The notion “meditation” is not new to anyone. However, what types of associations arise within your mind when you hear of it? Usually what do we correlate with the meditation process? Sitting in lotus pose, mantras singing and a quiet relaxing music. Is there any other meditation approach available – you might ask? 

Actually – yes. IISSIIDIOLOGY offers the new, unprecedented meditation possibilities, which are connected with Sound Space Codes, provided by its author. These are Codes, which can unveil unimaginable Knowledge horizons, completely unknown to us at this time. Oris books contain special Sound Space Codes, designed to provide additional information for everyone besides the information, already provided in IISSIIDIOLOGY. All this – is a prospective, since first you have to reach higher Levels of your Self-Consciousness, which in turn would allow you to derive that unprecedented Knowledge. Oris had previously provided Space Codes meditation techniques, so in this article we simply wish to share it with you, because we believe that now it is time to try to take meditation process on a completely new level. Here we have outlined a recommended meditation procedure:

1)      Accept a comfortable position. It is best to meditate lying down, allowing for complete relaxation. In a sitting meditation, it is harder to achieve the same results; in addition, there may be distracting for example, tilting the head forward and the like.

2)      Utter a previously selected Sound Space Code whispering it at first; then, after about 15-20 minutes of such whispering repetitions continue repeating it to yourself silently. Timing is be handled individually; we just provide approximate figures in minutes. Close your eyes, so that nothing can distract you.

3)      The Code utterance have to be performed simultaneously with skeletal muscle relaxation. We advise against playing any music during the meditation, as it will only distract you and prevent tuning onto the frequency, inherent in the Space Code.

4)      Uttering of the Code should be combined with inhaling and exhaling. At that, the first part of the Code is pronounced along with inhaling, while the second – upon exhaling in such a way, that the breathing pattern completely merges with the Code. It is unnecessary to concentrate on the Code’s every letter, since the entire sound combination is vital.

5)      This phase of the meditation may associate with some appearing images. As they appear, simply continue to do what you did – these images arise within Self-Consciousness due to the fact, that each letter of a Code – is a carrier of very specific Information. Therefore, these images might not belong to the Information Flux, associated with the Code itself. In addition, the meditation quality always depends on the first two IISSIIDI-Centers synthesis levels. More often than not, their excessive activity, such as manifestations of fear or sexual content, may not allow even commencing of the meditation per se.

6)      Once the breathing rhythm practically coincides with the Code, and they will become ONE, all the images will disappear, giving way to your Self-Consciousness "falling out" of the waking state. Ideally, Focus of Self-Consciousness should “enter” into Code, completely identifying with it. The outcome solely depends on the Code as well as the development level of the meditator.

Frankly, the Space Sound Codes – is a very different Reality. Hence, even if you manage to see, sense or comprehend something “there”, you will have difficult time trying to explain this “something” to others, since in our World, we might not have such Perceptions. At the same time, the very meaning of any meditation is just this - transmission of the received information to others, which is Altruism. Otherwise, it will just be selfishness, which may prevent any opportunity for you either to enter into meditation, or to interpret of the received information, even for yourself. Most likely, however, you will just fall asleep, not being able to reach the Levels, at which the information, embedded in the Cosmic Codes, reveals.

7)      If you actually manage to enter in deeper meditation, do not worry about its termination and your return back – all of this happens automatically.

Here are some additional advices from Oris, related to the topic of Sound Space Codes meditation practice. If, upon your entering into meditation, you observe either negative, (ARGGAAMUNI) or sexually oriented images (INGLIMILISSA), please continue uttering the Sound Code, being at the same time an Observer of the unfolding situation, not a participant. Such process is similar to ride on the train, when a passenger does not really focus his or her attention a lot on the scenery, flickering outside the window. At that, there are two possible outcomes: you either continue your meditation, filtering all appearing images, or stop the meditation, switching your attention to these inferior levels of Self-Consciousness, who were responsible for the interruption. Oris strongly recommends not disrupting your attempts to meditate, however. If an itching or some other distractions periodically occur during tuning onto the Code, it is a definite sign of inferior frequency Self-Consciousness Form-Creators activity. Thus, they influence the Self-Consciousness through the bio-Creators, in order to prevent our “shift” towards the qualitative, superior Self-Consciousness Levels because these higher-frequency levels of existence are literally being destructive for them. Thus, there is a certain resistance to meditation possible, which you should be ready for, not paying any attention to it if possible. If you manage to endure all that, the meditation will be successful. Therefore, please note, that the preparation to a meditation is also very important. It is highly recommended not to eat anything before meditating, however, you might drink a little of green tea. Provided for that you can avoid an excessive excitement and relax even more instead. The cleansing lavement is also highly recommended, especially shortly before the meditation. The ideal time for meditation is an early morning, however, you can also meditate at night – all depends on you. In any event, the most important factor here is – a strong desire to benefit others. If that is the case, you will definitely succeed!