Iissiidiology minutely and in great detail describes the cause of many phenomena, as a result of the activity of Consciousness, self-experiencing Itself throughout the Universe in the entire infiniteness of “its own” Interpretations.


In its depiction of the surrounding reality perceptions, as well as worldviews of human nature and social formation dynamics, Iissiidiology is referring to the very best of everything the humankind has achieved throughout its entire development history, including science and ethic norms. Our life is so diverse and ambiguous, that both - the society in general and every human being in particular, once again facing each successive choice, are often lost in its correctness and advisability.The basic conceptions for this type of knowledge, are perceptions regarding a Multiverse interpretation of the surrounding reality, perceptions regarding the infinite amount of our Destiny variations, as well as quality of our Self-Consciousness states and our consequent choices, providing our society in general and every one of us in particular with an extensive experience, wisdom and evolutional maturity. Per se, the most important factor on this development path is the fine line in determination of balance between knowledge and emotion, which are often stand in strong contradiction with one another.

Iissiidiology thoroughly explains the importance of the two primary components of our inner essence, such as highly intellectual Altruism and highly sensuous Intellect, which, if manifested in our daily choices, gradually alter our development path providing a clear sense of Purpose and complete Meaning of Life understanding. In contrast, the scientific approach does not recognize the intuitive information as fundamental, relying only on evident facts and logical reasoning. Although intuitive insights have contributed to practically all known scientific discoveries, is not considered, remaining virtually ignored by society and attributed to the oddities of geniuses.

At the same time, technocratic science, although contributing to the progress of our evolution in terms of comfort, completely ignores the inner (subtle) life of the human being, its spiritual and sincere richness. Iissiidiology, on the other hand, points out that cognition method of modern science has outlived its usefulness in the traditional view, and offers its own solution to a long overdue problem.

It is essential to recognize the participation of our consciousness and perception in all macro processes, occurring in our surrounding reality. Iissiidiology offers a unique interpretation of all the psycho-physiological processes in the human body.

Nervous system activity (led by the brain activity) is closely associated with the hormone activity mechanisms, functionality of which is most directly projected on the so-called "personality" Self-Consciousness configuration. Complex interplay of mental reactions and physiological processes throughout the body is represented as the activity of so-called Form-Creators, or Creators of Forms, which are responsible for the realization of all of our "daily" activities. The term "creator" has been used to highlight the complex conscious work of certain part of Self-Consciousness, which, in our usual state of mind we practically are never able to detect.

Iissiidiological concept reviews the nature of space and time as Self-Consciousness functional Focus Dynamics elements, as well as the previously mentioned ideas regarding the Multiverse, structured by the quality of Self-Consciousness levels. And here we have the possibility of individual self-determination: “where, in which particular future, we would like to get into”?

In order to explain these conceptions we simply must refer to the additional terminology along with alteration in meaning of already existing terminology. For example, the concept of wave or frequency as a propagating vibration, considering the existence of an infinite multitude of qualitatively variable Worlds and particles, structuring them, should be redefined as " material density " of any given surrounding World.

After all, the same group of elementary particles will differ in their composition not just by some conventional "Quality" spectrum, determining the very nature of elementary particle manifestation, but also by the internal energy-informational saturation.

We have to introduce the notion of dimensionality in the situation when we are dealing with an infinite number of surrounding realities, every one of which is determined by its individual composition and saturation. Although to this day there are many interpretations of the meaning of this notion, nevertheless, until now, these interpretations were not considered as serious surrounding reality’s variable process description attempts.

In turn, Iissiidiology redefines the concept of dimensionality, though actually creates it from scratch as the basis of the Multiverse. Similarly, a term that takes on its new meaning-, is the "space-time continuum" notion. The natural science defines it as a universal medium, where the matter and all of its forms exist. However, Iissiidiology explains that the World formation process around us is far more complex than that.

