“Information of IISSIIDIOLOGY is expected to drastically reshape your entire conception regarding the surrounding world, which, together with everything existing within and outside of it – minerals, plants, animals, “humans”, distant Stars and Galaxies – in reality represents incredibly complex and stupendously dynamic Illusion, in no way more realistic, than your night dream”. Oris

We are a group of enthusiasts, implementing a project called “IISSIIDIOLOGY AND SCIENCE”. This project is based upon the coherent system of extraordinary ideas, outlined in the newest cosmological Conception - "IISSIIDIOLOGY”. The principals, outlined herein, have rallied us to work on the idea of ​​a moral and ethical perfection and inspired us to the introduction of these principles along with interpersonal relations practice over to the global society. We see a future of the Earth’s society highly-altruistic and highly-intellectual, where everyone selflessly embodies the creative potential to the benefit of all the people on the Planet, where everyone stimulates the development of such interpersonal qualities as openness, honesty, sincere initiative, responsibility, and other similar characteristics, inherent to what we define as “True Human”. We advocate a future, where every individual is capable of reaching such qualitative levels of consciousness, by means of which they will be able to self-express highly-intellectual altruism, coupled with highly-altruistic intellect for the benefit of all people.

The basis of self-improvement practice is the Principle of Positivism along with intuitive perception and unconditional benevolence, based upon profound understanding of the role of “humanity” within the surrounding environment on this planet. Out of many future development paths, we prefer the “True Human” development direction, combining highly-intellectual and highly-sensuous values. In our opinion this development direction has the maximal and most effective opportunity to achieve global awareness and rapid evolution of mankind. Our complete dedication and inspiration stimulates us to actions. Our approach is selflessly-altruistic, inspiring and filling us with tremendous confidence of absolute feasibility and realness of all these intentions.

We believe that the future of human race on this planet is inseparably related to harmonious development of Highly-Sensuous Intellect together with Highly-Intellectual Altruism. Highly-Sensuous Intellect cultivates higher sense of responsibility, deep intuitive insight and awareness wisdom. At the same time, Highly-Intellectual Altruism creates an active social position, providing an ability to integrate and correlate individual interests with the interests of global society; it also initiates a sense of selfless service and selfless dedication for everyone, in turn giving joy and confidence towards the wonderful future of all the People!

In order to fully enjoy life and provide enjoyment to others, one has to fully comprehend the profound relationship between Man and the Universe, as well as the core principles of our difficult, but potentially promising Life. All these relationships and principles are described in detail in cosmological conception of "IISSIIDIOLOGY" taking into account the latest scientific achievements in the fields of quantum and nuclear physics, biology, psychology, nanotechnology, philosophy, gerontology, astrophysics, cosmology, wave genetics, quantum mechanics and many more. The ongoing Self-Consciousness processes are outlined from completely reformed positions, minutely describing the fundamental Universal existence Principles. IISSIIDIOLOGY offers detailed description of consciousness’s multi-level structure, multi-dimensional structure of the universe, as well as our surrounding reality “many-worlds” organization, including additional, truly amazing aspects of our lives! Fundamental striking feature of this conception is the synthesis of intuitive universe cognition process approach along with the latest scientific discoveries and achievements. Our project intents to fill any gaps currently existing in various scientific fields (like an M-Theory separation in theoretical physics and quantum mechanics, for instance) and on the basis of the existing iissiidiological provisions recreate new, more integral and versatile scientific paradigm of the Universe. We call for all extraordinary creative researchers, who are intuitively looking for drastically new approaches and cognition methods in all scientific fields, to cooperate with us, so together we could provide thorough, in-depth and detailed explanations of our existence fundamental principles to all. We expect that modern science will recognize IISSIIDIOLOGY as a source of new and freshly-inspiring ideas, aimed at finding of multitude of fundamental answers and explaining the paradoxes, currently existing in quantum physics, neurophysiology, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, medicine and many more fields of conventional science.

We are sincerely interested in the organization of joint projects on the basis of IISSIIDIOLOGY, which would allow the improvement of existing scientific methods and developing new areas of research in any scientific field, education, health care, social activities as well as in culture and art, cultivating the highest degree of wisdom of the True Human Intellect and Altruism. We invite all inspired individuals, striving for the universal cognition, to share with us the life-affirming principles of positivism, profound responsibility, unconditional openness and creative initiative. We wish you bright and essential insights, harmony and most importantly – Love, on your path of Self-cognition!

Welcome to our Project!