She was standing on top of one of the Swiss Alp mountain peaks, enthusiastically-joyful, excited and overflowed with an amazing impression from their serene beauty and grandeur. The colorful play of sunshine over the deep blue sky horizon was extending its warmth and Life to everything. The thunderous silence of amazingly bright snowy peaks sang the Love song of a Creator... Her thoughts have floated far and away into the sky! And only feeling of compassion towards other “people”, who weren’t able to experience such divine spiritual grace at this very moment, forcedher to glancedown at theskivillage, where the humans, buildings and cars were visible as peculiar small dots, and where the Life went on as usual. 

Sometimes certain memories fragments emerged - a one-year girl, who was left all alone, crying, on the flower bed at the crèche; then the same girl at five, spiritedly performing “Baryniya” folk-dance at front of spectators on an open summer park stage in the postwar city park. The memories of her later – school – years were more vivid and brighter. She could easily recall the concert and various sports participation activity, when she grew up enjoying Life to the fullest, striving to absorb as much as she could along the way.

Back then the only widely utilized media was the radio, where the various shows and classical music performance have always fascinated her. The violin lessons she was taking, have powerfully affected her sense of perception towards the surrounding reality – the people’s characters, their voice timbers, as well as the shades of various melodies and different musical instrument sounds. She was practically mesmerized while reading about many Russian and foreign composer’s biographies, who seemed purely magical, because they have created miracle – music…

The next qualitative Life period she remembered quite distinctly was her adolescence and the entry into the adulthood, when she dreamed about an occupation, which would provide an opportunity to live in some remote wildlife recreation area, in quietness of self-absorbed solitude, tranquility and peace. But so far the life around her was boiling, seething and enticing her into an adventurous whirlpool. Frankly, it was way too soon for her to think about tranquility and peace at 17 or 20 years old!

Her social life was oversaturated with the multitude of new people, new experience and new friends; altogether they were enjoying certain creation activity and later – a job – all of which constantly filled their lives with daily novelty sensations, events, experiences and adventures. Her work has accustomed her to a greater sense of responsibility, creative wit and ingenuity, as well as the openness and kindness towards other people.

The following period of her Life had a whole different new meaning to it – she has gotten married. The family life gave her an opportunity to gain a new experience as a wife, a mother, as well as the mistress of household, nanny and the mentor for her own children. The family life has taught her to organize and value her time, on top of which it also allowed her to fully experience jealousy, insult, pain, suffering, sexual pleasure; a Life has also helped her to master an unconditional respect for the other and straightened her Desire to be fully faithful to the other “person”, assisting him as much as she possibly could.

All this was triggered by the Interest and the necessity to cognize herself throughout the energy-information (cause-consequence) interactivity, expressed in the “human” society as an accustomed existential construction – the marriage and family. The family karma is not only based upon the mutual desire of both spouses to cognize themselves interacting with their counterpart as well as their potential relatives, while considering everyone’s characters, habits, emotions and desires; it is also based upon the mutual multi-dimensional survival strive, and the desire to improve the quality of social Life. This reasoning has made her to acquire an additional higher education, which did not only greatly improved her family’s financial position, but has also tremendously contributed towards her experience and understanding of what it takes to be an executive director of large group of professionals, where she was responsible not only for her subordinates, but also for their families as well, and where her primary objective was to create a certain quality relationship within business environment, based on mutual understanding and assistance.

It would seem that she had achieved everything in Life, that most “people” dream about – a rewarding career, loving family, great hobby, friends and relatives… however, there came a moment when she simply got tired of such Life. She became depressed and stressed out because something in her otherwise wonderful Life was missing, but back then she didn’t know what it was, and that her supposedly, wonderful life can be otherwise defined as “individual egocentric existence”. Yes, that is exactly what it was!

