Oris – the author of IISSIIDIOLOGY book series, provided for his special psychic abilities of "sensing" the Universe multi-variance, offers the humanity the way to its most harmonious Future! For this purpose he created the multivolume book edition under the general title "IISSIIDIOLOGY", helping us, readers, to cultivate certain vital principles and internal states of Consciousness, leading into a specific Direction, chosen from various development vectors of Mankind’s Collective Consciousness, which assures the fastest possible evolution for our civilization. To that end Oris presents certain system of values,designed for nurturing of specific qualities in every human being, all of which can determine our mass refocusing into such future, where basic necessity technologies are considerably advanced, and where all necessary physical and social laws, aimed for advanced and harmonious human social and material lifestyle, satisfactory to all people on the planet, are long established. 

In these realities, where superior Self-Consciousness manifestation levels are actively evident, we all have unlimited and constant access to renewable energy of enormous capacity, super-fast transport vehicles such as gravity-flyers, heavy-duty materials, unknown today, human organism nanotechnology recovery techniques, virtually unlimited life expectancy extension technology in general, and biological body genetic engineering modification into any suitable form in particular; also our  brain activity in terms of neuron interconnection is increased thousands and millions of times the current levels, enabling the hyper-fast Information processing power, we also acquire such stupendous capability as telepathy and can freely communicate ideas (telepath-themes) with other civilizations;  massive interplanetary and interstellar travel becomes freely affordable and possible for millions of us – all  this, and much-much more becomes readily available to all people as a result of harmonious relations manifestation between all humans and the rest of the Universe.

Such amazingly-incredible development levels can easily be achieved - and it's meticulously elaborated in the Oris books - only when every human being’s individual Self-Consciousness aggressive activity levels, which are currently fixated on survival and counter-positioning against other people and the surrounding reality as a whole, are annihilated; and when on the contrary, the levels of Highly-Intellectual creativity, coupled with levels of Higher Sensuousness - Altruism and unconditional Love, are activated respectively within our Collective Self-Consciousness.

Oris is focused on such future scenarios, where our civilization has already reached such levels of development, and at the same time he takes into account the feasible attainment rate for such prospects as well.

Thus, IISSIIDIOLOGY conception thoroughly depicts the Universe model in general, and the human Self-Consciousness in particular, including all of their inner and outer relationship interaction, so that each of us could independently create an intuitive picture of their inner and outer world, being able to comprehend all the ongoing processes effectively and consciously, as well as be able to choose those wonderful existential scenarios, that have already been formed primordially for the purpose of our self-cognition. Additionally, IISSIIDIOLOGY discloses in detail High-frequency Intellect, along with Higher-quality Altruism acquisition mechanisms, harmonious synthesis of which, actually, leads towards multitude of truly magnificent scenarios, mentioned above. Such synthesis Direction is defined as True Human civilization Development Path, harmoniously combining the higher-quality interpersonal relationship between all the people on the Planet with proficient level of IISSIIDIOLOGY comprehension.

Author - Uylluiylliiss