Dear friends! We continue to talk about the qualities typical for the man of the future. About what we need to seek and cultivate in order to get to the most favourable for us scenario. In this article, we will talk about the components of these qualities such as, high-intellectual Altruism and high-sensual Intellect.

The high-frequency manifestation of any individual life creativity, cannot be realized without strong, informative, motivation, a high-sensual spiritual need, and an inexhaustible desire, to constantly bring our own individual contribution to the common good. Which is the main characteristic of Altruism.

By showing an example to others, an individual fills the surrounding space, with highly positive, mental reactions and high-intellectual thinking. These mental-sensual components form and support, stable tendencies in the dynamics of the self-conscious. For every-moment a subconscious manifestation, of a powerful personal belief of the need to act, automatically ensures the preservation of the life work’s dynamics in lluuvvumic development direction.

A person can be quite intuitive, but can be applying this knowledge to only meet their personal needs, primitive survival, earning money, as all sorts of psychics do, or to simply realize their own ambition, participating in various shows and competitions among their own kind. Therefore, we must bear in mind, that the state of intellectuality, which the IISSIIDIOLOGY author refers to, is actually much more complicated and deeper than we yet can imagine.

To reach the state of high intellectuality, it is necessary to completely free your self-conscious of any signs of negativity. No matter how deeply-spiritual and far-fetched the motivations, which we justify, are. Even if rare, the state of fair condemnation, light offence, innocent jealousy, white envy, reasonable ambition and similar, that we see as fair and innocent, and which, in our perception, neither undermines us, nor those towards whom we consciously or unconsciously
feel it.

This means to constantly direct the activity of your own intellect, to the absolute benefit of all other beings, regardless of how they respond to your sincere desire to help them, if they understand you, respect you, and, in general, if they take you seriously. Regardless of how public opinion has defined you, continue with your own attempts - at the limit of your own ability. Provide spiritual assistance, to your open and hidden enemies, arrogant hypocrites, arrogant scoffers, incredulous admirers and cunning liars.

This very ungrateful process will require from us, the absolute, inexhaustible, patience and tolerance, continuous self-abasement, meekness, sincere benevolence and endless positivity. Which, irrespective of the negative, external, influence, must be continuously united with high-quality mind activity and deep intuition, so that you do not dip into blissful, relaxing games in spirituality.

The manifestation degree of the high intellectual state, does not depend on whether the people around us take it favourably or not. Such a state cannot be satisfied without being
self-expressed in a specific, easy to understand by many, informational form. Implying, that the
inverse relationship with someone who has also, actively implemented the same quality level, of thinking and feeling.

And this deep necessity for high-frequency energy-informational exchange, becomes so
strong, vital and objectively necessary, that no way actually exists to escape it - to keep important information to yourself and not to share it with others. The internal collapse will happen if you don’t do that - the loss of life meaning, and the lack of understanding, of the purpose of one’s own existence, will, inevitably, lead to the loss of incentives for the continuation of one’s life’s work.

The same applies to the essence of the highAltruistic state, which by synthesizing with high intellect, transmutes into high-intellectual wisdom. The creative dynamics are not based on idle talk about high matters and contrived ambitious games in humanity, charity and virtue, but are based on the fact that we can no longer act and live differently, even if we, under the threat of death, were banned from realizing ourselves in that way.

The state of high Altruism can be neither imposed nor purchased by demonstrative contributions for charity purposes, by talks about how we have helped someone in a difficult moment, when we ourselves were in a difficult situation, what percentage of own earnings we monthly contribute to some orphanage or charity, who we helped in life and what we received for it (or did not receive). These states ripen in the complete silence of the mind, away from the endless public discordance, away from endless philosophical talk about good and evil, duty and honour, or morality and ethics.

In the following article we will continue to talk about true human qualities.

All the best dear friends!

These are translated (from Russian) quotes from the Iissiidiology books series “Immortality is accessible to everyone” volume 15