Her vast multilateral Experience allowed her to fully comprehend now, that she no longer wants to simply continue existing for herself (or her family, which was just the same); this motivation produced a logical series of new questions: “What to expect out of Life”? “What should I do next?” and “What my new Life Objectives are?” She didn’t see an immediate way out of this unusual situation, since the stereo-typed “human” thinking and behaving is tremendously limited and narrated down only to the social relationship within family and a business environment, commendable by society. And she simply couldn’t continue living strictly “by the book”, as commendable by society! Her scope of Interests at that point was much broader, more profound, and had related to something faintly explicable, yet so powerful, colossal, grandiose, enthusiastically-calling, so shrilly native and emotionally desirable at the same time…

It soon became obvious that it was a time for an additional comprehensible Self-search and more holistic Self-Perception, since she felt an urgent necessity to be of the maximum service to other “people”, even to complete strangers, to share her knowledge and experience, to provide Joy and Love. Here, in the mountain region of Switzerland, as it became obvious later, the unconscious “development” of Self-Consciousness Altruistic Levels has reoriented her existential construction Path towards the selfless Service, directed at first to all other “people”, and subsequently – to absolutely any Space Entity in the Universe.

Our Life is an endless Path of Self-Cognition; it’s an infinite collection of vital Experience by means of a currently chosen physical Form throughout an infinite multitude of various interactions (energy-information correlation) with other Forms of the surrounding Reality – “people”, animals, plants, minerals and so on. Each Form is a specific Information type medium. The Experience diversity degree determines the quantity and quality of Information we possess (regarding anything), allowing for more conscious choice-making, which in turn leads towards the more harmonious and qualitative Life we can experience (“The choices we make dictate the Life we lead. To thine ownself be true” - William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”). All this became her Comprehension and Experience later, however back then she simply knew it by Heart!

Following the well-known principle learned in high school: “Study, study and study again”, she has read a vast amount of esoteric literature; however, she still could not find an answer to the question of how to actually achieve the Ultimate Objective she sensed so vividly, but yet blurry. The books she have read haven’t contained virtually any information regarding the fact, that only conscious and continuous altering of self’s reactions, intentions, motivations and choices to highest-qualitative levels possible, could be something, actually considered the Selfless Service to All. Neither there was any information, providing answers to such obvious, but vital questions as: “Why is it so hard for us to change”; “What is “within us”, which often reacts harshly to even seemingly positive Life offers; “How to determine the “goodness” or “badness” of any deed, how to get rid of the latter”, and so on.

Finally, after an extensive and for the most part, fruitless search, she had ultimately become acquainted with a corresponding Knowledge chosen by Heart, intuitively, but which indeed had contained the long-sought Information regarding the versatile Meaning of every Universe process – commencing from a quantum materialization dynamics, all the way to the psyche-mental responses we experience while remaining in the currently chosen manifestation Forms. That Knowledge was the IISSIIDIOLOGY.

The IISSIIDIOLOGY’s Information presents “people” with a priceless Knowledge regarding a development in a Truly Human Vector, uncovering the Synthesis process within the “human” Self-Consciousness of the two Cosmic Qualities – Will-Intellect and Love-Wisdom (something the scientists define as electro-magnetic interactivity) along with ten other background (proto-form) Qualities, manifested throughout our Reality by means of various animal, vegetative, mineral and microorganism Self-Consciousness Forms. Thus, the Global Universe Unanimity, she felt intuitively before, had finally acquired a whole new highly-intellectual meaning for her now.

This Knowledge has assisted her on the Path of achieving an initial Objective – Selfless Service to ALL. Adherence to Its core Principles – harmonious combination (Synthesis) of the highly-sensuous Intellect, coupled with highly-intellectual Altruism, required stupendous self-alteration efforts along with the relevant Choice-making. You may ask “Why all this seemed so complicated? Helping the needy, old and the poor does not constitute to that much effort”…


Well, at some point she had also thought like that. However, once you possess a high-frequency Information regarding our Consciousness multi-variance and multidimensionality and really witness the obvious changes in your own Self-Perception thereafter, you begin to realize that in order to become profoundly, unconditionally Loving, Understanding and Accepting, you simply must possess the deep and detailed, purely intuitive Comprehension of all interactivity types of the surrounding Reality within the Global Universe, per se.

