Dearest friends!

This article is intended for these, who are trying to navigate through the fascinating world of iissiidiological concepts and terms. Let us talk about the Spiritual Assistance - a genuine human relationship phenomenon, which can greatly facilitate to the overcoming of time loops. What is a time loop? In short, time loops are the so-called “dissonance distances”, which currently exist between our current Focus Configurations; bear in mind that our visually manifested biological bodies are comprised of unlimited number of Self-Consciousness Forms.

Primarily let us reflect on the power of the spirit, conscious mastering of which undoubtedly allows attributing anyone to be considered spiritually developed "personality." 


IISSIIDIOLOGY teaches that quality of any human "personality" directly depends on the synthesis degree of its Self-Consciousness Configuration, i.e. the volume of compatible Energy-Informational relationships, being the very informational space we are capable of manipulating in relation to the acquired Experience. The larger the number of such relationships, the greater the Energy-Information volume (informational fragments combination), structuring the Self-Consciousness Configuration, hence the higher the quality of Perceptions that create meaningful interaction ability between “individual” Self-Consciousness Form-Creators.

We are talking about the specific quality constituent, which in our Perceptual systems is based on the Aspect synthesis of two dominant Pure Cosmic Qualities (PCQ’s) - "Love-Wisdom" and "Will-Intellect", (with ten other PCQ’s active in the background),  forming the True Human development Direction.

That is why the specific Notion has long ago formed within the human collective Consciousness regarding the fact, that every choice made by a harmoniously developed "personality" always carries the two elements, such as the Mind and a Heart, or - Intellect and Altruism. There are many opportunities exist for a harmonious combination of these two features within our Self-Consciousness, however perhaps the most important of them all is a true Spiritual Assistance (Help in Spirit).

Philosophy defines Spirit as something immaterial and irrational in distinction from material or carnal. Various trends converge that SPIRIT is a certain substance - akin to the thinking and sensing "personality". Ancient Greek philosophy defines the Spirit as logo, one of the meanings of which is – a word. In the Russian language, in conjunction with this noun the word "Spirit" (SOUL) was formed, providing a peculiar synonym to the "Spiritual Assistance” or "inspiration by a word” notion. Thus altruistic manifestation – a sincere desire to help irrespective of personal advantage - is most often “unprofitable" for its initiator (from the point of view of his or her egocentric Levels of Self-Consciousness). However, the strong determination to convey the results of deep intellectual analysis of possible causes and consequences of any events, acts, words or "individual" qualities of another person (or group of people), is capable of providing an essential help in overcoming (collapse) of the so-called “time loops” and facilitating the improvement of Self-Consciousness Configurations of both participants of this event.

Given this, one can assume that Fortitude ability is an actual force that contributes to impartial reflecting, while analyzing the causes of the prevailing life situations of any complexity, hence choosing deliberate, weighted and much more altruistic than before, solutions (without an unnecessary impulsiveness). An Identity, endowed with this quality characteristic (Fortitude), has relevant creative (energy-informational) Potential, providing for active high frequency Perceptions generation. Spiritually Strong individual is able to render a True Spiritual Assistance, by providing others with constructive Information that subsequently becomes an integral part of both of their Configurations. Considering this upon all our subsequent choice implementation, we thus "collapse" existing “time loops”, while refocusing into those Continuums, where the visually manifested "personality" before us configurationally corresponds to our present ideas of qualitativeness.