In short, the World formation process can be illustrated in the following manner: groups of similar forms of Self-Consciousness create multiple subjective realities, aggregated into subjective space-time continuums. In turn, subjective space-time continuums create, throughout the Universe that surrounding material World, which we observe as well as the one we cannot yet observe. Thus, people with very similar type of thinking form subjective realities with one another, while the humanity as a whole forms an entire space-time continuum, which would always be different from any other continuum type, regardless of the Self-Consciousness type, which has created this continuum (mineral, floral or an animal).

Surrounding reality’s Multiverse is filled with various Self-Consciousness Forms, which in this interpretation we should define as Conscious-Fields. The more detailed becomes the explanation of multidimensional Conscious-Field dynamics, the more difficult it becomes to formulate at least some interpretation of various phenomena and processes, occurring in our well-known surrounding reality.

It is necessary to introduce new specific terms for clarity of interpretation, such as "multi-polarization of Self-Consciousness", pertaining to a local "slloogrentnost" manifestation, i.e. holography of space-time; "Duvuyllerrtnost" – mechanism, ensuring the possibility of synthesis process, i.e. extensive gathering of experience and, as a consequence ensuring the individual evolutionary growth; “birvulyartnost” – as individual specifics of this very individual evolutionary growth, as well as many others.

Iissiidiology defines the Self-Consciousness origination to be the most decisive interpretation, which science can perceive as the " Universe’s Cosmic Origination Hypothesis”. This entire Origination process begins simply with availability of existing Information, this cannot even be defined as the existence, since for the Information to exist, it is not necessary to be. Information – is the most basic foundation of materiality emergence and Perception of any kind. Due to their heterogeneity, this Information’s infinite amount of "fragments" come in all sorts of "confrontations" with one other, as a result of which the Energy is formed, being the ending consequence of tension between these “fragments”. Thus, the most "consonant fragments" aggregate into various unified Self-Consciousness Configurations, which, in fact, is the mechanism of materialization.

The energy should be perceived as a kind of imbalance, and instability “within” Information, while returning to a balanced state is the mechanism of Self-Consciousness dynamics. In turn, the existence of energy results in inertia.

It is obvious, that no process can be instantaneous, therefore the inertia should be understood as a synonym of Time. In this interpretation it is pointless to discuss the notion of space, since it does not exist per se: Only various degree of tensions between Self-Consciousness Configurations exist along with Inertia, required for the surmounting of these tensions, i.e. – Time. However, this just may be used as a definition of Space: Inertia and the power expenditure necessity for the Configuration interaction generate the illusion of distance.

Let's think about the self-consciousness essence and Descartes expression “I think therefore I am!” Our Self-Consciousness is constantly focused on the synthetic Process of gaining Experience. This process includes mutual integration, merging and balancing of weakly or strongly incompatible ideas, i.e. informational fragments, into something more energy-informationally capacious.

Meaning that we and our perception of ourselves as individuals - is a mere illusion, based on the experience gathering dynamics. Furthermore, as a result of these dynamics, countless number of Self-Consciousness Configurations interact with each other based on their creative Interests, i.e. according to the Resonation principle and the energy-informational compliance capacity. That is how multidimensional space-time continuums are formed.

We believe that we live in a certain time period, shifting from the past to the future and that our Planet exists for about four billion years, however, we don't consider an existence of countless set of other continuums, where terms of Its existence may be less or more extended.

Quantum holographic principle, i.e. iissiidiological slloogrentnost, implies the Experience “encapsulation” of lesser capacious energy-informationally Configurations into more energy-informationally capacious. While we believe that we discretely exist in the particular continuum group, in reality, we are simply lost in this entire holographic encapsulation of multidimensional existence Levels! And only our individual position in relation to surrounding reality, as well as the Meaning and Purpose of existence, chosen by us, allow us to truly determine the Direction of our development, regardless of any timeframes and age, our geographical location, or a physical position of Earth in Cosmos.