While back in school she had imagined a surrounding Reality consisting of some peculiar tiny “bricks”, which she knew nothing about. Now it became obvious, that intuitively she was absolutely correct, and these tiny “bricks” are actually what the IISSIIDIOLOGY defines as “quants” of Energy-Information. Absolutely everything we see around us (as well as everything we call “our thoughts and emotions”), including everything we are not able to anyhow perceive throughout the Universe is constructed out of these tiny Energy-Information “quants”. While reacting to something in a particular manner, we actually become our corresponding Stereo-Type (our slightly different Form, belonging to a slightly different Reality), to which we qualitatively equal at that instant. Therefore, it can be reasoned that our Self-Consciousness - the multi-qualitative manifestation of an infinite amount of various Energy-Information interactions is, in fact, what we define as “our Life”. Everything we constantly “create” and “implement” in it – is simply continuously choosing of what we wish to experience out of the infinite amount of various primordially-existing Realities, according to our current Interest.

Instead of simply feeling something, now she knew precisely the essence of the Universe intergalactic correlation mechanisms and how all of them are interacting with one another. She knew exactly how this infinite Unanimity and Integrity are established; she also felt the urgent alteration necessity of her existing Reasoning and Sensing methods, because now she also knew, that the purely Cosmic Self-Consciousness levels can turn into an absolute and tangible reality, to which she has currently aspired.

At that, her confidence of the fact that this is the best way possible the “Human” Collective Consciousness can acquire a vital Cooperation experience with other Proto-Form Collective Intellects (such as animals, vegetation, minerals et cetera) thus elevating its existential quality Paradigm by outgrowing the egocentric Earth dominance advances, increased rapidly. She has also discovered that in our nearest Fantastic and Remarkable Future Realities, where any type of aggression towards the surrounding manifestation Forms is not-existent and a complete impossibility, people will not only be able to levitate, read each other’s Thoughts and experience the true clairvoyance and clairaudience, but will also acquire many other capabilities, still phenomenal for us at this point, however, completely natural for representatives of the other Proto-Forms.

The sincere and humane interaction with all of them – is the sole assurance of our qualitative Experience exchange, which will enable the “Future Us” to serve the entire Cosmic Society as well as the other “extraterrestrial” Civilizations, hence reorienting and elevating our Sensuous and Thinking processes onto the truly Global Cosmic Objective Levels.

All that sounded amazing, astonishing and breathtaking to her, while she was reading about these numerous outstanding possibilities. Gradually she realized that as of now, her primary objective as a “researcher” of the various Reality Form-Systems and Space-Time Continuums on this Planet is a constant Self-Cognition, coupled with the Self-Consciousness perception level elevation. Only now, following her deep submergence into the Fundamentals of this newest cosmological Knowledge, especially the Universe structure and the Self-Consciousness comprehension, it became obvious that the interplanetary and intergalactic research interactivity are truly possible for these, who lives and alters themselves according to the Principles of the IISSIIDIOLOGY!

It is not a secret, however, that currently not many of us are truly motivated by the Cosmos and its structure. Not many are moved by its grace and the mysterious unknown, even though all the techniques and methods necessary for the activation of our high Sensuousness and Reasoning Levels on the Cosmic Scale are provided in the IISSIIDIOLOGY book series. If we continue to think along the same stereotype lines – narrowly and biased – the current “humankind” will simply stagnate!

Albert Einstein once said (quote): “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Hence, once we change our Thoughts and Sensuousness contents, we immediately change our surrounding Reality, - now she possessed the Knowledge, which gave precise instructions of how to do just that, adding strength and strengthening the faith in the possibility of achieving virtually any Objection.

She did not just choose this possibility! She has actively aimed towards it by means of her Senses and Thoughts, striving to become this very possibility and this very realm she dreamed of and of which she has learned from probably the most life-affirming Knowledge types on Earth – the IISSIIDIOLOGY!

                                                                                                                                                                                               Author - VELLA