The only thing that truly, objectively exists – is something we define as “Information”. What is Information and how it is related to “human” and all other Forms of Collective Self-Consciousness – you may ask.



Information consists of infinite disparate Informational fragments multitude, discrete from one another. However, we aren’t able to anyhow register this discreteness by our Perception systems in any way. Instead it would appear as certain form of continuity and fluidity; something, which has no beginning and no end. In reality, it is actually so - it has neither the beginning nor end, but in a different meaning of it – it is just that each continuity and fluidity fragment has its own unique Configuration.

Let’s review the simple Perception, such as “light”. This Information consists of infinite multitude of discrete fragment Configurations, which we aggregate into our own, single elementary Perception – “the light” (or “darkness”). Or, if we to take another Perception - “blue”, you can simply imagine a color, something elementary. These Perceptions are very simplified and primitive; yet, they don’t exist independently, but only in certain conjunction with each other. The method we use to construct certain Perceptions is by attracting various disparate Informational fragments into our own Self-Consciousness by means of our Focus Dynamics (main point of interest). Some of these fragments represent (purely hypothetically) the properties of “viscosity”, while others, for instance – the properties of “fluidity”, “heat”, “cold”, “hardness”, “gaseousness”, “dryness”, “roughness”, “prickliness”, and so on. All these – are our subjective Perceptions. The same Informational fragments constitute the entire spectrum of various properties we can experience.

By means of these Informational fragments we simulate certain Perceptions regarding anything within our own Self-Consciousness – a “light” for instance. It can be an electrical bulb light, outer Space light, the Moon or the Sun light, or it can be simply a street light – you name it. So the entire palette of various heterogeneous Informational fragments aggregate into virtually unlimited set of our Perceptions of what a “light” really is.  More complex Configuration such as “Sunlight” is totally different, since it has the additional set of Informational properties, which we associate with holographic principle. All our new Perceptions are created out of smaller synthesized, compatible fragments of that Information.

The Perception “sunlight” immediately attracts additional compatible Information regarding these notions:  what a “Sun” is, “Sun as a star”, “Sun as a heat and light source”, “certain Planetary system fulcrum center”, certain condition of plasma or substance, certain Space interaction participant, and much more. If we are to think about planets, for instance, we instantly get additional amount of relevant Information regarding the Sun. An enormous amount of relevant Information instantaneously unfolds within our Self-Consciousness, automatically synthesizing into certain particular Thought-Forms - Perceptions.

The entire Informational state of being contains the unlimited amount of “tiniest parts” of Information we potentially utilize. Concentrating on certain fragments will get you additional Information fragments. Quite vividly it can be demonstrated during deep Meditation, when myriads of various bits of Information, including these from multiple other Universes, begin to unfold within my own Self-Consciousness, yielding virtually unlimited amount of synthesized Information. All of that Information is combined in multiple compatible streams.

The fundamental Information property is a holographic principle - an essential primordial attribute, enabling any Informational “fragment” to contain the entire Information of all other “fragments”. So it is possible to derive an unlimited amount of Information from that single Informational fragment - “singularity point” (in terms of physics). Another integral property of Information - is Impulsation. This is a fundamental principle and ability of every discrete tiniest Configuration fragment to radiate Information independently. There are 2 major Impulses in Life – Information and Energy. Information Impulse (electric field) is a certain property of Information, which enables Informational “particles” to constantly be in the state of absolute balance. The Energy Impulse (magnetic field) manifests immediately with Information Impulse because magnetic field activity isn’t possible separately from the electric one, and vice versa.

Information Impulse balances diverse Informational fragments, which resonate with each other. The most compatible fragments are these, which represent the similar properties, for instance: “fluidity” – “liquid” – “water” and so on. The Information Impulse initiates the resonance activity of the most compatible Information fragments, which in turn invokes immediate activity of certain Energy types. For instance – the relatively compatible interaction: “white sheet of paper”, - allowing us to understand its meaning. This is compatible interaction. However, it is only compatible for the human Self-Consciousness Form Perception system. Other Self-Consciousness Form types perceive this Information completely different.

