We all enthusiastically dream about having enough time in Life for everything we wish to achieve trying to be in the right place at the right time – sort of hasten without a hurry…Our fantasy paints a whole spectrum of possibilities we would accept if only we had enough time for it. How many things we could do, if they were done on time! And how many quarrels and conflicts we would been able to avoid, if only there were no delays, errand and commitment postponements. If only, if only, if only…

So what separates us – late and hurrying – from us the punctual, concentrated and satisfied with our time management skills? What do we lose when we waste time so ineptly?

- What do you want?


-  I want to kill some time.


- The Time does not like being killed


“Alice in the Wonderland”

- Kill Time!

- You think Time enjoys being killed?


- If you don't quarrel with it, you could ask it for anything that you want.


“Alice in the Wonderland”

It seems that we should learn to make friends with time. This is a special person, who needs its own - intellectual - approach. Mindless desire it does not obey!

Then how can we become these ourselves, who already has an agreement with time about its efficient and harmonious use? Don’t we know about us, who already succeeded in this direction?! Speaking in terms of IISSIIDIOLOGY, let us refocus into them right now!

In this article, we offer to review the motivational approach to such refocusing. We shell face a certain self-educational process, which might seem uneasy, although it shouldn’t be. As in sports, when we have a successful outcome and are gratified by it only after the victory is achieved, in any self-improvement we should be ready for various challenges, because they are the key to our future aspirations. If you can deeply cognize this striking feature, you probably will even start looking for similar challenging opportunities!

The exiting out of the “comfort zone” is essential – the only way for you to obtain even more comfort and harmony is through such complex transformation and self-defeating. The motivation is the most important factor on the path of leaving the “comfort zone” with an internal tranquility, enjoyment and complete comprehension. There is vast amount of information published regarding the art of planning, so we'll talk specifically about motivation, which precedes the rational disposal of time.

Please answer the following question: “What do I need more time for? Why do I want to reorganize my Life?” I am sure that you will definitely find THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE as a result of deep analysis and reasoning, as well as the detailed restructuring of your daily tasks. And for what other sake would someone agree to experience discomfort and inconveniences at self-training, if it wasn’t for the sake of high and harmonious Purpose, defining the very meaning of Life?

Therefore, we have formulated the following construction: “Purpose - is Myself”. Next, let us place Joy of the anticipated meeting between these two constituents, add some gambling passion (“If I desire this, I can get it!”), then blend until it smoothens up. Enter some more positive additions and – there you have a CONDITION, containing constructive Impulse, Reasoning flexibility and Consciousness alacrity towards the new Information absorption.

In reality, sometimes even ten attempts to enter such condition, is not enough. In any case, you can still do it, since there is nothing impossible exists! The more sincere your Desire to change your Life’s Perceptions along with its quality, the faster the necessary conditions will appear. So, the first “New Self” foundation “layer” is established. This is extremely important and necessary prerequisite in the beginning of this Journey – “the Desire to turn on your Intellect and alter your Perceptions”. The next "layer" – is IMMUNITY TO CHANGES development phase. Changes in our Life occur regardless of whether we want them or not. The more positively we can treat these changes, the more possibilities and less problems they will deliver for us! We can always successfully utilize such positive outlook! For a better understanding, let us resort to Russian business consultant - Mr. Radislav Gandapas, and his business planning and management training. During one of his sessions, he offered to review the reactive and proactive “individual” behavioral patterns. The reactive pattern is motivated only by the surrounding, outer factors (such as “The thunder doesn’t burst – the man won't cross”), while the proactive is led by the internal motives - principles, aspirations and purposes (there is even an expression exists for this type of motivation – “move the mountains”).

You can get used to changes by becoming the very changes yourself, as well as the proactive Reasoning advocate, while gradually andconsciously refocusing (from the iissiidiological point of view) into the desired existential circumstances. Obviously, such Reasoning is much more logical and practical: it’s easier to think about the future, while orchestrating it yourself, rather than relying on unpredictable random from the unpredictable reality.

Here are the primary instruments of the proactive Thinking creation and sustaining:

1)      What to expect out of Life?

2)       What do I want to see around me?

3)      What should I be in order to remain in the more qualitative Reality?

4)      What are my “personal” qualities?

5)      How can these qualities be manifested in relationships and situations I am currently experiencing?

At first receiving answers to these questions will seem farfetched and unnatural. As a former athlete, I can state veraciously that it is close to impossible to master the necessary element of the regulatory program on the first workout. In the beginning it is difficult to execute any required movement at qualitative level, and it is first necessary to accustom muscles to the necessary load stage, extensively train and perfect movements, thus elevating the entire scheme to the necessary perfection level. Your task is - to train your Consciousness to the point, when constant answers to these questions become your second nature, your regular state of Mind as well as your very essence.

