Dear Friends!

The time runs rapidly and inexorably forward, and yet so many people do not understand the perspectives of their future existence. We want to give you some idea of what kind of knowledge brings iissiiodiology and the role it can play to our future existence. In order to understand all the possibilities and prospects of our existence, we need to understand the mechanisms implementing the principles of life in general. If we cannot understand them, then we will not see any possibility of our future existence, and will remain alone with the age-old questions: ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ ‘What do I live for?’ ‘To die?’

Over the last decade we have been refocusing massively on a new space-time continuum.  Although it seems to us that the world remains the same and the people have changed, the reality is, that the world and everyone in it, is one invisible whole. Simultaneously, with our rapid refocusing, there are no less in number, selfish people Many of the existing areas of self-enlightenment, Kabbalah, Agni, Yoga, Taoism, Sufism and Reiki etc, can be useful and effective in increasing levels of consciousness. But the sheer quality of this knowledge, no longer corresponds to the excessive demands put forward by a new space-time continuum. It is very important for each person to determine for themselves, the direction of development they wish to grow and to continue to exist with. Because we come to a completely new stage, the stage of conscious evolution.forming their own types of continuum.

Before iissiidiology, we had not only an understanding of how life emerged, but the transcendental evolution too. In fact, the evolution of forms is a consequence of the transcendental evolution. This is a natural process that is continuously taking place in the structure of consciousness. It is much faster than we can imagine and is gaining momentum through all possible kinds of radical transformations, changes that also effect all levels of individual life. Not only people, but also other living beings, animals, plants and minerals. Due to this, people and creatures are consistently and resolutely, excluded from a range of vibrations, characteristic of this process, whose views do not match the quality of the main idea of the human development area. The transcendental structure of consciousness, determines the universal principle of infinity and immortality. To understand these principles, to understand them deeply and actively resonate with major human notions, consistently reorganizes the entire dynamics surrounding us. Prior knowledge helped us out before. But somehow, limited self-consciousness’ imperfect system of discrete self-perception, becomes already, totally inadequate.

You cannot be a constructive part of a harmonious new, space-time continuum, with the same limited understanding of the surrounding reality. To master the new, higher-quality, human notions, we need to start getting rid of all the spiritual baggage, leaving no remains, if they are a little lower in quality than the universal knowledge of iissiidiology. We cannot achieve the extraordinary abilities and unique capabilities that will allow us to strengthen and establish ourselves in unflinching confidence with regards to the existence of personal immortality, unless we first understand the fundamentals of iissiidiology. Thanks to this, many of us will disclose such properties such as telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, levitation, clairvoyance, clairaudience and much more that we cannot even dream of now.

With the help of well known words, the author of iissiidiology. Oris, gives us a new idea of ourselves and the surrounding reality. Due to the study of iissiidiology, many people begin to appear confident with personal immortality and infinite existence. And this confidence is based, not only on intuition, but on deeper inferences and originates in the consciousness of the person, gradually. First, the unusual iissiidiology idea is born by meticulous research, careful logical reasoning, biased analysis and intuitive feelings, and grow very slowly, deep inside the transcendental structure of our consciousness, gradually filling the inherent, positive dynamics of all our mental nature, completely displacing outdated notions about ourselves and the surrounding reality. Gradually and irreversibly, all our ambition and selfish tendencies weaken and fade into the background of our vital interests. Instead, all of our thoughts and feelings begin to fill with an unconditional and everlasting thirst for selfless service. Not only to all the people, but also everything else that exists in all of our common unity and indivisibility.

Iissiidiology – this is the knowledge that can change understanding of our ourselves and to become aware of ourselves in an indissoluble unity with everything. Without this transcendental knowledge, we can easily slip to the level of animals and destroy mankind. We will tell you in another video about future scenarios which are real for us. Start to study iissiidiology meticulously and discover a new view of yourself and your surrounding reality. Gradually, obtain intuition and get rid of discrete thinking.

All the best!


These are translated (from Russian) quotes from the Iissiidiology books series “Immortality is accessible to everyone” volume 15.

Translated by Yaroslav