“What would you like to do in your Life” – asked me my parents when I was a kid. And my answers have changed many times since. Upon the high school graduation I even took the special test, designed to figure out the professional field I might be mostly inclined to, which has shown that this ought to be the government service. Obviously it didn’t match my actual desires at the moment, so I skipped it. When it came to the choice of the future occupation, my preferences were all chaotic, and I literally had no clue as to what should I focus my attention upon in order to figure all this out. 

It is of no surprise therefore, that it was also my parents, who have chosen the college I should go to, as well as the major to study. I actually have shown good educational scores, but I have expressed neither sympathy, nor any aversion towards any fields of study - it simply was a completely emotionless and passive process. I just lived a usual life as many people do – it was an ordinary egocentric existence keeping only to myself. In order words I had not a slightest idea of what do I want out of Life, and at some point I was even pretty close to depression!

And all of the sudden, certain information has begun flowing in, invoking my existential Interest. But let me tell you how it happened. Initially I started noticing the information, originating out of many different sources regarding the alleged “end of the world” back in 2012. There seemed to be so many arguments supporting this notion, which actually lead me into believing of an inevitability of this dreadful event, however, at that time I was only sixteen! And believe it or not, I even felt a lot of joy because I reasoned that if there will be an end to all, I don’t have to bother with my occupational choice.

So I felt at ease, enjoying my life to the fullest, totally eluding any responsibility for it. However, it wasn’t to last! Shortly thereafter I have read an article from another information source, which insisted upon the impossibility of the “end of the world” (or an end of anything for that matter), arguing that a person’s Life outcome solely depends on the choices that person makes, concluding that the predicted fatality of 2012 will most likely not occur at all. The main point of that article, however, was that everything in our lives totally depends on the quality of choices we currently make, as well as the quality of our existential objectives.

It was the time when I initially learned about the responsibility for our own Thoughts and Emotions, as well as the existence of a direct connection between our psyche-mental states and the quality of events of our surrounding reality. Of cause, like many others, I have considered the surrounding reality being an objective entity, separately existing outside of my perception systems, being completely independent of my thoughts, emotions, actions or choices. And I didn’t understand how it actually works in reality when our conscious self-determination can drastically change the unfolding scenarios of our own “future” as well as the “future” of all other people on the planet.

Only after I took a deep dive into this new Information, I began receiving long-sought answers to all my yet unanswered questions. This Information was about the development perspectives of a “human” society under conditions of altruism instead of selfishness; spirituality instead of consumerism; cooperation instead of competition; anintegrity instead of separation. These were the perspectives of Life, and not survival, - ultimately organizing everything within my Self-Consciousness.

 As this Information dawned upon me, I finally realized the real noble objective I should strive to! That is when I have finally decided to initiate my own conscious self-development and assist all other “people” and the entire “humankind” in this same task, of which I have read in IISSIIDIOLOGY. So, what has changed, you might wonder? What has changed - is the meaning of my Life! Now I really wanted to help everyone to construct completely new type of social relationship within our global society and introduce the new model of absolute positivism, tolerance and unanimity into already existing spheres of global social structure.

So I began with myself, with establishing the new set of priorities and a constant interactivity and correlation with my own conscience, deriving a number of the most powerful and persuasive altruistic motivations from the IISSIIDIOLOGY books. The most qualitative motivations are always altruistic, and usually imply the complete deliverance from all egocentric habits surfeited personal convenience, selfishness and greed. The IISSIIDIOLOGY also contains the extensive information regarding the functionality of our “personalized” Self-Consciousness and how it relates to the objects of our surrounding reality, all of which has tremendously assisted me in my ultimate self-determination in life.

When a Self-Consciousness Focus departs from the consumerist habits and we begin to accept complete responsibility for all our actions, we are presented with an incredibly wide range of changes and perspectives, which we can surely experience and implement if only we aren’t motivated by laziness and ignorance! The existential quality, as it turned out, directly depends on how honestly you can answer a following simple question: “What do I wish to see around me in the nearest “Future” and what am I willing to sacrifice in order for that “Future” to be of highest possible quality?”

Let me give you a hint, reminding you of an ancient expression: “we ourselves should become the very changes we desire seeing around us”.

The Choices we make dictate the Life we lead” (William Shakespeare, “Hamlet)"