DEFINITION: International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Center (thereafter IIAIDC) - Center for development, dissemination, conscious, highly intelligent and altruistic human improvement concepts, based upon the latest scientific perceptions.
PROJECT MISSION: development and popularization of highly positive and harmonious relations in society, based upon the intellectually scientific and highly moral educational programs. 

Introduction of an International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Center Global Unifying Project


1.    Definition and project mission.

DEFINITION: International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Center (thereafter IIAIDC) - Center for development, dissemination, conscious, highly intelligent and altruistic human improvement concepts, based upon the latest scientific perceptions.

PROJECT MISSION: development and popularization of highly positive and harmonious relations in society, based upon the intellectually scientific and highly moral educational programs.

2.    Project vision and strategic objectives.


a)     Work out an interpersonal relation model practice, based on positivism, tolerance and goodwill, as well as to formulate the non-conflict human society co-existence principles.

b)    Create a universal methodology for the conscious inner implementation, based upon the available material and experimentally gathered experience, allowing effective and purposeful transmutation and annihilation of non-positive perceptions, behavior and mental reactions within the individual Self-Consciousness.

c)     Provide accelerated opportunities to all project participants, so they can become intellectually developed, morally mature, harmonious and creatively enterprising personalities of the global society.

d)    Develop and introduce to the entire humanity of a new knowledge model, harmoniously and profoundly combining the naturally scientific sphere with a detailed understanding of the structure of Consciousness.



3.    Project Objectives.



1.     Integration of certain Perceptions regarding the role, structure and operation principles of Consciousness into natural science.

2.     Facilitating the scientific comprehension advancement regarding the physical universe structure principles in the following fields of study: astrophysics, quantum cosmology, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, particle physics, field physics, temporology and structure of space.

3.     Corroborating evidence research of quantum mechanics’ Many-Worlds theory interpretation.

4.     Facilitating the scientific comprehension advancement regarding the functioning principles of Consciousness in the following fields of study: psychoanalysis, transpersonal psychology, psycho synthesis, Gestalt therapy, neuroscience and the biophysics.

5.     Facilitating the profoundness in the field of genetics’ scientific perceptions.

6.     Addition of intuitive thinking mechanisms to the scientific methodology, as an extension of heuristic forms of knowledge.

7.     The organization of scientific research in the above-mentioned scientific areas of study with the involvement of local and international experts.

8.     Implementation of joint projects with educational institutions (colleges, institutes, universities, etc.) and research centers and laboratories within the IIAIDC objectives framework.




1.     Stimulate the project participants’ profound rethinking of life principles (values) in the direction of improving the intellectual and altruistic individual awareness, as well as to encourage their self-development through final and irrevocable transformation of non-positive, self-centered, consumerist behavior patterns over to positiveness, altruism and highly efficient creativity for the benefit of the global human community.

2.     The development of high-performance psyche-mental skills, such as openness, kindness, responsibility, honesty, initiative, leadership and deep self-analysis. Formation of positive interpersonal skills, based on tolerance and acceptance, sense of unity, an unstoppable desire to understand the needs or personal preferences of others by all means, mutual aid, highly moral expediency and the "do no harm" Principle.

3.     Rapid abandonment of non-positive state of mind mastering. The application of existing and creation of new advanced methods of negative mental states transformation into positive ones.

4.     Increase a sense of personal responsibility for the choice creation and their subsequent implementation. The interpersonal skills development towards the political, religious and racial tolerance.




1.     Adaptation and psychic, moral, and ethical development promotion accelerated techniques, custom-tailored for various nationality groups and populations.

2.     Popularization of the basic intellectual and altruistic improvement concepts:


a)    Lectures, meetings and seminars with IIAIDC members.

b)    Social promotion of positive reasoning.


3.     Strengthening and cultivation of deeply emotional and warmhearted psyche-mental states and interpersonal relationship implementation measures.

4.     Adaptation of intellectual and altruistic behavior patterns for children and teenagers through teachers and mentors; creating a set of popular programs, cultivating positive, intellectual, altruistic and responsible attitude towards other people, nature and self.

5.     The IIAIDC ideas dissipation through various social networks.




Effective participation in the IIAIDC project allows participants to continually improve and enhance high levels of Self-Consciousness in the intellectual and altruistic development direction as well as to accumulate the necessary experience and knowledge, enabling them to become the organizers of similar centers in the future.


4.    IIAIDC Informational Base.


Branches of science: the newest scientific perceptions of quantum mechanics, quantum cosmology, physics, astronomy, psychology, genetics etc. Primary guidelines and reviewed conceptions:

- The Many-Worlds Theory;

- Physical field theory;

- Temporology;

- String theory and D-branes;

- Elementary particles physics;

- Quantum cosmology;

- Universe origination and evolution theories;


- Basic auto-psyche therapy, psycho-synthesis, sanogenic thinking;

- Biological field wave theory;

- Epigenetics;

- Pan-genome Theory;

- Neuroscience.

