Any process of “giving" - is not a supposedly irrevocable, conjugated event, implying a mandatory loss of something, or an obligatory parting or sacrificing necessity of any of our possessions to some adverse life circumstances. Some of us are willing to part with many material values, however we are still expecting to get something in return; without that retribution we feel somewhat cheated, and our next choice in the direction of altruistic implementation process of “giving" and parting with something, will already be accompanied by more doubts and "infighting", reasonably imposed by our egocentric Perceptions.


We can be close to the state of highly intellectual Altruism when we not only know, but - most importantly! - are able to deeply understand and experience that the process of giving is equivalent to the liberation from something unnecessary and gaining something far more important: by giving of something valuable only to receive something, which now we deem inaccessible, through our more favorable scenarios; sharing our Joy with someone so that later on we could experience more pleasant moments, when someone bestows Hope or extends their helping hand to us.

            What we sincerely share with others always comes back to us, empowered by our own higher quality, experience. In addition, by happily sharing of something with others, we thus awaken an identical desire in their Self-Consciousness to try experiencing the same joyful activity, in order to part from the materialistic attachments, inhibiting their spiritual development.

            Altruistic sharing provides much more joy than receiving; this very unusually pleasant experience lasts much longer than the conscious possession of something, providing taste of something unearthly to Life. After all, sheer altruism, without the purpose of getting anything in return, provides the joy of existence, without which Everything else just loses its Meaning.

            Therefore, only by continually parting with material values with greater ease and joy, we are restoring and activating within our Self-Consciousness the "less tangible" Spheres of Life and - due to conscious creative realization in them - will be able to quickly experience ourselves existing in worlds of other, higher frequency Levels, where state of True Love is natural for all People.

            This requires a definitive Self-Consciousness transmutation of trends such as avarice, hoarding propensity, materialistic dependencies, arrogance and selfishness. That is because True Love always represents an unconditional Attentiveness, sincere concern in the welfare and spiritual development of the loved one and the necessity to share everything we have, such as Joy, beautiful Thoughts and Emotions, Information, Aspiration and Positiveness, thereby increasing other people’s Life potential at the expense of our own.

            If these signs are absent in a relationship, it makes no sense to talk about Love. This noble capacity to Love, giving and sharing our very best with others, can not appear “out of the blue” by itself, but heavily depends on the individual characteristics of our development and the quality of choices we make.

            The art of True Love requires an extensive Knowledge, because only higher frequency Information can contribute to Understanding of many complex and controversial issues, confusing cause-and-effect relationships, continuously filling our Lives with unexpected and incomprehensible events. They bestow spiritually aspired individual with substantial degree of highly sensuous Wisdom, which allows him to penetrate into the very Essence of any researched phenomenon, helps him to rise above the petty egocentric errands and look at Life of other "individual" from the standpoint of his "own" interests.

            To Love - is to be always ready to help, sincerely responding to the call of distress, gladly sacrificing the most precious of our possessions for the sake of someone's spiritual self-improvement and development, if necessary. However, Love does not imply blind acceptance of someone else's obligations or responsibility, as if trying to ease the Life of another, at the same time, compounding and complicating the process of spiritual growth, factually, depriving someone of more qualitative opportunities for independent choice creation and improving conditions for deepening into various selfish implementation manifestations.

            One should never forget about the primary principle of True Human relationship - do no harm, involving of not only the physical aspects of our Existence in general, but, psycho-spiritual, which provide synthesis processes of its inertial evolvement as Forms of Self-Consciousness, in particular! Thus, inflicting of no harm to someone or something requires the manipulation with such Knowledge, which more profoundly than other sources of Energy-Information, reflects the entire energy-information multi-quality relationship dynamics between various Self-Consciousness Forms of the surrounding reality.

"Currently” existing and widely accepted Perceptions regarding the notions of a "true Love" should be like within the "human" Community, are structured by powerful egocentric installments, which consider the subjective interests realization possibilities for only one of the parties of such "altruistic" relationship – either a mother to her child or the child to the mother; husband to wife or the wife to her husband; someone to one of his friends in relation to the other partners; sexual partners, or a “human” to domestic animals, vice versa, and the like.


"Interpersonal" selectivity in relations with the outside World, which is a consequence of inferior frequency Self-Consciousness Levels resonation dynamics Form-Creator Synthesis - is one of the signs of dominance of still unimplemented Perceptions of egoism, which tend to transform easily into powerful negative reactions and hostility. Hence, it is pointless to confuse these "interpersonal" relationships, no matter how long they may have lasted, with truly altruistic manifestations, especially with unconditional states of highly intellectual Altruism  and highly sensuous Intellect, peculiar to Self-Consciousness Forms of lluuvvumicheskiy (True Human) development Directions.