“Love is always unconditional caring, sincere interest for the welfare and spiritual development of those we love, the need to share everything that is in us – joy, beautiful thoughts and feelings, information, interests, good mood. Love means always be active in your very best manifestations. Love means
always be ready to help, sincerely respond to the call in case of need, gladly sacrifice the most valuable of what you have, for the sake of someone's spiritual self-improvement and development. However, you cannot just take under yours responsibility a part of someone else's liability, believing that in such a way you allegedly facilitate another person's life, but with it you aggravate and complicate the processes of his spiritual growth, in fact, depriving him of the better opportunities for independent implementation of more qualitative choices.”




-Today, on the eve of the "Valentine's Day",we decided to congratulate on the upcoming holiday all the inhabitants of Sevastopol, giving them a beautiful poetry and learn about what is Love in their opinion.

- Love is an understanding, is a joy; the joy of seeing each other every day; when you wake up, you will see each other and smile - it's so perfect!

- Love is such a great feeling with which you can live and enjoy more; worry about the hardships easier when you are in joy, in love; just to be happy. Many become better, forget some old mishaps, and for the sake of the beloved get better, as they say.

- Love is when you cannot live without a person, when you breathe with them in the unison. Love is when a person is truly dear to you, really darling; it is your future family.

- For me, Love is the most beautiful and bright feeling, which brings together two loving hearts. I have found my love. It is my second half.

- What do you think in what Love is expressed?

- I suppose in care, in admiration; perhaps, in sincerity too. In my position today, of course, I am for love, for kindness, for cherished and possible Dreams; I wish that all, who have loved ones, were loved, and respect, guard each other. And for those who do not have them now, I wish you soon find them, especially in the run-up to the 14th of February in Valentine's Day.

- Passion is what we often call Love. It is spectacular, flash-like, it subordinates both body and soul, and spirit, and people think that it is "Love" indeed. But when its over, just two strangers stay together. As a rule, they remain hostage to this passion for a whole life and do not come back to Love.

- Love is the driving force by which everything is in the world. Love is the great energy that makes us perform some feats. Love is the dedication. Love is devotion. Love is a great gift.

- To love means to give your life for another person without hesitation.

- Love is a piece of life that protects us and lives in our hearts.

- Love is the Meaning in itself. Love is love of neighbors, love of children, love of the land on which you live. Love is the most important thing, the thing that control us, that is the Meaning of all that exists. Not loving yourself, not loving your loved ones, not loving your land, there will be nothing.

- Love is the most important thing in behalf of which we live. We came into this world to love. All humans come to the Earth to love. So I think it is the most important thing in everyone's life. And the most important component of such a notion as happiness is Love. We are born to love.

- True love is not so spectacular, not for public viewing, but deep and multifaceted. This is an Emotion of power and an instrument to be used by a master. This is a very subtle and complex instrument. No one will teach how to use it.

- Do you think that love is primarily to give?

- Get less and give more. If everyone treats each other that way they will be happy, marriages will last longer, and everyone will love one another throughout their lives.

- Love is to see all the people happy, joyful, to be attentive to each other. Even if you are simply told: "Good morning", then this is already great.

- And – do good everywhere?

- Yes, absolutely. Do good, even if is hard.

- Each person must live for others and do good. Although happiness can come not immediately, but it is sure to come, if good deeds are done for others (not only people, but all forms of life)

- Do you think that love can be tested only to the person or the loved one, or the one with whom you are in love?

- Not necessarily, it is possible to love everyone.

- Yes, this is Love too because in the world one person must love all people.

- Each has its own Love. There is a love for a motherland, a mother, to family, to friends. "Love" is a large, three-dimensional word. Love and be loved!

- On what do you recommend to focus inorder to change the world?

- To start with yourself. To understand that evil will not create anything good.

- How can I fall in love with something bad?

- Love is a light Feeling. I think that if a person has love in his heart, then evil would not happen. With evil, love is impossible. And it is impossible to love evil. Evil and Love are opposites: one does not imply the other. Where there is love, there is no evil If I love my town,
my planet, my neighbors, how can I hurt them?

- And can we love a human, who makes us some trouble or gives us some discomfort? How to relate to him?

- I think it is not only possible to love him, but, certainly, it is necessary to love him.
It is necessary to love all;  this must be learned, and then the good will rule the world.

“To learn to truly love, it is necessary to truly know.  Because only the high-frequency knowledge
can contribute to the understanding of many complex and ambiguous things, of confusing cause and effect relationships. In all the difficult moments, when you are having trouble with the decision of what to do in this situation, do not forget to ask yourself the question: – "What would Love do in this case?" - and do as the heart and conscience are telling you. But very often your high quality choice does not suit many people who are not satisfied with this turn of events, or, unlike you, they just can not see all perspectives in this decision. Therefore, trust yourself more, even if people blame you so much and miscall you for it. Right now begin to use  every moment of your Life for implementation of your highest thoughts, for pronouncing all people around, regardless of their relationship to you, most noble and loving words, for committing the most worthy and respectable actions, for maintaining the highest aspirations and altruistic interests of each other, for disclosing the true warmth in every human.

Live only by Love, so that every moment of your relationship with someone else would be a manifestation of Love. Gift people your amiability and tolerance, and do not grieve them your misunderstanding, eternal cavils and criticism. Forgive any forms of insult, that manifests itself in relation  to you. Take any life circumstances positively and with understanding. Be sincere in it!  And people will believe you, and the others will follow you.

With Love! “