousandth nucleotide is unique to every individual, while the remaining 99.9% are exactly the same. Genetically we are very similar representing a unified global genetic family, living in the same house – our common planet Earth. Additionally, the unity of humankind is collaborated by organic connection, existing between all people. The human community is unified and diverse at the same time. Every human being is related to the entire humankind and the part of the universal human flesh and blood, mind and knowledge. The unity of all people living on Earth is predetermined by natural process of evolution.

Love – is a unifying force

Many often wonder about the meaning of our collective terrestrial existence. Why do we come to Earth, to this raging ocean of passion, resentment, joy and sorrow? The ancient philosopher Plato once said: " Desire of integrity and strive towards it is called Love”. The modern world desperately requires people, who possess the new knowledge, pertaining to the profound comprehension of origin of humankind and the Universe; it requires people, who seek harmony and can absorb and transmit love, without which people will not be able to understand the Unity of the Universe. Love - the greatest quality of the Universe.  The meaning of human existence and the realization of its objectives is possible only through the continuous growth of love - the desire of people to a harmonious unity. Such Superior Unity can be achieved only by means of total change of the human consciousness, improving the reasoning quality, by cultivation of a sense of love and understanding that we are all united and responsible for one another. Everyone should perceive themselves as residents of the Planet, and even the entire Universe. We can achieve everything by means of our own collective efforts.

Love lives in the soul of every human being, under the weight of our everyday routine, imperfect relationships and resentment; love, like a butterfly, is hiding under the protection of a cocoon, withers and dies unmanifested. In this contradictory world of aggression and violence, stupendous discoveries and inferior primitive ignorance, self-confidence and doubt, there is only one thing more powerful than death, which is worth living for, and this is love. Love –is the expression of  strength and generosity, it is entirely and selflessly directed at others, it does not distinguish between friends and foes, near and far; love is an expression, aspiring towards the unity with other people, nature, ideas and idealities. Before us, the people, lies a difficult but doable task, - for its spiritual self-development, humanity must seek love as the source of common action of the entire global human community.

The human unity – is a task of a universal magnitude

Every form of consciousness, such as galaxies, stars and planets, all living creatures and the so-called “inanimate” objects (plants, microbes, minerals, metals, gases and elementary particles), including everything that is beyond our systems of perception (sub elementary, super universal and other types of conscious-fields), originate from a single source, the primordial essence of All-There-Is, and potentially programmed for any property and performance. Every human, like all other creatures, is capable of utilizing the non-molecular mechanisms, responsible for the exchange of information between the brain and self-consciousness, as well as between self-consciousness and the Collective Unconscious.

Every form of self-consciousness is involved in the creation of all that surrounds us and just like everyone and everything, facilitates to creating of our Universe by means of own perceptions, hence, the quality of our collective environment is directly related to the state of our own perceptions and understanding. Each of us can connect their own individual consciousness with the consciousness of a multidimensional Universe.

The human community is united in terms of not only information, but also physical appearance, morphological features and genetic characteristics. Due to the genetic memory, we can remember everything about ourselves. Our DNA retains any knowledge and any information, which is activated at different stages of life in accordance with a quality of individual self-consciousness. The entire vastness of information of our Planet, as well as the knowledge and experience of our Universe are stored in the human DNA. The energy exchange between the cosmos and the humankind occurs continuously, because simultaneously being a part of The Whole, the humankind is, indeed, is The Whole Itself.

The human unification – is a vital Idea, providing every individual with a salvational sense of a mutual support, and it is in our power to come to this idea together! We, the seven-billion strong population of the Planet, have to interact together in the spirit of love and unity as the global human statehood. 

Author - Gleymilissiya