There are many fearsome issues exist within modern global society, which are being constantly fueled and sustained by mass media, and which more often than not lead many people to panic. One of these issues is related to the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO). To reduce the public stir, produced by this topic, we would like to explain and clarify many incomprehensible points of this matter, utilizing the latest medical and iissiidiological knowledge. So, what is actually a GMO? A GMO is a genetically modified organism, whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. The difference between the methods of genetic modification, genetic selection and random mutation process is purposeful change of genotype by connecting the genes of different organisms to obtain the required properties. Upon breeding the gene transfer between closely related organisms takes place, as exemplified by different breeds of dogs or cats, for instance. So, what the GMO is required for? 


Well, they help increasing crop yields, disease agents and herbicide resistance among plants and animals, improving the livestock productivity along the way. Currently many biological laboratories attempt constructing plants and micro-organisms that produce vaccine and medicine components (insulin, pro-insulin, a plague vaccine, thrombosis cure); also the pattern research of Alzheimer's disease, HIV and the aging process are well under way. So - how does the process of gene synthesis occur? Certain parts of the nucleotide sequence of the DNA molecules are cut out using restriction and ligases enzymes of the specific length, which thereafter are incorporated into the nuclear genome of the organism, - resulting in a new organism, bearing required properties. As you can see, not only nothing negative takes place during this procedure, but in this case it is clearly demonstrated, that genetic modification can be a sign of progress. However, if nothing wrong is happening, then what the media is so afraid of? Their motives are pretty visible, for instance, they are afraid that some people, while pursuing their own selfish objectives, could create a new genetic organisms, which in turn could initiate the commencement of invisible and undetectable interaction process in a complex living system. According to that logic, such interference can lead to unpredictable consequences that could spiral out of control. Secondly, they fear that while the transgenic product moves through the digestive tract, it might trigger the synthesis of proteins that can cause allergies, immunity decrease and metabolic disorder. Another two major fear factors are: possible mutation rate increase due to the ingestion of GMO containing products, as well as the fact, that the use of newly modified vegetation and animal varieties could result in disappearance of existing species from the face of the Earth.  Moreover, the fear of GMOs is largely produced by the fact that the general population is usually quite ignorant towards the subject of genetics overall. People are afraid that a gene of a scorpion, for instance, while placed in a certain plant, might change (mutate) their body if that plant is used as food, causing development of various “horror stories” in their consciousness. At this point we wish to remind you, that genes are composed of sequences of nucleotides, which are exactly the same among all the people on the Planet! Therefore, if we are to isolate the specific gene out of bacteria, a plant, fish, or a human, it will still be the exact same gene, containing the information about the same exact amino acid.

It’s worth mentioning, that scientific harm of GMOs isn’t yet proven or even demonstrated. The report of the European Commission's Directorate for Science and Information based on more than 130 scientific projects, covering 25 years of extensive research and conducted with the participation of more than 500 independent scientific research groups, shows the following conclusion: biotechnology and in particular GMOs, as such, are no more dangerous than, for example, conventional techniques of plant breeding. Since any food product, regardless whether it is transgenic or not, is still a subject to the digestion process, we invite you to look at how this process occurs. Digestion process commences in the oral cavity, but its key steps are implemented in the small intestine. Within it, the hydrolysis of complex polymers (proteins, fats, carbohydrates and nucleic acids) to polypeptides and disaccharides occurs with assistance of pancreatic enzyme; thereafter the formed compound is split down into monosaccharaides, amino acids, fatty acids and mono glycerides, which in the human body represent the construction material. Next, the intracellular digestion in the enterocytes cytoplasm occurs, followed by the absorption of all digested material into the blood and lymph system through epithelial cells. Hence, the conventional science assumes that the DNA molecules, represented by various food product structures, absorbed through the gut wall, simply don’t exist; another interesting assumption is being that the remains of the destroyed DNA exit the body with metabolism products and do not enter into the human cells thereafter.

