Question: Thanks to knowledge and techniques, we have the opportunity to improve ourselves, to reach fairly harmonious states, when our soul is singing. But then something happens suddenly and it ceases to sing. The reason for this is probably not the fact that these techniques and practices do not work, but that you don’t really use them anymore, or cannot use them, or they stop working for you. Can we say that it is like a sign of Soul, of Spirit, that indicates there is a dead end, that it is necessary to go to the next level? Because such states can last for few months.

Oris: There is a term in iissiidiology "svilgs-spheration."In order to realize yourself in some vital interests, you should have reasons for such realizations. Very often there is a lack of reason due to the fact that some information contradicts the very mechanism of this interest execution. Often, in order to satisfy yourself in inadequacy of this interest, that it is false, or has ceased to be of interest to you, ceased to attract your attention, or to further delve into this interest,
you may need to cognize something else in your life, to experience other states.

These states may last from a few minutes or seconds to a few weeks, months and even years.
In this case, you are accumulating various different -qualitative interrelations that allow you to better understand what is your more true interest. Then it may happen that the interest which moved you towards the changes in your life, will turn out not to be of interest to you and not necessary, and at the time you will approach the understanding of something else: something deeper or even qualitatively different.

Question:  And is the word “resonance” acceptable to be used as an explanation, that she has entered the state of resonance with something or someone?

Oris:  No, we are talking about the fact that some states appear, which cannot be called happy,
cannot be considered as satisfying you compared to some previous or future states, which you imagine to yourself, as to "how" you should feel in more qualitative realizations. But you cannot find the abilities, the possible ways to achieve these qualitative states. Whatever you do does not make you happy, it does not meet your desires.

Then depression, half-depression or pre-depression states develop. Such states provide an opportunity to think about the correctness of the Interest, which now occupies your Focus Dynamics, i.e. leads to the necessity of analysis, of inner inspection within yourself, leads to comparison of something with something else. This is svilgs-spheration. This is the access to other own protoformic development directions, to other possibilities for the realization of other

This is necessary in order to understand whether you need exactly this Interest, for example the development in lluuvvumic Direction, (Iissiidiology term meaning synthesis between altruism & intellect) and to generally understand what is meant by "to develop in lluuvvumic Direction.” It is not correct that there is only one lluuvvumic Path, no,because it consists of a large number of
Conceptions, supplementing it by other protoformic SFUURMM-forms (Iissiidiology term means - information structure of any conception), diffuzgently interacting with its Conceptions.

Because we learn Life and get to know ourselves as people in this
general flow, which includes a lot of other experience accumulation, which is not typical  our birvularity type, with our human Direction but which are necessary for us, as people, to more harmoniously, more correctly, understand the world around us, to be more like people than animals.