In the previous example these two notions (Informational Perceptions) regarding “the paper” and “white” have merged, forming the most compatible corresponding interactivity type.  This is true for various Collective Consciousness groups – considerably less developed, as well as considerably far more developed than ours. Everything that exists is filled by these diverse Configurations’ activity. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that only these particular Configuration properties are present within any particular “spot”. In fact, all the above mentioned properties exist within the same exact “spot”. They are equally “blended” throughout all other possible “spots” as well. I am swinging my hands around here, implying the presence of Space, which at the moment of discussion simply doesn’t exist yet – remember - there isn’t any Self-Consciousness present yet. The presence of Information doesn’t imply the presence of Space; we’ll talk about it later on.  

Absolutely everything – the whole entire Space, including Earth, and everything on it – all that consists of multi-dispersed “particles”, all of which represent certain type of Meaning and have their own unique Informational Configuration. Moreover - most likely you are inclined to assume, that the Space exists per se; however, in reality, the Space can only exist within Self-Consciousness. So, the Information Impulse is active within the Information. Remember - the Information itself is the highest Universal category of any intelligent existence! The Source of All Being – is Information; it’s an initial origin of EVERYTHING. What we define as “the Universe” – is a Self-Consciousness Synthesis implementation Form, constituting to only about 1/10.000th of potential Information possibilities. In other words, something we call the Universe contributes to approximately 1/10.000th of what we define as Information. Everything else is completely unknown to any “human being”, including myself. We don’t know anything about the other interactivity (except the customary to us, synthesis type), taking place outside these limits. And it is even impossible to cognize it any way, since it isn’t possible to “fall outside” of synthesis existential Forms. As soon as you manage to exit outside of synthesis Form types, you immediately become the very Information itself and lose the sense of Self-Consciousness entirely. Even if you manifest within the hundred-billion dimensional levels, it will still be impossible to comprehend, since the criteria for synthesis manifestation Forms, is very particular.

Initially only the Information, together with its inherent Informational Impulse exists, which in turn initiates the resonance. The RESONANCE is the Fundamental Existence Principle of ALL THERE IS. As the result of this resonance, certain, most compatible Informational fragments establish various mutual interconnections. These interconnections do not imply any fragments of Information physically “moving” towards one another upon their mutual resonance – not at all!!! Merging occurs outside of Space: the entire Information, all this multi-dispersion, isn’t moving anywhere at all. There isn’t any chaos inside of Information exist, because this is a STATIC system. The Configurations themselves are primordially defined and balanced to the point that nothing can misbalance it. However, the Informational Impulse activity initiates sort of “transmission source” points of the most resonant Configuration fragments. As soon as one Configuration begins transmitting (which is initiated by Informational Impulse), immediately the other, resonant Configuration begins to transmit as well, while they both remain at their primordial static spaces. Remember – no “Space” exist yet, since we are talking about a pre-Space situation. And this resonance between them isn’t complete; it’s only a partial resonance. That’s because these two “spots” have only limited amount of resonance between them, where one fragment reflects certain tendency and certain Information while the other reflects different tendency and different Information.

Such transmission is sort of like a message: “I represent some particular Information”. This precise Informational fragment has initiated the activation of specific Information, with specific properties, which are inherent only for certain fragment, causing specific Configurations of each fragment to resonantly vibrate, which means they have “merged together”. There is nothing moving anywhere in this process, since all Informational fragments remain each at their own primordial place. As a result of potentially constructed manifestation Form – this very resonance – the mutual Configuration is created, causing the emergence of certain “surplus” (imbalance) within both of these Configurations. The mutual resonance between these two Informational fragments reaches the position of 90% for one, and only 10% for other fragment (for instance), where this difference is dividing them, not allowing for a complete merge. If they were absolutely identical and resonated for 100%, there would be no need of two different Configurations - it would simply be a single one. So, that small difference of 10% (in our example) determines the individuality of each such fragment.

