IISSIIDIOLOGY conception, in its conveying of the new surrounding reality Perceptions, the nature of the human Self-Consciousness and the establishment of social dynamics, relies on all the very best, which the humanity has achieved for many centuries of its inertial development, including the scientifically-intellectual, as well as intuitively-moral cognition paths. Indeed, if we look at these “copybook” maxims, which any modern society is governed upon (commencing with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN), we can see that they are all exclusively based on moral principles, advocating freedom of speech and conscience, as well as penury and fear independence. Deep inside our Self-Consciousness each of us knows exactly what a true spirituality is, including all the moral principles, which govern the relations between “people” and which are reflected throughout all possible religious commandments. 


It seems, as everything is clear in this respect, considering the fact that we have actually concluded what is good and what is bad. However, in reality not everything is quite as obvious and clear, as it seems on paper, in various declarations and slogans. Our Life is so diverse and multilateral, that both – the global society as a whole and every “human being” in particular, having once again to face each subsequent choice in their daily existence (at times preceded by a whole string of intricate and controversial decisions), factually constantly reside at loss at what to do and where to go next. Thus each one of us gradually immerses in a lie and deceit, becoming entangled in various intricacies of mind, trying to evade our own previous ethical standards, which step-by-step and choice after choice become nothing more than a web, constricting us with all kinds of unnecessary, ridiculous and totally obsolete circumstances.

The uniqueness of the iissiidiological conception is such that it is not simply relying on an extended interdisciplinary platform of scientifically educational, as well as spiritually intuitive nature of knowledge and experience, but it also shapes the fundamental understanding, coupled with complete internal structural relationship comprehension between the surrounding Reality and a “human” Perception mechanism. IISSIIDIOLOGY closely examines the true causes of many phenomena, based upon the transcendental essence of our existence – that is a Self-Consciousness Entity, experiencing itself throughout the Universe as an endless infinity of “personal” Interpretations. Provided for the iissiidiological description of Self-Consciousness Form diversity interrelation Laws and Principles description interrelation, the requirements of all truths and standards, which are so well known to the public, become quite natural.

There are three basic axiomatic constituents this Knowledge relies upon: the many-worlds interpretation of the surrounding Reality, the presence of an infinite amount of our concurrent individual development scenarios as well as the quality of our psychic conditions and their consequent choices, leading the global society towards the more qualitative experience, wisdom and evolutional maturity. The most important factor on this cognition path is the ability of finding that thin line and balance between the knowledge and sensuousness, which quite frequently not only just unbalanced, but also remain in strong contradiction with one another. For instance, quite often there are situations, when whatever our children feel (the intuitive experience), is automatically being canceled out and superimposed by completely different information (the mental set of rules); or when an adult knows exactly what to do (mental experience), but society contraposes it with its own world-view (sensuous moral dogmas), and so on. Besides this purely external confrontation, the similar tensions of the “opposing parties” nevertheless naturally arise within inside each person of the “opposing parties” correspondingly.

IISSIIDIOLOGY explains in detail the significance of the two constituents of our inner being – the highly-altruistic Intellect, coupled with highly-intellectual Altruism, which, when implemented in the daily decision-making, gradually improve our way of development, as a result of which clear Objective prioritization and the complete comprehension of our sense and meaning of existence become possible. At first, this realization is being determined as a necessity for an “individual” platform of positivism, creative aspiration and an inner joy due to harmonious balancing between the surrounding reality and ourselves, while consequently it becomes natural and applicable to everyone and everything around us on all levels of the global society.

In contrast to the religious point of view, the scientific approach does not recognize intuitive Information as fundamental constituent of the surrounding Space construction, and only relies on facts and logical reasoning. The fact that the intuitive insight has contributed to practically every single discovery made to this day, for some reason is not being taken into account; in fact, it is even considered the poorly researched peculiarities field of the human psyche phenomena! Many scientists are so preoccupied with constant and obsessive search of their conclusion reasoning evidence that long ago they have “thrown out the baby with the water”. The superior scientific intellectualization degree, although contributing to the “human” comfort and information exchange progress, completely ignores the inner, humanly spiritual essence, which is nevertheless quite important in our Life.

What or who actually shapes the quality of Perceptions regarding our existence for the better? These can only be individuals, aspired by the positivism and the constructive initiative, directed towards the global world society’s well-being. However, the science is still playing the role of half-broken tool in the hands of the blind ignoramus: provided for such “scientific” activity the humankind has many times approached the stage of self-annihilation.

IISSIIDIOLOGY positions the science with its empirical cognition method at front of a complex, long standing issue – it is now very important to accept our Self-Consciousness with its Perception mechanism being an active participant throughout a multitude of various processes of our surrounding Reality. Our Consciousness coupled with strong belief in rightfulness of “our” insights, plays the most vital role and being the cornerstone of the nearest future global scientific community paradigm, which is based upon the highly-intellectual Intuition and highly-altruistic Boldness of offering the most profound Knowledge, deeply immersing into the very Essence of our existence, to the entire “humankind” community on this Planet.