Otherwise, while observing poor quality (from our subjective point of view) manifestations of another person, silently accepting them but still disagreeing with him or her, we hereby express our readiness of farther focusing in Continuums, where such acts are an ordinary occurrence. In contrast, by sharing the Information regarding others and thus providing Spiritual Assistance, we intensify multilevel parts of his or her Self-Consciousness (including our own of cause!), which in both of our Configurations are reflected in terms of compatible Energy-Informational relationships, in turn contributing to the possibility of co-directed synthesis process by combining similar Perceptions. At the same time please keep in mind that this association occurs only upon positive (altruistic) informational initiation, when we sincerely wish that the one whom we are trying to assist, paid attention to the possible synthesis "gaps" in "their" Configurations, given they intent to refocus in a True Human development Direction. At this point the "helping" party should abstract from the level of purely "interpersonal" relations in the form of accusations, reproaches, self-benefit, labeling and other similar acts. Otherwise, considering imperfection of our Configurations, there can be a probability of the mutual so-called "slipping" into wave ranges of inferior resonant activity. Simply put, you need to allow another person to make their choice based on the proposed Information and configuration features of their Self-Consciousness, in order not to intensify the imperceptive properties (fragments) of this Information, dynamic)transformation into compatible interactions of which may require an indefinite period of time - that is, an unnecessary “time loop”. Note that as a rule, it is incredibly difficult to commit such Act of Kindness - Assist in Spirit - because:

First, watching the other person’s tendentious substandard manifestations (because it is always more clear while observing from the outside) and, taking into account the fact that we are all "mirror copies" of one another, it is necessary to recognize the same characteristics, capable of occurring under different circumstances in our own behavior, however doing this is a much more difficult task than pointing fingers at others and their qualitative mismatch;


Secondly, not knowing the reaction to such Aid attempt in terms of other person’s possible negativity as a result, (which only confirms the absence of such Experience), we unconsciously project the current situation over to ourselves, assuming that it may entail extra stress (tensions) in our mutual relations, as it would imply additional, supposedly unnecessary emotional weight, causing fear of intensifying of substandard reactions and possible condemnation;

Thirdly, on the basis of a small number of such interactions, we begin displaying disbelief in behavioral quality of another person, hence confirming our own inferior manifestations.

Therefore, quite often we prefer to remain silent bystanders, tacitly complying with our existing configuration tension degree, the annihilation of which would require an additional amount of information fragments, separating our "current" Self-Consciousness Configuration from the "next" one - superior, and hence, more humanistic. This largely Altruistic and Intellectual Configuration consciously "shifts" its Focus Dynamics into the specific Self-Consciousness Form, that is structured by more energy-capacious informational interconnectivity, thus allowing for locating within own Configuration of a Higher-vibrational Energy Potential and making a particular Choice by providing sincere Spiritual Assistance, hence, "collapsing" ("avoiding” the dissonant intermediate state) another “time loop”. Thus, the True Spiritual Assistance is always associated with the resonant interaction at high levels of Consciousness. Remember the famous saying: "When the student is ready - the teacher comes"? However, unfortunately, the mutual Information exchange often occurs on various qualitative levels.

Hence we conclude that while helping someone, it is important to assert the most accessible to your Perception, intellectually-altruistic Configuration (position) within your own Self-Consciousness. This Configuration possesses the Information regarding the reaction, lower-frequency (non-synthesized) manifestations, which can be activated in Self-Consciousness of these requiring assistance, and thus can treat it comprehensively, providing any additional Information with intent to facilitate the formation of a reasoning motivational model, which in turn would allow for annihilation of any misunderstanding.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that certain qualitative states, frequently manifested, as though similar, but differing one (Altruism) from another (cynicism), have a fine line between them, however, in reality is a profundity. So, at the level of interaction supposedly nothing changes (the Information constituent remains the same), but an internal (energy-informational) content is significantly different. In the first case we are trying to inform a person and draw his or her attention to the possibility of other options for higher-quality displays. In the second case we simply manifest own superiority (arrogance), offering to take for granted such unequal (devoid of motivational constituent) position, not realizing that this is precisely what "shifts" our and their Focus Dynamic Configurations into a time loop.

It turns out that it is not easy task - assisting someone in Spirit! But given the characteristics of our evolving Configurations, cognizing themselves in comparative situational circumstances and movable by energy-motivational trend, you can be sure that we are constantly accumulating all the necessary Experience – whether it is a selfish or an Altruistic one.

Without such an Experience it is impossible not only to consciously refocus into more harmonious Continuums, but also contribute to (assisting in Spirit) improving the implemented choice quality of those, who together with us are trying to display higher-Creative Activity, thereby avoiding the temporary loops "involution" constituent.