Here is another example with 3 sheets of white paper, called “coated paper”. Additionally, there are other paper types such as glossy and offset. If you place them all together, visually there will not be any difference between them, since all of these 3 sheets are nothing more than white paper. However, one of them is matte paper, the other one is glossy and the third one is offset paper and all of them are white. However, there is something, which is the same for all of them, but there is also a certain difference there. And it is impossible to assert that all of them are exactly the same, provided for that slight difference. And it’s absolutely the same regarding the Informational Configuration fragments, because they also reflect certain properties, which are very compatible with one another. Even though they might all be “white” (considering our previous example), there is still slight difference between them. This slight difference actually causes two various dissonant fragments to appear. In reality there an unlimited amount of these interactions occurs constantly. We review the two fragment interaction example only for simplicity. These partially dissonant fragments don’t move towards one another - there isn’t any medium there, through which it would be possible even hypothetically. Instead all interactivity between various Information fragments occurs outside of space and results in a formation of Energy!

The Energy is formed due to the difference of various potentials, which means that any dissonance is always being a synthesis between various Potentials. The formation of certain Energy Potential means that a particular part between various Configurations has fully resonated, while other part – didn’t resonate. The initiation of Informational Impulse causes the manifestation of resonant factor within the Information - multiple Informational fragments begin to announce themselves, correspondingly interacting with one another. At the same time the most compatible Configurations aggregate into various mutually-isolated Forms, while the dissonance between the non-resonating fragments causes the Energy to appear. But what is “Energy”? The scientists don’t have an answer to this question, they only know about the Energy manifestation consequence and not the cause of it. The Energy is the very dissonance, which has the Potential towards balancing and symmetry recreation inside itself. That means that since absolutely everything is totally symmetrical, balanced and resonant, with some fragments still remaining in dissonance in relation to one another, this very Phenomenon causes the Energy to appear.

This Energy is designed to induce the alignment of every dissonant Configuration part with various parts of Information in a way that a resonance is again established.

For instance, let’s review matte white paper and glossy white paper. They are identical in terms of their color, while in terms of their other properties they are not. Somewhere else there are black or blue matte paper sheets as well as black and blue “glossy” paper, identical in terms of the color, but different otherwise. So, the informational fragments, representing white matte and black matte sheets, merge in terms of this particular property - “matte” even though they belong to different Configurations, and the resonance between them is established. Since they are different in color, and interact somewhere else in that respect with other Configuration parts, they are trying to establish the resonance in terms of their discording properties. So, the Energy is produced in order for that to occur.

As soon as the resonance is established, the Energy is annihilated by various Configurations, which previously required it in order to come to the balanced state. These two Configurations “white matte paper” along with “white glossy paper” have resonated with one another in terms of the color, while their other attributes have resonated with different Configuration’s properties, resulting in complete balance.

The Informational Impulse initiates the resonance inside of Information, immediately causing the Energy Impulse, which in turn provides the system’s stability and integrity. What we define as the “Universe” (Energy-Plasma), is created inside of Information. The appearance of Energy Impulse immediately causes the appearance of Energy, creating infinite multitude of various Forms of Self-Consciousness. Therefore we can assert that Energy is actually a Focus of Self-Consciousness. We have discussed an example with two sheets of white paper – matte and glossy as well as two other sheets of black paper – also matte and glossy. Let’s assume white sheets of paper have “merged” in terms of color for 90% and they need to balance one another in terms of the remaining 10% of their difference. So, now we have multiple Focuses activated, which constitute the dissonant Informational fragment condition. The Information itself didn’t disappear anywhere and hasn’t changed a bit. The only thing, which does change - is the condition of these Information fragments, consisting of various Configurations. The fragments, which weren’t initially compatible, have formed various Focuses. Hence, the Focus – is a synonym of Energy as stated above. Focus is a necessity, an internal potential towards the balanced condition. Each Focus is preoccupied with its dissonance since the dissonance is an unstable condition in relation to the mutual balance. The dissonant condition is unstable also because each Focus strives to locate the similar Focus, emitting the same exact identical Energy within the same frequency range.