Commencing from today, IISSIIDIOLOGY offers unprecedented conceptual worldview regarding many scientific issues of an oncoming new Millennium. In particular, it is connected to the revolutionary understanding of all psychophysiological processes of a “human” body, relating to its considerably extended life expectancy. The nerve system dynamics (led by the cerebral activity) is closely interrelated with hormones activity, whose functionality (including the “intestinal brain”, mentioned in one of the “Immortality is accessible to everyone” book series) is being directly projected onto “personality” the Self-Consciousness “individual” Configuration (IISSIIDIOLOGY term). The incredibly complex interlacement of various psychic reactions as well as multiple physiological processes in our body is presented as the Form-Creators (or Creators of Forms) activity of our daily routine existential implementation activities.

The term “Form-Creators” was introduced in order to highlight an extremely complicated functioning part of our Self-Consciousness, which no “human being” in his usual state of mind, is able to register or anyhow perceive. Nevertheless, such unconscious functioning dynamics is constantly ongoing, which in our view makes an argument, that it is purely mechanical or instinctive by nature, a complete absurdity. If you take a closer look at what our Self-Consciousness dynamics is, consider the growing “human” introspective study capabilities of our own inner “self”, as well as the endless meaning of Life search activity, you would clearly comprehend how our Perception is truly infinite. The current research field for the science of the nearest future – is a vast ocean of constructively intuitive cognition of our own-selves as an integral part of the global cosmic Reality.

The nature of Space and Time, as the functional elements of Self-Consciousness Focus Dynamics are closely examined within iissiidiological conception, as well as the already mentioned multi-world diversity, structured by the Self-Consciousness qualitative Levels. If we are to consider the existence of the multitude of multi-quality worlds, then, besides arising of our own individual self-determination possibility along with such questions as: “What to expect out of Life, which future should I consider the best for myself?”, – we can talk about the most complex elementary particle hierarchy, structuring the multi-qualitative surrounding materiality, of which only a tiniest fraction is known to science today.

As we infuse the field of our research with all these Perceptions, we simply must revert to the additional terminology while striving to alter the existing one. For instance, the notion of wave (frequency), as a propagating vibration, considering the existence of multitude of elementary particle various groups along with multi-quality Realities, should be redefined as the surrounding world’s “material density”. That is because the same groups of elementary particles will differ by composition not only in terms of some conditional “Quality” spectrum, but also by inner internal energy-informational consistency and saturation types.

Hence, if there are a lot of variable surrounding Reality worlds, determined by their individual “composition” and saturation, we should additionally introduce the notion of dimensionality. Although currently there are multiple semantic interpretations of this term exist, attempting to extrapolate onto some mythical “intricate spaces”, nevertheless up until recently these Perceptions were not considered as serious attempts to describe a multitude of surrounding reality processes. In this respect, IISSIIDIOLOGY redefines the notion of dimensionality; in fact, it actually creates this notion anew as diverse multi-dimensional basis for Multiverse.

Another virtually recreated similar term is the notion “Space-Time Continuum” (STC). In natural science, it is understood as a universal medium for the existence of Matter and all its Forms, however, IISSIIDIOLOGY provides much broader view on the process of matter-creation, illustrating that it is far more complex, than a pseudo-objective observer could assume. In short, each form of Self-Consciousness has its own inherent inertia and Perception “density” properties. Similar Self-Consciousness groups form various subjective Realities, unified into similarly subjective Space-Time Continuums. In turn, the various subjective STC’s create the entire surrounding dense Reality world throughout the global Form dynamics, which we can (and even which we cannot!) anyhow perceive. Thus “people” possessing the similar Reasoning types, form “their own” subjective Realities, while the “humankind” as a whole – its own subjective STC, which differs from STC of any other existential form STC, whether it is of mineral, floral and animal nature. Although surely our “human” interactivity with animals will always be more saturated than our interactivity with minerals, it is in turn inevitably reflected through differences between various STC’s.

The more detailed and more complex explanation of the multi-dimensional “Conscious-Fields” dynamics is, (and this is precisely how we should define the “human” and other Forms of Self-Consciousness, considering the multi-world conception), the harder it is to formulate at least some interpretation of various notions and occurrences within our well known Reality. The interpretation clarity requires an introduction of yet additional specific terms, for instance, “Self-Consciousness multi-polarization” as a concurrent localized manifestation of “slloogerntity” (holography) of Space-Time; “duvuyllerrt” indicator of Synthesis process mechanism (that is various Experience gathering), followed by the evolutional “individual” development; “birvulyartnost” as individual specifics of this development, and many-many more.

