Dearest Friends,

In this article we will point out the reasons, which most likely will lead to a decrease in the population of the Earth, and elaborate in more detail the peculiarities regarding possible pandemic scenarios and how we can avoid them. There is great number of objective reasons for unexpectedly rapid advance of possible pandemic scenarios in the near future. 

One of the most disturbing and dangerous symptoms, indicative of a powerful psyche-mental imbalance of modern human society, requiring an immediate intervention of the Planetary Mechanism, is the imbalance of the Earth's biosphere due to thoughtless barbaric destruction of the primary ecosystem existence principles. As a result, frequent mutation of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in recent years, have sharply increased, causing pandemics of is not only already known fatal diseases (typhoid, tuberculosis, plague, anthrax, lupus, etc.), but also previously unknown infectious diseases, such as hepatitis “C” , "bird" flue (H5N1 , H7N9) and "swine" flue (virus A/H1N1), "mad cow disease" and so on, that appear and spread on a large scale with the historically unprecedented speed. In addition, despite the differences in the genomes, there are more diseases emerged, inherent to both - humans and other forms of self-consciousness alike. Another reason for the development of pandemic scenarios - a sharp climate change, that promotes not only of the more sophisticated modernization of known viruses, bacteria and the appearance of large ranges of their new types, but also increases the likelihood of re-appearance in our lives of the most dangerous of the previously known, supposedly defeated kinds of deadly diseases. This can happen due to widespread reactivation of anthrax burial grounds in Europe, Africa, America and Asia, where forgotten gravesites of people and animals who have died of smallpox, plague, cholera, foot and mouth disease epidemics in different historical periods and the like, are located. The mass occurrence of deadly focuses of infection is possible on different continents simultaneously. For example, only on the territory of Russia more than 120 thousand of anthrax cattle mortuaries are officially registered, however, approximately the equal amount of naturally similar burials have no official record anywhere and does not have the exact known location. Identically, the same unfortunate situation with possible centers of bacterial and viral contamination centers currently exists in many countries. In particular, Russia and the United States are now the only countries, where smallpox is still preserved and cultivated in research centers as a potential biological weapon. All this - as a planetary time bomb, the detonator of which is a critical limit of destructive state of Collective human consciousness; once such critical limit is achieved, the Planetary Mechanism of population regulation on the globe activates automatically, thus initiating mass human refocusing process into resonantly corresponding groups of various Space-Time Continuums.

There is another reason for the Earth’s population to decrease. The sexual activity will gradually diminish with time, which will swiftly lead to a drastic decline in the birth rate, which is also affected by an extreme instability of the economic, political and sociological situations that accompany the ongoing crisis. At the same time, the percentage of senior citizen death rate, as the most conservative-minded part of the population that simply are not able to perceive and assimilate radically new, high-quality ideas, on the contrary, will increase greatly, due to a strong imbalance of ecological and climatic factors. This alone will put the humanity before the global and unsolvable demographic disaster in conditions, where dramatic failure of the current system of socio-economic and inter-state relations is already an obvious and irrefutable fact. The world's population growth will not only cease completely, it will rapidly decline, forcing the governments of all developed nations to consolidate in order to commence an active search an effective solution to this issue.

Throughout various development scenarios of global psyche-mental dynamics of humankind, the qualitative and quantitative state of the world's population will undergo drastic changes due to a powerful activation of any one or the few of these factors in the coming decades. While people in more favorable scenarios, where the global population is reduced by two-thirds, will witness considerable improvement of socio-economic relationships, in the lesser qualitative ones, however, where the population is also greatly reduced, the worsening of socio-economical relationships will be even more egocentric and destructive than now. Of course, there are many other, less extreme and more averaged options of subsequent global development, but they also lead to the urgent need of the same radical quality separation. Time – is the only difference between them.

Please note - this information is not another "horror story" regarding the inevitability of enduring of some unpleasant existential changes; it is simply a reminder in regards to paternal and natural Causes of any changes not only of the surrounding Reality, but also the quality of our own intellectually-emotional creativity. We still have a real opportunity and time to think deeply and responsibly about the humanity’s possible future scenarios, where we wish to exist.

We therefore call on all intelligent people to draw their attention to IISSIIDIOLOGY, helping us to adapt iissiidiological perceptions, making them more compatible to the understanding by the rest of humanity, as well as participate in creating and maintaining various International Informational Altruism and Intellect Development Centers (IIAIDC’s) and AYFAAR settlements, where absolutely everyone will be able to embark on their own Path of the True Human Development. Thus, together we can facilitate to the considerable improvement of our global community, tremendously increasing our chances to coexist in a more harmonious, balanced, and more Prosperous future!