Let’s review this process step-by-step again. The Informational Impulse produces the resonance of the most compatible Configuration parts within Information fragments. Concurrently, the Energy Impulse initiates the appearance of Focuses, designed to balance this unstable Information condition. Both - the Informational Impulse as well as Energy Impulse remain active continuously. So the multiple Focuses allow these tiny “particles” of Information (in our example, the remaining unstable 10%) to locate each other and get into resonance.

At that, multitude of variable Focuses initiates the forming of “Time” since “dissonant distance” between Focuses has emerged and it requires balancing between these Information particles.  The Time is formed ONLY within the very Information itself! The Focuses themselves don’t move anywhere even for a fraction, however between the condition of their dissonance and their potential resonance there is a specific interspace, which I define as the “dissonant distance”. However, this interspace doesn’t remain the same because its initial objective is to bring the discordant particles into complete resonance. Primarily that’s because each Focus is structured by the certain amount of various fragments, which in turn continuously form various types of combinations; depending on the quantity of participating fragments, various Dimension Levels form accordingly.

These dimensional Levels cause the formation of various Temporal Entities. Actually, each specific Temporal Entity is primordially incased into every single Configuration. However, I have chosen the definition “Temporal Entity” in order to highlight the fact, that usually, what we define as Time is nothing more than a succession of various interspaces. The “Reasonableness” is responsible for our relationship with these Temporal Entities in terms of Collective Intellect Self-Consciousness Forms – the higher the degree of “Reasonableness”, the higher the Time potential, participating in the implementation of Energy.

So, the Focus activity initiates formation of dissonance distances, as well as Time. However, the Time indicates two important factors:  the mutual dissonance Focus interactivity initiation point, as well as the resonant balance point. The Time also simply specifies the dissonant distance – it doesn’t actually cover it. It works just the GPS navigator. When you indicate the destination point, you almost immediately see how much Time needed to get there. At the same time you aren’t moving through Time itself. For instance – your starting point is Focus 1, and the destination point is the Focus 2. These two “points”, located at different geographical places, aren’t compatible. The only way they can become compatible is through your actions, once you leave the point A and get to the point B. And all this “moving” (refocusing) occurs by means of Space, where various Cosmic objects (houses, cars, people, animals, plants, etc) all move beside you in various Directions. Therefore, Space – is a Time implementation framework, where the dissonance becomes resonance.

The Energy Impulse creates Energy, which instantaneously creates dissonant distances (the Time), which in turn immediately creates the specific framework, where all dissonance factors can turn into resonant factors. This instantaneous activity is defined as UPDI(Universal Plasma-Differentiating Impulse). All the above activity became possible due to the creation of various resonant wave ranges – specific Energy-Informational Structures. Remember that the dissonance initiates an immediate appearance of Energy, which in turn creates infinite multitude of various Forms. What is a Form? The Form represents certain resonant condition with the surrounding environment (UPDI). It consists of the entire multitude of dissonant distances, still existing between various Focuses of Self-Consciousness. Hence the meaning of such terms as “Self-Consciousness Form” as well as “The Focus”, are totally identical, since without Focus (the Energy) there is no Form can exist, only Information Itself.

This is how the Energy-Plasma is primordially created. Once the Energy emerges, the Energy-Plasma emerges as well, being the Foundation of its entire activity. Farther on, emergence of Energy-Plasma instantaneously causes the likewise emergence of Energy-Information capacious resonant structures. So, the “Space” is formed as a result of our Self-Consciousness partial dissonance towards the surrounding Reality.