However, the most fundamental conception of IISSIIDIOLOGY, contributing for the development of spirituality and intellect, is Self-Consciousness incipience interpretation, which the science can adopt as the “cosmic Universe origination hypothesis”, requiring the rationale and a practical confirmation in perspective. The origination process is commenced with initial existing Information; however, at the same time it cannot even be defined as existing, since the Information does not have to be in order for it to exist. The very foundation (here the tautology is totally justified!) of the matter and Perception of any kind – is the Information itself. The virtually unlimited amount of various “fragments” of this Information enter into all sorts of “confrontation” and interaction with one another due to their heterogeneity, as a result of which the Energy, as a tension factor between these “fragments” hence, appears. Consequently, the most “conformable fragments” are unified into various Self-Consciousness Configurations, which is how the matter is actually created.

In this paradigm, the Energy should be viewed as a certain degree of imbalance “inside” of the Information, while the Self-Consciousness Dynamics can be considered the “balanced state return mechanism”. The true cause of inertia is the existence of Energy, since at this stage the balancing Dynamics is a specific duration process. It is obvious that any process cannot be instantaneous, thus the Inertia is understood as a synonym of Time. It is pointless to talk about Space, following this interpretation, since in reality it does not exist per se: what does exist - is tension degree between various Self-Consciousness Configurations along with Inertia, required for the annihilation of this tension (the Time). However, this is exactly what can be utilized as a definition of Space: inertia and delayed Configuration interoperability, along with the force effort necessity, generate the distance illusion, and as a whole – Self-Consciousness Space-Time Perception system mechanism.

Let us review the very essence of our Self-Consciousness and such notion as “I am!” (Descartes: “I think, therefore I am!”). In this respect, everything that we are – is our Perception synthesis processes dynamics. The name “synthesis” means that while acquiring new Experience, we mutually integrate, combine and balance more or less incompatible Perceptions (information “fragments”) into something more energy-information capacious. That means that our Perceptions of ourselves as “individual personalities” – is a sheer illusion, which is based upon the specific instantaneous Experience gathering dynamics.

Because of this dynamics, the infinite multitude of such Configurations aggregate not only in terms of the resonance principle (the manifestation of certain Interest towards each other’s constructive activity), but also by means of energy-information capacity. Thus the multi-dimensional STC’s, aggregating the mutual various Self-Consciousness group Dynamics are created. We think that we evolve along the so-called “arrow of time”, from “past” to the “future” and that our planet is approximately four and a half billion years old, however, the truth is actually being far away from these illusory assumptions, because a vast amount of other STC’s, where the existence periods are different, and where we also exist, are not taken into account at all.

The slloogrent (holographic) Principle implies the “incasing” of Experience of lesser energy- capacious Configurations into larger energy-capacious ones, which can be re-projected onto subjective Realities as well as various Continuums of our multi-polarized simultaneous existence. We, discretely existing within a certain Continuum are simply lost in this holographic encasing of differently dimensional existential Levels! Only our “personal” opinion regarding the surrounding reality, along with chosen existence Objective and Purpose in Life can truly enable us to determine our farther development Direction regardless of any temporal dates, ages, geographic location or physical position of our planet within Cosmos.

Accepting of multi-dimensional and multi-world nature concept of our existence clearly displays larger scale manifestation of our "integral" Self-Consciousness and stupendously broadens up the potential capability of our Constructive Activity horizons. Such conception can not imply or contain anything mysterious and supernatural (including any Perception of God per se); in this respect we can only talk about our more evolutionarily significant abilities and us as True Humans. The dogmatism and blind belief in surreal supernatural being, without any consideration for the humankind as a whole and its Potential in particular, deprive any religion of its evolutionary sense. In this respect, IISSIIDIOLOGY is an inherently anti-religious Knowledge, as it calls to get rid of farfetched, dogmatic restrictions, fear of "Death", various cult activities, convoluted assumptions and the blind faith in the supernatural. It offers the extensive interpretations to all vital processes, and determines our maturity in terms of being fully responsible for everything surrounding us.

Moreover, if we are to modify and afford a certain degree of irony, it is possible to claim that IISSIIDIOLOGY at the same time is an antiscientific knowledge as well, because it has the prerequisites for comprehensive expansion of the laws of nature, beginning with the four fundamental interactions, various biological processes, occurring in organisms as well as the information regarding the socio-economic changes, based on harmonious combination of Altruism and Intellect, establishing the moral and ethical social standards. Surely, this new cosmological conception can be considered as pseudoscientific theory or a hypothesis. Well, what are the ancestral roots of any scientific theory? It is no secret that absolutely no theory or hypothesis has instantly become the conventional standardized scientific subject set out in the school and university textbooks, – have they ever?

It took some of them not decades – centuries! - to finally acquire their recognition. We are deeply convinced at the same time, that IISSIIDIOLOGY will become fully and adequately assessed by the worldwide scientific community within considerably short period. IISSIIDIOLOGY, being the fundamental basis of most scientific disciplines of our immediate future, provides powerful evolution mechanisms for the entire "humankind", conducing to its highest possible levels of maturity, responsibility, prosperity and absolute confidence in the quality of our Truly Human Future!


Author - Uksstukkullur