5. Activity Profile:


1.     Facilitating the scientific understanding advancement within the society in general and the project participants in particular of the universe and human Consciousness structure principles (in such areas of study as physics, astronomy and astrophysics, psychology and neuroscience, for instance). Attracting professionals of relevant scientific fields and the joint effort organization:


a) Gathering of experimental and methodological materials within the framework of major research areas of the project.

b) Joined articles, publications, synopsis and treatises comprising.

c) Organizing and conducting lectures, seminars, TV, radio and Internet broadcasts participation.

d) Implementation of joint projects with educational institutions (colleges, institutes, universities, etc.), research centers and laboratories in the IIAIDC objective framework.

2. Popularization in the American society of the latest scientific understandings of the Universe and human Consciousness structure principles.

3. Implementation of personal development and self-improvement programs:


a) Cultivation of positivism and non-positive state transformation.

·        Positivism as individual Self-Consciousness quality criteria.

·        Classification and characteristics of non-positive and negative states with respect to the structure of Self-Consciousness.

·        Practice of non-positive mental states departure, in particular - the "2 minute negativity transformation” rule.

·        Tension situation annihilation by means of Openness, Forgiveness and a sense of Gratitude.


b)    Self-Awareness increase through the non-positivism dissociation mechanism, coupled with the “observer state” capability mastering.

c)     Human Self-Consciousness structure cognition.

d)    High-quality Self-Consciousness level activation within the framework of higher-intellectual Altruism, coupled with higher-sensuous Intellect, on the basis of the following methodologies:

·        Singing meditations by means of sincere, lyrical and highly sensuous songs, helping nurture and cultivate sense of harmony, benevolence and altruism;

·        The intuition development through the study of Many-Worlds interpretation model of the Universe;

·        mental states analysis, coupled with higher-quality motivational chains construction with the purpose of positive behavior pattern development;



e)     Cultivation of highly moral qualities, such as openness, accountability, integrity, and spiritual initiative;

f)      The development of openness and honesty through collective discussion and analysis of non-positive instances in interpersonal relationships;


g)     Fear of death transformation by means of our existence multiplicity perceptions within many-worlds structure of the Universe;

h)    "Sunny days" practice of Self-Consciousness inferior levels transformation, such as instinctive aggression, survival and opportunism;


4. Implementation of additional intellectual and sensuous development programs:


a)     Vocal, dance and poetic creativity high sensibility development workshops. IIAIDC holiday presentation organizing.

b)    Openness development meetings.

c)     Multiple scientific fields’ seminars and electives organizing.

5)    Friendly and effective team interaction as well as the Universal Unification development.


a)     Collective management and domestic issues solution.

b)    Organizing and participation in volunteer maintenance.


·        Collective physical activity.

·        Toasts and speeches at the joint gala dinner.


c)     Core specialties project-oriented master class organizing.

d)    Alternating household watch practice.

e)     Individual responsibility practice for the household objects within IIAIDC infrastructure.


6)    Joint social and state institutions creative project implementation, aimed at solving the most pressing issues of the American society on a global scale (science, education, art, economy, etc.).

7)    Individual and collective leisure organizing.


6)   Project uniqueness, relevance and benefits.




1.     The uniqueness of IIAIDC’s Informational basis.

2.     The possibility of radical disposal of negative behavioral reactions as well as complete reorientation towards positively rational reasoning based on unique mental cultivation and humanistic principle practices.

3.     A unique opportunity for developing the intuitive levels of Self-Consciousness, while increasing levels of self-awareness and dramatically expanding of the entire thinking paradigm.

4.     The project scale: the information centers of intellectual and altruistic development are provided with growth potential for hundreds of years, while their number on the Planet is expected to grow up to nearly one hundred and fifty thousand.

5.     The use of new practices and techniques will allow for exponential acceleration of every participants’ individual growth.

6.     The idea of ​​a harmonious Association, such as IIAIDC is designed to provide people of all races and religions a new, conflict-free coexistence model, based on new universal ideas regarding evolution of collective human Consciousness as well as its higher intensification levels.

7.     The project participant’s human tendencies cultivation will enable them (and groups they remain within) to consciously reduce the likelihood of falling into negative situations and tragic existential circumstances.

8.     The new conceptions adaptation will enable project participants to integrate and unify in their Consciousness of the two hitherto separated areas of human development: spiritually moral, (currently represented by religions), as well as materially scientific, (which to this day denies the influence of Consciousness onto the matter).


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