For instance, while looking at me, you like and dislike something about me at the same time. Let’s assume that the part you like about me constitutes to 60%, while the other part, which you don’t like, to 40%. Therefore immediately the certain Space between us occurs. What is it for? It is formed so that these “40%” of dissonance you feel towards me, would turn into resonant condition due to our Energy-Information interaction. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this resonant condition arrives fast. Each of us is a Self-Consciousness Focus, structured by its own Energy type, its own Information, pertaining to the very specific point of view regarding “self”, as well as the “surrounding Reality”. That means every one of us is structured by only their own Information regarding the “surrounding Reality” as well as their own Perceptions of their individual role within this surrounding reality. Our Information quality significantly differs from one another, which creates a certain dissonance degree between us, regardless of the side, which initiated it; the primary point here is that this dissonance is formed according to your specific individual Perceptions about me.

This Space is formed within UPDI(Universal Plasma-Differentiating Impulse). Where is it located? All this takes place ONLY within the Self-Consciousness. Well, what is Self-Consciousness? Self-Consciousness is a very first Instant of Energy Impulse initiation effect. As soon as even the tiniest dissonance instances manifest within Information, Focuses immediately appear; meaning that some imbalance was revealed, causing infinite multitude of various Focuses to self-identify. Remember - all that occurs within Information.

Therefore it is possible to assert that Self-Consciousness is a source of Information as well as an infinite amount of Forms of Energy-Informational interactions, which in turn are comprised of Time, Space and everything else. However, there is no “everything else” per se, and here is why. This is the ONLY Focus “activity”, which DOES exist:

1)      The emergence of Energy instantaneously causes Time and Space to manifest within Information

2)      Manifestation of Time and Space immediately causes the formation of the Universe.

3)      The appearance of Universe immediately causes the manifestation of infinite amount of various Focuses of Self-Consciousness

4)      The infinite amounts of various Focuses of Self-Consciousness instantly begin the self-identifying process, annihilating any dissonance along the way... Please recall the example with various papers attributes above, illustrating this principle quite vividly.

So that is why and how the Universe is formed. Existing Forms of Self-Consciousness are all different because they have formed out of different dissonant Principles. Hence, activating various parts of your Self-Consciousness into the Creative Activity phase, you create the interactivity momentum by your own Focus Dynamics (interest).

But what Focus Dynamics is? Imagine there are multiple Focuses, dissonant towards one another. The dissonant distance between them is mutually annihilated by infinite number of Focuses. All of you are virtually comprised of and saturated by anything you don’t accept. The fact of your disagreement with, or ignorance of something, as well as the discordance with something in relation to your Perceptions of it, immediately activates the dynamics of your own Focuses, destined to balance any existing discord.

-          Where are all these Focuses located?

-          Within your Self-Consciousness.

-          Where is Self-Consciousness located?

-          Within the entire Information – everywhere throughout the surrounding Space, as well as beyond.

I define the aggregated Focus activity regarding any topic, subject or matter as “Focus Dynamics”. I am talking to you while you listen, thus my Focus Dynamics is aimed at conveying my own Perceptions over to you. At the same time your Focus Dynamics implies just the opposite – the absorption of this Information, its correlation with Information you already possess, as well as bringing your newly formed Perceptions to a new common denominator. Although, our views are tremendously different, I am sure you can absorb some of that Information accordingly.

Even though most of you here are familiar with the “Immortality is available to anyone” book series, I can see how difficult this Information is absorbed within your Self-Consciousness. Now, I suppose, you realize how difficult it is to convey and express the knowledge of IISSIIDIOLOGY to these, who don’t know anything about it. Therefore, I am forced to decline all invitations from various news and TV channels sending me their invitations for public appearance.

Indeed everything I have just discussed here is only a superficiality of what there actually is. As I have promised, I attempted to explain and discuss the topic regarding the emergence of ALL, whereas you now can try and assemble these pieces of Information inside of your own Self-Consciousness and form your own Perception of it. This is what I want from you at this point – your comprehension of just this topic: where and how it ALL begun.