Both – the joyful aspiration, coupled with immunity to changes are equally important on the scale of your entire Life. Now let us revert to the present moment quality experiencing, the creative concentration method, which is the basics of your spirituality. Think about the ways, in which your existential development scenarios can change if only you knew how to transform your negative attitude towards any situation into the positive one, following this example: "What happens to me and around me is an opportunity to increase my spirituality regardless of how strange or uncomfortable it might look. And now I "will squeeze out" all I can out of this opportunity in order to maximally change both – me and the surrounding reality for the best!”

This attitude naturally generates the most important Question and the creative search state: "What else could I do in these circumstances in order to increase the quality of my current Life?" This creative Search state uncovers a lot of vital issues. This question coupled with creative Search condition inevitably reprograms the Self-Consciousness from a position of “victim of circumstance” into a position of "Own Life Creator". Notice, however, that nothing has changed around you yet; moreover, difficult circumstances may remain for a while, but at this point they wouldn’t concern you any longer! Besides, you have the most important thing required for circumstances to change for better, - you look for the solution. And most likely it has already arrived! Creative focusing on the issue at hand will provide the necessary incentive, while your initiative and intuition will quickly lead you into the right direction.

If everything seems to be ok now, just imagine how that “ok” can transform into an “amazing” and “breathtaking” once you ask yourself that same Question! We often don’t see grains of “gold” at our feet, because we don’t look there with creative passion. Why don’t you look there now!? In this respect let’s refer to Mr. David Bohm (the Einstein’s student) with his quantum holographic theory regarding the fish in aquarium. Imagine that you have never seen nether a fish, nor aquarium; your only source of Information regarding them, are two, differently positioned video cameras. If you look at two different displays, you could erroneously assume that the fishes shown there are different. Indeed, since the cameras are located at different angles, the images will slightly differ from each other. If you continue your observation, you will inevitably notice that there is some connection between them both – as one fish turns, the other makes slightly different, but synchronous turn; the first fish appears full-face, - the second shows in a profile, etc. If you are not familiar with the general situation, you can mistakenly conclude that fishes instantly coordinate their movements, however it is not so. No communication between them exists, since on the more "profound" Level of Reality – an aquarium Reality – there is only one fish altogether. Similarly to this scenario, the view of the problem situation from a different angle provides an opportunity to arrive at different conclusion, thus into another scenario of your Life. Having chosen a condition of positivism, positive changes adjustment and by viewing the trivial things non-trivially, we can add a shred of responsibility and sensible pragmatism: “Whatever I do now, I am so motivated by it, that in the next hour (or a minute) I am willing to “die” for it!” Do not be afraid of this Perception – in this particular case, it is necessary in order to generate the condition of creativity, aspiration, zeal and attentiveness. Even when we go to have a rest, we should not be guided by the principle "I will rest until I completely restore", but rather we should issue ourselves the following disposition: "I have one hour (half an hour, 15 minutes) time, and this time will only be spent on resting!” If you are simply having a cup of coffee, you should totally devote your attention to that. Always strive for a constructive approach; always figure out how to improve it in terms of harmony and perfection. You will experience much more enjoyment and fun if only you conduct your daily business creatively and responsibly, instead of winding up in the extraneous thoughts about the upcoming concerns and issues to be resolved. Only in this case you will be able to implement any remaining task in much shorter period of time!

But! If you are resting, while the constant “persuasive” Thoughts regarding unfinished tasks are attacking you, this could be a sign of your Conscience’s voice (an Intuition). In this case you should honestly answer the following question: “Is what I am currently preoccupied with, something I actually should be doing right now? Would I regret it later on?”

But regardless of the nature of your activity, the Essence of every experienced moment – is to turn everything you do into high art, contributing all your creative devotion and selflessness to it. By the way, the creative process and its result become much more imbued and more grandiose when you do something for the sake of an Idea, inspiring others (including complete strangers) onto the higher Altruism. Of cause you are free to decide what and how much of it you require for happiness, but we are positive, that you can become truly satisfied in Life, while looking at happy faces of these, whom you managed to motivate towards highly-altruistic activities by means of your highly-intellectual creation – that is by sharing of some high-frequency Information with them.

When your own World is limited by your personal, or even by your own family consumerist necessities, significantly lesser amount of possibilities and abilities will be provided to you. So be honest with yourself! Every day of your Life should contain a partial stage of your truly high Objective and Dreams implementation task. Without this any time-management and motivation techniques become worthless!

Let’s summarize it. The following should help you to transform the daily routine into a grandiose self-capability research Plan:


2)      Constructive Impulse, Mind flexibility and Consciousness alacrity towards the new Information absorption;

3)      Habit (the readiness) towards changes;

4)      Concomitant Search state: “What else can I do in these circumstances in order to make my current existence better?”

5)      Self-forgetfulness, the “passion” of the current moment experiencing – the ability to create a true Art out of “nothing”.

Very soon, you will notice that you are no longer inclined to waste time. We wish that these, herein provided, practical maxims become your everyday natural skills and that reading about them would soon become dull and boring for you, because long ago had you turned them into your own Experience; and we wish you to expand and elevate this Experience to a completely new level!

Author - Vualtrass