That is what you can learn from conventional science about the use of GMO’s. However, we wish to introduce totally new Information in this respect from the point of view of IISSIIDIOLOGY, which inevitably will lead the global society towards the radical change of existing Perceptions in this regard. Above we have stated the basic reasons regarding the GMO’s, which are causing fear in the general public. So, how IISSIIDIOLOGY interprets this? For starters, one of the primary reasons for fear is a possible emergence of a disease, such as allergies. Well, what is a disease? First of all, we should assert that a “human being” isn’t only a visible form. Most importantly it is a Form of Self-Consciousness. However, this applies not only to humans but also to everything that surrounds us, even if we think that it is an inanimate object. Each form reflects its own unique quality Configuration, resonantly "inscribed" in its own corresponding World. There are myriads of these Worlds, as well as "personal" interpretations of each "human individual". And if the quality of Self-Consciousness of a "person" does not match the quality of a World in which this "person" is manifested, then, as a rule, the biological level health issues can arise. At the same time, this isn’t the result of the GMOs consumption, but rather the consequence of deeper processes, occurring within Self-Consciousness Levels. It can be a variety of destructive reactions such as resentment, jealousy, envy, rejection of anything in any of its manifestations, and the like. If a person remains in these emotional conditions for extended periods of time, various diseases inevitably occur. However, quite often we can witness the illness and even “death” of a “person”, who’s mental and emotional levels of development can be of a high quality. In this case we are often puzzled as to why something “bad” has happened to a “good” person?!

It turns out that this is a result of “outgrowing” of the “previous”, lesser-qualitative World of habitat, and the sign of an evolutional necessity to re-focus into more appropriate World, relevant to an increased Creative Potential degree. If you have noticed, the world “death” is quoted. This is because to actually "die" is simply impossible. The total absence of “Death” is one of the axiomatic Perceptions of IISSIIDIOLOGY. Any Form of Self-Consciousness never dies, but simply infinitely “switches” between various Worlds; it’s just that the Level of our Self-Consciousness Perception doesn’t allow for a full realization of this notion. In that regard, many "people" experience a fear of "Death", since none of us can recall their own "transitions" between myriads of Worlds (average “speed” of such “transition” approximately equals to 1/328th of a second!). Instead immediately following such “switch” to a different World, we continue experiencing ourselves in almost the same exact Form (or, sometimes not the same). Since IISSIIDIOLOGY minutely describes this process, we shell just move forward and only note the primary conclusion for this passage: GMO’s cannot initiate any disease at all; however, all concerns related to this subject pertain to the fear of possible physical Form loss, which in reality just isn’t possible.

Let’s talk a bit about genetic mutations. Why they occur? The only reason for that are the same changes within Self-Consciousness we talked about earlier. The Universe consists of myriads of various Forms, somehow interacting with one another, and which, upon certain conditions, can actually interpose with one another as well. The primary engine for that is tremendous degree of interest and attraction to something, representing the other Form of Self-Consciousness.  Quite obviously, the use of GMO’s in no way can anyhow influence this process!

In this case we are talking about so-called Pure Cosmic Qualities, inherent to humans and all other Forms of Self-Consciousness, various Aspect combinations of which are peculiar to different development Directions (Synthesis Schemas). By changing a particular Synthesis Schema, and therefore, the primary development Direction (habits, reactions and emotional conditions), we also gradually acquire a corresponding manifestation Form, including all of its distinguishing characteristics, such as diseases, peculiarities and possible “imperfections” (however, this is true only from the point of view of the previous Synthesis Schema!). This fact explains the mutation process in general. Again, if you wish to immense into this interesting subject deeper, the IISSIIDIOLOGY will become your indispensable guide, which can also exhaustively explain the fact of “disappearance” of habitual to us animal and plant species. The real reason behind such “disappearance” is the fact of frequency incompatibility of these Self-Consciousness Forms to the “given” Worlds quality. For example, if such manifestations as aggressiveness, anger and hatred wouldn’t occur within the Collective "human" Consciousness, the predators, for which these qualities are inherent and natural, would not be able to manifest and survive in these higher-qualitative Realities respectively. This in turn shows the over-all primary Resonance Principle of the Universe, indicating that the use of GMO’s, again, has absolutely no relevance to this process either.

In this article we could only superficially highlight some important issues, related to the use of GMO’s. However, by studying IISSIIDIOLOGY you can find profoundly straightforward and logical explanations to many interesting and vital subjects as well as “unresolved scientific notions”. We propose you forget about unfounded fears and make a step forward towards the stupendous Knowledge of IISSIIDIOLOGY!